The Return of Molly Minx

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Author’s Note: Welcome to my Nude Day contest entry. I figure can’t get more nude than a porn star, right? This story is inspired by the great porn moms. Kay Parker of course, but the modern Jodi West, Zoe Holloway, Kendra Lust and many others. I always wondered, what if they had a son? Be on the lookout for a blast from the past making an appearance. If you’re a regular reader you’ll know him when you see him. Hope you enjoy. LC68

“You want me to what?” I exclaimed, my eyes wide with shock.

“You heard me, mom.” Rick replied, an evil smirk on his face, “I want you to do what you’ve been doing to all those guys behind dad’s back. So get on your knees and suck my cock.”

“I won’t!’ I shook my head vigorously, causing my long blonde hair flying about, “I’m your mother, for Christ’s sake.”

“You’re a big time slut!” He pointed at my black micro dress, “Look at how you’re dressed! Bet you just came back from fucking someone!”

“What do you care?”

I put my hands on my hips and pushed my chest out, showing off the fact I had no bra on. My tits were a little on the smaller side, but still pretty prominent in the skin tight dress and I’d given my nipples a quick pinch to harden them when the camera had been on Rick.

“Your father’s never home and he cheats on me, so what, I like to have some fun?”

“You have a lot of fun and you’re fucking guys my age!” Rick laughed, “So why not fuck me?”

“Because I’m your mom and mothers don’t have sex with their sons.”

“They do when they don’t have a choice.” He shrugged, “Unless you want dad to see these.”

He held up the envelope and pulled out several photos. I gasped when I saw they were from recent shoots, me on my knees sucking off Jimmy Jay. I was holding his cock in front of my open mouth, cum drooling from my lips and down onto my chin and tits.

He showed another pic, this one of me on my hands and knees getting fucked from behind by Mark Steel. My blue eyes wide and my mouth was open in a staged cry of pleasure.

“Where did those come from?” I demanded.

“Um,” Rick hesitated, when I went off script, “I had you followed and…”

“Seriously!” I snatched the photos from his hand and waved them at Dan sitting just off to the side of the set, “Where the hell did you get these?”

“Cut!” Dan yelled, “Calm down, Molly, they’re stills I had printed to use as a prop.”

“Since when do we really need props?” I walked over to the edge of the set, my absurdly high stiletto heels clicking on the floor, like any mother would walk around her son in five inch heels. “He could have showed me a damn Chinese food menu, the camera doesn’t have to see them.”

“Molly,” Dan came over to me, “It’s standard to have a few stills for the website galleries.”

“These are on a website?” My eyes widened, but this time the surprise-and dismay-was real.

“Yes.” He sighed, “They’re on Nasty Moms, the site we filmed the videos for. Don’t worry; they don’t have permission to put them anywhere else.”

“But…” I stopped when he held up his hand

“And the videos are there already so if someone’s on that site they’ve seen the movie, so why do a couple of pics matter?”

“It’s just.” I frowned and looked down at my red painted toes peeking out from the fuck me shoes, “I worry.”

Dan stepped onto the set and leaning closer spoke so only I could hear him, “Mary, I know what you’re worried about and I’ve done the best I can to control the material you film, but things like this are standard and I can’t tell the site who bought your video they can’t post pics.”

“I know, Dan, I appreciate it.” I said softly, “You’re taking care of me as much as you can.”

“And I’ll keep doing it, but Brad’s here today and you know he’s a prick, so I need you to just get through this shoot without getting upset and questioning everything. He’s the money man and you’ve been making a lot of it and he wants to check you out.”

“I know Brad.” I rolled my eyes, “God, he was the biggest D-bag director when I did this the first time, girls hated working for him. At least now we have choices.”

“Right and you chose a hell of a guy.” He winked, “But I have a job, so get your ass back over there and let your son blackmail you.”

“I hate this mother son shit.” I sighed, “I think Rick’s Paul’s age.”

“But Rick isn’t your son and this is what sells and you seem to be a damn natural playing sexy mommy parts, its why we’re killing it and I’m getting you paid more, so tell yourself it’s not real, cause it’s not.”

“Oh!” A loud voice cried from the back of the set, “Ten minutes into a fucking shoot and we need a break?”

“Just a question about the script, Brad!” Dan called as he turned away from me.

“We need a script for this shit?” Brad made his way over to an empty chair next to Dan’s seat, “Just do what you do best Molly, fuck that kid silly.”

“He’s already silly.” I replied with a forced smile.

The comment drew a few laughs and a tight grin from Brad, “Anyone in this biz is, but get back up there before he needs a fluffer.”

“I bahis firmaları don’t mind!” Sally, the young red head who had the fluffing duties for the day, laughed. “I like my job.”

“Newbies.” Brad waved his hand at her.

“She’s submissive,” I heard Dan say to him as he sat back down, “Girls like her get off on demeaning things, being a fluffer is a damn turn on for them.”

“Then why do we pay her?”

“Union.” Dan laughed.

I walked back over to Rick and forced myself to relax and just go with it. Every shoot I’d done since I’d returned to the industry six months ago had been like this. I got upset, found something to pick at, then resigned myself to what I needed to do.

What I needed to do was suck and fuck Rick, for starters anyway, and few were the women my age, or any age, who would think that was a bad thing. At twenty one Rick had already been involved in porn for three years, starting a few months after he turned eighteen.

He was damn good looking, tall, well built, not muscle bound, but lean and hard. His black hair and green eyes along with his high cheek bones and pretty boy features made him a favorite not only with the viewers, but a lot of women enjoyed him.

Like most of the male talent he was well hung to go with his looks, but the best part about him was how easy he was. He wasn’t a cocky jerk like a lot of the others and always was quick with a joke and smile.

Rick was still young and new enough to like his work. He had a soft touch and no matter what the script called for he would improvise and try to make his partner feel good.

No easy task as most women in the industry were going through the motions and acted their way through while thinking about nothing more than getting the shoot over and collecting their check. I’d thought I’d have gone back to being that way as I had years ago when I was Rick’s age and already jaded from over a hundred shoots.

But to my dismay I got into the scenes, not from desire, but it was easier if I could tell myself I was getting something from it other than pay. But the last four months had been nothing but mother or step mother scenarios and I felt like even more of a whore than usual, not just being filmed fucking, but pretending they were my son when I had one at home.

Yet I still became aroused on the set and Dan and others noted it and it’s what had made “Molly Minx” the hottest name in incest porn the last few months. I hated it, but the scenes paid more money because of the content.

“You’d show those to your father?” I asked Rick, getting back in character.

“Only if you make me.” He waved the photos, “You give me what you gave these guys, I’ll just forget all about them.”

I wanted to roll my eyes at the absurd premise, but Nasty Mom was more pornographic than erotic and after the basic premise was set, there wasn’t much in the way of conflict.

“You’d really make me suck your cock?” I pushed my lips into a pout, “You’d want to be bad to your mother?”

Rick started to smile at my adlib, but quickly got the snotty smirk back on his face, “If you were a good mother I wouldn’t want to be, but seeing my mother’s a pig, you can be one for me.” He held up the photos, “I wonder if I should e-mail these or show him in person.”

“Fine, if it’ll shut you up, you little shit.” I shoved him, not hard, but Rick was expecting it and took a couple steps back to fall onto the cheap couch that had seen more sex than most prostitutes over its years on the set.

I climbed onto him, my knees on his thighs and grabbing his face, kissed him hard. Rick returned the kiss and after a moment of normal kissing we both opened our mouths wider than necessary to show off our tongues waging war.

“Yeah, you want mommy to fuck you, you little bastard?” I hissed in mock anger while unbuttoning his shirt.

“Why not, you fuck every other young guy, may as well fuck your son. Not like you could get any sluttier.”

Not his fault, but that remark stung. I was a slut; a pig fucking for money while her twenty year old son thought she was working her part time ‘modeling’ job. As always I used the pain and shame to fuel me to get through the scene and leaning back ripped my dress down, causing my tits to pop out.

I shoved them in Rick’s face and released an exaggerated moan when he sucked my right nipple into his mouth, “You like that tit? You like mommy’s tits in your face?”

“Not as much as I’ll like my cock in your face.” Rick spoke around my tit.

“Goddamn Molly, you still got the sweetest tits in porn” Brad called out, “That’s the great thing about smaller tits, no gravity and no boob job!”

A few of the guys in the crew laughed and refusing to let him bother me, I sat back on Rick’s lap and cupping my tits, stroked my nipples, showing them off for Brad as much as Rick. Let the prick look all he wanted, I was proud to say I was one of the few girls who even when I was younger never slept with his disgusting ass.

Rick’s hands replaced mine, squeezing my firm tits and then rolling my nipples between his fingers.

“Show kaçak iddaa me her ass, Rick!” Dan called and snapping his fingers pointed to Joe, one of the camera men to get behind me while Rick pulled my dress up, exposing my ass and the black thong that barely covered my pussy.

“Ass is just as fine.” Brad spoke up, “The years have been good to you, Molly, you’re as hot a milf as you were a little slut.” He laughed, “Full circle, huh?”

“What an asshole.” Rick murmured into my chest. “All the girls hate him.”

I slid lower, kissing his chest. Rick groaned when I swirled my tongue around both his nipples before easing off his legs and kneeling between them. I kissed and licked his stomach while undoing his jeans.

I unzipped them and removing his long, thick, and already rock hard cock. I licked my red painted lips, “Hmm, you do want mommy, don’t you?”

I fluttered my tongue around the tip of his cock, before running it up and down the length of his shaft. I sensed movement behind Rick. Jerry; another cameraman had taken up position behind the couch, placing his camera over Rick’s shoulder to get the POV angle of my impending blow job.

“Suck his balls, Molly.” Dan said behind me.

Rick eased off the couch to let me tug his jeans down to his ankles and grabbing his impressive cock, I pumped it slowly with both hands while sucking his swollen balls into my mouth. He moaned as loudly, and about as convincingly as I did, as I sucked each of his balls in turn.

Not that it didn’t feel good, but despite popular myth, the guys could get as jaded as the women as far as sensation went, but I’d still put my money on them having it much easier than we did.

“Lick them, let’s see a lot of tongue.” Dan instructed.

I swirled my tongue while still jerking him off and letting some spit flow from my mouth, I placed my lips to his balls and shook my head back and forth, getting them wet and pushing more spit into them to cause it to drip down my chin and his sac.

“Nice, now let’s see some head.” Dan continued.

I ran my tongue back up his shaft and parting my lips, took him into my mouth. I moaned around his cock, my eyes rolling back as if I’d just had an orgasm and bobbed my head in a steady rhythm.

“Oh, fuck mom, you can suck cock.” Ricky breathed the ridiculous dialogue while grabbing the back of my head and guiding my mouth along his prick.

“Look at him,” Dan prodded, “Let the pervs see those beautiful baby blues, Molly.”

I looked up; keeping my eyes on the camera, not Rick, to give the illusion it was him I was looking at. I kept my eyes wide as I continued sucking him, now taking him deeper and moving my head faster.

“Move her hair.” Someone said and sliding my hair from my cheek, Rick wrapped both his hands in it and cocked his head at me, silently asking if I were ready.

I tapped his thigh and he said, “Stay still and let me fuck your slutty mouth, mom.”

I remained still and opening wider, relaxed my throat and gurgled as he thrust his hips, pounding his cock into my mouth. I made gagging noises for effect and allowed the mixture of spit and precum to flow from my mouth and down his shaft, then noisily slurped it back up, when he drove his cock into me again.

He continued to assault my mouth while I made squealing and gagging noises. I heard someone call for Derek, and despite my best efforts, felt another wave of disgust, knowing what was coming next.

“What the fuck, Rick?” Derek called out behind me as he walked onto the set. “You couldn’t wait for me?”

“Told you bro, you snooze you lose.” Rick laughed even as I continued to blow him. “I got to mom first.” He paused, then said, “But hey, join on in. You’ll take care of both your boys won’t you, mom?”

I released his cock from my mouth and with strands of spit dangling from my chin, and turning to face Derek, who was just in a pair of boxers, his cock already out, whispered, “That’s right, a good mom doesn’t play favorites, right?”

“Molly, say it again louder.” Walter, the sound guy called out, “Didn’t get that.”

“A good mom doesn’t play fav…oh this is stupid!” I sat back on my knees, “Really? Two sons fucking their mother like it’s nothing?”

“Cut!” Dan spread his arms out, “All porn is dumb, Molly, but you’re talking about guys with their dicks in their hands, think they think at all?”

“Who would treat their mother like this?” I asked, “The other videos have some eroticism, some emotion.”

“This is for Nasty Mom.” Brad spoke up, “The site wants slut mothers, Molly. You want ‘I love you’, stick with the Loving Mothers brand, but you’re getting paid extra for this, so just do what you do best, fuck.”

“Well, hey, if she doesn’t want to,” Derek said,”I’ll step off and it can just be her with Rick.”

“No, you’ll play your part; she knew the script coming in.” Brad countered, “Or do you want to not get paid?”

“Just don’t want to make her do anything, she’s not cool with.” Derek shrugged.

“God almighty.” Brad threw his hands in the air, “I hate this milf kaçak bahis shit because we have to get all you young guys to play their kids and you’re all sensitive little pricks.” He was getting red faced and waving his arms.

“If all the girls and guys did only what they like, we’d only have half the movies out there. It doesn’t have to make sense and she doesn’t have to love it. The two of you are going to fuck her like a pig on a spit and she gets paid five times what you do to pretend to like it.”

“Sorry, Brad.” Derek mumbled, running his fingers nervously through his sandy brown hair. “I’m ready when she is.”

“One minute.” Dan hopped out of his chair and coming over to me, knelt down to talk quietly in my ear.

Before he spoke it struck me how stunted to nudity everyone was. Dan was kneeling not two feet from Rick’s dripping cock which was still fairly hard and not only were my tits out, but there was pre cum all over my face.

On the other side of me, Derek, in preparation for coming up behind me and fucking me, had his cock hanging out of his shorts and was just standing there, now making small talk with Rick.

“Molly, you signed on for this.”

“I know.” I nodded.

“And I know you’re struggling and you hate this, but.” He paused, “I know you like it in a way too. I did when I was an actor, you know that, we did scenes together. I think it bothers you that you can do it.”

“Maybe. Sorry, Dan, I’m being a diva.”

“Its okay, if you want this to stop we stop, but you won’t get a dime and neither will the guys and Brad will start telling people you’re a big time pain in the ass. From now on stick to the ones you like, you can write your own ticket now, but once you agree, you’re locked in`.”

“Right.” I nodded.

“Tell you what, get through this and afterwards, we’ll go for a drink, you seem like you need to talk.”

I took a deep breath, that wasn’t a bad idea. Between keeping my waitress job and my ‘modeling gig’ and the guilt of it, I was exhausted and stressed.

“Okay, I’d like that and I’ll finish the shoot.”

“Good, now relax, use whatever it is you use to get yourself through and let’s see some hot Molly Minx action.”

“We done coddling?” Brad called out.

“And this is the last time I let this prick on one of my sets.” Dan scowled, “Stuck in the porn industry of twenty years ago.”

He stood and walked back to his chair, “Okay, ladies and jerks, let’s nail this.”

“You okay?” Rick asked, “I…oh.”

He gasped when I took his cock back into my mouth and sucked him fast and hard, going at it like, well, like a damn porn star. Rick quickly regained his erection and I moaned loudly, looking into the camera.

Derek was fumbling around behind me, pushing my dress up higher and pulling my thong down my thighs

“There you go, bro,” Rick laughed, “Make yourself at home.”

Derek’s fingers slid though my pussy and just as Dan had mentioned, it disturbed me I was wet. I groaned when he found my clit, rubbing it several times, before shoving two fingers inside me.

Sitting up on my knees, I grabbed the bottom of my dress and peeled it off, tossing it to the side. Turning my head to face him, I saw Derek looking down at his only semi hard cock, a look of concern on his face.

“Kiss me.” I whispered.

Derek leaned into me and as I kissed him, I grabbed his cock and stroked it while doing the same to Rick’s. The script had called for him to simply start fucking me, but my outburst must have made him nervous and he’d lost his hard on.

‘Nice ski-job, I like it!” Dan called out, “There’s the real Molly Minx!”

He meant to be encouraging, but the words hit me hard, was this really me? Is this why I kept coming back for shoot after shoot even though I told myself I hated it? Was it just money driving me or somewhere inside did I get off on this, the sex, the raunchiness, the exhibitionism?

For twenty two years I’d been a good woman, married, raising a son. Now a year after the death of John here I was back in the industry he’d taken me from and seemingly not hating it as much as I should.

“Sorry.” Derek whispered into our kiss, “Brad makes me nervous, I’ll call for the fluffer.”

“Hmm, let’s see if you taste different than your brother.”

I fought back the desire to roll my eyes at my own words and took Derek into my mouth.

“Damn, mom.” He sighed as I worked his cock with my shamefully talented lips and tongue.

I took him deep, swirling my tongue around his shaft, before sliding it out on his balls-and earning murmurs of approval from the crew. Removing his stiffening cock from my mouth, I opened wide and slapped it hard against the side of my face, then my tongue.

Derek’s cock swelled in my hand and when next I sucked it I had to open wide to take his full girth. I moaned around him when Rick fondled my left breast and following his lead, Derek grabbed the other.

I released Rick’s cock and reaching under his leg tapped it, then pushed. Getting my meaning, he stood up and turning from Derek, I sucked Rick’s cock. I pushed off my knees so that I was now squatting between them and proceeded to suck first Rick for a minute then turned back to Derek as they continued to squeeze my tits and play with my nipples.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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