The Night

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It had been many months since the demise of my last relationship, and the forced isolation it had brought was beginning to take its toll. It seems that when relationships end so do many friendships. I had thrown myself into my work at the local library, working long hours to escape the pain that was my constant companion. Earlier that evening I had watched a couple enter the library, their joy at living struck me hard. My inner voice queried me as to the value of my seclusion from the world. I came to the conclusion that my life needed to go on. I went on about my job the rest of the evening as my mind ticked away….tomorrow, my life must change . I am too young and too full of life to live as a reference librarian , whose only joy was musty copies of old magazines. That night as I filed the returns, I decided tomorrow, I must return to the world of the living and begin to enjoy all that it holds

As I returned to my apartment, I looked around. I promptly went to my bedroom and began to undress. As I began to unbutton the high necked blouse, one that a matron might wear … mind fluttered to the memory of the pleasure I used to take as I dressed in the sexy black and frilly things. As I shed the blouse and let it fall to the floor, I could see in the mirror the shiny satin of my bra and mused at how such an “old” blouse could contain such clothing. My hands fell to the zipper at the back of my A-line skirt and deftly lowered the fastener. As the skirt whispers to the floor, again I am taken aback as I gaze at the high cut panty of the same glistening material as the bra. To myself I ask, “how did I become this stranger?”

I pad off to the bathroom and draw a hot bath, adding scent to the water. As the bath fills, my bra and panties are flung to the hamper that sits in the corner. I stand in front of the full-length mirror that is the shower/tub door, gazing at my body–it has been too long since it has known pleasure. As I stand in front of the mirror…my hands begin to caress the flesh that once echoed such excitement and flush. I notice that my nipples grow hard as I stared at myself in the mirror, shadows of my former being struggling to come to the surface. My hand snakes down to the well-manicured mound caressing the skin that now burns with the need of human touch. As I slip into the bath and the warm, sweet water envelops me …my eyes close and I remember the passion that this body once aroused in others. As I lay in the steaming bath I promise the person long hidden that she shall soon return . As the water-cools, I rise from the bath and towel myself off, taking great care to stroke each part of my body …allowing them to come alive. As I walk out of the bathroom my head swims with excitement, tomorrow I will rejoin those who live . Turning back the sheets upon my king size bed and slipping my fragrant and naked body between the satin sheets, I drift off to sleep as my head remembers all that I am .

As I wake late in the day, I make some coffee and read the local newspaper …there is a new bar opening tonight….I will go. I pad naked to my closet and open ….searching in the back for my “old ” clothes. There in bahis firmaları the back are my boots, my vinyl dresses and all my previous trappings. The trappings that made men stop and fantasize. I reach to the very back and retrieve the tight black latex dress, the one that hugs every curve of my amply endowed body. This should be perfect for the opening of the Dark Desires Bar. I select the boots that hug my thighs, the garter and stockings that will caress my thighs. Hanging them on the hook behind the door, I once again sway into the living room. I stretch my body out on the couch and begin the ritual of my manicure…. as my excitement grows for the night to come….I slowly transform myself from the librarian to the vixen.

I paint my nails a brilliant red, and as the polish dries my head falls back against the cushion …remembering all the nights of passion that this body used to stir and will stir again tonight. My polish finally dried, I realize that there are still a few hours until the opening …”what to do?” Once again my hands flutter to my freshly shaven mound, beginning to caress as I awaken my body. My fingers slip between my folds and capture my clit…. rubbing it lightly as I watch my nipples respond to the unseen touch. My fingers stroke lightly at my lips that thirst for pleasure.

A single finger snakes its way into my tunnel and an audible gasp slips from my lips. “So long…” I mutter, but no more will I deny myself the pleasure. The fingers of my free hand slip to my breast as the other slips into my wetness. My fingers now coated with my own juices as my tunnel clutches at the intrusion, my hips begin to rock to the fingers. My nipples now hard and aching feel my fingers grasp them and twist them lightly…my eyes watching as shadows of a former me surface. My moans fill the room as surely as my finger fills my tunnel.

My entire body alive and screaming for the sweet release that it has been long denied. The hips that once moved over cock now move over my hand…my moans growing louder with each penetration. I feel the tremors of orgasm building as my one finger builds to two …then three………… As my body rocks and quakes on my fingers a guttural moan rips from me as my pussy sputters around my fingers, my other hand now clutching at my breast. I lay there, spent, for some 20 minutes, then rise and shower..taking great care to ensure that my body is smooth and fragrant…. As I begin to dress for the first evening of the rest of my new life….my fingers caress the latex dress and boots that have sat to long in the back of my closet.

Choosing to wear nothing beneath the dress, I attach the garter and slip the stockings up my now smooth, soft fragrant legs. Attaching the clasps to the tops of the stockings, I stand to look at myself. I still have it! I take the thigh boots and slip the soft leather over my calves, again standing to look at the effect. My hands wander to the dress that I have long not worn. I slip the rubbery dress over my head and tug it into place, its hem stopping just above the lace cuff of my stocking. As I slowly pull the zipper up and feel the latex caress my breasts, I kaçak iddaa notice that my hardened nipples are clearly visible through the tight rubber. Tugging the zipper back down slightly so that the deep cleavage of my breasts will be visible to all who even glance at me. Choosing a simple choker to complete my ensemble and smiling softly at the effect. Dabbing some scent between my now lifted breasts. Perfect!!

I walk to the living room and pick up my handbag…turning to dim the lights. I walk out the door and turn to lock it. The lecherous old man across the hall leering as his hand slips beneath his robe. After catching his actions in the corner of my eye, I turn to him and smile mischievously …..and head for the world that awaits . As the taxi pulls up outside the bar, I notice the long line of people waiting to enter. My ex’s friend Darius checks the ID of those standing in line. As I alight from the taxi…. he sees me. The look on his face, something I will remember forever. I can almost hear his thoughts. “Is this Brad’s Larrissa? My god, look at her!” He makes his way to me and motions me into the bar as he presses a note to my hand and smiles. Once in the doors, I gaze at the black and red decor, all the while Darius’ note burning in my hand. I unfold the small note. It reads…”Larrissa…meet me by the office door at 11:30 pm.” A wicked smile slips across my face. I will meet him!

As the music pounds though the bar …my body begins to feel the music…moving sensuously, the music and idea of Brad’s friend arousing me. I wander my way to the bar and order a drink …as I reach into my bag to pay for the drink the bartender informs me “your drinks are paid for” as he points to a sexy Darius standing by the door. A sinful smile creeps across my face as I smile in Darius’ direction and nod as I raise the small note still clutched in my hand. The night rages on as does the music and my state of excitement grows. I glance at my watch; it’s 11:25. I make my way through the crowd, feeling the gazes of many whom I’m sure can both see and smell my arousal.

Stopping outside the office door and leaning against the wall, adjusting my rubbery dress and tugging the zipper a little lower. What seems like an hour is only 5 minutes and a handsome and mesmerized Darius appears. He takes me by the hand and leads me outside the bar’s back door to the secluded alley. I manage to ask “How have you been Darius, its been a long time since I have seen or heard from you?” I can see the desire written in his eyes as they travel over my body. “I’ve been so busy lately Larrissa,” as a sly grin shines from his face. I slowly reach my hand out to his chest, outlining his well-defined muscles. I feel him stir at my touch. Looking down I can see that my touches have done what I sought, his cock now rages in his jeans. I lean close to kiss him on the cheek as my nipples poking the latex brush against him. I feel him tense as my taut nipples brush him. I reach for his hand and bring it to the slippery material that covers my breasts…..”touch me, Darius, I know you want to.”

My hand gravitates to his now raging hard on and I caress him through kaçak bahis his jeans, feeling his cock jump as my pussy throbs. I fumble with the buttons of his jeans and finally manage to free him as his hands roam freely over my breasts. Slowly I lower myself so that my lips are even with his freed and hard cock. I take the shaft in my hands as my head lowers to the purple head…kissing, sucking and nipping lightly. His gasps and moans echo in the emptiness of the alley. My lips slowly and deftly slip over his rock hard, ever-growing cock. As I bury my lips over his shaft, I feel his hand slip to my head as he guides me over him. My lips tighten around his shaft as his moans of pleasure grow. I lightly scrape my teeth over his cock and I taste the sudden sweetness of his precum. As my lips work him he manages one word and one word only — “Larrissa.” I feel his hands tangle in my hair as he attempts to draw me up to him. I stand my ground and continue to suck his cock. I revel in the knowledge that he is my puppet. Sensing that he is close to cumming, I stand up.

As I do, I tug the zipper on my dress the rest of the way down. I raise one of my breasts to his lips, knowing he longs to suckle them…he always wanted my breasts. I tug the hem of my dress up over my hips …revealing to him my shaved mound. Dragging his shocked hand to my pussy and grinding it into the wet folds …moaning loudly as his fingers press against my throbbing clit. My hand grasps his cock and begins to stroke him. “God this is too easy.” I slowly and catlike remove my body from his. I press my naked breasts against the cold brick of the building, he moves without a word behind me. I feel his hard cock as it slips over my exposed ass.

Parting my legs as he searches for the honey tunnel that he knows must now is wet and wanton. I feel the swollen head of his cock pressing at my entrance. I press back hard taking all of his stiff cock into my pussy and clenching onto it. This simple action causes Darius to lose control and slam into my pussy, grating my nipples against the cold brick. Our moans and the noises made as our bodies collide echo through the air for all who are passing on the other side of the fence to hear. His hands slip between my body and the wall, grasping and pawing at my breasts. His cock rams into me over and over as his full balls bang against my wet slit. He is so close I can feel him twitching in me…. to add to it I clamp my tunnel muscles hard onto his shaft.

A growl screams from his lips as his cock rears and plunges into me again. My own pussy drenching my thighs as he impales himself into me. His grasp on my breasts tightens, as a long animalistic moan unfolds from him and he pumps my pussy full of his hot thick white cum. As he shudders in me I fight to contain myself. As he slowly withdraws from my cum filled pussy…he whispers, “Larrissa…. god I have always wanted you.” I move from him and tug my dress down in a rather slow way, allowing him to see his cum as it trickles down my thighs…I tug the zipper up far enough to contain my breasts but not hide them. I turn to Darius and smile the same mischievous smirk I gave the neighbor. “Darius, its been nice to see you again …give my regards to Brad.” I turn and walk away, Darius’ cum swimming in my pussy and a grin of satisfaction in my eyes and on my lips. Muttering aloud, “welcome back Larrissa.”

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