The Neighborhood Ch. 06

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Chapter 6: The next generation has some fun

Copyright 2012 by A. Van Peebles, All Rights Reserved


The next few days were pretty wild. Mom, Emily, and me had a lot of sex, and by Friday we had to call it quits and catch a breath. Mom declared that Friday would be a no-family-sex day. If we wanted to get to get laid, we’d have to find someone from outside the family to do it with. She said Emily and I needed to date others. She was probably right. She also laid down a bunch of other rules, like no sex downstairs; we had to keep it to the bedrooms. There was too much risk of being discovered. And she borrowed a few rules from the Giamattis, like Emily and I had to sleep in our own beds, and when Emily and I did it we had to keep the door open. She said it was to protect us, but Emily said it was because Mom wanted to watch. I think both were probably true. And most of all, we were not to introduce any of our friends to the “lifestyle,” unless we talked it over with her first and she approved. I had instantly thought about bringing Nicole into our games, but Mom was probably right. Maybe I could bring Nicole in eventually, but it was something that I’d have to be very careful about in case she flipped out and told someone. We were allowed to have all the sex we wanted with the Giamatti kids though. So that was very cool. Rachel is a hottie.

So by Saturday afternoon Emily and I were rested and starting to get horny again. (Nicole was away for the weekend, so there had been no joy there Friday night.) Emily and I were hanging by the pool, and I was thinking about asking her if she wanted to go upstairs, when Rachel and Matt came out to swim in their pool. Our backyards are next to one another and we both have full view of each other’s pools, and there is a gate between the fences that we use to go from house to house. It’s very convenient.

Since Rachel and Matt were pretty new to the neighborhood, we weren’t really friends yet. We’d talked a little, that’s about it. But now, we each knew more about each other’s sex lives than next-door neighbors usually do. It was kind of awkward. I figured we should go over and talk, so I motioned to Emily and we walked over and through the gate. I figured that we’d get to know each other a little better and get it out in the open what had been going on between our parents. I figured maybe in a week or so, we’d work up to some playing around.

But I’d forgotten that Emily had already had sex with Rachel. (Okay, technically not “with” her, but right next to her.) Uninhibited as usual, she walked right up to Rachel and gave her a deep tongue kiss. Rachel responded.

“You know my big brother don’t you?” said Emily. “He thinks you’re really hot.”

Emily really knows how to break the ice.

“He’s pretty cute himself,” said Rachel smiling at me.

“You guys mind if we hang out,” I asked.

“Just hang out?” replied Matt.

“Shhh! When will you learn to be polite,” said Rachel to her brother, and turning to me, “I’m sorry. He’s just really immature for his age. Hanging out is cool.”

So the four of us sat by the edge of the pool, sometimes paddling around in the water, and talked. It was pretty typical teenage behavior, hanging out with nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon. The only weird thing was that we talked about fucking our parents, brothers, and sisters. We knew the Giamattis were into the incest thing, but didn’t know for how long. We found out they’d been doing it for a little more than a year. I wondered if it was weird, and Rachel said it was kind of weird, but it was cool. Matt said that we were insane and that it was great. After a while we started talking about other normal stuff. Rachel and I got into a long conversation about what the local college was like, where she would be going in the fall, and escort kartal when we looked up, we saw Emily and Matt at the other end of the pool necking.

“Hey, you two, get a room,” said Rachel, only half joking. Then turning to me, “I know where they’ll be in a few minutes. Do you want to join them? We don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“No, I’d love to go upstairs with you. I mean, if you want to too.”

“Yeah. Like I said, you’re kind of cute, and I’ve got an itch that needs scratching. I haven’t been with anyone since your Mom last weekend.”


“Are you sure your girlfriend won’t mind? Sleeping with mom and sis is one thing, but sleeping with the girl next door is something else.”

“Oh, there’s so much about all this that Nicole wouldn’t understand.”

Rachel giggled, took my hand and put it on her firm, round ass, and following Matt and Emily, led me into her house.


I learned a new word the other day, ambivalent. And that’s how I felt about finding out the Johanssons next door were into the family thing too. I really wanted to have sex with some other people, and Jennifer was really cool and so beautiful. But I didn’t want a couple of other teenagers like Matt pawing me all the time. Emily was okay, I guess. She was young and acted kind of like Matt, but she was a hottie. Her brother Chris was really good looking too, but I didn’t really know him. But when Chris and Emily came over that Saturday they were really cool, especially Chris. There were no grab-ass games or pawing. We talked about sex, but mostly about the weirdness of fucking your own family. What was especially cool was that Chris didn’t react like Matt or Emily, who thought it was totally great. Chris saw that it could also be really fucked up. He thought about things; he didn’t just charge in dick first. Then, once we got the obvious thing out of the way, we started talking about normal stuff. I was just starting to figure out that I wasn’t all that into guys, but I knew that if I were, I’d be all over Chris. I thought I should want to fuck Chris just because he was a studmuffin. But while he could scratch an itch, I knew even then that he couldn’t really fulfill my desires, which were really for his mom. Like I said, I was ambivalent.

Chris told me about his girlfriend, and it was obvious that he was totally into her. That was another cool thing. That meant that while we might fool around some, he wouldn’t be hanging around me always trying to get some. Then we started talking about school and stuff, and what I could look forward to in the fall. Chris turned out to be pretty cool, and I decided that I would like him to be my first real, outside-the-family fuck.

So I led him into the playroom. Emily and Matt were already naked and lying in the middle of the pit kissing. The great thing about swim suits is that it takes no time at all to take them off. I turned to Chris, looking up into his eyes, and he did what I wanted him to do, he leaned in and started kissing me. We were a bit slow and gentle at first, no tongue. But soon I opened my lips a bit, and our tongues touched. This was my first real kiss from a guy—Dad and Matt didn’t count.

After a few moments I stopped and dropped to my knees and started tugging on Chris’s bathing suit, pulling it down around his ankles. I was face to face with his cock; it was already erect and fully hard, the same size as Dad’s. A year ago I would have been intimidated as all hell to see this thing. Now, it almost looked nice. I kissed the head and giggled. I couldn’t help myself. Sometimes I’m a teenage girl.

Chris stepped out of his swim trunks and dropped to his knees so he could untie my top. My boobs swung free, and they had all of Chris’s attention. He moved to suck on my nipples, but I leaned back and lay down.

“Bottoms maltepe escort first,” I said raising my legs so he could take off my bikini bottom, which he eagerly did.

Chris lay on top of me and we began necking again, only this time letting our hands roam freely. I stroked his cock, and his hand found its way between my legs, where my pussy was already wet. We rolled around in the pit like this for a bit. It was very nice.

Chris was a being a little slow to move to the next level, so I decided that I ought to. I slid down his body and started sucking his cock. He tasted clean and nice, and smelled a little like chlorine from the pool. I went down to lick his balls and found that I was quickly replaced by Emily, who had moved over and was now sucking her brother’s cock. The two of us split the blowjob, alternately sucking and licking different parts of Chris’s cock and balls, and occasionally stopping to kiss each other.

I was wondering what had become of Matt, when felt that familiar tongue snake its way between my ass cheeks. Emily and I kept sucking Chris’s cock and Matt took turns servicing us girls from behind for a few minutes, then we switched and pounced on Matt, giving him the same treatment.

Soon Emily said that the boys were ready and us two girls laid down next to one another and let the boys mount us. I closed my eyes and felt Chris enter me. He felt bigger than Daddy—that must have been my excitement making it seem so. He stroked in and out of me, building a rhythm that began to feel really good. I felt a hand grasp mine. It was Emily holding my hand as Matt did the same to her. I turned my head and opened my eyes, finding her looking into my eyes. Oh God, was that nice, looking soulfully into Emily’s blue eyes while her brother’s cock penetrated me.

Pretty soon I felt the orgasm build within me. It came on pretty fast. It wasn’t one of my biggest. I didn’t lose consciousness or buck Chris off me or anything, but it did keep coming. Wave after wave. I could sense Emily shuddering and screaming next to me—hers was a lot more intense—but wasn’t paying too much attention to her at that point, preoccupied with my own O. Eventually the two boys collapsed on top of us, first Matt and then Chris.

Without thinking about it, I did what Mom and I usually did in this situation, not realizing it might be a weird thing for Emily. I moved on top of her in a sixty-nine and started sucking my brother’s cum out of her pussy. Chris’s cum was dribbling out of my cunt; I could feel it running down my thighs. It took Emily a minute to figure it out, but once she realized what I was doing, she started licking up the cum dribbling down my leg and then turned to my pussy for the rest. Emily is nothing if not game for everything. After I had vacuumed it all up, I moved and gave Emily a big, sloppy cum-kiss, and we mixed the boys’ semen with our tongues, sort of a cum cocktail without the glass. It did turn me on a little, and later on Emily told me that it made her so horny again, but it was a show more for the boys benefit, and sure enough I glanced over and their dicks started stirring again.

“You boys are on your own for a while,” I told them. “Emily is mine for a while.” Then I returned to the sixty-nine and Emily and I began to eat each other out. I went slow this time, taking a good look at Emily’s pussy between licks. It was a beautiful cunt. She was already fully aroused, so her inner lips were poking out, and the bud of her clit was unsheathed from its hood, winking at me. Emily shuddered each time I licked it directly, so I took to licking all around it, just brushing up against it with my tongue. Soon Emily was begging me to lick it directly, but I wouldn’t do it, not yet. I told her, “do a good job with me and I’ll consider it.” But feeling kind of bad, I slipped a couple pendik escort bayan fingers into her vagina. She was nice and tight, even after the reaming out that Matt had given her.

Soon Emily had brought me to the brink of another orgasm, so I returned to her clit, vacuuming it up between my lips and sucking it like a nipple. Emily gasped and shuddered in the throes of her orgasm, but she was a champ and never stopped working at me, and I started cumming a few seconds later.


God, both girls were wild. I knew Emily was insane, but Rachel matched her. She seemed so quiet and level-headed, but once she got her clothes off, she was totally wild. They played with Matt’s and my cum, which was really hot. Just the sight of that started to get me hard again. Then they started some lesbo action, which was even hotter.

Matt and I were just watching the show, when Matt reached over and started stroking my cock. I was surprised.

“I’m not gay or anything,” Matt said to me. “But if the girls can do it to each other, so can we. I’ll stop if you want.”

But I didn’t stop him. I don’t know why. It felt good. So after a minute I reached over and returned the favor. We sat there stroking each other, watching the girls go at it. Then, after a while I felt Matt move and he started going down on me. This just blew me away, no pun intended. I was watching my sister eat out another girl while a guy sucked me off. The only things I could think about were how great this was and how this had better not get out to any of the guys at school.

“Chris, if you don’t want to, that’s cool,” Matt said to me after he’d been going at it for a while. “But I really like to be fucked in the ass. Do you want to do that to me?”

If he’d asked me an hour before, I would have run from the room. But between his blowjob and the sight of the two girls in the sixty-nine I was really worked up. All I could manage was a mumbled, “okay.”

Matt pulled a bottle of lube out of some cubbyhole where it had been stashed—there were all sorts of little hiding places around the room for lube, condoms, and toys. He greased up his fingers and went back to sucking me, inserting his own fingers up his ass.

“I gotta get myself ready,” he said.

And after a few minutes stopped sucking and lubed me up real well. Then he knelt down, his ass in the air, head buried down in the bottom of the pit. I moved behind him.

“Go real slow at first,” Matt told me.

I pressed the head of my dick against his asshole. I’d thought of doing this before, but it was always with a girl, not a guy. Now I’m not attracted to guys, but since then I’ve learned that two guys can have some fun and get each other off and it doesn’t mean that they’re gay, or even really bi. An asshole is an asshole, regardless of the sex of the person it’s attached to.

I pushed and nothing happened at first, then I popped in, just the head. Matt grunted. So I stopped for a minute and just let my dick sit there.

“Okay, go slow,” said Matt.

So I started stroking, real slow at first, gradually picking up speed. God, it was tight. The way his sphincter grasped the shaft of my dick was way tighter than any pussy. It felt really good. Pretty soon I was banging away pretty hard. I was a bit afraid I was going to hard, but Matt started gasping out yells of encouragement, so I kept at it. Then I reached down, grabbed Matt’s cock, and started stroking. He was making my dick feel so good, it was the least I could do.

After a minute or two of that, Matt exploded in my hand, and shot my wad up his ass just afterward. I pulled out, and the two of us just collapsed.

Emily was there, and jumped on top of me. The two girls had finished up a little bit before and where watching the show.

“God, that was hot, Chris,” said Emily, licking Matt’s cum off my fingers.

Rachel mumbled something similar, but she had Matt’s dick in her mouth, cleaning the cum off that, and I couldn’t really hear what she said.

So that was the first time the neighbor kids and us got it on. It wasn’t the last.

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