The Nice Guy Gets the Girls

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“Bad news.”

I looked up from the chart I was perusing. “Never a good thing to say in a medical clinic,” I replied.

Sally, my administrative manager, grimaced. “Sorry, but true nevertheless. We overscheduled today.”

I set the chart on the counter I was leaning on and groaned. “Let me guess. My turn?” She nodded in sympathy.

It didn’t happen often, but occasionally, too many nurses would be scheduled for a shift. We took turns on who went home (without pay), and I knew I was next up.

“All right, all right, I give,” I said, hands raised. “Am I at least still on for tomorrow?” She nodded.

I glanced up at the lobby clock on the wall and sighed. Just after ten. I had only been at work a scant forty-five minutes. I brightened a second later when I realized my girlfriend Joanna had half-days every other Thursday and would be home in just a couple hours. A plan quickly formulated in my mind, and I rushed out the revolving doors of the clinic a few moments after that with a skip in my step and a tingling in my body.

I got home to our apartment fifteen minutes later and hurried to the bathroom. I had just enough time to really put myself together and surprise Joanna before she got home. Fantasies of an afternoon of great sex filled my mind as I stripped off my scrubs and got into the shower. After a thorough round of buffing, shaving and lotioning, I slithered into a very sexy lacy red bra and thongs. After taking some extra time on my hair and makeup, I stepped into a pair red patent leather stilettos and took a look at myself in the floor-length mirror hanging in our front hall.

I looked Victoria’s Secret-ready. My dark brown hair was teased and fell in loose curls down my back, my lips were plumped and suckable in a cherry red gloss, and my breasts were thrust up in my bra as though waiting to be squeezed. I felt a clench deep within me at the thought of showing myself off to my sexy Jo, and my hand started to slip into my panties unbidden at the thought to tease myself a little more.

Before I could really start to have fun, I heard telltale footsteps coming down our hall. Our floor branched off at the end of the hallway, and ours was the only apartment in that little alcove. It definitely came in handy when we got a little loud and crazy, the soundproofing in the walls leaving a lot to be desired.

I heard the thump of a heavy bag hit the floor, and I smiled. That was Jo. She never had her keys ready and always had to fumble around for them before she got inside.

Smiling in anticipation, I threw the door open and struck my sexiest pose …

Only to shriek a second later and run for a cover-up. I yanked down Joanna’s silk robe hanging from the hook on the closed bathroom door and threw it around me, making sure the sash was double-knotted before I had the courage to go back into the foyer.

“Bobby? Is that you?” I peeked my head around the corner to see my old friend from college with his back to me and his hands in the air in surrender, a heavy backpack at his feet.

“Lindsay, I’m so sorry! I should have called first. I just … well, fuck, Linds, I wasn’t expecting you to throw the door open half-naked!” I could practically hear his embarrassment tinge his words.

I couldn’t stop the burst of laughter that escaped me. “That door’s not half-naked — we just painted it last month!”

He chuckled. “You know what I mean!”

We were both laughing openly now. “You can turn around, Bobby.”

He did carefully, almost cringing away. He still looked as good as I remembered, despite the years. A shock of black hair still swept over his forehead, which highlighted his crystal blue eyes that were the legacy of his black Irish heritage. His physique was still sculpted, his jaw still rugged and handsome. And I noticed his gaze was just as appraising on me as mine was on his.

Unlike my girlfriend, who was a lipstick lesbian through and through, I was one hundred percent bisexual and always had been. I happened to fall head over heels for Jo, but it could just as easily have been for Joe.

Bobby and I had gone to the same school, both of us on the same nursing track. We were great friends in college and had one amazing night together to relieve the stress we had built up after finals were over in our last year. We hadn’t seen each other since but had remained friends through e-mail and the occasional text or phone call.

I rushed him now and threw myself into his arms for a great bear hug. If his embrace lingered just a second longer than necessary, I didn’t mind. He had just seen me nearly naked after all; he was entitled to a reaction.

He kicked his backpack to the side as I dragged him into the living room and sat him on the couch. “Tell me everything!” I said, excited and happy to see him. “What brings you here? How are things with your life? How’s that job?”

Bobby threw his head back and laughed at my exuberance. “The hospital where I worked just closed, so I decided to take the time for that etiler escort cross-country trip I’d always wanted before I jumped back into the workforce. I’ve been stopping off and seeing friends and family along the way and knew I couldn’t pass you by.”

“It’s so good to see you again,” I grinned.

He grinned back. “I’m only in town for the night. Do you think I could crash and leave in the morning?”

I was all set to say yes when I remembered the day I had planned with Joanna. Bobby caught my hesitation and probably remembered how I had opened the door. “I definitely don’t want to impose. I can just as easily stay in a motel, but maybe you, Joanna and I can get some dinner? You’re still seeing her, right?”

I mentally shook my head to clear it. Plans can always change, and I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t extend my hospitality to an old friend. “Um, first of all, of course you’re staying here. We have a spare room, so it’s no problem. And yes, I’m still with Joanna. I think she’s it for me,” I said, blushing just a little.

Bobby noticed and smiled. “That makes me really happy. I can’t wait to meet her.”

I nodded. “Oh, but wait. Weren’t you with, um … ” I searched for his long-time girlfriend’s name. A guy like Bobby was never single for long.

“Monica.” At that, his gaze darkened.

“Uh oh,” I said.

He looked down and shook his head. “Monica worked with me in the hospital. After it closed, she got a job offer in England, of all places.”

I winced in sympathy. “And she left without you?”

He sighed and grimaced. “Yeah. Without me but with my best friend.”

“That bitch!” I gasped. “You’re the nicest guy — I can’t believe some skank can just throw you over for some douchebag like that!”

He shot me an appreciative glance. “That’s why you’re my friend, Linds. You’re the most supportive person I know. But unfortunately, the nice guys rarely get the girl.”

I shook my head in commiseration. I was just about to suggest some lunch to get our minds of the subject when I once again heard footsteps and fumbling noises as someone searched through a bag.

I jumped to my feet. “That’s Joanna!” I looked down at Bobby. “At least, I hope that’s her and not another long-lost friend looking for a roof to sleep under.”

We were both laughing as Joanna came in and saw us. Her eyebrows rose in alarm, and I remembered that my attire wasn’t quite reception-worthy. I went to her and threw a loud kiss on her lips to let her know everything was O.K. “Hey, baby! I got home early and wanted to surprise you, but my old friend Bobby showed up on his way through town!” I couldn’t remember if I had ever told her about Bobby before, but I was always open and honest with her about my past lovers — I had just had so many.

We got introductions out of the way and then sat down to talk, Jo insisting that Bobby stay with us after hearing his story. She also showed indignation when he told the tale of his whore ex-girlfriend. She seemed to take to him right away, and I relaxed. It wasn’t that Joanna hated men — we had lots of guy friends — it was just that I wasn’t sure how she’d feel about putting one up for the night. She had just always gravitated more toward women. She had actually had sex with a guy once, but she told me the experience was awful.

“Can we get you any food?” Joanna asked. “Anything to drink?”

“Actually,” Bobby answered, “I’ve been driving for two days straight. If it’s all right, I’d really like to crash for a few hours and then get some dinner with you girls later.”

We cooed in sympathy and all but carried him and his backpack into the guest room with offerings of anything he’d want before or after his nap. He laughed and said he might take a shower later, but he seemed so exhausted that we both quickly made our exit and headed back into the living room.

“What’s with my robe?” Joanna asked, her voice hushed so as not to disturb Bobby.

I threw my hands up in defeat. “I planned a whole day in bed for us,” I explained, my voice equally quiet. “Don’t get me wrong — I love Bobby, and I’m happy we can put him up, but his timing is AWFUL.”

She giggled softly, and her hand dropped to the knot at my waist. “So then what is it exactly you have under here?” she asked suggestively, her eyebrows raised.

I smiled wickedly at her. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

She bit her lip. “The red bra and panties?” I shrugged with feigned nonchalance.

We stared heatedly at each other for a few moments, our breathing growing equally rapid.

“He’ll probably sleep for hours,” I said hurriedly.

“We’ll be quiet.”

“Bobby sleeps like the dead. We’ll just lock the door.”

We practically tripped over our own feet to get to our bedroom. Once there, I dropped to my knees to pull out our box of goodies every good lesbian couple keeps under their bed or in their closet while Joanna locked the door. We had a good four hours before dinner fatih escort time rolled around, and I planned to utilize every second. Don’t get me wrong — Joanna and I had always been highly turned on by each other, but we rarely had the time and energy for drawn-out sessions of sex, so we savored it when we could get it. We were usually so exhausted at the end of the day or our schedules were so out of sync that we often indulged only in a quick fingering or sixty-nine.

But we were both intensely sexual people. We fucked often and with abandon. We even teased each other about having appetites so voracious that we should bring in a third woman, the teasing growing more serious of late. It surprised me. I believed in free love and had no hang-ups about sex, but Joanna required monogamy of us both in our relationship. It was something I gladly gave her without reservation because I was so fucking in love with her, but I was certainly open to trying new things with her, so long as she was comfortable.

Just then, she turned to me as I knelt on our bed. Our gazes locked as she strolled slowly to me. Her hand drifted down to the knot on my robe again, but this time she yanked me to her as our lips locked. We kissed lazily, our tongues twining and chasing each other in an erotic advance and retreat as our hands roamed the other’s body. She undid the knot as I unbuttoned her white blouse and pulled it from her pencil skirt. She hissed as the fabric slid across her skin and pulled back to eye my body hungrily.

“They ARE the red ones,” she smiled triumphantly, her finger drifting over the edge of my bra cup.

“I know you love them.” My hands worked the clasp on her skirt, and it fell to the floor in a soft swish. I teased her open shirt off to join it on the floor.

Jo stood before me. She hadn’t prepared like I had, so her bra and panties were black cotton, and yet she was perfection to me. Her hair was honey blonde and just as long as mine but with more waves. We loved fisting our hands in each other’s hair or just letting it mingle together, light and dark, as we lay on top of each other. Her eyes were blue and clear, her skin pale compared to my more olive complexion, the product of a Cuban grandfather. She was as soft and lush as a lingerie model; I was just a hint more toned from a hobby of running. We never got tired of each other’s physical differences, marveling at them as our bodies were joined. We fit together perfectly.

She looked slightly nervous for some reason, and I could only assume it was our near proximity to our guest. I smiled at her. “I love you,” she whispered.

My hand stroked her face. “I love you too,” I replied. “Get on the bed.”

Her lips pursed coquettishly. “Are we doing master-and-slave today?”

I shook my head. “Not today. I just want you so bad.”

She tilted her head to mine, stopping just a hair from touching my lips. “Show me.”

Not moving away, her hand slid down and into my thong. I was soaking wet from the hours of anticipation I had built up, and I gasped as her first two fingers parted me and danced over my clit before stopping just at the entrance to my pussy. Dipping just the tip in, she pulled out and ran her fingers over her mouth. She then kissed me, letting us both savor my taste. We moaned into each other’s mouths, and she joined me on the bed. I let her sink into the pillows and then straddled her. We got lost in each other then for several moments, taking our bras off somewhere in the maelstrom. When I finally came up for air, I sat up and looked at her, our crotches grinding infinitesimally against each other. She still seemed uncertain, but her hand drifted up my navel and cupped my breast. Hers were bigger, but mine were natural, a full C but still perky even at twenty-seven.

Real or fake, I love big tits. I leaned in again to taste her mouth and kissed my way down to her gorgeous D’s. I kissed each nipple before sucking her left one into my mouth. Joanna cupped my head and arched up against me, making the breathy sighs I loved to hear. She seemed to have let go of her timidity, so I made my way back up to her mouth. She sat up as our fingers dug into each other’s hair, the sound of our kisses and moans driving my need to fever pitch. Ah God, I wanted to fuck her so many different ways in the time we had.

She ran her hands over my tits and dipped her head down, her tongue snaking around and around my nipple. I laughed my satisfaction and held her tighter to me. She then diverted her attention to the other. Her laser focus on my tits caused a loud moan to escape me, and she murmured her pleasure at the sound as her teeth grazed over my swollen areola. Her hand continued to knead the underside of my breast as she rolled her eyes up to smile at me. I bit my lip and caressed her face.

“Just like that, baby. You know I love that.” She switched again once or twice, her tongue laving my tits with the warm heat of her mouth.

Finally, I gently fındıkzade escort pushed her back into the pillows, our mouths exploring each other. I never tired of that velvety caress as her tongue teased the inside of my mouth, tasting, claiming.

I kissed my way down her body, taking time once again to give due worship to her beautiful tits. I got just far enough to feel the edge of her panties tease my chin when I heard a gasp that I knew hadn’t come from her. Startled, I looked up to see Bobby watching us wide-eyed from the crack of the slightly open door. I quickly looked to Joanna, worried for her guaranteed mortification. Her face flamed bright red as she turned her head away from me.

“I’m sorry,” Bobby stammered, backing away. “I was on my way to take a shower, but your door was open … “

Oh, the door that Joanna had locked? I looked at her again, this time in suspicion. I knew my Jo and her body language well enough by now that I saw she wasn’t embarrassed Bobby had caught us — she was embarrassed by what *I* must be thinking. No wonder she had been so nervous.

I snuck a look at Bobby again. When we made no attempt to cover ourselves, he stopped moving away. He actually even cupped his crotch, a crotch that had grown quite sizeably since I had last seen him in the living room. An all-but-forgotten memory rose within me, and my lower body clenched in response. I remembered how it had felt in that narrow bed in his dorm room as Bobby’s cock slid into me that first time. He had been so large — just finely straddling that line between pain and pleasure that every girl loves.

Bobby had been the perfect casual fuck. Big cock, breathtaking stamina, superb skill, unselfconscious with his body and confident with his mastery of mine.

We had just been talking about our exams finally being over and relieving our frayed nerves. It was an innocent conversation, but when our gazes snagged on each other, permission was asked and granted in a silent heartbeat. We barely made it back to his room before we fell on each other like ravening beasts. We fucked twice that night, but each one lasted hours, my orgasms countless. We finally collapsed in a sweaty heap, too exhausted to move but more relaxed and satisfied than we’d been in ages. I woke early that next morning and left quietly. We never got to see each other again except for a quick exchange at graduation, and I had met Joanna only a year later. But we still stayed in touch, no awkwardness, no discomfort.

See what I mean? The perfect casual fuck.

I returned my attention to Jo and frowned sternly at her. “Joanna … “

She bit her lip and kept her face averted. I put my hand on her chin and forced her to meet my eyes. She smiled sheepishly. “I just — I just wanted to see what it was like,” she whispered, too low for Bobby to hear.

I whispered back, “To see what what was like?”

Her eyes flickered in his direction briefly. “I know sex with a guy can be good. You told me. We’d been talking about adding another person, and you said he was such a gentleman and the best you’d ever had after me … “

Ah, so I HAD told Joanna about Bobby. The best I’d ever had? I thought about that for a second and realized I had told her the truth. I’d lost count of all the lovers I’d had over the years. It started when I gave my virginity to my boyfriend at 14 and my girl virginity a year later to his sister, and I had never looked back. But Bobby had been every sexual fantasy a girl could think of, and I remembered how lucky I had felt catching him in a brief moment between girlfriends.

It seemed he was in that brief moment again, but he wouldn’t be for long. Guys like him got snapped up by any girl with half a brain. Actually, thinking about it, Jo was like a female Bobby that way, and I’d do anything I could to keep her. And the idea of a threesome, ANY threesome with Jo was certainly no hardship.

“Are you sure about this?” I mumbled into her ear. “We had talked about another woman, and I always thought you were joking.”

“I was, and I wasn’t,” she replied. “And I had secretly always wanted to be with another man as long as you were there too, and this … this is the perfect opportunity.”

I was a little taken aback at that. We always shared our sexual fantasies, even indulging each other as much as it was in our power, and she had never mentioned the idea of a threesome with a guy before. But as I took a moment to think about it, I could feel myself growing wet again in response. Of course I had done threesomes before, in every variation humanly possible, but never with my Jo. It was just …

“It is perfect,” I agreed. “But I’m not one hundred percent sure you really want this.”

She took a deep breath for courage and, propping herself on her elbows, turned to Bobby. He hadn’t made any move closer to or away from us during our whispered dialogue. “Bobby,” she said, her voice steady, “I know we don’t know each other, but I like you. And Lindsay likes and respects you a great deal, which is good enough for me. Will you join us?”

He was stricken speechless for a second, but I knew what he saw as he looked at her — her sweet and strong personality, her sexy face, her perfect body that was highlighted even now with her position, her rosy-tipped tits thrust together and out for his inspection.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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