The Packages Ch. 04

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Cindy and Bill arrived at the hotel after they made one quick stop at a grocery store. She knew there was a mini fridge in the room, since she was dead set on having one, and wanted to make absolutely certain neither of them had any reason to leave once they checked in and got settled inside their room. This was the first time she was able to set aside any and all of her inhibitions and was not going to allow anything to interrupt the many pleasures that were certain to follow once inside and behind closed doors.

They entered the room that contained two beds and she found herself filled with nervous anticipation. It was quick work to move everything from the car into the room and then Cindy quickly secured the latch on the door and made certain the blinds were closed to prevent anyone from interrupting their time. The last thing she needed on this occasion was to look out a crack in the curtains and see prying eyes.

Cindy looked at her son and found he had every appearance of being extremely nervous, so she said in a calm voice, “We don’t need to do this, Bill. I know there’s no requirement to keep playing the game, so we can do other things while we’re here.”

He got a little red in the face as he said, “I know, mom, but…” The words seamed to have left him and was unable to continue with what he wanted to say.

After a few moments of waiting for him to finish, she realized that he needed some prodding. She said, “It’s OK, Bill. You can tell me anything. I won’t get offended.” She had no idea if that was the reason for his loss of voice, but it was a pretty good bet.

He nodded and said, “Mom, I’m nervous. I don’t have a lot of experience…This is hard, mom, really hard for me to say…I’ll just say it. Dad’s bigger and I don’t know what I’m doing. How can I…”

Cindy realized he was struggling to find the right words, so she guessed the rest of the sentence. She looked him in the eyes with a mother’s love, which was odd considering what they were there to do, and asked, “How can you make me feel good?” His nod was all the confirmation she needed. She quickly said in a comforting voice, “You’re right, you’re father is bigger, but not by much. As for making me feel good, I can teach you a lot of things no other girl your age can teach you. If you want to go through with this. It’s your choice if we continue. What do you want to do?”

He took a deep breath, then said, “I want to be with you, mom.” His face was still red, but at least the color did not get deeper.

She gave a smile that was a mix between what was expected of a mother with her son and something very forbidden. She said, “That’s good to here, Bill, because I want to be with you. Guess that was hard for both of us to talk about, but it’s out in the open and we can start to have some fun. Are you ready?”

The redness was slowly vanishing from his face. He gave his own odd smile as he said, “Ready, mom.”

Cindy smiled at her son in a way that was very unbefitting of her, as no mother should ever smile like that to any son, but she didn’t care. She said, “Before we start, Bill, if you want to do anything with me, just let me know what it is, OK?”

She saw the smile on his face and knew it was every bit as inappropriate as her own. He said, “OK, mom. Can we start now?”

She maintained her smile as she said, “In just a minute. I need to get some things in the fridge. Then we’ll start.”

Without waiting for a reply from her son, she picked up the grocery bag and walked as sexily as she could to the fridge. She did not need to turn to know her son was watching her every move, since she could feel his eyes burning into her ass. He was a lot like his father in that regard and she had no interest in not allowing him to enjoy staring at that particular part of her body. She took far more time than needed to remove the perishables from the bag and placed the items inside the fridge one item at a time. Cindy bent over far more than was necessary as she slowly emptied the bag of all items that were needed to be kept cool, since she wanted to put on a little show for her son. With each movement, she could feel his eyes burning deeper and deeper into her and she could not conceal the smile on her face.

She turned around in the hopes that her son was already naked, but much like herself, he was still fully dressed. She did not conceal the movement of her eyes as she looked down at his crotch and could see his erection pressing against the fabric. She knew there were clear differences between her husband and son, and not just in the size category, but in the actions they took. Had it been Jackson, his clothes would have already been off and he would have been helping her to remove her own.

Cindy brought her eyes up from his crotch to his brown eyes, which were identical to her own in every way. She had, quite recently, accepted the fact that she enjoyed being with her son in a very forbidden way and relished the idea that she was committing incestuous ataşehir escort acts. There was no doubt in her mind that her husband was enjoying himself with their daughter and the knowledge served to enhance her joy for some unknown reason to her. It didn’t feel like cheating on Jackson just as the thought of him with their daughter didn’t feel like betrayal in any way. The only thing she felt was a great yearning for what the future held for her family.

After a brief moment of silence, Cindy asked, “What are you waiting for, Bill?”

The question must have taken him by surprise, since he could only mutter, “What?”

Cindy gave her son an encouraging nod as she said, “Your clothes are still on. Why don’t you take them off and sit on the bed. No sense standing there like that.”

Bill said, “OK, mom.” His voice was difficult to understand since he muttered the words out, but she knew what he meant to say.

He started to quickly and clumsily undress himself as he began to realize this was really happening. There was no sign that he was the least bit embarrassed about the idea of spending time alone with his mother in the most intimate of ways. She enjoyed seeing her son remove his articles of clothing in such a hurried manner, since that meant he was every bit as excited as she was. As his dick came free, she did nothing to show she was looking anywhere else and knew she was going to have a lot of fun with that thing. It might not have been as big as her husband’s, but it wasn’t something to scoff at either.

Once he was sitting on the bed, she started to slowly and seductively remove her clothing, one article at a time. His erection told her this was all very unnecessary, but she enjoyed his eyes on her as she took her time. There was plenty of time to do all sorts of naughty things with her son, but she wanted to tease him a little first. He was being very patient, far more than her husband ever had, and she planned to reward that patience.

She was down to her bra and panties as she slowly unhitched what was hiding her tits from his view. Just like the rest of her body, he had already seen just how big she was, but she was intent to take her time. Slowly and methodically, she lowered her bra so that it only covered her hard nipples. His eyes were fixated on what remained hidden and she had to admire his ability to watch the show. At long last, she dropped her bra onto the floor and started to rock rhythmically in order to get her tits to move back and forth.

As she watched his eyes follow her swaying tits, she says, “It looks like you’re enjoying yourself.”

His eyes never broke contact as he said, “Yeah, mom. You have wonderful tits.”

She said, “I’m very happy to hear that, Bill. Does that mean you don’t want me to take off my panties now?”

He brought his eyes up quickly to meet hers and said, “Not at all, mom.”

Cindy let out a little laugh, then said, “I suppose you want me to take them off now.”

The laugh was not planned, but came quite suddenly when she realized that there was something exciting about having him refer to her as mom. It served as a sweet reminder that she was doing something extremely forbidden by all societal standards. She was there to fulfill some long buried hedonistic desires and couldn’t imaging spending this time with anyone other than her son.

He nodded, but appeared to be at a loss for words. She didn’t bother to wait for some verbal confirmation, since his nod was enough. She pushed her thumbs through the waistband and slowly slid them down to reveal her freshly shaved pubic area. She and Tammy had both been shaving diligently ever since they were required to do so and she found the look on his face to be worth the strange sensation she was still adjusting to.

She pushed the panties down to her and his eyes were fixated on the portion of lips he could see, which was not much. She bent over a little to push her panties further down past her knees. Cindy knew she could have shown a lot more, but was enjoying this part a little too much for her to do anything else. Soon enough he would see everything, but he would have to continue to wait patiently. Once past her knees, they fell easily enough and she kicked them to the side slowly to reveal more of her lips to her son.

She turned around to let her son see her ass, since there was little doubt in her mind he wanted to see it, probable more than any other part of her body. Cindy was positioned so she could see everything in the mirror before her and enjoyed seeing his eyes locked even more firmly there then when he was mesmerized by her tits. She spread her legs a little to improve his view and expected him to attack her at any moment. In a way, she was disappointed when it didn’t happen, but had to admire his patience. The patience had to come from her side of the family, since her husband lacked anything even remotely resembling patience.

She spread her legs about shoulder kadıköy escort bayan width apart and started to bend over to give her son the view her husband loved best, at least the view when there is there is distance between them. Once both holes were visible to her son, she rocked softly and let the swaying add to the intoxication that he must have been going through. Her head turned just enough to ensure her son was still fixated and found his head moving to the motion of her body.

She asked in a seductive voice, “Do you like what you see, Bill?” It had taken her a long time to master that voice and she knew it would add to his anticipation.

Without moving his eyes away from her ass, he said, “Yes, mom. You have a great ass.”

Cindy kept her eyes locked on her sons face as she brought her hands up to her cheeks and placed her fingers close to the crack of her ass, then started to slowly spread them apart. As her asshole opened from the force of her hands, she ignored the discomfort that came with her action. Due to a great deal of experience, Cindy was well aware she had spread herself as far as possible. She had done this many times before and it had been a long time since she had felt anything even remotely resembling pain.

His eyes grew wider as he realized what he was being shown and leaned forward to get a better look. Cindy saw him drool a little and it served to confirm her belief that this was the real view he wanted. There were plenty of guys out there that loved the female ass more than any other part of the body, but her husband was little different. Jackson wanted to see a woman’s asshole along with her ass and she could not deny her son was very interested in that exact same thing.

She maintained her seductive voice as she said, “Like father, like son.”

His eyes were locked onto her asshole and there was nothing she could have said to break contact. He asked, “What do you mean, mom?” A little drool dripped down, but he was completely unaware of anything, except that slightly open hole before him.

She gave a soft laugh as she said, “Your father likes to look at my asshole, just like you.”

He said, “It looks amazing, mom. I like everything about it.”

Cindy said, “I’m glad you like, Bill.” She gave him a wink, but highly doubted he noticed anything. Then she said, “You’re being very patient and deserve to be rewarded.”

She did not wait for any kind of response as she released her cheeks and stood slowly. He gave a groan of displeasure upon losing the vision, but he didn’t complain. Cindy turned towards him and his eyes were immediately locked onto her tits. He watched as she walked towards him with great interest in what was to happen next.

Bill managed to break contact with her tits and forced himself to look into his mother’s face. He said, “You have a great body, mom.”

She smiled as she said, “I’m glad you think so, now why don’t you get some pillows under your back, so you can prop yourself up easier.”

He grabbed the pillows quickly and propped himself up as he laid down on his back. If he wanted to enjoy the view of what was coming next in any kind of comfort. His erection was waiting patiently for her to give him the release he desired.

Cindy positioned herself so she could maneuver her shoulders between his knees and slowly guided his legs into the best position for her to give him great pleasure. She knew he had been hard far too long and was not going to last long, but he would recover far quicker than her husband and last longer. Without touching the shaft, she lifted his balls and began to playfully lick around the edges.

As he tongue made contact with his flesh, she could taste the salt from his sweat. It was a taste she never had a problem with and took her time cleaning around the base. Throughout the cleansing with her tongue and mouth, she looked him in the eyes and found they had closed tightly.

He let out a soft moan as he said, “That feels so good, mom. Keep going.”

She opened her mouth and slowly took his balls inside and found the taste just a little different, but in a good way. As she worked her mouth and tongue to ensure she cleaned everything, he let out more soft moans. Cindy enjoyed hearing her son moan as she continued to enjoy the taste and feel of his balls.

He let out a breathless, “Oh, yes. It feels wonderful. Don’t stop, mom.” His eyes remained tightly closed as she continued to look up at her son.

She wanted to tell him to open his eyes and look at her, but decided against it. Her son was enjoying the sensation she was bringing to him and that was enough. Cindy may have wanted to see the look in her son’s eyes as she brought him pleasure, but this was his reward. There was plenty of time for her own desires to be fulfilled later.

As she released his balls from her mouth, she expertly placed her index finger and thumb around the base of his shaft. Cindy put just enough pressure to escort maltepe buy her a little more time, which was the result of having practiced with her husband for many years. Without that action, he would not have lasted long enough for her to enjoy what was going to happen next.

Cindy ignored his shaft, which was something she always liked to take her time with, and took the head of his dick inside her mouth. The taste of his pre cum that had already soaked much of the shaft was something she happened to enjoy greatly. She used her tongue and muscles in her mouth to drink down as much of the clear ooze that his body would release to her.

The moan that emanated from him was one of pure pleasure, the likes of which she was quite certain he had never felt before. She slowly lowered her mouth to take more of him inside and loved the feeling on the roof of her mouth that the head of his dick brought with it. She took in just enough to prevent her from gagging, which is something she had no problem with doing in the slightest, but the gag would cause him to explode far earlier than she wanted.

She loved the feeling of him on her tongue and took her time as she slowly started to move her head up and down. Cindy release her finger and thumb and knew this would be over far too quickly. Slowly and methodically, she used her mouth and tongue to enhance the pleasure she was giving him and he could not help from giving her the moans she enjoyed hearing.

He said, “Oh, mom, don’t stop. Keep going. Keep going, mom. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.” He began to tighten as he said, “I’m going to cum, mom. Oh, mom, I’m going to cum.”

She pulled her mouth back far enough to give as much room as possible, but left the tip inside. She started to work his shaft with her hands and he gave a loud moan as they were equally rewarded. She felt the first eruption hit the roof of her mouth and she pushed her tongue back so she wouldn’t swallow anything just yet.

She wanted to take as much of his cum as he would give her and then swallow it down in one gulp. Cindy enjoyed the taste and feel of her son’s cum as he exploded again inside her mouth and was happy to know he would have more than enough to give her what she wanted. Once more explosion left her mouth completely full, so she allowed herself to swallow just enough to make more room. As much as she loved the taste and feel of cum in her mouth, she enjoyed the sensation of swallowing even more.

She had to swallow a second time as his orgasm lasted far longer than she expected, but there was no disappointment. During his last release, which was fortunately far weaker than any of the others, she was left with a mouth that was impossibly full, but she was very good at not allowing any to escape her lips. Once she was absolutely certain that there would be no further release, she carefully allowed the head to escape with minimal loss of cum. She waited to enjoy the sensation inside her mouth, then swallowed it down quite easily.

He finally opened his eyes and smiled at her. It took several moments before he was able to find his voice, then managed to say, “Thank you, mom.”

She licked the little bit of cum that had found its way to her lips and brought it back into her mouth to savor. She said, “It was my pleasure, Bill. And speaking of pleasure, it’s your turn.”

He gave a weak smile and took a deep breath. Then said, “You’ve got it, mom.”

She smiled back as she dislodged her body from under his knees and said, “Don’t move. You’re going to stay on your back for this.”

He gave another weak nod and she knew he needed some time to fully recover, but he wouldn’t need a lot of energy for what she was about to have him do to her. All he needed was the use of his tongue. If he wanted to use his hands, then that would be an additional bonus, but wasn’t necessary for her to enjoy what she was about to receive.

She got off the bed and removed one of the pillows from under his head without any sign of resistance. Then moved his arms over his head as she got into bed and straddles his face so he was looking directly at her ass. She reached down and spread her pussy lips to expose her clit to her anxious son.

She pointed directly at it and said, “Just in case you didn’t know, this is my clit. This is what I want your tongue working on. OK, Bill?”

He said, “OK, mom.”

She continued with her instructions as she said, “When I lower myself your nose is going to be buried in my pussy, so breath through your mouth.”

He said, “OK, mom.” She could hear the excitement in his voice by what he was about to do.

She had one last set of instructions for her son as she said, “You can touch my ass all you want, but I want to feel it. Some women might like a soft touch, but I’m not one of them.”

The excitement increased in his voice as he quickly said, “OK, mom.”

Cindy used her fingers to spread her lips as she lowered herself onto his waiting tongue. He started to lick clumsily, but she found a certain pleasure from knowing he could be taught to do this quite well. After a few moments, she leaned forward and knew he was staring up at her asshole. His tongue continued to work and she was starting to enjoy the sensation.

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