The Return of Ellen Heath

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Backstory: Picking up on previous accounts of Luther “The Root” Casey, it’s the late 1970’s and our well-hung hero is a college student at a large Midwestern university where he plays bass and spreads his considerable goodwill among the ladies.

To further appreciate this new story with the buxom Ellen Heath, uninitiated readers may want to read some of the earlier “Root and the Pharmacist’s Wife” installments, which is where the Lute and Ellen saga begins.

Per usual, this is a work of fiction and all characters are of legal age.


Midway through the spring semester of his junior year, Lute got a surprising phone call. It was a weeknight at about dinner hour, and after a full day of classes he had just returned from a run and was about to jump in the shower.

“Hello, Luther,” a familiar female voice said when Lute picked up the phone, “It’s Ellen…Ellen Heath. How are you?”

Ellen Heath was an old lover of Lute’s from his hometown. She and her husband had owned a local pharmacy, and during the winter of his senior year of high school, Lute and Ellen had engaged in a prolonged and steamy affair.

Ellen, in the vernacular of the day, was really stacked. Her breasts were fleshy 38F beauties, and for a big tit connoisseur like Lute, they were the essence of all things good. He had spent many happy hours luxuriating in the bountiful pulchritude of her bosom. And coupled with her cavernous twat that accommodated his ten-inch leviathan with ease, Ellen and Lute had been a well-matched pair. And in addition to the great sex, they had become close. Which had surprised them both, given that she was a married forty-something woman and he was an 18 year old kid.

Being a promiscuous young man, Lute rarely let himself get attached to his lovers, but he was truly sad when the affair with Ellen had ended. She was a tender and interesting woman, and she had really blossomed in their time together. The somewhat insecure and unworldly lady who had first come-on to Lute at the pharmacy had become an erotic and adventurous lover. And thanks to Lute, she had learned to appreciate and use her voluptuous body to great advantage.

Not wanting it to jeopardize her marriage, Ellen and Lute had finally ended their affair and the two had since lost touch. But, as Ellen explained when she called, she had tracked down his number so they could “catch up”. Though from the tone of her voice, Lute knew there was more to her call than just that.

And he was right. Because after peppering each other with various getting reacquainted questions, Ellen revealed that she and Ron, her husband, or rather her “ex-husband” had divorced. She didn’t go into much detail, but for most of the previous year, Ron, instead of going to his weekly Thursday night bowling league, had been having an affair with a local schoolteacher. And the young single woman had inconveniently become pregnant. Long story short, Ron had moved out, and Ellen had gladly moved on.

But aside from sharing this news, the other reason for Ellen’s call was to inform Lute that she had been accepted into an MBA program in the city and would be starting classes that summer. He was dear to her, and she wanted him to know of the good things happening in her life.

Ellen had come out really well in her divorce settlement. She had played up the devoted wife who had been disgracefully wronged by her unfaithful husband. And Ron, who had never learned of her affair with Lute, folded with guilt. So she was using some of the settlement money to restart her life. Beginning with going back to school for an MBA.

But before starting classes, and to celebrate her divorce and new life, Ellen was going to Hawaii for a vacation. And she was hoping Lute might like to be her guest.

“I know asking you this is just a complete shot in the dark,” Ellen said after making her offer, “But I can’t think of anyone I’d rather lie half-naked on a beach with for a week than you, Lute.”

The trip Ellen proposed lined up well with Lute’s upcoming spring break. And though he had made tentative plans to go skiing in Colorado with some buddies, he visualized Ellen on a beach with her huge tits spilling out of a bikini top. So after only a moment of consideration, he gladly accepted her offer.

“But I’ll pay my own way,” he said, “It will be great to be with you again, Ellen.”

Ellen had already arranged for a beach side cabin on the big island, so Lute just had to get his plane ticket. And it was only a few weeks later that he picked her up in his VW van for the trip to the city airport. As Lute drove, the two quickly resumed the friendship that had grown during their affair.

Since he had last seen her, Ellen looked five or ten years younger, and about that many pounds lighter. Her thick dark hair was fashionably cut and she was dressed for Hawaii in a white cotton blouse and long tan skirt. The blouse had a neckline low enough to reveal a nice slice of cleavage, which Lute maltepe escort found to be a real distraction as he drove. And if they hadn’t been en route to a flight, he would have found a place to pull over so he could get her on the bed in the back of the van and plant his face in her luscious bosom.

They talked throughout the drive to the airport, and then for a portion of the long flight to Honolulu. But when the lights went out on the plane and the other passengers dozed off, the two pulled a blanket over themselves and moved closer together.

Sliding a hand inside Ellen’s blouse, Lute massaged her tits while they quietly kissed, the hum of the jet engines muffling her soft moans while his fingers circled her wide areolae and nipples.

“Oh, yeah, Luther, that’s so nice,” she whispered, “No one has ever loved my tits like you.”

“I’ve dreamed about these,” he whispered back, “I can’t wait to suck on them again.”

“Mmm, yeah. So what if you didn’t have to wait?”

“I like the way you think,” Lute chuckled as he glanced around to confirm they weren’t being watched. Since they were seated in the front row of the plane’s middle cabin and the aisle seat was open, they had the row to themselves, with Lute in the window seat and Ellen in the middle. So Lute squirmed down onto his back, placing his head in Ellen’s lap. Then with the blanket pulled back over them, Ellen opened her blouse and reached around and undid her bra, unleashing her big floppy tits.

Since the last time they had been together, Lute had experienced a run of particular good luck by hooking up with a few lactating women, and had grown quite fond of suckling their milk. And though Ellen had no breast liquids to offer him, he nonetheless relished her succulent tits, working his face deep into her fleshy cleavage, taking in her familiar scent, and using his tongue to play connect-the-dots with her chest freckles.

And that’s how Lute fell asleep, with his face smashed against one of Ellen’s big tits. He wasn’t sure how long he had been out when Ellen leaned down and smoothed his hair, whispering, “Come with me, Luther.”

Seeing that she was now standing in the aisle, Lute groggily roused himself and followed her.

As it turned out, while Lute was asleep, Ellen had struck up a conversation with one of the flight attendants, a nice older woman who had glanced over a few times from her jump seat to catch a glimpse of Lute’s mouth planted on Ellen’s exposed tit. Catching her gaze but deciding not to pull up the slipped blanket, Ellen let the woman watch as Lute continued working his face over her big beauties, unaware they were being observed.

When Lute had fallen asleep, Ellen had eased him off her lap and gone to the restroom. And once finished, she started talking with the watchful attendant. Seeing as they were already on familiar terms, having watched Lute suck on Ellen’s tits, the woman asked her a couple of probing questions. So Ellen sat with her for a few minutes and told her a bit about her relationship with Lute, how they hadn’t seen each other for three years, and why they were reconnecting.

This all made the attendant smile. “Yeah, that sounds about like the story I was imagining as I watched you two over there,” she said softly.

“So, I think the only fitting conclusion to this happy reunion flight is for you two to join the Mile High Club,” the stewardess said with a conspiratorial grin.

Loving her offer, Ellen didn’t protest, and instead went back to her seat to bring the groggy Lute up to the mid-section toilet while her new flight attendant friend stood guard.

Opening the toilet door and ushering them inside the cramped space, the attendant gave them each a quick kiss and closed the door before re-seating herself nearby.

Having been assured they wouldn’t be interrupted, and that this particular toilet was considered “the honeymoon suite” among the crew, Ellen pushed Lute down on the toilet seat and yanked down his loose drawstring pants. Then squatting on the floor as best she could, she took his cock into her mouth and sucked on his huge tool until it was good and hard. Which, given the semi-aroused state he had been in all day, didn’t take long.

But after the initial rush of getting themselves into the toilet and positioned to fuck, Ellen now slowed things down and took pleasure in reuniting with Lute’s amazing phallus. It was even bigger and thicker than she remembered — she could barely get her hands wrapped around it. And as she stretched her mouth to to take in its huge head, she sighed in anticipation of the week before them.

Very early in her ex-husband’s affair, Ellen had known what he was up to. It wasn’t that big of a town, and she knew people. But she chose not to confront him. Because, ever since being with Lute, no matter how hard she tried, and in spite of her desire to save her marriage and their business, she couldn’t resurrect any attraction for her husband. So she was privately escort maltepe relieved when he decided to go elsewhere for love and admiration. During the divorce process, Ron told her that part of his attraction to the schoolteacher — who soon became his second wife — was that she thought he was funny and had a big dick. And he knew that Ellen didn’t think either of those was true. To which she could only sheepishly nod and smile.

So, Ellen now figured, having Lute’s ten-inch monster back in her mouth was a proper reward for the years she had spent with the humorless needle-dick pharmacist.

And after some prolonged sucking on her lover’s tool, Ellen further rewarded herself by standing up and raising her skirt as she settled over his lap in a reverse cowgirl position, which, aside from standing, was the only real way to fuck in their tight quarters. Then dropping her gaping twat onto his torqued member, the two became fully reconnected once again.

As much as Ellen loved sucking Lute’s big cock, the thing she loved the most was to have him inside her expansive cunt. Because ever since she became sexually active as a teenager, Ellen knew that her pussy was abnormally large.

And then after sleeping with a guy in college, one that two of her dorm friends had described as having a huge dick that almost split them open, she confirmed that her twat was in fact really big. Because that guy, who was probably a good seven or eight inches long and pretty thick, had been lost in space inside her twat. And he had a good bit of trouble getting off. As did she.

Early in her affair with Lute, Ellen found that he loved her big floppy tits in the same ardent way that she lusted for his huge cock. He told her that he daydreamed about her tits while sitting in classes at school. And that every time they were back together, he was amazed all over again at how big and succulent they were.

And that was exactly how she felt about his cock. She fantasized about it. A lot. And that didn’t stop when their affair ended. In fact, her desire for Lute had only grown in the ensuing years. And that’s why she called to invite him on this trip. She had thought she would be able to get over him, but she hadn’t. So she wanted to be reminded of just why that was.

And now, praise be, here she was, 35 thousand feet in the air and with her spacious pussy again planted on her young lover’s thick truncheon as they flew off to a tropical island. And with Lute groping her tits, the lovers fucked and ground their body parts together like two horny teenagers at a drive-in.

Reopening her blouse and unleashing her breasts, Ellen knew that giving him free reign of her body, and especially her luscious 38F tits, for a full week on a tropical island was going to be absolute heaven for her. And she was sure Lute felt the same. And having his thick ten inch python available to her wherever and whenever she wanted made her shudder with joy as she bounced up and down on his selfsame member.

Ellen was soon cumming as Lute lifted his hips and shoved his monster so deep inside her that his cock’s head hit her cervix, reminding her that he was the only man who’d ever done that.

Gasping for air as she came, Ellen moaned, “My god I love what you do to me, Luther. My pussy has been aching for you for so long! It’s like your cock was specially built to be inside me!”

Grabbing her big tits and squeezing their nipples, Lute groaned as he worked his thick cock against her clit, driving her to further orgasmic paroxysms as he prepared to launch his spew.

“Are you ready for me, baby?” Lute gasped, “Do you want me to cum inside you?”

“God, yes, give it to me Lute,” she moaned in reply, “I want it so bad!”

With his head leaning back against the plane’s vibrating outer wall, Lute unleashed a massive torrent of cum into Ellen’s cavernous twat. Unlike his other lovers, she had the internal capacity to take a good portion of his jizz inside her pussy. So it wasn’t until he delivered his last big volley that he breached her levee and his seed gushed down onto the toilet seat.

Beyond happy to be reunited, the lovers remained fused together and kissed until they were interrupted by a light rap on the door — the signal from the flight attendant that it was time to wrap things up.

Cleaning themselves off as best they could and then straightening their clothes, the lovers wiped down the cum-covered toilet seat before exiting the plane’s honeymoon suite.

The stewardess greeted them with a mischievous smile from her jump seat, and since no one was around, Ellen leaned over and gave the woman a long kiss on the lips before whispering “Thank you!”

It was morning when they arrived in Honolulu, and Lute and Ellen gathered their bags, picked up their rental convertible and were soon cruising down the coastline to their destination — a picturesque place owned by some wealthy friends of Ellen’s family who had been encouraging her maltepe escort bayan for years to come stay. It was situated in a small compound of houses spread out along the beach, all with ample privacy and killer views. And though their first inclination was to get naked and fuck for hours, they agreed they had all week for that. So they slipped into their beachwear and walked out to the ocean.

Just as Lute had fantasized, as they strolled hand-in-hand down the beach, Ellen’s tits spilled out of a bikini top, and she had a light wrap-around skirt covering her swimsuit bottoms and curvaceous ass. Since splitting up with Ron, Ellen had joined a gym, gone on a diet, and dropped some of the weight that had gathered in her stomach and ass over the years.

But she thankfully hadn’t lost the full fleshy figure that Lute loved — quite the contrary. With her big tits, round ass and wide-ish hips, she remained every bit the fuckable goddess Lute adored. And that’s how they would spend the rest of their vacation, their bodies only covered as much as local norms required. Which wasn’t much.

Ellen, who had spent most of her life wearing clothes designed to conceal her sizeable assets, now put her womanly curves on full display — any lingering inhibitions melting with each hour they spent in their tropical paradise. And having made a few trips to a tanning salon over the past month, she already had a nice tan going.

For his part, Lute mostly wore baggy swim trunks, with or without a shirt. But on the occasions when Ellen requested, he wore skimpy Speedo trunks in which he arranged his huge package just-so, snaking it up and along the trunk’s waistline, with the contours and bulging veins of his thick ten-inch cock on full display.

Both individually and as a couple, they exuded sex. And everywhere they went they turned heads. Which, to their surprise, they grew to enjoy. Ellen loved the looks women gave Lute when he had on his Speedo, or went commando in a pair of shorts. He received the same kind of lustful attention from ladies that she got from guys when her big bra-less tits were barely covered by some skimpy top that showed her lack of tanlines.

There was a beachfront bar within walking distance of their place, and several afternoons they went there for late afternoon drinks, attired in their scanty beachwear like most of the other patrons. Playing to their newfound exhibitionist roles, they placed a bet on which of them would get the first pass. But to their surprise, the most interesting come-ons they got were from other couples interested in hooking up for a foursome, or single women open to a threesome. As it turns out, swinging sex was popular in that area. And Ellen and Lute discovered they were a prized commodity.

So instead of placing bets, the lovers took note of who they knew wanted to get frisky with them, and then later discussed their prospects, discovering there were a couple possibilities of mutual interest.

When they weren’t in public, and sometimes even when they were, Lute and Ellen couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. And with their general lack of clothing allowing them to easily do so, they were sucking, fucking or canoodling for a good part of each day. And when they were in their house, they were often naked, or close to it — never tiring of seeing the other’s wondrous body.

To Lute’s great pleasure, Ellen had taken to just wearing one of his tank tops around the house. It barely covered her sweet round ass and pussy, whose thick dark bush had received a good trim the week before. While the top’s arm holes hung down far enough to provide Lute a nice side view of her tits. And with Lute packed into his Speedos as he padded around their place, which drove Ellen to constant distraction, the amorous couple kept each other in a high state of erotic alert.

More than once when Ellen was doing something in the kitchen, Lute came up behind her and rubbed his Speedo-encased cock against her ass as he reached around and massaged her big tits through the tank top. This then led to his yanking off his trunks as he pushed her over the kitchen counter and shoved his ever-ready cock into her perfect pussy or ass, fucking her hard and fast until they both wailed and came.

So, with a priority on feeding their sexual desires, a typical day in their paradise usually started when one of them was awakened by the other’s silky tongue sliding in for a round of oral sex. Which then led to the first fuck of the day. Followed by a dip in the ocean, then breakfast on their front veranda surrounded by tropical flowers, then a shower — often in their outdoor one that had a perfect bench in it for shower sex — then off for some sightseeing and adventures.

After lunch, they’d return to their place for a siesta, which usually started or ended with sex, and sometimes both. Then back out to the beach for drinks and relaxing, and then off to a beautiful place for dinner overlooking the ocean.

Some nights they went out dancing after dinner, and others they returned to their place and curled up together on the cushioned veranda furniture. And on one particular night they walked down to the beach side bar where a local reggae band was playing.

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