The Nude Weekend – Friday Night

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Sharon stood out the front of the large sandstone Rose Bay home and slowly unfolded the piece of paper in her hand. She checked the number against those written on the piece of paper that had been handed to her three weeks earlier. With a wave over her shoulder the taxi driver pulled away, leaving her alone to begin the second stage of her burgeoning sexual development.

The Sydney sunset reflected off the stain glass windows and although expecting to hear music coming from the building, the silence, interspersed with the cackle of a gang of white cockatoos, was welcoming. Small puddles of water on the green and cream mosaic tiles on the verandah indicated that not only had someone recently hosed them clean, but the evaporative cooling was a welcome respite to the heat of a summer evening.

Ivy trailled up one wall and its tendrils hung from underneath the first floor balcony. The sweet smell of gardenia hung in the air and as she tapped on the lion’s head knocker that hung below the red number 37, she took in a sharp breath.

For those seemingly endless three weeks, all Sharon could think about was two things.

Firstly it was her inaugural, and so far only, night as a ‘hostess’ in a swinger’s club, then it was the promise of what a nude weekend would hold.

Marcus had already been to one nude weekend but on their first date he teased her with information. Knowing that she wanted details, he kept them from her. She tried everything in her rapidly expanding book to persuade him that it would be in his best interests to spill the beans, but he managed, only barely, to keep quiet. All he ever said was “It’s simple. It’s a weekend where everyone is nude. Rest assured, you’ll enjoy every minute.”

After their first date he was so determined not to let on that he avoided contact with her until the evening began. The temptation to visit her, tell her about the orgies, the games, the decadence and then fuck until morning, was incredibly strong.

Sharon though, prepared herself well. She’d been experimenting with double penetrating herself with her two favourite toys. One was a fat realistic dildo for her pussy and a thinner one for her arse.

She even contemplated popping upstairs for a practice session at the swinger’s club, but as luck would have it, her body’s timing, and the roster, was against her.

She checked her watch and couldn’t help but look back over her shoulder to see if anyone was watching her. Through the stain glass window panels on the door she watched a silhouetted, clearly female, figure walk down the hallway to the door. The peephole darkened and Sharon just smiled and waved.

“Sharon!” Caz called out as she peeked out from behind the door, “You came.”

“Of course I did,” Sharon leant into the doorway and kissed the naked Caz firmly on the lips. “I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

“Marcus said that you were more than a little bit intrigued,” Caz opened the door fully but still kept herself hidden from prying eyes.

“He’s here then,” Sharon said with a slight hint of an excited teenage girl.

“And very keen to see you too, he is,” Caz said.

The house seemed larger on the inside than it did on the out. Rooms speared off on either side of the long hallway and the voices of the guests reverberated towards her.

“How many people are here?” a clearly nervous Sharon asked.

Caz ushered her into a front room that was essentially a large wardrobe, “You’ll find out in any minute,” she chuckled, “My, you’re still as impatient as you were as my student.”

Sharon had to laugh at the truth.

“This is nice,” Sharon scanned the large room, “So much space.”

“This is your area here,” Caz opened up a space in the wardrobe. “Just hang your clothes here and if you feel cold at any time,” she held up a see through white kimono, “we have these to wear.”

“What about the men?” Sharon pulled her top off and grabbed a hanger, “They wear them as well?”

“They do,” Caz stood behind Sharon and unclipped her bra, “The weather forecast is for a late change on Sunday, so we’ll all just be naked for the next 48 hours or so.”

“So tell me more,” Sharon just had to ask again. “I’m here now. What happens.”

“Basically,” Caz cupped Sharon’s firm young breasts and squeezed her nipples, “Just consider this house as a nudist resort but without the restrictions of the no open sex rules.”

“Really,” Sharon slid her thumbs around the elastic at the top of her skirt and edged it down. “Is that it?”

“Pretty much,” Caz said, “You know, people will be popping in all weekend so you’ll meet heaps of folks just like us.” Caz stood back so she could admire Sharon’s fine physique. “And you can come and go as you please,” she continued, “Most of the people who come here go home at the end of the night and pop back in during the weekend, will you be staying?”

“Sure,” Sharon said, “I’d love to.”

“Great,” Caz smiled, “We might head down to the beach or go shopping tomorrow. It’s just like a normal weekend except if florya escort you’re here, you’re nude.”

Sharon kicked her shoes off before slowly peeling her panties down around her ankles.

Caz groaned with delight as Sharon flicked her pink panties up towards her.

“That sweet young cunt is going to have the time of its life,” Caz moved towards her and slid a finger down into Sharon’s damp pussy. “I bet you’ve been playing with this little cunt thinking about this weekend haven’t you?”

“Fuck yeah,” Sharon moaned and kissed Caz on the mouth. “Thank God my exams are over otherwise I would have never got through them all.”

“Cocks and cunts, tits and arse,” Caz whispered into her ear before nibbling and tongueing her lobe, “That’s what this weekend is all about.”

Caz took Sharon by the hand and turned to the door, “Let’s go meet everyone, they’re all so keen to meet you.”

Excitedly Sharon almost skipped down the hallway towards the laughing voices. Her heart was thrumming loudly and when she said “Hello,” there was a distinctive nervous tremolo.

“Everyone,” Caz had said as an introduction, “This is the beautiful Sharon.”

Sharon fixed her eyes immediately on Marcus who was standing at the end of the kitchen bench drinking a beer. When he winked the smile that she formed hurt her cheeks.

The room was a massive open space with the kitchen and dining area on the right and on the left, a lounge that looked out over the pool. The marble tiled floor added a distinct touch of opulence and allowed the voices to seemingly multiply.

Thinking that there were going to be about twenty people there, Sharon was surprised to find there was only seven.

“So this is the gorgeous Sharon,” Mike said as he hopped off a stool and walked over to her. Sharon immediately checked out his cock as it came swinging towards her. Mike was in his late 30’s and had just a touch of grey hair forming around his ears. “Pleased to meet you,” he said before planting a kiss on each cheek.

“I’m Nick,” waved a sandy-haired surfie type in his 40’s who was pouring her a glass of champagne. “Champagne?”

“Thanks,” she said hoping that it would help calm her nerves.

“Welcome to our humble home,” Peter said as he too came around to give her a hug and kiss.

“Humble, my arse,” laughed John who held his hand out for her to shake, “Just look at this place.” John was a handsome man in his mid 30’s who had the rough hands and the tan lines of an outdoors worker.

And look, Sharon did. Outside she could see someone splashing about in the pool and the manicured gardens barely hid the views from the houses surrounding them.

“This place is beautiful,” she eyed the last person, an older woman in her early 50’s, sitting at the bench. “Hi there.”

“I’m Karen,” she said as she took the glass from Nick and brought the glass to her. Sharon was immediately taken by her beauty. Although in her mid 50’s, Karen was a real stunner. Her hair was cut short and carefully styled, her breasts, although small, were still firm, her physique was toned and petite. This woman looked after herself.

She kissed Sharon and handed her her drink. “I live out the back there,” she nodded to the house over the back fence.

“Oh,” Sharon giggled, “I was wondering about that.”

“And I’m at number 35,” Nick said.

“What about the others?” Sharon had to ask.

“They can’t see in,” Peter answered, “So we have total privacy.”

“As long as my husband is away that is,” Karen chimed in.

“Really,” Sharon sipped on her Mumm, “He’s not interested?”

“Well,” Karen chuckled, “I’ve always been a nudist and it’s something he didn’t like, so when I saw Caz and Peter one day swimming naked in the pool I kept a good eye on them.”

“Then on one fateful day,” Caz interjected.

“Yes,” Karen raised an eyebrow, “On one fateful day Caz here was being fucked by three guys, including Nick and Peter here. I was so fucking turned on that I just had to join.”

“Where’s your husband now?”

“He’s out driving around the Central West scouring shops for antiques like he does every month.”

“It’s why we have these weekends whenever he’s away,” Peter told her.

“Ok then, that explains that then,” Sharon glanced outside towards the figure doing laps in the pool. “Who is that then?”

“Him?” John said, “You’ll get to meet him soon enough.”

They all had a chuckle and the mood went back to a chatty pre dinner party atmosphere. Sharon noticed that the oven was on and that salad bowls were placed on the table. As Caz had said, this was just like a normal Friday night gathering, except everyone was naked.

Sharon sauntered over to Marcus and held her glass up to say cheers. “So, this is it then?”

“Well, yeah, pretty much,” Marcus kissed her warm lips, “A few more people will probably turn up later but as Caz may have told you, we’re just taking it easy, nude style.”

Sharon wanted to hug him, göztepe escort to hold him and to have him hold her, but she wasn’t quite sure if displays of affection were allowed.

The drinks continued to flow and snacks were passed around as the small and intimate group gathered around the massive freestanding kitchen bench. They chatted about TV shows, the First Test against England and Holden vs Ford. It wasn’t until the mysterious ninth character finally emerged from the pool that the talk got sexual.

“Ah,” Peter said, “Here he comes, finally he’s out of the water.”

Walking through the doorway with a towel hanging from his waist was a toned young man in his early 20’s.

“Hello,” he said to Sharon in a heavy French accent, “I am Clement.”

“Hi Clement,” Sharon waved back, “I’m Sharon.”

“Oh la la,” he said almost mocking his French heritage, “This is Sharon, Marcus?”

Marcus nodded and placed a hand on Sharon’s shoulder.

“She is belle,” Clement continued, “Magnifique!”

Clement was still drying himself off but couldn’t take his eyes off Sharon.

“Sharon is more beautiful than you said,” he said to Marcus who just chuckled. Sharon was impressed to find that Marcus had been talking about her.

“He’s so smooth,” Karen said, “He’s working with my husband helping to sell antiques. Within a day I was fucking him while my husband slept.”

“You are a sexy woman Karen,” Clement went over and kissed her fully on the mouth. “So very sexy.”

“Good God,” Karen almost melted, “Now show Sharon why you’re really here Clement,” she grabbed at his towel and pulled it aside.

Hanging down was one of the largest, most perfect cocks that Sharon had seen. Even on the slack it was about six inches long.

Clement laughed and grabbing his dick stroked it a few times, “Is this all I am to you?”

“Wow,” Sharon said and subconsciously opened her legs slightly, “That is impressive.”

“Ha,” Clement turned to Sharon, “You like it too? Marcus, she is a very excite`.”

“Oui, Clement,” this time she quite knowingly spread her legs wider. “I’m very horny.”

“Karen,” Clement said, “Do you mind if Sharon, um, sucor mon pe`nis?”

Karen came up behind Clement and reaching around and grabbing his firming cock said, “If Sharon wants to ruin her appetite with a load of gooey French cum, she’s more than welcome.”

“Ooh,” Sharon reached out and grabbed his cock as Karen rubbed his heavy balls, “Fuck, that’s so nice.”

Within seconds Clement’s cock was rock hard and had expanded to at least eight inches in length. Marcus too was hardening as he watched Sharon stroking the foreign cock.

“Why do that now?” Peter chirped out from the kitchen, “The bloody lasagne is ready.”

“I think,” Sharon slid off her chair and collapsed on her knees, “That the lasagne needs to sit for a few minutes to rest.”

“That’s the girl,” Mike said, “Caz said you were a real goer.”

Karen wrapped her arms around Clement’s waist and began to wank his cock from behind, directing his knob end towards Sharon’s mouth. “Suck that delicious French cock,” Karen said, “Suck it down.”

Sharon did just that. His cock slid over her tongue and into her wanton mouth. Finally after weeks of waiting, she had one cock in her mouth, and within seconds, another in her hand. Marcus stood next to her as she pumped his cock and Karen continued to feed Clement’s cock into her slobbering, hungry mouth.

Sharon knew that Clement wanted to get straight into the action and fuck her, but she’s already learnt that a keen, horny man is always a better fuck than one that takes their sex for granted.

Looking up at Marcus she popped Clement’s cock out of her mouth and swung around to him.

“Hi there,” she said, “My favourite man and my favourite prick is here.” She pumped it a few times before sucking it as far into her mouth as she could.

Marcus was speechless as the only woman that he’d ever spent so much time thinking about, fellated his swollen member.

“I’m so glad you came tonight,” he said in a moment of open intimacy.

“Aww,” Caz said, “That’s so nice.”

Sharon slid her tongue along the underside of his cock and ran it around his helmet. She then pushed his cock against her chin and spat down on it. She twirled the spit around and began a slow rise upwards. She dragged his wet cock over her right nipple and drew a wet line of spit and pre-cum down to her pussy.

She pushed his cock against his stomach and pulled his head down towards hers. Their lips locked in a kiss that would not have been out of place at a wedding. Marcus felt a surge of desire and adoration blaze through his body as their tongues fused.

Was this what they called love, he wondered. If it was, it was a damn fine thing.

Sharon stared into his handsome blue eyes and knew that Marcus understood her. She felt safe that they could be just like Peter and Caz and nothing like Karen and her husband. halkalı escort There was no envy, no jealousy, no dangerous infatuations or liaisons.

Three feet away Karen had stopped stroking Clement and like everyone, was just watching Marcus and Sharon as they embraced. This wasn’t a greeting, this was passion.

“Is this a good time to eat,” a tentative Peter asked.

“Oui,” Clement said, “J’ai faim.”

Sharon grabbed Marcus’s cock and led him to the table where a fine spread had been served. Loaves of bread were torn into chunks, salads spilled out of their bowls and two types of lasagne had been sliced ready for serving.

“Sharon,” Peter asked, “Vegetarian or meat?”

Sharon poured herself a glass of red wine as she checked both out. “Meat will be great,” she said, “I love lasagne.”

The group returned to that of a normal dinner party, conversations revolved through topics, friendly arguments and disagreements formed and were resolved, wine and beer was drunk.

“Who’s up for dessert?” Caz asked. “I made pavlova and a trifle.”

“I love trifle,” Sharon cried out, “did you really make trifle?”

“My special mango and passionfruit trifle at that,” Caz hopped off her chair and began gathering the dinner plates. As she leant over the table Peter rubbed her on the arse and she shook it at him, inviting his fingers to explore. Mike slid his hand up between her legs and gently massaged her pussy lips as Peter opened her arse cheeks, allowing Mick easier access.

“Such a nice pussy,” Mike said as he slid two fingers into her wetness. “So fucking wet.”

Caz gathered up some plates as if nothing was happening and stood upright. She took the plates over to the kitchen, stacked them in the dishwasher and came back for more.

“Would you like a hand?” Sharon asked.

Caz just smiled and shook her head, “No,” she said, “I’m fine.”

Caz then went between John and Nick who immediately grabbed at her boobs and fingered her pussy.

“Of course you’re fine,” Sharon laughed and reached over to Marcus’s cock, “Being groped by these men.” Sharon slowly stroked his cock as she watched Caz gather up the remaining plates. In return Marcus slid his hand up her leg and began fondling the pussy he so desperately desired.

Caz’s nipples were firm and erect as she stood up and reluctantly carried the slippery pile of plates away.

Clement, noticing Marcus’s hand, reached over and began to massage Sharon’s sensitive left tit.

“Okay everyone,” Caz called out, “here comes dessert.” Carrying a large pavlova and a bowl of trifle, Caz shuffled her way to the table causing a momentary delay in the groping.

“What is this?” Clement asked as he pointed at the two desserts.

“This,” Sharon stood up and grabbing the scoop, ladled a large serving of the trifle into her bowl. “Is the trifle. It’s layers of sponge cake, passionfruit jelly, custard, mango, passionfruit pulp and whipped cream.”

“This is pavlova? Yes?” Clement scooped a strawberry up off the whipped cream and held it out to Sharon. She ran her tongue along the back of his hand before wrapping it around the ruby berry and sucking it off. Enjoying the sensation she also scooped up a berry and balancing it on the edge of her finger, held it up to Marcus. He, in turn, fetched up a slice of mango from her bowl and offered it to her.

In unison the couple sucked the fruit and cream of each other’s digits. Marcus then scooped up some cream and smeared it across her hard nipples. The cold dairy product hardened her nipples even more.

“That’s so sexy,” Karen said and scooped up a few fingers worth of cream. “Who wants to suck these?” she stood up and smeared the cream over her own tits. Clement was transfixed on Sharon so Mike and Nick took up her offer. They both had semi-hard cocks and as they stood on either side of her and bent forward to lick and suck her tits, she wanked them off.

“Oops,” John called out as he flung a small scoop of trifle at Caz, “Sorry about that.”

“Get over here,” Caz laughed out and smeared the jelly and custard around her nipples, “and wipe this mess up.” John scooped up a small amount of cream and rubbed it around the head of his cock. Once he was around to her side of the table she leant back and he began to rub his cock around the glistening dessert. Peter scooped up a fair serving of the pavlova and balanced some of it on the end of his cock.

“Here,” he said as he held her by the back of the head, “Pav on prick, it’s the latest thing.” Hungry more so for cock than she was for cream, Caz engulfed her husband’s cock and grabbed a hold of John’s. John also grabbed a handful of trifle and balanced some on his cock.

“Here you go,” he held it up to her face, “Cock custard and cream.”

“Yum,” Caz said. “So fucking nice.”

The room came alive as Sharon kicked her chair back and motioned to Marcus and Clement to stand. “Feed me,” she said “You’re pavlova Clement.”

Clement simply dipped his cock straight into the pavlova and pulled his cream coated cock out again.

“Steady on,” Nick cried out, “We have to eat that.”

Confused, Clement pointed at his cock and said, “You want to suck my cock?”

“Fuck no,” Nick laughed, “The pavlova, don’t go sticking your dick in it.”

“Okay,” Clement turned to Sharon, “Sorry about that everyone.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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