The Red Mask

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While there was still that feeling of guilt inside her every time some slime ball slid a fifty into her garter, Alyson had actually started to get used to her new job. In addition to that, even though it scared her, she was actually starting to like it. Something so dirty and kinky and wonderful about selling her body. She didn’t even see it as selling her body any more, she saw it as men paying tribute too the amazing session of lovemaking she could offer them.

She started to love the atmosphere of the Masquerade, the smoke, the strobe lights, the perfume of the girls and cologne of the patrons. So dirty but at the same time so erotic. Perhaps her mother was right, once you join the Masquerade you never get out, or was it that you never want to get out.

It started like a regular night, Alyson entered the Masquerade club though the back as the boss didn’t like the customers to see the girls in civilian life, and he felt that it hurt the atmosphere for the customers to see the goddesses that would be entertaining them as mere mortal women.

She went to her private dressing room and picked out her typical outfit. The long thy high fishnet tights, the sexy red thong underwear that only served the purpose of being something she could slide off to entice the nights customer, the tight yet comfortable blood red corset with black ribbons and liner, the clear red 5 inch hooker heels that she had just perfected her sexy strut with, and finally the red mask. The mask slid onto her face with no effort at all, it was so comfortable and fitted that wearing it felt as if there was nothing on her face at all, that it had become her face. The mask is what made her different then a common street walker or dancer, the mask was her mystique, her aura, with that mask she transcend simple lines of sexual morality and became a goddess of sensuality and erotica.

Her transformation complete Angel strutted out onto the dance floor though the smoke and the haze of sex and debauchery to the front so that the Virgin could introduce her to her clients for the night. She had found that usually with these big groups the most she would ever be asked to do is sit in a few laps, maybe give a massage or two, it would likely be an easy night tonight. Part of her was a little disappointed by that idea, when she became the Angel she was an expression of pure desire.

“Boys, I would like to introduce you to your entertainment for tonight, meet Angel,” The Virgin said as she introduced them group of six men, all in their late 20’s. Angel floated over too the most shy of the men and ran her hand up his chest and gently grabbed the blue tie leading him, and by extension the rest of his group, too the large black leather couch in the Angel’s favorite corner of the room.

“So what brings you boys here tonight?” The Angel said as the boys sat down and she relaxed sitting in the middle of the group feeling their eyes roam over her body almost as much as their hands.

“Well,” the leader of them said “You see our friend Jay here just got dumped by his bitch girlfriend so we were hoping you could help us cheer him up.” He pointed to they shy man of the group with the Blue tie. Angel couldn’t make out his face but could tell that he was definitely very handsome. The leader of the group carefully slid a Fifty Dollar bill into the pink money garter that rested just above the fishnet tights.

Angle glided over too the shy man and gently sat herself on his lap, her coming just close enough to his crotch to let her feel the rise she was causing in him. She ran her hand down the front him his chest “Oh, I’m so sorry, but you don’t have to think about her anymore,” Angel moved forward a bit to find the most comfortable place she could to let her ass work his cock though the fabric. Though she was uncontrollably horny and wanted more rules were rules and fifty only got you a lap dance, the hottest most erotic lap dance in the city, but still just a lap dance.

Soon Angles prayers were answered when another friend of the man they called “Jay” came up behind her to put another fifty in her garter. That was all she needed, almost instantly her hand slid down his shirt and undid his belt buckle; she reached into his pants and pulled out his already hardening cock. She freed it from its prison and it already stretched its wings at a full 7 inches, the length that Angel had found to be the perfect cock. It was a little too thick for a girl like Alyson, but Angel loved the way it felt in her hand. She ran her hand up fullness of it, feeling every vein of it as the warm blood flowed with it. She slowly started to stroke him, gently kissing his neck in that way that drove every man that came before the Angel mad.

“All right Jay, at a boy!” It was another friend, this one coming up and sliding a second fifty dollars into her pink garter. Even though it was still dark and he could barley make out her face though that red feathery mask the man that they called “Jay” could see the Angel lick escort ataşehir her luscious red lips before slowly moving down to get on her knees in front of him.

“No, no you don’t have to do that. Really.” The man they called “Jay” said.

“Don’t be silly honey; let your friends treat you, your very lucky.” Angle licked her lips one more time before sliding his cock into her hot wet and waiting mouth. She could feel “Jay”s entire body shake from feeling the hot redheads mouth on the head of its cock. She slowly took the entire shaft into her mouth, before slowly pulling it out and leaving a tender kiss on the throbbing head of his manhood.

The Angel ran her tongue up and down his shaft while looking up at him, still unable to make out exactly what he looked like. “So your name is Jay huh, here with your friends.” “Jay” had just started to relax and enjoy himself, he gently put his hand to Angel’s head and slowly fan his fingers though it as she licked and pleasured him.

“Umm, actually, my name is James, my friends just call me Jay.” James said.

“Wow, that’s so weird, but its cool you have a nick name, you know my brothers name is James, its such a strong powerful name.” The angel began to massage James’ nut sac and while running her tongue on the underside of his cock.

“What about you, what’s your name?” James asked her.

Angel took his dick back into her mouth to suck and massage it some more before popping back off to respond. “I told you silly, just call me an Angel.”

James laughed “No really, what’s your name?”

Angel gave another long sensual lick to James’ cock,” its Alyson,” She said as she put James’ cock back into her mouth and continued to give the hottest wettest mouth massage your could find in town to her very own flesh and blood brother.

“Wow, that’s so weird, that’s my sisters…name,” James froze and looked down, Alyson looked back up at him, cock still in mouth, a well placed strobe light swayed passed them and confirmed her fear. It was James. She had been tonguing and sucking and kissing the cock of her own brother, she felt sick just thinking about it. Alyson pulled herself off of his cock and rushed up too James.

“James what the hell is you doing here!?” She yelled, pulling her mask up to show him.

“I don’t know! What the hell are YOU doing here!?” he said looking around to make sure no one could see that he was just getting a hummer from his baby sis.

“We have to get the fuck out of here sis! No way can we stay her.”

Alyson looked around the club; she quickly pulled her mask back on and searched for him, the Boss, the man who called all the shots in the city. The boss had been clear with her the last time she tried to leave work before a customer was satisfied and tonight he was sitting at the back of the bar drink in hand looking directly at her. Alyson panicked, she leaned in to James “Shit, my boss is watching, look he gets really mad when a girl doesn’t put out what the guys pay for,”

“What are you saying, we have to do something, juts go up and explain it too him.” James said desperately trying to shift to a position that didn’t cause his hard-on to rub and bump against the creamy soft skin of his baby sisters naked thy.

Alyson looked back at the boss, he had just taken another shot and there were 7 more tiny glasses next too him. He wasn’t a reasonable man when he was sober; there was no way Alyson could talk to him drunk. “I can’t, he’s…he’s dangerous, I owe him money, and I have to work here.”

“What! Sis, you know I have money, I can cut him a check right now and we can get out of here.” James said as he felt his Sister’s reluctant hand wrap around his cock and begin to pump him again.

“I couldn’t pay him back with cash if I tried, he said that he would only accept payment in the from of work.” Alyson said as she moved on top of James, straddling him with his dick in hand, wet from her blow job, her hand was able to glide up and down the cock tenderly massaging the shaft.

“No no no, this can’t be happening,” James said, his body unable to have the same concern as his soul. His cock throbbed in her soft delicate hands.

Alyson leaned in on James’ said trying to make it look like she was leaning in to neck him and nibble on his ear as not to alert the boss of any reluctance on her part. “Look, your friends just paid me 150, all that means is that I just have to make you cum. Ill just jack you off and we can be done with it and never speak of this again.”

“Oh god, jacked off by my Sister, this is so wrong” James said as three more of his friends came over to the two siblings.

“Hey Jay! Look me and the boys were talking, and we decided that since this night is about you we were all going to kick in an extra 50 each.” The largest of the three friends took a folded stack of 2 fifties, 2 twenties, and 1 ten, and shoved them in her pink garter with the rest of the money while sneaking in a kiss on kadıköy escort her neck and a grab on her ass. The total amount of money in her Garter was now $300.00, the magic number.

“No no, boys you don’t have to do that really.” James begged his friends

“Don’t be shy buddy, we all see that fucking rock you got for foxy red over here, we know how badly you want to fuck this sluts brains out,”

With the boss and the boys looking right at her Alyson stands up, and runs her thumbs under the waistband of her red thong, tugging down on them and slowly sliding the down her fishnet-clad legs before kicking them off her 4 inch clear red hooker heels. James could see her wet slit, completely waxed bald with perfect labia that still looked like that of a virgin’s.

As per usual when a customer’s cash payment hit the magic number, a bouncer came up to Alyson and handed her a condom to be used for the session. A tiny wave of relief came over her, “Okay, we have to use a condom, well that will make it a little easier” She said to James.

“Oh man, thank god, I didn’t even think of that,” James never thought he would be happy to see a condom. Being forced to make love to his own sister was sick enough, but the thought of having to do it bareback would be too much. Without saying a word to each other the siblings both agreed that the Condom would make this bearable, that since they wouldn’t feel the raw flesh of each others privates grinding and throbbing together in a hot and steamy taboo lovemaking session, the utter horror of the coming experience would be sedated.

It was as the wave of relief settled that a waitress walked behind Alyson accidently bumping into her and knocking the half open condom out of her hand. It slid across the floor and before Alyson could even react she saw another dancer walk over it wearing 5 inch clear hooker heels, much like Alyson’s only hers had a blue shade to them, the heel of it landing on prophylactic and tearing into it ripping it in half and rendering it completely unusable.

James saw the horror and fear in Alyson’s eyes, and then his own eyes mimicked them when he looked behind him to see the torn sheath “Oh shit sis! Get another one, quick!”

Alyson looked up at the bouncer and he just shook his head lifting up the empty condom box and showing it too her. “Fuck that was the last one!” Alyson said.

“Well hurry up Ally, we have to think of something!”

Alyson bit her lip, her mind racing a mile a minute but unable to think of anything that could help them. She knew what she had to do, she slowly strutted towards her Big Brother, trying to be as sexy as she could for the boss, the random onlookers, and James himself, as she startled him. She couldn’t believe what she was doing, her mind continued to race as she put her hand on his cock and raised her body up, guiding the bare head of it up and down her slit. “Oh god oh god” she thought to herself , “is today a safe day, shit, when was my last period, god damn it I cant remember.” She moved her brothers cock head to her opening and white terror came into his eyes as she began to sink her body onto it, sliding him inside her tight, hot, slopping wet and welcoming entrance.

He bit his tongue as he entered her, she hissed as she lowered her body onto him. They were actually doing it, they were committing incest, raw, taboo, forbidden, bareback incest. The siblings would be lying if they said that the physical sensation at least wasn’t one of the awesome experiences of their lives. His cock fit perfectly inside of her, the width thick enough to satisfy her pussy’s ache to be stretched, his length just long enough to bottom out when she came all the way down on his shaft before slowly rising up again. Their bodies fit so perfectly together that it was almost like they had been made for each other

Alyson slowly removed her mask, her beautiful soft young face was looking right into her brother’s eyes as she gently rode him. Her arms moved around his neck and she pulled him closer to her so their lips could meet in a soft gentle kiss. James’ hands wandered as well, down his sisters back to the tight taught rear, taking two handfuls of the perfect ass he pulled her in as they gently kissed and nuzzled their noses together.

“Oh god sis, what are we doing?”

“shah,” she gently kissed him again “It’s too late to say anything, I know its sick but we have already gone this far. Tonight, just tonight and we never speak of this again.” James was speechless, but he nodded too her before kissing her again and giving her ass another squeeze. Alyson’s hands moved down and found James’ interlocking their fingers together she leaned back and began to sway her hips around his dick in the most sensual way she could.

The two had thrown out all abandon and had full committed to their incestuous union. Brother and Sister making sweet love in front of an unknowing room. What would they say if they knew, would they try to stop it, maltepe escort bayan would they do nothing, or would they encourage them. Would they cheer and applaud the idea of seeing the passionate violation of the most forbidden taboo being broken in front of their eyes.

Alyson leaned back further pulling on her brother’s dick before accidentally popping off of him. She fell back onto a large ottoman on the couch that was big enough for her to lie on like a bed. The first time since their union they had been disconnected, it was almost as ending their link broke a spell that was caste on them. They could again see the disgust and sickness of their actions. But Alyson was still wet, and James was still hard, even harder then he had been during Alyson blow job, painfully hard. Incest was like a drug to them now, one hit and they were hooked.

Completely ashamed of herself, knowing how utterly wrong and evil and sick and horrible it was; Alyson moved her hands down her sexy long smooth fishnet-clad legs and reached under her knees, spreading herself open, presenting herself to James.

Controlled by the same force that drove Alyson, James stood up and removed his pants. Though the feeling of Alyson riding him was easily the best sex he had ever had, he still felt constricted by the black dress pants and tight boxer shorts holding him. Now his cock was free and un-obstructed. He took cock in hand and mounted his sister, looking deep into her eyes as he entered her pussy again

Her head moved back as waves of exacts washed over Alyson. James took one of her legs and slung it over his shoulder so he could pound her even harder and deeper. His raw hard cock running though her insides, his pussy massaging his shaft like velvet vice as she felt every vein of his cock throb with lust and passion. She put her hands around his neck and drew him in for another kiss, not like the ones from before where it was a simple loving peck on the lips, she shoved her wet tongue into his mouth and the brother and sister began to give each other a lovers kiss, wet chaotic, raw, and wrong. They loved it.

”mom, oh god, oh god, oh god,” Alyson slammed her head from side to side running her hands all over James’ back grabbing his shirt like she would a satin sheet on a bed she was making love in. James kissed her again and began to slow down, not wanting to accidentally cum too soon and lose his sisters pussy forever, he wanted this to last forever, they both did.

As their wild humping slowed down to soft rhythmic lovemaking for now Alyson reached around her brother’s neck and pulled his ear to her mouth, “Big brother, I have something to tell you.”

James ran his fingers though her soft short perfect red hair, “What is it sis?”

“James…I think I’m ovulating.”

“What NO! You can’t be.”

Alyson could only bite her lip and nod with an undecipherable look in her eyes.

“I’m not on the pill, and my period was just a week ago, this is my peak cycle night.”

James panicked, letting go of Alyson’s leg as it feel to the ground, though he did not remove himself from his sisters fertile valley. “Well, we did it, isn’t that enough for your boss or whatever, can’t I just pull out now.”

Alyson gritted her teeth as she shook her head “No, the boss demands that all customers be brought to full release.”

“Okay then, let me pull out Ill just cum in your mouth, I know its gross but compared to everything else we can just get this over with.”

Alyson said nothing, just looking deep into his big brotherly brown eyes with her young emerald green ones. The next thing James heard was the clicking of Alyson’s clear red 5 inch hooker heels together as she wrapped her long fishnet-clad legs around her brother’s body, pulling him in deeper. She moved her head up and kissed him again, this time an innocent, loving, sisterly kiss. “I want you to cum inside me.”

“What sis, you can’t be serious, but you just said…”

Alyson’s hips began to pull James deeper into her his cock perfectly fitting inside her the hot raw dickhead bumping up against the entrance to her womb. “We agreed that after tonight we never speak of this again, so whatever happens…happens.”

The lust Alyson had grown to have for her Brother’s cocked was uncontrollable. But even in her wildest passion and fantasy she knew that their love would never be accepted. They only had tonight, but she wanted him, wanted a piece of him to always have inside her, she wanted his child. Fate had offered this chance to the siblings, to make up for the mistake of giving two soul mates he same set of parents in a world where their pure love would be found taboo and looked down upon as a perversion. It had to be destiny, both of there here at the same night, Alyson working his table, the broken condom, Alyson’s ovulation, it was all fate pushing the lovers towards claiming a piece of the life they knew they could never have. Alyson was going to bear her own brothers child.

“Please brother…I…I want your baby.” Alyson pulled him closer to give him another loving sisterly kiss. James would be lying to himself if the thought of seeding his own sister’s fertile womb with his incestuous cum didn’t make him all the more harder for her.

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