The Massage Ch. 02

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(You need to have read The Massage Ch.1 first to know who we all are, and how we got into this amazing position… and be aware the story features M-M sex as well as F-M and F-F. Don’t read if you don’t like!)


We must have all just fallen asleep with the relaxation hormones and the wine (and the time!)… As all I remember is waking up as the sun shone through the curtains. Jane was lying beside me, naked and still asleep. My mind started racing – did last night really happen? And did Dave and Julie do those amazing things to us? It was all so incredible!

As my mind slowly woke up, I realised I could hear noises from downstairs – so either one or both of them was up… I dozed on a while, then realised I needed a pee so got up and, still naked, wandered out of the unfamiliar room trying to remember which door was the bathroom. Fortunately it was open so I went in for that urgent piss.

I wandered back to the bedroom, and seeing as Jane was still asleep, I thought I’d get dressed – but then where were our clothes? I couldn’t see them anywhere, but fortunately there was one of their white towelling gowns hanging up on the back of the door – no, there were two – so I took one off the hook and slipped it on. Then I trod gently down the stairs and wandered into the kitchen, where Dave and Julie were sitting at the breakfast table. He was wearing a gown too, but Julie had got dressed and was wearing a soft pink cowl-neck sweater, dark slacks, and some old pink mules. As ever she looked fabulous!

“Hello, Andy – sleep well?” she smiled, looking up as she heard me.

I smiled and nodded back: “Slept like a brick, thanks.” And I smiled sheepishly, remembering their pleasuring massage actions last night.

“Want some breakfast?” Julie beamed her question, “We’ve got muesli, fresh fruit, yoghurt – just help yourself!”

So I pick up a bowl and put in some of everything, then sat down opposite Dave and next to Julie. Well, it seemed the nicest place to sit.

“So how did you enjoy your Ra-dti Massage?” asked Dave, looking up from the Sunday paper.

“I think he liked it, from what I remember…” smiled Julie, looking round at me. “But do tell what your favourite bits were!”

I smiled, half embarrassed and half amazed at the simple conversation about such intimate experiences.

“Well it was a fabulous night, like nothing we’ve ever done before.” I said. “I think Jane liked it too, but we’ve hardly spoken as we both just seemed to fall straight to sleep!”

“Oh good!”, smiled Julie, putting her hand on my leg. The feeling was electric all over again!

“I remember our first night too, with Steve and Sharon, and the next morning the whole world was different. I was so happy that I could touch them both, and stroke them both, knowing that they’d just pleasured us so much. It was as if we were all naked, and giving pleasure, and it was all so good. You had a squeamish moment, though, didn’t you Dave?”

“How do you mean?” he asked, maybe forgetting what his wife was about to embarrass him with.

“You know, when Steve first put your cock into his mouth and sucked you! I could see from your face you were not happy. But you seemed quite relaxed, Andy, when Dave sucked you off? Have you done that with other men before – I know it was Dave’s first time with Steve?”

“Don’t pry so much!” chipped in Dave, but I was relaxed enough, and my cock was stiffening nicely with the chatter and her hand on my thigh.

“It was my first time too, last night, but I’ve had a few little thoughts that it could be nice, despite thinking it shouldn’t be.”

“Well come on you boys!” said Julie, “I’d like to see you both have a little suck of each other, just while I finish off my breakfast. Would you like a nice sucking Andy? Dave, maybe you should be the giving host?”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying, but Dave just stood up and came around the table.

“I think you’ll need to stand Andy!” – Julie’s organising was taking over – “Just beside me will be great, so I can get a good view of you both. Now I’ll just untie your belt, and open up the gown… Oh my goodness, Andy, you’ve stood up already!” she giggled, seeing my cock springing to attention. “Look, Dave, he’s half erect at the thought of you! Now you should just strip off, honey, and kneel on your gown in front of him. That’s right, nice and close.”

All this time I did as Julie asked, feeling like it wasn’t really me – especially when it came to showing off my semi-erect cock to both of them. I put my arm around her shoulder, stroking the soft wool of her sweater and feeling the absence of bra straps…. How good she felt and how good she looked too.

Then Dave was suddenly kneeling naked in front of me, and Julie grabbed my cock and offered it up to her husband’s face.

“There, love!” she smiled, “I think you can have some extra cream with your breakfast this morning! I’m sure Andy’s got plenty!”

And with the wonderful pleasure of Julie’s fingers around my cock, I stood watching as Dave put his head forward, lips surrounding the end of beşiktaş escort my now throbbing cock. It felt so amazing to feel and watch as his tongue licked my end, causing it to twitch with pleasure. The he just moved his head forward and slipped his mouth over me, linking hard inside and driving me wild.

Gently but firmly Julie now started to squeeze the base of my cock, pushing into my body, then pulling out, as she slowly began her jerking off. Meanwhile Dave was picking up her signals and moving his head forward in time with her thrusting fingers. All I could do is take in the sight and enjoy the fabulous feelings, stroking Julie’s shoulder and getting more aroused.

“Yes, he’s liking that Dave,” his wife whispered, “I can see by his smile! Now maybe suck him a little harder?”

Dave had now put his hands on my hips to get a better hold of me, and was working wonders with his tongue despite me still having feelings of awkwardness and awfulness. But it felt great, so I just focused on Julie’s body and on an urge just reached across to stroke her breast. It felt so gorgeously soft under the tight pink wool that my cock shuddered harder. As I stroked her more, so I could feel her nipple hardening, and was just getting a good squeeze of it, when in walked Jane!

“Well I thought it was a dream, but it can’t have been!” she said, looking over at the three of us. In a reflex way I just dropped my hand from Julie’s breast, but Dave carried on his sucking of me. It was all so surreal.

Julie smiled over to Jane: “I just wanted to keep the boys busy, while we waited for you to get up” she said, as if it was a normal thing to be doing, having a blow-job given by your mate. “Why don’t you just grab some breakfast, and sit down here so you can watch too!”

So to my amazement, Jane did just that, pulling up a chair next to Julie, and giving her a peck on the cheek as she sat down. “Thanks for a gorgeous night!” she whispered to Julie.

Now there were two ladies watching me as Dave worked me up, pushing his head towards me then pulling away as his lips slid up and down my cock, meeting Julie’s fingers as he pushed in while she continued her masturbation movements up and down my shaft.

I wanted to stroke Julie’s breast again, but somehow now Jane was here it didn’t quite feel the right thing to do. But I was getting so aroused it was unbelievable – and I knew I soon wouldn’t be able to stop. I was panting now as Dave and Julie’s rhythmic movements kept on their up and down movements, Dave’s tongue exploring my bell-end when he pulled back.

“I can tell he’s nearly there!” smiled Jane, looking up at me. “Go on Andy, pump your load into Dave’s mouth! This looks just so good!”

I couldn’t believe my wife was encouraging me in this way, and knowing I was nearly there, I new I had to do what I wanted, so I reached across to stroke and squeeze Julie’s breast again, feeling so good as she smiled up to me, pushing herself forward as if to say ‘help yourself’.

Then with my breathing coming faster and my excitement reaching fever pitch, I new I was cumming.

With a cry I felt my spunk pump out just as Dave bobbed into me. Julie worked me harder, feeling it cumming, and I squirted a second stream into her husband’s mouth.

“Yes!” I was panting, “Oh yes, take me now! Suck it all out!”

Dave’s head bobbed faster up and down on me, sucking out all my cum as fast as I spurted in his mouth. The moment seemed to last for ever, but soon I was aware of the two girls looking at me, and Dave pulling back, licking his lips as my semi-erect and shiny cock was there for all to see.

“Well!” he said, “Thanks for that, Andy. That was a nice surprise early morning hot cream! It’s certainly got me hot too!” he smiled, licking his lips again.

As he stood up – naked – we could all see his cock now pushing forward, the foreskin almost clear of his dark bell end as he stood there, hands on hips, just in front of me.

“Did I do you OK?” he asked.

I couldn’t think what to say or how to say it – it was all too amazing. “Err, yes, it was fantastic, amazing – just so surprising!”

“Well!” smiled Jane, scooping up a spoonful of cereal, “I think it must be your turn now to have a mouthful of Dave again.” and she looked over to Julie, “This is so good isn’t it, watching the boys just play together to get rid of some of their excess desires.”

“Yes, I love watching Dave with other men,” confided Julie, as if he wasn’t there. “There’s something just nice about seeing the way their cock gets so stiff, then dribbles, before they spurt everywhere… and we girls can just sit back and watch! Apart from naughty Andy feeling my breasts, of course.”

I felt I should say something – but what?

“So would you like me to suck you Dave? Just standing there?”

“Well no, actually,” he began, and I thought I might be off the hook, “No, I’d rather sit back on the sofa so I can relax more. I’ll just pull it closer so the girls can have a good view.”

And so he walked over beylikdüzü escort to the bamboo-framed sofa and pulled it over towards the table. I thought I’d best go and help, so with my dressing gown hanging open, I walked over to the opposite end of the sofa.

“Oh thanks!”, smiled Dave, “It’ll be easier to lift it with the two of us.”

My eyes were drawn to his naked cock, now sagging but still a good size as his mind focused on furniture. We both lifted the sofa and together we moved it the few yards so it was nearer to the table.

“There, that should do.” said Dave, lowering it down, then moving round to sit down on it. He lay back, lifting his right leg over the arm and leaving his left leg on the floor, showing off his groin to his wife’s watching gaze only 2 or 3 yards away.

Jane pulled her chair round so it was next to Julie, then put her arm round her shoulder. “This is a great way to spend breakfast time – who needs daytime telly!” and she giggled. “Now come on pet, slip that dressing gown off and get round here to pleasure our host. You liked sucking him in the dark, didn’t you – so now you can try it in the bright light of day, with an audience watching you!”

Feeling embarrassed by Jane’s chatter yet somehow confident after last night, I simply slipped off my dressing gown and draped it over the back of the sofa, put my hand over my cock to feel myself a little and let a gentle pleasure start, then went round and knelt before the sofa, with my back to the girls.

I started with a massage of Dave’s legs, from the knees upwards, knowing that six eyes were watching my every move. Dave’s cock had started off nearly completely soft, with his foreskin drooping over the end of his organ, but as I began stroking his thighs so his cock began to twitch. And to my surprise mine did too.

“Hang on a minute!” came Julie’s voice from behind, “We need to move our seats a bit so we can see you both better!”

I looked around and saw them positioning the chairs closer so they could both see the action.

“OK, you can go ahead now!” came Jane’s voice. “And don’t forget the Ra-dti aim of just giving pleasure…”

I stroked Dave’s thigh again, this time higher up and watched his cock just grow before my eyes. I’d never studied a man’s cock like this before, and it seemed quite fascinating at one level – then appalling at another. Dave put his hands behind his head, showing off his body for us all to see, and as I continued stroking his thighs so he became fully erect, with his bell-end peeking out of his tight foreskin.

Feeling bolder, I just began giving him the pleasures I knew I would want in that position – a gentle tickling and caressing of his balls, a soft stroking from his balls to his belly, then the slightest of touches to the tip of his cock.

He groaned. “God Andy you feel very good at arousing me – are you sure you’ve not been with boys before?”

“No!” I smiled, “I’m just giving you what I’d like – and what Jane gives me. It’s a bit like you two last night but in reverse. So lay back and I’ll finish you off!”

I couldn’t believe it was me saying this, let alone doing it – watched by both our wives – but I was.

With one hand under his balls I grabbed the base of his cock with my other – it felt so warm and so hard! My own cock grew and ached from my recent cumming as I began to stroke him, and he smiled and shut his eyes as he lay back and took his pleasuring.

“Oh this is so good!” he smiled, “I’d like you to keep going for hours with your fingers up and down my shaft… but what I really want now is the feel of your wet lips around me, so please would suck me now, Andy.”

I wished he hadn’t said that, and had been content with a hand job, but I smiled back as if it was all so natural. “OK!” I said, “Would you like to come in my mouth, or over your belly – or maybe over one of the girls? Just so I know when to stop – or not to stop.”

“Mmm that’s a choice!” he grinned. “Girls – do you want my cum or should we let Andy swallow it?”

Behind me the two girls looked at each other, grinned, then almost in unison said: “Let Andy swallow it!” with Jane adding “He needs plenty of protein, and we are just so happy watching, aren’t we, Julie?”

I looked back to see Jane’s one arm around Julie’s shoulder, but it seemed they’d both got hands in each others laps. They must have been fingering each other as they watched us!

Knowing what I had to do I kept my fingers on Dave’s shaft, pulling hard back to his body then looser up to his bell-end, now completely free and bulging tight with excitement. As I kept up my wanking movements I saw the first drop of pre-cum appear, so knelt forward to lick it off.

Dave sighed, still keeping his hands behind his head and now beginning to push his hips towards me as I shafted him.

His pre-cum tasted warm and salty but once my head was so close to his cock I knew I had to take it all in, so, moving my body around, I lowered my head to his belly to get the angle right, then moved down, beyoğlu escort licking his cock liberally before I took it in my mouth. Somehow it seemed both awful and natural at the same time, and arousing too as I felt my cock grow while I sucked him. Now I could taste his salty pre-cum more as I slipped my head up and down his shaft, looking back to the table out of the corner of my eye, where the two girls were cuddling close and obviously arousing themselves too as they watched me sucking off Dave. Seeing them made me harder too, and now I began a hard hand-pumping up and down his shaft to match my head movements and tongue licking around his bell end.

He was panting now, and I knew he couldn’t take much longer. But I felt the need to touch myself too, so I dropped my free hand down to my cock and felt its hardness, opening my legs wide to show off to the girls as I kept up my bobbing and sucking of Dave’s throbbing erection.

“Ah!” he panted, “I’m nearly there, Andy, please keep on what you’re doing it feels so good!” Then he panted more as I increased the speed and finger pressure on his cock, knowing he was about to spurt.

Then suddenly my mouth was full of hot thick cum squirting into me as he shouted out a gasp of pleasure, and I began swallowing as he kept pumping more into me. I was wanking him very fast now, getting all his spunk out as I sucked hard and my fingers pumped. It was such a sticky mouthful but I kept swallowing then sucking at his cock for more, until there was eventually no more to come.

His breath was now so fast as his body responded to his ejaculation, and I kept on licking although my fingers could feel his cock getting softer now he was completely spent. I left my head resting on his belly for a moment, looking back at the girls.

They had obviously been working each other up and were now ready to cum themselves, judging from the way they looked so hot, with Julie’s slacks now unzipped.

Dave’s cock had shrunk away from my mouth now, so still resting my head on his belly, I looked up at them: “Seems like you two need a session on the couch now that Dave’s done. Would you like a little early lie down while we watch you two?”

They looked at each other, and giggled again. “Well,” said Jane, “it would be more comfortable lying down, wouldn’t it?”

“And I must slip these trousers off too,” added Julie, “I’m desperate for Jane to give me a good girly fingering with my legs wide apart!”

“So let’s swap then,” said Jane. “Come on Dave, up you get. And you Andy, with that big erection of yours. I think we’ll have to deal with that too, later!”

I struggled to my feet, looking back at Dave with his hands now coming forwards from behind his head, but legs still wide apart showing off his now flaccid cock. It was definitely bigger than mine, but I didn’t care any more. I knew I was still hard and there were two girls about to make me harder.

As Jane stood up she just slipped off her gown, walking naked over to the couch, where she gave Dave a hand to pull himself up and then stand up.

“I hope you liked my husband’s little suck of you.” she smiled, giving him a quick kiss. “I love it when he sucks me too!”

“Yes, he was great – a real giver of pleasure, and no mistake.” smiled Dave, looking round at me. “That was a fabulous blow job, Andy. You know I’m going to want you to suck me more too, don’t you?”

“Well,” I replied, “after this Ra-dti session I think we’ll be giving each other all sorts of pleasures. It certainly is an amazing experience!”

“Come on boys, stop your chat and let me get at her!” smiled Julie, slipping off her slacks and then pulling down her panties. She kept her pink sweater on, then went over to join Jane who was now sitting sideways naked on the sofa, in the same position and pose as Dave, showing off her open pussy to us all. Somehow what would have been unthinkable yesterday now just seemed so natural.

“OK, Jane, I guess you want to cum first!” said Julie, putting her hands on her hips. Dave had now sat down at the table, but I wanted to be closer, and wanted my cock to be aroused more, so just stood there beside the sofa, watching.

Julie kneeled down in the position for pleasuring Jane’s open pussy, and moved her fingers to stroke her belly down to her thighs. I put my hand around my cock, easing it back to full erection again as it was just so sexy to see Julie’s sweatered body begin her pleasing of Jane. Jane now put her hands behind her head, so I felt I should just give her breasts the gentle stroking I knew she loved, while Julie got on with her below-the-waist pleasuring. Her breasts felt gorgeous as ever, somehow more so knowing Julie had now buried her head between Jane’s legs and was licking noisily at her clitty. And knowing Dave was watching was also adding some kind of excitement, especially as I could still taste his cum in my mouth.

Jane was now writhing openly, purring as she did when she got aroused. I knelt down so I could suck her nipples, then realised I could feel Julie’s breasts too, so I did. Stroking under her soft tight sweater I soon found the fabulous shape of her full hanging breast, and then the hardness of her nipple. From the noises she made Julie liked it too, but she still kept on her licking of Jane. I couldn’t see much now besides Jane’s breasts, and the figure of Julie as I felt her breast, but heard the sound of a chair moving as David stood up.

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