The Plan Ch. 04: What about Tina?

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During the ongoing relationship with Racheal & Justin, Racheal became, more & more, concerned about my wife. Knowing Racheal, I know she was, both, curious and concerned…or looking out for me. As the three of us spent more & more time together, her concern for Tina only grew. She had expressed interest, in the past, but now she’d frequently state that she thought we should include Tina…in the group. She would always ask, “What about Tina? We should get together.”

I really wanted to include Tina, too. I had expressed how important Racheal and Justin had become to me and she was okay with everything; but I could always sense a little curiosity in her tone. She was a little interested but just not ready…so, I continued to offer her the opportunity to make it a foursome or whatever…I felt like that’s all I could do. Eventually, I decided to present things differently and I showed Tina “The Video,” that Justin had put together. It was one of our first encounters, and she loved it…I was fairly certain that she would. We watched it together and it led to a marathon of sex over the weekend.

When she watched us satisfy Racheal, I remember she instinctively pushed her panties aside and started fingering herself. On-screen, I had just mounted Rach and Justin noshed on her clit. Watching me drive deep into Racheal, Tina whispered urgently and pushed her fingers deeper. “Hon, your cock really looks sweet, on film. I know I like when you do me that way…she likes it doesn’t she?

“She really does, honey.”

“Justin looks nice, too. He’s big…I bet it feels good, too!”

“Yes, it does…you’d like it. You should join us.”

That night, we had a long conversation and fucked like animals. I talked it over with her and it seemed she was developing a familiarity with Racheal and Justin…after all, they had been our neighbors. It was vicarious, like her own private foursome, by association. It seemed like we fucked most of that evening…hoping to entice her into participating, I added a dildo to the mix. I tried to recreate the sensation of two cocks, the apparent focus of her lust. I even went as far as suggesting it, “Think about it, Honey…you could have two men…pumping you…satisfying you. I know, you’d love it!”

The following day, I got home to hear some incredible, but oddly familiar, moaning coming from the library. It wasn’t Tina…WTF is going on?

I looked into the room and found it was Racheal, Justin and Me! She was watching the video again…but this time, it was a private showing. So focused on the sex on the screen, she didn’t notice or hear me come in.

I’m certainly not stupid…I really wanted to watch…I know my wife and I knew this was going to be amazing. And sure enough…her hand dropped down between her legs and she began to rub through the dress. It was surprising to see how wet she was, already…you could see it staining her dress. As she got closer, you could hear her softly moan; she was seriously into it now, because she lifted the dress and wet her fingers. She took them and circled over her clit, occasionally sinking into her pussy, to gather the lube she needed. As the scene heated up, on-screen, she forced her fingers deeper, yet. While she watched Justin & me, sharing Racheal, she pushed her fingers deep into her mouth. Shiny with pussy, she sucked them dry…I began to realize that she was fantasizing about pussy…the taste of pussy! She wanted to taste Racheal! And…she clearly wanted it bad!

Well, that’s all it took; I couldn’t hold back. Needing some too, I burst through the door and buried my face between her legs. Tina was so turned on by the video, she didn’t skip a beat, grabbing the back of my head and driving my face, hard, into her crotch. I loved it and just licked harder, to meet her demands.

I was buried in her crotch, but she confided, “I have to do it, Rob…I want to be part of things. Can I?” I couldn’t really reply because I was, sort of, occupied.

“Please do me…make me cum…I want to cum with Racheal…make me cum…make me cum.” In sync with the video, “Please! Please…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…I’m cumming, cumming, ahhhhm cumming! Yesssssss…fuckkkk…yesssssssssssss! Cummmmmmming!” She was bucking against me…almost riding my face till she finally started loosening her grip. I kept licking till the only thing I heard was her breathing. She was cooling down, but she had one thought and she couldn’t let it go. “What do you think? Would Racheal and Justin go for it…it’s a completely different dynamic…all four of us…or even three of us?”

Shifting gears a little…she got serious, looked into my eyes and said, “You have to be there with me. I want you there…I’ve fantasized about you and Justin using me…taking turns and fucking me hard…two beautiful cocks!”

“And, god, I assume you saw me just now…I…I’ve really been thinking about Racheal. She’s so fucking hot! I want to have her with you. I know, I’ve avoided this in bakırköy escort the past…it’s something I didn’t want.”

“But, after seeing it…? Will you do this for me? It is okay, isn’t it?”

This was an unexpected turn…Racheal’s hot as fuck but who thought she would be the key to Tina’s decision. I smiled and replied, “Yes, Honey…I want it, too.” “Come here,” I gently kissed her and pulled her closer. I wanted her to feel reassurance and comfort, knowing this was a decision, clouded with anxiety and emotion. “I want it, too…I love you and I want it too.”

Her words, “You have to be there with me,” indicated that she wanted to recreate what she saw…she wanted to be in a threesome…or a foursome…and she wanted us to be together in a threesome or a foursome. That statement stuck with me…it ran through my head all night. I got very little sleep…just too busy thinking about things…I guess. But on the plus side, that night, Tina fucked me till we were drained and she passed out.

Fast forward a week or so…Justin was going out of town, but we decided to meet with Racheal, anyway. I guess, it seemed like a good starting point…the first step, for Tina. I would miss Justin, but I was pumped about what seemed to be unfolding. I hadn’t had the opportunity to be with two women, in years…the last time was with Robin.

The wait for the restaurant was way too long but fortunately, there was a cool balcony attached to the restaurant bar…and the views of the city were amazing. I felt like such a stud, escorting the ladies into the bar…they were both looking hot. Tina was dressed to kill, her tits filled her blouse …fuck she looked good! We headed through the crowd; the place was packed with people, guzzling cocktails and socializing. The three of us quickly grabbed a table that had just been vacated. They were in the process of clearing things, but we celebrated the good fortune of finding a table, with a view.

The waiter was right behind the busboys and we got our drinks and appetizers ordered. “The spring rolls are always good.” I added, “Do you want edamame, too?”

“Mmmm that sounds good.”

“I’ll have a chardonnay.”

“Sounds great…same here.”

“I think I’ll start with this pilsner, here.” I continued after we finished the order, “Did you notice how much the waiter was drooling when he saw you two?”

Tina said dismissively, “Please, Rob…he’s probably nineteen…but you’re right and I did notice…and I sort of like it.”

“I know you do, sweetie…especially when he’s staring at your tits.”

“Oh I do too, Tina. I never tire of getting looks from men, especially when they’re cute.”

“Here’s to our cute men and hot titties…Tina?”

“I’ll toast to that…but let’s add the ladies with the hot titties…Tina and Racheal.”


Our glasses clinked and Tina leaned over to give me a kiss. Our lips met and remained pressed together before she discreetly whispered, “I really think she’s sexy and I want both of you, tonight.”

As if she heard, a sexy smile flashed across Racheal’s face. I nodded but the exchange was cut short by the waiter’s return with appetizers. Throughout dinner, Tina and Racheal hit it off big…catching–up…flirting with me, flirting with each other. The laughter and giggling continued, but the flirtation seemed to intensify. I could see that Tina was way past interested…I think she was smitten. At one point, I had really considered waiting for Justin, but she really wanted this to happen…she was ready and I wasn’t going to discourage her. I came back to the table with another beer and found they’d moved their chairs closer, with me in the middle.

“I like this,” noting that I was sandwiched by two, hot women. Sure enough…things started to get interesting after some more conversation…and a little more wine. It was a formulaic start for a threesome…but their hands met under the table, while groping me. They certainly weren’t disappointed; I remember they smiled at each other when they realized it was rock hard. When their eyes met, they shared their desires, without speaking a word. I could see the evening was just starting…the three of us were starting something new. In the back of my head, I thought about the next morning…waking up together…waking up with two very special women…two very hot women. This didn’t go on long, before we decided to venture back home, with Racheal in tow. We could have checked into the hotel, next door, but I thought this would be best; it would make Tina feel more comfortable, if she were at home. She was really stepping into a new world and I wanted to make it easy for her.

When the sun went down it started to get chilly, so when we got home, I built a small fire. Tina was opening some wine, the lights were low and there was just a hint of wood smell from the fireplace. Tina sat my glass on the hearth and went over to sit bostancı escort with Racheal; they talked about a couple new restaurants and the finer art of shoe-shopping. I eventually turned to join the conversation, but got lost in watching them interact, only hearing half of what they said. I found myself watching two very beautiful women; they were flirting and gently caressing one another. My eyes explored their bodies and noticed the outline of Tina’s hard nipples…and her low-cut blouse. Then Racheal’s legs seemed to demand scrutiny, especially when Tina’s hand slipped under her skirt. I was so proud of Tina…she was committed to playing out her desires. My cock hardened at what I was observing…the thought, of what was about to happen, was fucking amazing.

Both seemed anxious, when they looked in my direction and proceeded to lock lips with a big, prolonged kiss. It was sensuous…sexy…an act of drama; but I could tell it was as much for my benefit as theirs. The passion was visible, in the way they went after each other. Once Racheal began groping Tina, it was all on. Breathless and excited, like a kid learning school was canceled, Racheal wasted no time in undressing Tina. She slipped her jacket off, brushed back the dark, curly hair and unbuttoned her blouse. She worked the skirt down to her ankles so she could kick it off. She held Tina and sensuously kissed, her again…when they parted from the kiss, “Hon, I love that underwear.”

Tina smiled and said. “Oh thanks, sweetie…let’s get you undressed so I can see yours.”

I helped slip their clothes off and pulled off my shirt. Tina, “Mmmm…those are cute too” She traced the outline of her bra, “Your bra is really cute, too…perfect for those big titties…its cut just right.”

“Oh, we need to go shopping together!”

Tina squealed, “Let’s do it!” They talked about underwear and all I could see was the wet spot on Rach’s panties. Nothing else mattered, till I started stripping off clothes and the girl-talk ended. Tina purred, “That’s it honey…get naked for us! We got plans for you!”

I felt like I was performing, so I teased a little and rubbed over my chest and nipples. I love to display myself to hungry women, especially these two. They were drawn into the game, reaching for what they craved…it was rock hard and straining to escape. Together, they pulled off my underwear and it sprang outward…it stood erect and tall.

I grabbed my dick and wrapped both hands around it. I held it out, showing them how ready I was. “Do you want to stroke it?”

They both answered immediately with, “Yes” and “Yes, we do.”

Racheal looked at Tina, “Mmmmm, don’t you love that thing.”

“It gets this yummy curve when it’s totally hard” and she traces it with her finger.

“Girl, I know exactly what you mean…feels so good when he puts it inside…it’s one of the reasons I married him.”

They took turns stroking, following its length down to the base and back up to the swollen tip…grasping at it…I could feel myself pulsing in their hands. I said, “Keep doing that ladies, there’s plenty for both of ya.”

Tina said, “We know, sweetie…this’s going to be a fun, fun night…I’ve been looking forward to it!”

I put my needs aside to focus on Tina, “I know Honey, this is a big night for you…I want to make it special. Lay back and let us take care of things.”

To start things off, Racheal and I massaged and licked her for a long time; we wanted to make her feel at ease and relax. We caressed, kissed and licked over her entire body. I began to really work her tits…those nipples are so hot when they stand up, all burgundy and hard. Racheal clearly thought so, too…she pinched and rolled one between her fingers…she rubbed them with a slow, circular motion.

We traded her tits back and forth…sucking, licking and teasing. I cupped and held one with my hand…Tina has amazing tits that always demand attention…they’re firm…and weighty! I love the sensation of warmth and the weight you feel, when you hold them.

Rach whispered, “God love your tits, honey…yummmmm…I could play with tits like these forever.” She leaned down and sucked a nipple between her pursed lips.

“They’re all yours…and Rob’s. I think they’re big enough to share.”

Rach moaned with her mouth stuffed full…eventually, she did lean back and let me go it alone. She rubbed herself and watched me suck my wife’s breasts. She couldn’t take her eyes from us…and I liked her watching…it was hot.

Then I gave her a turn, positioning myself where I could watch she moved in and coaxed Tina to spread her legs. When she spotted that little, pink crack, she dove in and started licking. She was a little timid at first, but as soon she got the first salty hint of girl, she buried her tongue deeper to force it open. When she first pushed deeper, Tina tensed a bit, but moaned and rolled her hips, çekmeköy escort in satisfaction; I watched her quickly relax and begin lifting her hips to meet the advances. Racheal traced with her tongue and went back inside to flick it from side to side. She buried her face and licked wildly…Tina threw her head back, cried out, “Racheal…Racheal…yessss Racheal…yessss Racheal…fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s goooooood!” Racheal murmured something inaudible and I watched, as she fucked with her tongue, probing deeper and deeper.

Finally, she sat up…she spread the labia with her fingers to watch Tina flex.

“Robbie, your wife is fucking amazing!”

“Believe me…I know.”

She leaned back in to stab the opening with her tongue, fucking faster than before. I’d been there…I knew she felt Tina squeezing her tongue, as she probed deeper. It was a cliché, but Racheal was satisfying my wife in a way only another woman could. I know there must be some connection two women share. Before long, Tina couldn’t keep her hips still and I was as excited as she was. Again, Racheal looked up and I knew what she wanted, but I wasn’t prepared for what she said. I grinned and came really close to losing it when she said, “Honey, I need you to fuck me, while I eat your wife.” Those words almost triggered an orgasm; I had to squeeze myself and shake it off, before doing anything. Eventually I got it together and moved in to tease Rach’s puffy lips. I penetrated with the tip and steadily worked deeper, until I was pressed up against her ass. To appreciate the incredible heat and tightness, I worked really slowly, with small strokes. God damn, it felt good…and she seemed to eat Tina, with even more focus. I sensed that Racheal was feeling really good, to be in the middle. She was getting it from both ends…and Tina was going wild, pushing herself into Racheal’s face and moaning. The unfolding scene made me hornier and hotter and I began pumping with stronger, forceful strokes. She gasped, “Yessss, yesss, that’s what I need…yessss!”

I withdrew to where I was just gapping her lips…and then rammed it back to her steamy core…matching my intensity, she moaned into my wife’s pussy.

For a while, we were all lost in the sensations of incredible, passionate sex. Tina was writhing and rolling her hips into Racheal’s face, while I pounded Racheal, from behind. Finally, I just couldn’t take anymore…I wanted some Tina, too. I pulled out and positioned myself so that Racheal and I were able to tag-team, switching back and forth. I squeezed in from the other side, to run my tongue over her clit. The brief pause was good, because it slowed things down…Tina was getting too close and I almost blew my load…again.

It was amazing as the two of us hovered over my wife; it was one of the most sensual things I’ve ever witnessed. From the top to the bottom, I began to lick with long deep sweeps of my tongue, burying it deep in her pulsing slit. Then, Racheal sucked the labia, pulling each into her mouth and teasing them between her lips. Rach and I ate, licked and sucked for a long, long time. We brushed her clit, only sporadically, because we knew what it would trigger. We really wanted to make our foreplay last a little longer. That was the thought, anyway…but we both seemed to reach a point where we couldn’t take it any longer…it was time to finish her off…we all needed release…we all needed to cum.

I pulled back the hood, completely exposing her for Racheal. She worked it for a bit, but moved aside to let me have a go. I went after it with my tongue and sucked it between my lips…I nibbled and pumped a finger into the warmth. She was wet and my finger was dripping with musky sex…I shared it with Rach. I trailed my finger over her lips and she licked it clean…I shoved back in for more and, this time, took it all for myself. With a tag-team on her clit, she was getting short of breath and moaning, more and more. She finally let loose with a huge, orgasm; her body shook and we could feel it under our tongues. We finished and smiled at each other, knowing we’d just given her what she wanted…what she needed. It was what we wanted…we watched it gradually fade, before she laid back to relax.

I said, “Honey, let’s do Racheal, now!” I told her to grab a vibrator from the bedroom. “Can you do her ass, while I fuck her?” My wife just looked blank and confused, because she had never done something like that before. She looked at me, questioning the action, only to be answered with a squeal from Rach, “Yesss! Tina, fuck my ass!”

“There’s always a first time…it sounds like fun,” and she ran off to the bedroom.

I knew Racheal would be all about double-penetration and yelled, “Sweetie, there’s lube in the drawer!” Tina came back and lubed things…she rubbed some around her ass and they both moaned when she pushed some inside. Slowly pumping her finger in and out, Tina said, “That feels real good…doesn’t it?”

“Mmmmm…yessss…hon, I love it…I wanna get on your husband, again.”

Clearly, no need for lubricant where I was going; she hiked up her leg and lowered herself onto me. “Fuccck! That dick feels so good.”

I started to pump into her, while Tina coaxed her ass open with the toy…I slammed her pussy, bumping her pubes with mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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