The Plan

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For years now Melanie had talked to her husband Mike about her fantasy. They had been making love one night and he was encouraging her to share her dirtiest fantasies with him. “I want to lick my Mom’s pussy,” she finally blurted out as she was coming from the tongue bath her own pussy was receiving. Mike wasn’t shocked; nothing sexual ever shocked him and this new fantasy instantly made his cock hard as a rock. They talked more about it and Melanie revealed that she wasn’t sure why, but the thought of her mom sitting on her face made her wet with desire. She had never been with a woman before but as time passed she desired to taste pussy more and more.

Mike wasn’t helping any by never letting the subject die, he wanted to watch Melanie with a woman while he jacked-off. He had told her many times that he didn’t need to touch the other woman only to watch them together. But, Melanie just didn’t know how to get the right woman to join them. A woman that wouldn’t cause any problems in her life, or want anything in return is what she needed. Such is the jump from fantasy to reality; too often it’s just not the same as you imagine it will be when you’re horny.

Then one night while visiting at Melanie’s parents house something happened that made Melanie’s desires take on a real life meaning. It was just a casual visit as her mom only lived around the corner. With everyone chatting away about this and that. Melanie’s mom (we’ll call her Carolyn) got up and announced that she needed a bath since her favorite show was coming on at 8:00 and it was already 7:30. After a few minutes conversation started to die down so Mike and Melanie’s father went into the den to check out some new hardware he had just gotten for the computer. He was having problems installing it and Mike was a computer genius and offered to help.

Melanie decided computer talk was very boring and decided to visit her mom in the bathroom while she bathed. She didn’t have any sexual thoughts about it; just a mom-daughter chat was all she was after. Upon entering the bathroom she sat on the toilet that faced the tub. It was situated so that all she could see of her mom was her bottom half since the glass doors were both pushed to one side covering the top half of her body. Her mom had spread a washcloth over her pussy since she knew it was in full view. She wasn’t a modest woman but it would avoid any embarrassment on both their parts and allow them to chat more at ease.

They chatted about nothing in particular, but as Melanie would later tell her husband, mom was caressing herself as they talked. Not in an open fashion but rather just running her hand over her washcloth again and again obviously caressing her pussy right in front of Melanie. Mike could have died when he heard this later that night. “You mean she was ruby her pussy in front of you?”

“Well kind of” she said “but more like you she was running her hand over the cloth as if she was playing with the cloth just feeling the texture of it.”

Mike thought about this for a while and it always came to the same conclusion. Carolyn was obviously very horny that night and had openly rubbed her pussy in front of Melanie but the washcloth had provided a visual barrier to an open display. Since she hadn’t actually put a finger in her slit or rubbed fast in any way, Mike concluded that it was meant to be a big hint to Melanie. When Mike told Melanie this she confessed that she had to leave the bathroom because she was getting wet watching her mom. Mike often wished she had stayed in there awhile longer. He had her re-enact the scene for her many times over the next few years showing him exactly what Carolyn had done in front of her.

Carolyn never mentioned the incident and for a long time nothing like that ever happened again.

Mike, more than anything loved to watch Melanie masturbate. They had started to get into exhibitionism lately and loved going on the freeway and having Melanie pull up her skirt for truck drivers. She was a sub by nature and did whatever Mike could dream up. He enjoyed having her strip naked in a forest or showing pussy to a shoe salesman at the mall. Melanie was enjoying these trips as well; she couldn’t get enough of rubbing herself where she wasn’t supposed to. Mike often made her do it in friend’s bathrooms or in a changing room ataşehir escort bayan at a store. Melanie was getting quite comfortable at her ability to accidentally show her bald pussy to any stranger she wanted too and then go masturbate furiously in the closest place they could find. This comfort helped her greatly with the greatest plan Mike ever came up with…exposing herself to her mom.

The plan was discussed and Melanie was scared to actually try anything until Mike told her she was going to be a good slave and do it, or he would jack-off for a month and not allow her to touch herself at all. Melanie agreed but asked to be allowed to back out if it got too weird for her. Mike said, “Sure, it’s supposed to be fun, not damage you emotionally.”

The first step of the plan was quite simple…to go to a movie. There was a chick-flick currently out that had the usual hunks in it. Melanie and her mom had always gone to the movies together if Mike wasn’t interested in the film, so her mom readily accepted the invitation to go with Melanie to see the movie. Mike had instructed Melanie to wear loose sweat pants with no underwear and whatever she wanted on the top half. “You’re going to give back what your mom showed you a long time ago” said Mike.

Melanie was nervous but also excited, she had been wet driving to the movie but now thirty minutes into the flick she was dripping she was so horny. She and her mom had sat in the back row like they always did so no one was behind them. Nothing worse than having talk coming from behind you at a movie. Melanie decided it was now or never for the plan and recalled what Mike had told her to do. “I want you to wait until the movie has been playing for at least thirty minutes then put both hands in your lap casually over your pussy” he said, “Then when you are ready, use the hand farthest from your mom and let your fingers drop down and caress your pussy lightly and slowly.” Melanie had her hands in her lap and let her right hands fingers drift down to her pussy lips. Her left hand was covering the action so her mom couldn’t really see anything going on unless she really looked hard. Melanie’s fingers danced lightly over her pussy and she almost cried out when she pressed a finger in between her pussy lips and found her throbbing clit. The thought of playing with herself like this for her mom to see and out in public was making her want to spread her legs and thrust her hands into her sweats but she maintained control.

Keeping her eyes glued to the screen she knew she was going to come soon and was proud of how she was actually doing this and wasn’t scared. She wanted her mom to notice what was going on but at the same time didn’t want her to. She didn’t want to weird out her mom. The goal of this part of the plan was to just start a desire in her mom. So, Melanie continued and had an orgasm.

Carolyn was engrossed in the movie but couldn’t help but notice how fast Melanie was breathing. She turned her head just enough to look to see that she was ok but Melanie was just staring at the screen, so she assumed everything was fine.

Melanie was so wet she kept going wanting another orgasm. She was sure her mom wasn’t going to notice and then she saw movement out of the corner of her eye. Not turning her head but leaning back a bit she could now see her moms eye movements from the side. Her mom was looking at the screen but then Melanie noticed she kept looking down. Her hand froze. Her mom had seen her touching her pussy, she was sure of it. Feeling bold, she continued and let her right hand caress her pussy but this time made it obvious that her hand was moving and not just her fingers. Mom took the bait and was looking at her hands while still pretending to be looking at the screen. From her side Melanie could see her mom’s nipples poking through her shirt. Melanie remembered what Mike had said “Once you know she’s watching you, do it for one more minute then stop altogether.” So Melanie pushed down firmly on her clit and rub it small circles determined to come again before her time was up. She succeeded in having another huge orgasm that was even more intense since she couldn’t yell out or move her body.

Carolyn was fascinated watching her daughter rub herself it was making her very wet and she considered putting escort kadıöy her hand on Melanie’s pussy to do it for her. Just then, Melanie stopped, rearranged herself and took her hands away from her pussy. “Damn, I missed most of it” Carolyn thought. The incident wasn’t mentioned by either woman during the rest of the movie or on the way home. They chatted as usual like nothing had happened.

Mike made Melanie describe everything that had happened as he watched her play with her pussy that night. He jacked-off imagining the two women attacking each other at the movies and licking each others pussies in front of the whole theatre of people.

“The wheels have been set in motion,” he said. “Now you have both rubbed yourselves in front of the other, time for the final part of the plan.”

The final part of the plan was simple but required a lot of prep work. They had to get rid of the kids for a night and somehow get Carolyn over to the house alone at night. Mike arranged for the kids to spend the night at his mother’s house that Friday. Melanie was becoming more and more nervous about the whole thing but had Mike’s assurance that this wasn’t a forced issue and she could call it off at any time if she wanted to. They had set up a signal that if she turned off the left side living room light the plan was cancelled. Mike then set up the camera hidden in a bookshelf and pointed at the couch. It could plug into the wall from there so batteries running out wasn’t a problem and they had it set to record for two hours of taping.

Mike went outside and pulled his car around the block to hide it and walked back home. If this was going to work Mike knew the first time that Melanie and Carolyn would need to be alone. But he just had to watch, so he devised a hiding place from the hall where he would be able to see the action from a reflection in a picture that hung there.

Melanie got dressed in just her nightgown and called her mom. “Hi mom.”

“Hey listen, Mike had to go to the hospital, one of his friends was in an accident. The kids are at his mom’s house and I’m getting kind of scared here by myself. Would you mind keeping me company for a while? I have some movies I just rented and we can make popcorn.”

“Sure honey I’ll be over in ten minutes” replied Carolyn.

When the doorbell rang Mike started up the camera and hid one of the bedrooms. Carolyn walked in and Melanie hugged her and told her to get comfortable on the couch while she popped some popcorn. Melanie started up the movie, which was a suspense thriller that had plenty of sex in it. While in the kitchen making the popcorn Melanie stole a few light caresses of her pussy wanting badly to just strip down and rub herself, but resisting and keeping it to just a few stolen caresses.

Mike had been in the bedroom for over forty-five minutes now and was getting quite bored with their small talk. He decided to chance going in the hall to look at their reflection in the glass of the large picture that hung there. He saw them both sitting on the couch watching the movie doing nothing special. But the light was still on the left side of the couch so at least Melanie hadn’t given up yet. After a few minutes he could tell a sex scene had come on by their comments and he tried to send Melanie a psychic message to do it now. Well Melanie wasn’t psychic but she must have been thinking the same thing and slid her hands between her legs as if just relaxing and keeping them warm. She screwed up all her courage and began to wriggle her fingers a bit against the soft lips of her pussy. It felt so good to press against her clit pressed even if it was through her nightgown. Carolyn noticed the move right away and hoped her daughter would do again what she had in the theatre. She kept stealing sideways glances at her daughter’s hands and was excited to see the fingers moving slowly. Obviously Melanie was masturbating and Carolyn could hardly stand it.

Ten minutes went by and the still neither had said a word, both pretending to watch the movie. Melanie was approaching orgasm quickly and Carolyn was now so wet she was worried she might wet all the way through her pants. Carolyn decided it was up to her or this game would never end. She waited until another sex scene came on and then looked over at Melanie to pretend to maltepe escort comment about it. She began to speak and then let her gaze go to Melanie’s hands and said “And what are we up to here?”

Melanie played innocent as planned and said “Sorry mom, the movie just got me going, I didn’t even realize I was doing anything.”

“Well you were and you have been for awhile now, I have needs to so I hope you won’t mind if I join you.”

Mike couldn’t believe this was really happening he had his cock out the bottom of his shorts in a flash and started stroking while he watched his mother in law take off her pants and sit back down on the couch. She kept her panties on but spread her legs a bit and openly caressed her pussy through her panties. Melanie followed suit and spread her own legs while rubbing her pussy through her nightgown. Both women pretended to watch the movie now but were more interested in watching each other. Carolyn was beginning to moan and her pussy was clearly defined and her finger slid between the lips and over her clit.

Melanie needed desperately to feel skin and decided to be bold. Pulling up her nightgown and exposing her pussy she said, “Why don’t you take those off so I can see what you’re rubbing.”?

Carolyn replied, “I thought you’d never ask, I just didn’t want to embarrass you.”

“Hell no, I’ve wanted to see this every since you rubbed yourself in the tub in front of me.”

“Mmmm, I remember that, I was wondering if you would catch my hint. I’ve always wanted to masturbate with another woman, and you are the only one I would trust.

Carolyn removed her panties to reveal a closely trimmed bush that revealed every detail of her pussy. She turned to face Melanie on the couch and spread wide. Slowly her finger slid up and down her pussy lips and caressed her clit. Melanie pulled her nightgown all the way off and turned her body to face her mom, giving her the perfect view of her daughters bald and wet pussy. Both women had their eyes glued to the other’s pussy and the effect soon had Melanie coming in waves. Carolyn rubbed faster as she watched her daughter’s pussy contract and relax.

“Mom do you know what a sub is”?

“Yes, hon that’s someone who likes to be given orders during sex right”?

“Exactly mom, well I’m a sub would you like to make me do anything”?

“Well, ummm…”

“Go on mom command me” Melanie said as she continued showing her mom her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy.

“Alright then, I need my pussy licked very badly, is that something you would be willing to do”? asked Carolyn.

Melanie needed no further prompting. She got down on the floor and laid on her back. “Ok mom, now you straddle my face and lower your pussy onto my mouth”.

Carolyn came right then moaning loudly. “Now you get to lick up my come hon” and she sat down over Melanie’s head and placed her pussy on her daughter’s mouth. Melanie started licking and sucking on her first pussy and was in heaven. She fingered her own pussy as she nibbled on her mom’s pussy lips and clit. It tasted so sweet and she couldn’t get enough of the feel of pussy lips on her tongue. Now wonder Mike loved to eat her out, this felt fantastic. It made her own pussy feel even better to rub while she was licking her mom. Carolyn watched as her daughter fingered herself and decided to see what she was missing. Shifting her weight forward Carolyn lowered her mouth to Melanie’s pussy as she moved the hand there out of the way.

“Beg me to eat you bitch,” said Carolyn.

“Please mommy eat my pussy, I’ll do anything you say”.

Carolyn lowered her tongue onto Melanie’s clit and lightly licked it. A shudder ran through Melanie’s body and her mom then started to lick her all up and down her pussy. Melanie was in ecstasy as her mom sucked her clit and fingered her pussy at the same time.

Mike was also in heaven watching this whole scene. The women were so into each other he was able to peek around the corner and watch the real thing instead of the reflection of it. He stroked his cock slowly and quietly. He didn’t want to come until later when they would watch the tape and fuck.

Soon both women were moaning and yelling that they were coming.

“Oh baby, don’t stop mommy is going to come on your face”.

“Me too mommy, please eat me more”.

Mike watched as both women shuddered and yelled out as they came together.

He snuck back into the bedroom and waited as they got dressed and said their goodbyes. Next would come the plan where he would get to enjoy the show close up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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