The Newest Family Member

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“Bye Mom! I’ll see you tonight!” I take off while my mother waves at me from the front porch of the house. As I drive to the local Community College for my classes, I have a feeling of nervousness in the pit of my stomach. Tomorrow I plan to visit my Father and see the new wife.

My parents got divorced when I was 10 and for the longest time I hated my father. By the time I was 17, he had already gotten married then divorced from his second wife. I finally got over my hateful feelings towards him and started visiting him again. It’s been three years and I’m now going to college. Now considering that I am a guy, my hormones were getting a workout with the beautiful ladies that were there to learn. I’ve tried to pick up a couple, but something or other just wouldn’t work out and I would be left out in the cold, so to speak. Now I’m not exactly a stud, but I do have some build. At 20 years old, 6’1″ 215 lbs, which is about 75% muscle, Raven Black hair and green eyes, I was surprised that I wasn’t getting as much action as I had hoped, but I was busy with school work and getting money together so maybe it was for the best.

While I was in my classes, I couldn’t concentrate that much. I keep trying to picture this third wife of his. I was figuring that I might be able to have something with her since his second wife was a real dog the few times I actually saw her. I wanted sex, to feel a woman close to me. If need be, perhaps this woman, if she was good looking enough, might want to sample 2 generations of cock. I then slapped myself to get off that line of thought and finish up the day.

When I came home, I started getting packed for the week I would stay at my father’s house. While in my room, my imagination started to get carried away and I was fantasizing having sex with my new stepmother. I could feel her supple skin, her gorgeous tits on my face, her wet pussy and then the sensation of my 9-inch cock penetrating her. I laid down on my King Size bed and started stroking my meat. I was going so furiously, it started to hurt a bit until I finally shot my load. It was so much I was shocked. I never shot out that much. It didn’t seem to end and I was only fantasizing about this. If this did happen for real, I hoped it would feel one-tenth as good as it just did. I grab a towel I had in my room and cleaned myself off.

“William! Dinner Time!” My mother was at the landing of the stairs calling up to me.

“Ok mom, I’ll be down in a bit. Gotta take a shower first.”

“Alright, just be quick, Ray is really hungry.”

“Gotcha Mom!” I take off for the shower upstairs. Under my breath I mumble, “I’m sure Ray can hold out for a few fucking minutes. He’s so damn heavy he can go 2 months without eating.” The worst thing about my life is that I’m the eldest of three brothers, the middle one Ray is 18 and the youngest Alan is 16. Ray stays at home with me while Alan had moved to my dad’s for the rest of high school after being held back for 2 years at our school. The only female presence in the house was my mother and she wasn’t exactly a prime specimen of womanhood. Now I do love her as a mom, but I could never see her as a sexual object. Yet I was thinking about this woman that just got married to my dad and I haven’t even seen her. The mind works in mysterious ways I guess.

Well Friday came around finally and I had the day all to myself with no classes. I selected my classes that way for my personal benefit. After Ray left for school and my mother took off for work, I jumped into the shower again and decided to go to the mall. At least window-shop or at least do something to get me out of the house. I headed to the nearest mall about 30 miles away and checked it out. Feeling a bit hungry I went to a burger joint that was just put in and get some normal fare. After getting my burger and fries, I sat and was just about to bite into my burger when a sensation of hot and cold merge on the back of my trench coat, making me scream out “What the Fuck!?” I hear this angelic voice say, “I’m so sorry, so so so so sorry. Please forgive me.” When I turned around I see a vision of Aphrodite on the floor. Her brown hair strewn all over the place, her delicate hands working feverishly to try to clean up the mess, and her heavenly heart-shaped ass hidden under a skirt. My mind was working a mile a second. I knelt down in front of her. She was starting to get hysterical so I put my hands on her shoulders to calm her down and to get her to stop working. When she did, she looked up into my face and I could’ve died just then. My mind was about to overheat trying to get all her stats worked out. Her long flowing brown hair that was strewn all over the place had come to rest around her lovely face, framing the most beautiful pair of brown eyes I’d ever saw. Her soft supple skin, her cheekbones and her dainty nose were on the most beautiful face I could remember seeing. I was completely mesmerized by her exotic beauty. I was sure that she was from another country. The look was muted, but I could tell she seemed to be from Asia. She also looked to be about my age. It took all my willpower to try to get up and help her up too. When we made it our feet, I was in shock. She had a perfect body. 5’9″ 120 lbs with a perfect hourglass figure, “Fuck Me” hips, long legs and a perfect set of Full C breasts. Not too big, not too small, but just the right amount for my personal tit flesh to hand size ratio. I couldn’t speak for a few seconds but I did finally start creating coherent sentences. “Are you ok?” I asked. “Yes. I’m so sorry about the food and the spilling on your trench coat.” She started getting more agitated again so I moved my right hand from her shoulder to her cheek. I got her to stop and look at my face. When she calmed down again, I say to her, “It’s ok. Really. It’s nothing that can’t be cleaned. I’m more concerned with you and if you injured yourself.” Her eyes seem to have a twinkle when I told her that. A smile crept across her lips and she looked into my green eyes. I knew she was trying to peer into my soul and I was somewhat afraid of what she would find. Thankfully, our reverie was broken when a worker from the restaurant came in and started cleaning up the mess on the floor. I moved her aside away from him and finally started escort kartal talking again. “My name is William. My friends call me Will. What might your name be?” “Kimi. It’s a Pleasure to meet you William. I am truly sorry about your jacket.” “It’s ok. I planned on getting it dry-cleaned one of these days. And please… call me Will. My mother calls me William and when I hear it, I half expect her to come around the corner to scold me. Not a pretty picture” Kimi chuckled a bit. “Sounds like my mother sometimes too. Especially since she got remarried to some guy not too long ago.” “I know how that feels. My dad got remarried as well. In fact I’m planning on seeing her for the first time this weekend. Got any pointers?” By this time the manager had come to us with food for Kimi to replace what fell on the floor. We went to sit down and then started talking about everything and anything. Our parents, school, where we came from. I found out that her mother had her while in Japan, hence the Japanese name. It was something her Japanese father had insisted on before abandoning his wife and daughter a few months later. I wanted to hurt the guy for giving her so much pain through her life, but of course there was nothing I could do for that. Unfortunately, I checked my watch and saw that I had to get back to the house to finish up the crap I had to get for my visit to my Dad’s. I told her this and she responded with, “Well how about we get back together some time?” “Sure! I’d love to.” I pulled a pen and a bit of scrap paper out of my inner jacket pocket so we could exchange phone numbers. As I got up to leave she got up and gave me a hug. Feeling her heat and gentle touch on my body was overwhelming. “Thank you for being so nice about the mess and for talking with me. I don’t get to talk much with others,” said Kimi. “It’s no problem at all. Take care and I will call you sometime.” After she pulled back from me I kissed the top of her hand, as a gentleman should do, and left. I saw her get into her car and take off before I would go. I had been in the presence of Beauty herself and was almost in a stupor. Somehow I had gotten my senses back on the drive home to actually know where I was driving. As I lit up a cigarette, I wondered if I would see her again soon. Little did I know what was in store for me that weekend. I gathered my stuff together and got into my crappy ’89 Cavalier. It might’ve looked like shit, but it still started first time, every time. No problems. Ray was coming with me of course for the visit so I had to basically shoehorn him into the car. By the time he got in, my mind had pictured him as a clown trying to get in one of those mini cars at the circus. I held it in until we were on the road and then started laughing my ass off. I never told him why I was laughing. He probably would’ve tried to hit me and make the car crash. It took about 45 minutes, but we finally made it to my father’s place, some 100-year-old brownstone in the Historic District of the city. It looked very homey, and I hoped that I could enjoy the weekend there. Ray and I got out and went up to the front door. As I pressed the doorbell, I could see something moving in the house. It came to the door. “This is it Will. At least TRY to be cordial.” As it opened, I heard a familiar female voice, “Hello. You must be Bill’s sons.” I looked up at the same time as the speaker. A look of shock rippled across both our faces. “KIMI!!??” “WILL!!??” We just stood there unable to move or take a breath. I think Ray was trying to get my attention, but I was too far out of it. Finally I heard a voice come through my mind. “Hey! That you Will?” It was my dad. He came up to the front door and saw the “stand-off” at the door. He placed a hand on Kimi and shook her a bit to get her brain working too. “Kimi, it’s ok. These are my sons, William and Ray.” She blinked a couple times and finally regained consciousness. She moved a bit to let the doorway open up and I was surrounded by a massive bear hug from my dad. While he was talking I looked at Kimi and saw her eyes still look downward then she glided away up the stairs to the second floor. My life had just gone completely out of whack. This girl that I had thoughts of being with forever was in actuality my new stepsister. My heart dropped as I saw her go up the stairs like a ghost. After the usual greetings and getting accustomed to the house, I met my new Step mom. She looked ok, but she couldn’t hold a candle to her daughter. Her daughter = my sister. God, that was weird. If Freud knew about this, he’d probably have had a field day. “Damn, I need a cigarette.” I pull out my pack of Camels and light one up. Thankfully both my father and step mom smoke so there were ashtrays around. I took one massive hit off that sucker and almost choked. Any type of pain to get my mind off the track it was on right then. I had small talk with dad and Teresa, my step mom. Found out that she had one child besides Kimi. A 16-year-old boy named Jesse. Little rambunctious, but a good kid all round. While the chitchat continued, I kept thinking about Kimi and how she must have been despondent since she had been upstairs the whole time since I came in. This is not how I envisioned my week at my father’s to be. Dinner finally came around and I was ready to eat. Kimi finally came down to eat and I could see that she had been crying. Teresa asked why and she came up with some excuse about a friend on the phone was talking about a dying relative. She seemed to buy it, but I knew the real reason. After we ate, I got a tour of the house from Dad and Teresa then they said they had to go out to get some more groceries. I had no problem, hell it would give me time to talk with Kimi and hopefully try to help her and myself. I walked up the steps to the second floor and saw her door. There was a poster of Tamahome, one of the main male characters from Fushigi Yuugi, a Japanese Anime program that I had seen before and enjoyed. Should’ve known that she would be into Anime. I knock on the door. “Go away!” “But Kimi-chan, won’t you at least let this poor Ogre in?” I knew Tamahome’s Kanji Mark read as Ogre, so I figured I’d try something to at least get her attention. Apparently it worked because she opened the door. “How the hell do you know that?” asked Kimi. “Because maltepe escort I’ve seen a bit of Anime, including Fushigi Yuugi, and I know about his ‘Mark of the Ogre.’ Besides, I was hoping to get you to talk to me.” “Yeah, pretty ‘interesting’ day, huh Will?” “That would be Understatement of the Year, but I figured we need to at least talk. Can I come in?” “Sure” As I made my way into her room and she closed the door, I could tell that she was a bit apprehensive about me being in her room. I guess the shock was still trying to wear off for her. She sat down on her bed and offered a chair to me that was in her room. I sat down and looked right at her. Even in sorrow, she had a radiance about her that captivated me. “Ok Will, time to show her how much you care.” “Kimi…” I began. In a flash, she jumped off her bed and into my arms crying, “Why did things have to be like this Will? I want to be with you, but you’re my stepbrother now! I can’t handle it! Help me Will!” Needless to say I was taken aback by her move. However, I did have the presence of mind to wrap my arms around her and hold her to me while simply saying, “Go ahead Kimi. Cry.” As she cried, I could hear her breathing, feel her heartbeat, and touch her skin once again. I knew I HAD to have her with me. I didn’t care what anyone would say. My cock had overridden my brain and I was glad it did. Holding her close to me, I cradled her head against me in my left arm and my right arm started caressing her back. Her breasts pressed against my chest and I enjoyed the sensation of this lovely woman in my arms. As my right arm started edging more and more down her back, I felt her curl up closer to me in response. “She wants me as much as I want her.” I thought. Her left hand, which had been around me, was inching its way upwards towards my face. Coming to rest on my cheek, she looked up at me with passion in her eyes. She brought her face up to mine and kissed me on the lips. They were so soft it was velvet. The fire in our souls came crashing together as her lips parted and my tongue snaked its way inside. It was a wondrous feeling that I wished never stopped. She grabbed both sides of my head and made sure that I couldn’t break our contact. Our lips intertwined, fighting for control. My love for her was increasing by leaps and bounds. Finally she broke contact and we just looked at each other. Maybe it was the fact that she was now “forbidden” to me, but my cock had already come to about half-mast. I knew she could feel my manhood in my pants, straining to break out and be free. I needed to be free as well. Free to love her, this woman that I wanted as my lover. She then spoke to me. “Will, I do love you. I want to be with you forever. I don’t care what anyone else says; I know you want to as well. Will you be with me?” “Of course, my dear Kimi; she who is without equal. I looked up your name and saw what it meant in Japanese. It couldn’t be more fitting.” “Make love to me Will, my body cries out for you to be inside me.” Well needless to say I didn’t need to be told twice. I helped her up onto her feet and then stood up. I saw her face with that glow I saw back at the restaurant. I cupped her face in my hands and dwarfed it as I kissed her deeply and fully. I then felt the silk of her blouse as I slowly unbuttoned it. Bit by bit I was exposing my lover to my eyes and she was eagerly anticipating my moves. As I moved down her blouse buttons, I then stop kissing her lips and worked my way to her neck, nibbling it and tasting her supple skin. A slight moan escaped her lips as I finally undid her blouse. Peeling it off her shoulders, it collapsed onto the floor and I could see her heaving C-cup mountains contained in a lacy black Victoria’s Secret bra. Thankfully it was one that had the connection in the front instead of the back. I wondered if she meant to have this one for me. I kissed her chin and worked my way down to the depression in the nape of her neck, sucking it and licking it meanwhile undoing the front of her bra to release her gorgeous melons from their lacy prison. Once accomplished, I stood back and slowly pulled the cups off her breasts and letting it slip off her shoulders to land on the blouse. Her tits were magnificent with cute aureoles and both nips were hard as diamonds, demanding to be touched and sucked. I cupped one in my hand, feeling the soft flesh heave and shiver at my touch. Pinching the nipple between a thumb and forefinger, I focus in on the other breast. My tongue gently licked the tip, sending electricity through her nerves. Everything on her was on fire and sensitive. I knew not to rush it, I wanted this to last for eternity. I bathed the breast in butterfly kisses before taking her whole aureole into my mouth and gently sucked it while licking at the nip. Her moans were getting louder and louder. She cradled my head in her hands and pushed me more and more onto her titflesh. I sucked and played with them more and more, switching from one to the other, feeling the firmness and subtle points of contact. “I think she’s ready for some more ‘stimulation,'” I thought. I traced her cleavage with my tongue and started working my way down her exotic Asian body. She had a taste unlike any woman I had ever tasted before. Once again proving that she was without equal. I made my way down her flat stomach and cute little belly button while hearing her say, “Will, farther down. Taste my pussy. It’s all wet for you, baby” My cock was rock hard by now and dying to be released, so I undid my pants to let them drop and then my boxer shorts went down too. My monster was very angry and purple, 9 inches long and about 3 inches in diameter. This was no prick; it was a full-blooded cock. I undid her skirt and let it fall. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She had on no panties whatsoever and I was peering at her hot, dripping wet snatch. She had a little trimmed patch above her mound and I was in heaven. I took a thumb and gently caressed the outer edge of her pussy. She cried out to me, “Don’t tease me Will, pleasure me.” “Ok then Kimi. I will give you loads of pleasure.” I said as I got up and took my pants and boxers off my ankles. Then after taking off my shirt to expose my healthy physique, I swung my arms around her and whisked her off her feet. I took her to her bed and pendik escort bayan gently laid my Angel of Heaven down. Hovering over her prone form, I could see the love in her eyes and the need for satiation for both of us. After a deep soulful kiss, I then edged my way downward and poised my face at her honey-dripping cunt. The heat radiated from her love hole and I was ready to drink up her essence of femininity. My two index fingers pulled her pussy lips open and I started licking, sucking, and tasting my lover in everyway possible. Darting my tongue in and out, I took a finger and pushed it inside her hole, eliciting a cry of pleasure from Kimi. She put both hands on my head and thrust her hips at me to bury my face in her pussy. The feeling was exciting as I went faster and faster, licking, sucking, probing, and tasting every part of her most delicate region. I put 2 fingers in and made like a cock, finger fucking her. She was never going to be my step sister, she would only be one thing to me: Lover. I finally had enough. My cock was screaming for relief and needing to be drenched in her juices. After bringing her to the brink, I held off to help her come back before careening over the edge. I then got up on my knees and held myself over her, eclipsing all in her sight. She smiled at me with the Gates of Heaven and I hovered my penis at the door to her Valley of Ecstasy. “Kimi, are you sure you want me to do this? Once I enter you, there’s no turning back.” Her response was music to my ears. “Will, fill me up with your body and cum. Complete me William.” She grabbed hold of my stiff cock and guided me to her cunt. Her juices were running and running, making her very hot and lots of lubrication for me. Suddenly the tip of my head touched her cunt lips and started to part them, making her scream out. I thought about my brothers hearing their stepsister scream out when in the back of my head, Logic came out and told me that Alan’s Rap music was on full volume, effectively drowning the noise from our lovemaking. I never thought I would be happy to hear his Rap music as much as I was at that moment. I then pushed my purple head inside and for the first time entered her. I moved slowly and carefully feeling all the muscles in her body try to work on my intruder. It felt so damn good and she was very tight. Finally, I reach her womb, her Holy Temple itself and I still had a couple of inches to go. I pressed harder and with a little luck, I entered her womb. She arched her back and wrapped her legs around me as I penetrated her deepest region. I then slowly pulled out and started fucking her. Slowly at first, then faster and faster I moved in and out, in and out, all the while enjoying the feelings I was getting from her pussy constricting around me. Sweat ran off us in rivulets as I worked harder and harder to fuck her. I grabbed her firm ass cheeks and pulled her up more towards me so I could enter her more. Then the Fury took over and the Fire lust was driving me to fuck her brains out. She was crying out in ecstasy more and more as I grunted and looked straight in her eyes. I knew that there was no need to say any more words. We were one and no one, not our parents, not the Government, not even God himself would take my Kimi away from me. I was hers and she was mine. Her pussy was dripping so much, my cock had barely any friction, but I could feel a bit of a climax coming on. Somehow, and I’m still not sure how, she took a hand, reached around, and started massaging my balls. That pretty much did it. They were ready to burst and I was ready to shoot my all inside her. I cried out to her, “I’MMMMM CCCUUUMMMIIINNNGG!!!! HHOLLDD OONN!” just as my balls release their contents. My spunk races up my cock at incredible speeds and it explodes inside Kimi’s sweet vagina. Shot after shot of my baby making seed rips out my member and splashes her insides as well as inside her womb when the head of my cock peeked inside to unleash another torrent of cum. I was in Seventh Heaven and she was floating on air as we cried out together at the end of our passionate lovemaking. After I was done letting loose, I finally pulled out of her and lay down next to her on the bed. I held her in the spoons position for a while, remembering what we had just shared together. I gave her some more butterfly kisses on her neck and just held her close. We didn’t want to leave that position at all, but Reality came to us at last. We were lovers, but it was forbidden love for now and until it could be changed, we couldn’t be caught together like this. I looked straight into her eyes and said, “Kimi-chan, I love you.” “I love you too Will-chan.” She giggled after saying that. “I wish we could just stay here, but we need to get cleaned up. I’m sure your mom and my dad are almost back from grocery shopping. How about you take a shower, I’ll take care of these sheets and clean myself off as best I can.” “But what they find out because you smell of sex?” She was a little afraid now. “Don’t worry Kimi, they won’t suspect a thing. I can BS my way out of anything. You just take care of yourself, my love.” “Ok then stud, but next time I’m on top.” We laughed a bit at that joke. I really hoped that sometime this week I could make love to her again and again and again. My love for her could never be quenched and I was hooked. We kissed and she put on a robe to go to the bathroom to take a shower. I took her sheets off her bed and wiped as much of our love juices as I could off me. I then went downstairs into the kitchen and got some pop that I knew was sticky, took it upstairs and “spilled” it on the spot where we made love and our essences mixed. Afterwards I just sent them down the nearest laundry chute. After effectively covering our trail, I heard the sound of an engine shutting off and a horn sound. They were back and loaded with food for the week. Needless to say, I was very hungry after that intense passionate time. After we unloaded all the groceries, Kimi came down the steps in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. She was gorgeous, even in just that. She walked by me and winked at me as she met up with her mom and hugged her. Teresa exclaimed, “Well it’s about time you got over your downtime. How you feeling?” “Much better mom, Will was nice enough to talk to me and just let me cry on his shoulder. He’s a great brother…” then she winked at me again. A smile crept across my face and I was surging in pride that day. Dad and Teresa never found out about us making love, of course we made sure to be places where we couldn’t be heard, but she is wonderful.

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