The Lovely Daughters Ch. 03

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It was about 3 later that afternoon. By himself, Warren was in the kitchen eating the remainder of his meal that he provided himself and his daughters, which they already had finished. Just when he finished the last bit of peas and rice, Warren just happened to find one of his daughters, Giovanna, outside washing their white van.

He looked out the window for a closer look and he saw her, in the outdoors, and dressed in only a gray muffin top (a too small one), and a pair of really tight pink and white stripped panties.

He got a big hard-on and his heart began to pulsate as he could see the dark circles of her breasts visible through her muffin top. She failed to keep her gray top clean as she had a big white bucket full of suds-mounted water.

While diligently scrubbing the hood of the van, he got a glympse of her big milk-shakers, swinging mightily across her chest. She would then get down to the ground on her knees, her big booty protruding and projecting in the air, toward Warren’s direction, and making his penis swell up as he loved all the cellulite, hard to miss, and the fact that she was in her panties and in the outdoors.

As Giovanna scrubbed behind the tires, he could clearly see everything from this perfect position; the bottoms of her sepia areolas peeking from underneath her too-small top as her breasts met the surface of the driveway ground, her belly barely out of the way of everything, and her big meaty pussy, round as though she had a tube in her panties. He could even see her coochie hairs peeking from her panties!

This was a heart-throbbing view for him to behold but it was just too much for him to handle. He was wishing he could just go out there and slide his swollen cock up his daughter’s delicious juicy pussy, just in that very position!

Giovanna finally pumped her rump in the air. Her legs were now straight and off the ground and as she scrubbed the bottom areas of the vehicle. She waived her juicy booty back and fourth. Warren’s senses told him his daughter’s outrageously big booty was shouting his name and to screw it good and hard. It was just a matter of him being driven to do so, being horny enough.

When Giovanna finally stood all the way up, Warren’s eyes locked onto his daughter’s big bum as it was being blocked by a somewhat-long pink and white hexagon, its lower side having double curves and it upper side curved widely like a cut bottom piece of a big circle.

Giovanna dropped the scrub brush into the bucket and carried it back into the house. As she walked into the front door, Warren sneakily followed behind her in the living to get into her panties from behind, but he wanted to wait for just the right time.

Giovanna bent to put down the bucket on the carpeted floor. Stunned, he walked over and just when Giovanna was at the perfect position, Warren poked the tip of his erect pipe into the bottom center of her booty.

When she felt something soft poke into her soft booty, she turned back to find out what her dad was doing to her and said with much dismay and embarrassment, “Dad! Don’t stick your penis in my butt!”

Warren stood back, his genitals exposed, and locking eyes with escort bostancı his daughter being devious. Warren only wanted nothing more than to have sex with his daughter. Giovanna leaned over the back of the sofa, the bottom palms of her hand on the upper edge with her big giant round booty sticking out at her dad.

Warren deviously slid down his daughter’s white striped panties and they slid to around her knees. Warren then advanced his penis in between her delicious juicy booty cheeks and pushed in and out. Giovanna sighed in such an orgasmic state. She was actually liking this as she was wanting him to ejaculate into her butt.

“This was it,” thought he. One of Warren’s wildest fantasies was coming true. He always got into his daughter’s panties and he had her horniness to thank. Not only that, his penis was now into her bare bottom. Warren himself failed to believe that his swollen cock, so long, so thick, so swollen, so hard, and most of all so aching, was into his daughter’s delicious cheeks.

Now basically on top of her, Warren got his arms under her somewhat-hairy armpits and he grabbed her boobies, feeling her jutting plump nipples, she was so hot and horny.

His penis deep down in her, Warren violently banged his daughter, causing her to moan louder and heavier. She was in a bit of pain but she was loving every second of this grand moment.

Soon enough, Warren’s penis shot some warm cum in between her booty cheeks. Giovanna simply loved the fact that her dad blew his load into her booty as his liquid flooded her big booty. When removing himself from her, he aimed his cock at his daughter’s big bare butt and it fired more cum onto her luscious cheeks, until it would shrink back to its tiny size.

Giovanna stepped out of her panties to go to the bathroom and clean herself. This was simply a moment Warren would remember for the rest of his life.

The sun began to set at around five later that afternoon. Warren sat outside, wearing nothing more than a pair of green shorts and a blue Hawaiian shirt, completely unbuttoned to expose the curly hairs on his front. He rested by the water-filled pool on a tanning bed, reading a newspaper.

Distracting him from his reading were the voluptuous bodies of his two daughters, Giovanna and Diamond. They were naked, except for bath towels they wore on their head and tight light-blue too-small tank tops. That was it. Diamond’s tank top would go no further down than the girl’s navel. Giovanna’s was much bigger, as it was just far enough to go down beneath her stomach.

When Diamond walked through the patio, her big belly jostled back and fourth, up and down thanks to all the fat.

Warren lowered his newspaper low enough so it did not block his view of the two bottomless beauties. He immediately developed an erection when he saw his daughters’ juicy fat pussies. Warren would fantasize about sliding his erection into both his daughters. He wished to do nothing more than to pump his hot cum into Giovanna and Diamond’s pussies and get them both pregnant.

He saw the girls both remove their towels and set them on the ground. Giovanna lead her sister down the ümraniye escort small stairwell into the pool. Diamond took her time getting into the chilled waters. Giovanna did the same, following her in. Giovanna’s hair was free from the band, wearing her hair down.

The water was indeed deep, but the water was only high enough to reach the girls’ noses. Mr. Banks watched as they both pounced back and fourth, up and down in the water slowly, like an astronaut slowly prancing around the moon’s surface but in one position.

As a sly idea struck his head, Warren discarded his newspaper, plopping it on the ground, and he removed his blue shirt, the only shirt he had on. From a low level, Warren dived into the cooling water, hands first and went down to the surface, targeting Diamond.

The 25-degree water was very chilling to Giovanna and Diamond as its cold temperatures made their nipples erect. Giovanna crossed her fat bare arms, rubbing them both with her hands as she looked up at the darkening sky, seeing that it got slightly darker and darker by the minute.

When sensing someone’s presence, she looked down, seeing a man’s dark figure, going after her sister. Warren, under the water, pulled his penis from his shorts and stuck his erection in between Diamond’s legs, going up to her vagina with much effort.

When Diamond felt the tip of her father’s big hard penis enter into her coochie, she froze dead in her tracks as she was scared and confused. Giovanna became to witness to all this and was clueless of what to do, dreading her father’s unpredictable reaction if she attempted to intervene.

Warren wrapped his hands around Diamond as though trying to hug her affectionately, and his dick got deeper into her. Discomforted, Diamond pulled away, but Mr. Banks abruptly, grabbed on her arms abruptly.

“Don’t be pullin’ away from me!” said Mr. Banks, sternly in his dark voice as he and his scared daughter locked eyes and met noses. If nothing else, Diamond could clearly make out the evil in his eyes, just as well as she could see how dark it was out here.

Luck served Diamond as he became distracted by the view of his other, more voluptuous daughter, exiting the pool. He watched in his sensual pleasure as her massive plump rump jostled and rubbed together, as her body ascended up the stairs. It, of course, was Giovanna that Warren wanted to lay, but Diamond was a much easier target.

Warren let go of Diamond and swam away, heading for the silver stairwell that the girls used to get in and out of the pool. He slowly and sneakily followed Giovanna as she grabbed her silky blue robe and put it on, sitting at another one of the tanning beds.

Diamond was wondering what would’ve happened has Giovanna not been there at the time but at the same time, she dread to think of it.

Giovanna, trying to act as though she did not see what she saw happen with Warren and Diamond, used the hood of her short blue robe to dry off her thin golden braids, squeezing the water from them.

Giovanna looked above her to see the tall medium-built figure of her father, standing right in front of her, so close that she too felt uncomfortable, kartal escort bayan especially after what he did to her younger sister.

“Dad!” Giovanna squealed, trying to play dumb. “What a nice surprise!”

Both soles of Giovanna’s feet touched each other as her legs were wide open. Warren had easy access to her vagina but what was exciting him even more was her plump nipples as they both protruded through the spandex of her top, as a result of being cold from the water.

Warren was had and horny, even more so when he saw the edge of a dark circle peeking from the blue material of her tank top. The man grabbed himself a chair, and sat himself right in front of her.

His eyes navigated to Giovanna’s bushy twat. It was so big and inviting and it was a penis-magnet. Warren fell in love with his daughter’s bush. As he himself would think of it, his own daughter’s pussy was calling his name, waiting to get plugged.

“You lookin’ all at my coochie!” Giovanna said in discomfort as she used all the material she could to cover her big pubic region and tightened her legs together, shying away to the side.

“Don’t be shy, Gi,” said a devilish Warren in his deep voice, as the man softly ran his fingertips up the side of her thigh until he reached her butt. “I wanna go in between your legs and you should let me do so. Show me that nice pussy you got.”

Her father said it so nicely. He spread apart her knees and pulled her robe aside. Warren took great fascination to her bush that she would never shave. But when he got closer… his penis was right near his daughter’s exposed vagina.

“You wanna get in between my legs?” Giovanna’s squealing innocent voice resembled both confusion and worry.

“I’m already in between your legs!” Warren teased.

Warren got an even bigger hard-on as he opened his daughter’s legs, forcing them to spread open against her will. With both hands on the inner sides of her knees, Warren spread his daughter’s big legs so wide until they could go no further.

Warren detached his hands from her knees and stood. Giovanna, who kept her legs open for her father, wasn’t really sure what her father was going to do to her but she knew for sure it wasn’t anything pretty.

Now standing, Warren dropped his trunks, exposing himself to his daughter with his long hairy pointing prominently at his daughter’s big vagina. He held behind her neck and kissed her, lip to lip.

Warren’s other hand lightly pressed into her squishy breast. Giovanna’s big nipple built beneath the man’s hand. He felt the tip of his penis meet up with the pubic hairs of his daughter. It was that close to entering into her tight lips.

The naked and horny Warren went to the nearby bottle of lotion and pressed on the top, allowing some of the creaming pink liquid to pour into his other hand.

He then went back over to Giovanna and using his two shortest fingers, he pulled her robe aside and pulled away her shoulder straps, pulling them down to her arms.

Warren then gracefully applied the lotion to her majestic chest. Rubbing the softness, he pulled out both of her breast meat and rubbed in the lotion on her thick nipples. With more lotion still on the palm of his hand, he rubbed the lotion on her twat, stroking her in an upward motion, and rubbed her big fat-but-short thighs.

Just when he got closer, so did his penis, and his tip met her lips, gently touching her vagina.

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