The Mask, The Trick and The Treat

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This story is based on a fantasy of mine. Mistaken identity stories have always been one of my favorite type of erotic tales. What better time for a case of mistaken identity than when everyone is dressed in costumes at Halloween? I have attempted to write a somewhat realistic take on mistaken identity stories.

To my anal readers, enjoy looking for spelling and grammatical errors but don’t bother emailing me about them. I don’t care. Also a note to my critics, I use the words “my sister”, “my daughter”, “my wife”, “my brother”, “my father” and “my daddy” to describe the characters rather than their names or pronouns because they have context and meaning in the story. Plus it turns me on more to hear a woman moan “my brother”, “my father”, and “my daddy” or a man to moan “my daughter” or “my sister”, their relationship to the other character, rather than to just moan a meaning less name like Alexis, Alyssa or Andrea. Let me know if you enjoy my little fantasy.


My wife and I left work early at five o’clock because she wanted extra time to get ready for the Halloween party our friends were throwing tonight. My wife, Alice, and I work together at my office. I am a general practitioner in the suburbs and my wife acts as my nurse. I met my wife just after my second year of medical school. She was starting school to become a nurse. My wife was 18 at the time and I was 19. Shortly after we met, my wife got pregnant and we were married. I have not touched another women in more then 23 years since I met my wife. Not a sacrifice in the least, I love my wife immensely.

My wife is still gorgeous at 41. My wife, Alice, looks like she is in her early thirties. Think a Catherine Zeta-Jones clone. 5’8″ and about 120 pounds. She has beautiful dark hair and full c cup breast. Despite having two children, my wife has nice shapely hips and a tight little ass. My favorite features of hers are that gorgeous butt and her flowing locks.

My wife and I entered our house and headed up stairs to change and shower. My wife shouted out to our two children, Alexis and Gus.

We had just reached the second floor hallway when my daughter’s bedroom door opened. My son quickly walked out of my daughter’s bedroom wearing only his blue boxers. He was wiping his mouth off with his hand. He only had his boxers on, no shirt, no pants not even socks.

My son said quickly facing us for only a second, “Hi mom and dad.” Then Gus turned and moved down the hall to his bedroom without giving my wife and I a second glance. My son is 21 years old and had graduated college in May. My son’s ignoring his parents was no surprise. Living with his parents was a tolerable inconvenience until he saved enough money for his own place. I refused to fund him getting an apartment. I had already spent a hundred grand on college.

When we reached my daughter’s bedroom door Alexis, my daughter, was at her door. My daughter was wearing only a pair of white cotton panties and tight half short which left her belly button and stomach exposed. My daughter’s nipples were hard and poking against the fabric of the t-shirt. I could see the outline of her nipples, the circle like shape, through the white t-shirt.

My eyes on their own initiative moved down to my daughter’s panties. My glance lasted less than a second. I could see my daughter’s pussy lips camel toed against the cotton fabric. Embarrassed, I said a quick hello to my daughter and continued down the hall to our room. I thought to myself my daughter must shave her pussy like her mother.

My wife stopped to talk to my daughter.

My wife questioned Alexis, “What were you and your brother doing in there?”

“I was showing him my Halloween costume. I wanted to know what he thought of it before I put it on. I only got home like five minutes ago, Mom. I need to take a shower and get changed,” my daughter sounded slightly out of breath.

“You shouldn’t be wearing clothes like that around your brother. And your father. It’s not appropriate, young lady.”

“Mom, I wear less clothes than this out by pool or on the beach, please,” my daughter ignoring my wife’s order.

“Wear a bathrobe or clothes, I don’t want to see you prancing around the house in a pair of panties.”

“Mom, please it’s not a big deal. Gus wears his boxers around the house all the time and you don’t say anything. With no shirt on.”

I heard some more mumbled words and then my daughter’s door shut. I walked into our bathroom and started the water for a shower. I stripped my clothes off and realized I was hard. Did seeing my daughter in a pair of panties make me hard? Her poky nipples and gorgeous stomach? Was it my wife and daughter talking about walking around in panties?

My daughter is drop dead gorgeous at 23. Alexis, my daughter, is tall and thin like a model, without being too thin. Think a cross between Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson. My daughter is about 5’9″ and 115 pounds with blond hair. She had B cup breast that bahis firmaları seemed to have grown since I had seen her in a bikini this summer. After seeing her in that tight half shirt I thought her breast were now almost C cups. Are women’s breast still enlarging naturally at 23? I’m a doctor I should know that. I thought slightly flustered at seeing my gorgeous daughter in a pair of panties and large erect nipples.

I got into the shower and started to wash off. I thought about jerking off for a second and then was disgusted with myself for thinking about my own daughter like that. My wife walked into the bathroom and she shouted out to me. I could barely hear her over the radio I had turned on and the water from the shower.

I only could understand part of what she said but it sounded like, “I think….was hard when he walked out ….. her room…..she was wet. I could tell….wet spot……careful watch….disgusting…bad…trouble we don’t need.”

I’m a sick bastard I thought to myself. My mind is imaging things. No way did my wife just say my son had an erection when he walked out of our daughter’s room. That our daughter was wet, her pussy was wet. I’m going crazy. For a split second I thought who could blame my son? Seeing my daughter in a pair of panties had made me hard too. But no way did my wife say that, I was projecting my thoughts, no way was my daughter in her room with a wet pussy and her brother’s hard cock.

I opened the shower door and shouted to my wife, “What did you say? I didn’t hear what you said.” My wife stared at me for several seconds. I wasn’t sure she heard what I said. I didn’t want to repeat what I thought she had said because I might have heard her wrong. I didn’t want my wife to think my mind was in the gutter thinking about my daughter and the sick things she could have been doing with her brother in her room.

My wife continued to look at me as she seemed to be thinking. I moved my body back into the shower. Making sure my wife couldn’t see my hard cock.

“Ahhh, Oh, nothing important. Don’t get the hard wood floors wet. Dry off before you walk out of the bathroom. The maid said water on the wood floors are going to cause the floor to warp if they keep getting wet,” my wife said as she started to unbuckle her pants. Then she slid her slacks down her hips.

My wife dragged the slacks over her feet and stood their in her silk high cut black panties. I watched as Alice turned and showed her gorgeous ass to me completely. Only a string ran up between her cheeks. I love thongs. God I love her ass, I thought to myself.

“You have such cute butt,” I said to my wife.

My wife smiled over her shoulder at me. My wife teased, “You’re awful. Finish up showering, if we had more time I’d get in there with you.” I continued smiling lustfully at her as she pulled off her shirt and her bra straps came into view. “Hurry up,” my wife playfully threw her shirt at my head.

“I’m just checking you out. I hope this party doesn’t go too late because I’m going to bend you over tonight,” I announced.

“Promises, promises,” my wife stated.

I moved back into the shower and started to shampoo my hair as my wife took off her bra. My wife walked out of the bathroom and I watched her c- cups bounce in front of her. I never get tired of seeing my wife undress.

My wife left early for the party to help set up the our friend’s house for Halloween. My daughter was friends with our friends daughter so she went with her mom to help out. I was in the bathroom shaving when the house phone rang. I didn’t bother getting it. It was never for me.

My son popped into my bedroom a few minutes later saying that several servers at work had crashed. My son had to go in to fix the machines and was going to miss the party.

“This sucks, I hate work. I was looking forward to this party. Now I’m going to have to work all night,” my son complained.

“Welcome to adulthood,” I counseled.

“Dad can I borrow your car. My car doesn’t have enough gas in it to make it to work and back. I don’t want to have to look for a gas station open when all these little kids are roaming around,” my son requested.

“No problem, I’ll drive your car to Smith’s house. It’s only a couple of miles away,” I said.

I handed my son the keys to my car and he took off to work. I walked over to the chair that my Halloween costume was sitting on. I hated the costume. My wife had decided we would go to the party as a doctor and a nurse. Exactly what we do every day. She had bought a nurse out fit and I was going to wear green scrubs and a surgical mask. My wife, Alice, thought it was funny because we wear regular working clothes everyday to work at my medical office. Now for Halloween we were going to dress up like a doctor and a nurse in the clothes most people expect doctors and nurses to wear.

I thought it was silly idea. Most people at the party know us. They know we are a doctor and nurse. I expected kaçak iddaa to be teased all night about why we couldn’t find a costume for Halloween or why was I advertising for my practice. Then I realized my son wasn’t going to the party.

My son is 6’3″ and about 185 pounds. Almost the exact same size as me. What was my son going to be for Halloween? I walked into my son’s room and I saw a knight’s costume. Like at medieval times but less fancy and realistic. Plastic instead of metal. My wife was on her own. I’m going to be a Knight for Halloween I decided.

I put on my son’s costume and it fit almost perfectly. I put on the gloves and sheaved my plastic sword. Finally, I placed the helmet on my head and looked in the mirror. Unless, someone knew it was me underneath they would have no idea I was in this costume. In fact, my wife and daughter would think it was Gus, my son, when they saw me. I decide to play a Halloween trick on them.

I wasn’t going to tell my wife and daughter that I was wearing Gus’s costume. I’d let them believe I was my son. I wondered how long it would take them to figure it out. I laughed to myself maniacally. My evil plan was perfect. I was even going to drive my son’s car to the party. They would have no idea.

As I stared at my reflection in the mirror I practiced sounding like my son. I figured at some point I was going to have to talk. If I wanted to keep my charade going I needed to sound somewhat like my son. His voice is similar to mine but a less deep. The helmet muffled my voice so much that it would be difficult for anyone to know I wasn’t my son by hearing my voice. I decided I’d keep the talking to as minimal as possible just in case.

As I walked out the door through the kitchen I stopped cold. I had great idea. I opened a draw and grabbed a couple of straws. I could use the straws to drink at the party without having to take off my mask. I laughed again at my cleverness. This party is going to be fun for once.

When I reached my friend’s street I stopped the car and put on my mask. I didn’t want anyone to see me without the mask when I pulled up in front of the house. Driving with the mask was a bit difficult but I made it and parked the car. I was glad I put the mask on because the outside of the house was crowded with people arriving for the party. The witches, the vampires and catwoman were out in full force. I love catwoman costumes. An excuse for women to walk around scantily clad.

It was a gorgeous 75 degree night and I could hear people partying in the backyard rather than the house. The music was pumping and people were laughing at each other’s costumes. Several people I knew smiled at me and I heard remarks like I wonder who that is. My wife and daughter were at the stairs of the house and they waved me over. The test of how long I could fool my wife and daughter was about to begin. I wondered how long I could get away with being my son.

My wife and daughter both looked drop dead gorgeous. My wife’s costume was an all white nurse’s uniform with white fish net stockings. The short skirt barely reached her mid thighs. The costume clung to my wife’s body showing off her beautiful, fit figure. My wife had a little nurses hat pinned into her hair along with a stethoscope around her neck. She looked the part of a slutty nurse.

My daughter’s costume put my wife’s to shame. I can’t even say she was dressed as a French maid. I can only describe her outfit as a slutty French maid. As her father I knew I should be upset at my daughter for dressing like a slut. I should tell my wife she should never have let our daughter out of the house in an costume like that. But as a man, I thought my daughter looked smoking hot. She looked young, beautiful and sexy.

My daughter had her hair pulled back with only a few stray hairs framing her gorgeous angelic face. Unlike a regular French maid outfit which is sexy one piece, my daughter’s out fit was two separate pieces. Almost like a bikini. The top looked almost like a cross between a dark navy blue running bra and a tube top. The tube top, bra almost, wrapped around her back and breast with white lace on top and ended right below her breast. My daughter’s smooth, tight stomach, belly button and well below were left uncovered. The bottom of the costume consisted of dark, navy blue silk or satin like apron in the front and back with white lace along the outside edges. The apron came up high on my daughter’s hips and I could tell the only thing she had on underneath was a black bathing suit type bottoms. A ridiculous costume to wear to our friend’s parties.

I looked around at a couple of the other young women walking into the party in their Catwoman costumes and other slutty outfits. I decided she didn’t look that bad aka slutty considering what other young woman were wearing. I’d let it go. But damn women didn’t wear outfits like that when I was single. When I reached my wife and daughter standing at the curb in front of the house, kaçak bahis Alice asked me where I was, assuming I was her son.

“Did your father have to go to hospital, Gus?”

“Yeah,” I mumbled through the mask.

“Figures, I know he loves this party. Oh well, that’s part of being a doctor and a doctor’s wife. Let’s go inside.”

My wife turned and started up the stairs. I watched my wife walk up the stairs. Her skirt almost allowing me to look up her dress but not quite. Tantalizingly close, I noticed several other guys where catching the same view and also staring at my daughter. I was about to follow my wife into the part when my daughter walked next to me.

My daughter reached out and pinched my ass discreetly. I taken aback. What the heck?

My daughter, Alexis, moved her mouth close to my ear hole in the mask.

“You look sexy little brother. My own Knight in shinning armor. I think you need to rescue the poor little French maid. Let’s go. We need to make an appearance at the party,” my daughter teased me thinking I was her brother.

My daughter strutted up the stairs. In her slutty French maid outfit, I could see up her apron and had a beautiful view of her ass in her black bottoms, panties really. Her costume might be more revealing than the panties and half shirt she was wearing in the house when my wife yelled at her.

My daughter stopped at the top step and looked back at me. Alexis smiled at me. She seemed to know that I had been staring at her beautiful body up her dress. She motioned with her head for me to follow her inside to the party.

I entered the house and found the bar area and poured my self a drink. I got out my straw and started sucking down my coke and Bacardi. Several people laughed and commented about how good and idea using a straw was. One person laughed saying, “No one is going to know who you are. By the way who are you?”

I held out my arms like I didn’t know who the hell I was. I kept thinking about my daughter and what she had just said to me. Think I was her brother, Gus. Alexis, my daughter, had been living home for the last year and a couple of months after graduating from school on the east coast. Most of her friends from high school had spread out so she had started hanging out with her brother and his friends from college. It was nice to see that they had gotten close. I can remember when they were little kids and Alexis would tease and punch her little brother unmercifully.

When I thought about what my daughter had said to me, her father thinking I was her brother, I decide she was only teasing her little brother. Making fun of his costume and his attempt to be cool. Like sister’s do, nothing more. But I kept thinking about my daughter being alone with the door shut with my son, while both were dressed basically in their underwear. Then I thought about what my wife said while I was in the shower.

Could Alice have said what I thought she said. Did my wife think our son walked out of our daughter’s room with an erection. Was our daughter’s pussy was wet? Did my wife decide not to tell me so the party wouldn’t be ruined.

I looked over at my beautiful wife looking so sexy and then my daughter talking to her friend and a young man. My daughter was the most beautiful woman at the party. Every guy from the age of 18 to 70 was checking her out in that too sexy outfit. Alexis could have any guy she wanted she wouldn’t be fooling around with her own brother.

I thought to myself I had help to create this beautiful woman. My sperm shot from my cock into that gorgeous woman over there, my wife, had created my sexy daughter. Then I looked at my sexy wife and I get to fuck her anytime I want. Including tonight.

No, no way is anything going on between my daughter and my son. I was projecting some type of sick fantasy on everyone. I had to get this crap out of my perverted head. I kept telling myself that over and over.

Only a few people were in the house. Most of the party goers had made their way outside to the kegs of beer and food. I walked over to the bar to get another soda. No soda. I decided to check out the refrigerator. Rude, I know but its my best friend’s house. He’d do the same at my place.

I was already getting bored of pretending to be my son. The problem with a disguise is that you have to stay in character. I couldn’t talk to any of my friends. I didn’t even know most of my son’s friends or what I could possibly talk to them about. A couple of Gus’s friends started talking to me but I only could mumbled a few words. What the hell do I know about Halo? Or some girl named Stephanie?

The only way I could stay under cover was to listen to other people talk and act interested. I knew every time I spoke I risked be detected. So basically, I was getting bored out of my mind.

I opened the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of Coke. I turned toward the counter and poured the soft drink into my glass as I watched the straw swirl in the fluid. Suddenly, I felt someone press up against me. I tried to turn my head but couldn’t fully because of the mask. I could tell it was woman because I could fell her breast pushing into my back.

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