The I-Room Ch. 02

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As usual, all characters are ficitional and any resemblance to persons live or dead are purely coincidental. All charcters of this story exist only within my imagination.

I appreciate the mostly positive responses I receieved regarding the first installment of the I-Room (if you haven’t already, go read it first!). I hope to have more installments of the I-Room for you in the future. Enjoy!


Once again, picture a windowless room, twelve feet by twelve feet, Spartan in appearance and in accommodations. A plain wooden chair, a small refrigerator and a queen sized bed…a small shower alcove and nothing else. A steel door locked from outside. In short, a room with no escape, save through enlightenment. Many have and will call me insane, mad, a twisted pervert. Perhaps…or perhaps I am simply a teacher…an illuminator in the darkness…a guide to allowing one to reach and achieve all that is possible.

The Second: Anita, Joe and Molly.

Picture the room again with three people sleeping on the bed. One is

Anita, a woman of forty years of age. Honey colored hair, cut short. She is a woman with a body that edges towards voluptuousness. Anita possesses solid, weighty 38 DD breasts…a stomach thickening from age and childbirth and an ass and legs that are still tight and shapely from arduous workouts. Pink panties hide her sweetest treasure, a thick lipped pussy, shaved bare save for a short fluff of honey brown muff pointing downward to heaven’s gate.

The second individual is Anita’s husband, Joe. He is a forty-one year old man, healthy, tall and muscled, with a healthy bulge in his boxer shorts. He wears his black hair short as befits a policeman. He and Anita have been married twenty years.

The last sleeping individual is their daughter, Molly. She turned eighteen the day I had them brought to the I-Room. She has a slim, athletic build. She has her mother’s face, but her body is different. Her breasts will never be as large as her mother’s…right now being the size of small melons…34C. Her legs are muscular, her butt firm, tight and high as only a young woman’s ass can be. A few wisps of pubic hair do nothing to hide her nubile cunt concealed behind virginal, white cotton panties.

This will be a decidedly different experiment than Joanna and Danny. Anita and Joe are very active sexually. Monitoring has revealed they engaged in some sort of sex every day over a thirty day period. Even during menstruation, Anita would engage in oral or anal sex with Joe. The couple also enjoys an open marriage. Joe delights in “scoring” with women he meets in the course of his duties. He is an honest policeman, but is known as a cockhound for women of all ages. Anita, a teacher, is not quite as promiscuous, but carries on several affairs, notably a male colleague, a female colleague and her daughter, and several former students. Anita delights in lesbian sex. Molly is at eighteen, still a virgin. A rather shy and studious girl, she has experimented very little with sex…no boy has ever gotten farther than copping a tentative feel of her perky breasts. Lastly, investigating Anita’s past reveals some very interesting secrets that may come into play during their time here.

Molly wakes first. She stirs, realizing that she is lying between her mother and father. She realizes that except for her panties, she is naked. She sits up, folding her arms over her young breasts to cover them. Molly realizes she…they are in a strange room. “Mom? Daddy? Wake up!” There is teary panic in her voice.

Anita opens her eyes at the sound of her daughter’s panicked voice. Taking in her own near nakedness and that of her daughter’s and the Spartan surroundings, she sits up quickly. “What the fuck is going on?” Anita possesses a sweet and sexy voice, full of smoke and reminiscent of the wonderful actress, Lauren Bacall and when outside of school uses a vocabulary that would make a sailor proud. Anita reaches over to shake Joe, even as her daughter scurries to her. “Joe, wake up!” There is fear in her voice, but also anger. There is an incredible vitality to Anita…a sense of a carnal lioness.

Joe wakes up and there is all the expected fear and confusion. Joe, his training kicking in, roams the room, seeking clues for escape. His eyes cannot help but glide over both mother and daughter. Molly backs herself into a corner, arms crossed over her chest in a vain attempt to conceal them. Anita’s breasts bounce hypnotically as she strides back and forth. Finally, I introduce myself.


“Who the fuck are you?” Anita demands. “What do you want with us?”


Joe’s face pales slightly at my title. He has heard of Joanna and Danny’s case. He quietly briefs his family on what little he knows. Mother and son, held captive for three weeks…released unharmed with little idea why they were escort ataşehir imprisoned. Joe turns slightly red as he mentions, “There were suggestions…suspicions that he was attempting to get them to have sex.”

Both Joe and Anita glance at their daughter who seems stunned by that revelation. Both of them gaze appreciatively at her young, lithe body. The bulge in Joe’s shorts swell noticeably. Anita licks her lips instinctively as if considering what Molly might taste like, but shakes her head.

“You…fucking creep! You want us to screw our daughter!” Anita flips her middle finger up at the ceiling. I can’t help but grin. I like Anita’s style. She’s feisty.

“YOU ARE HERE TO LEARN ABOUT YOURSELVES AND EACH OTHER. ONLY YOU DETERMINE THE PATH YOU FOLLOW.” Anita responds with a profanity laced rant that would make a sailor blush. I remain silent, enjoying her tirade.

They talk, eat and sleep. Joe investigates the room, determined to find a way out. He is very competent, but there is no escape. Molly says little and stays either curled up on the bed or stands in a corner, her arms constantly folded over her breasts.

Early during their second day, Molly’s efforts to remain modest get on Anita’s nerves. “Molly, quit it!” she snaps. “You’ve got boobs…your Daddy knows it, just be natural and relax.” Molly sniffles but finally lowers her hands, face blazing red. She is lovely with her firm, pert breasts, similar to her mother’s only by the long, dime sized nipples both possess surrounded by large, puffy aureoles.

By afternoon, all are more relaxed about their partial nudity. Joe and Molly have gotten used to the other taking more than a quick glance. All three are uncomfortable in their underwear…now having worn them roughly three days. All have discovered that the shower works and have availed themselves of it.

Anita, dripping wet from the shower, begins to step into her soiled panties, then curses and throws them in a corner. She looks up at the ceiling and again flips me a bird. “Are you happy, Creep? Getting your rocks off now?” She rubs her cunt with her palm, splitting her labia apart. “This the show you wanted?”

“Mommy!” Molly’s cry comes out as a scared sob. She stares amazed at her Mom’s angry display.

“Jesus, Anita…just calm down,” Joe says. He climbs off the bed and puts his arm around his wife. “Don’t let him get to you.” Joe turns and smiles at his daughter. “We all just have to stay cool. We can’t control this, so we might as well laugh about it.” He kisses Anita’s forehead and says, “Well, in Rome…do as the Romans do. He shucks off his shorts and throws them into the same corner as Anita’s panties. His cock is at half mast…fully aroused, it must be several inches of hard flesh.

“Omigod, Daddy!” Molly blushes and covers her eyes. She can’t disguise the fact her nipples have gone hard at the sight of her Daddy’s penis.

Anita and Joe laugh, embarrassed themselves. “C’mon, honey,” says Anita. We’re all in this together. Your panties are as icky as mine. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. Strip!”

Molly turns beet red, but obeys her mother’s command and steps out of her soiled panties. Her hands go self consciously to her almost bald pussy. Joe and Anita cross the room and hug their daughter. The hug last for several seconds and then Joe’s cock, already at half mast begins to grow and rise, rubbing alongside Molly’s thigh as it becomes fully erect. Molly starts and backs up. She stares down at her father’s huge erection, amazed and scared at the same time.

“Um…I –I’m going to take a shower,” Molly stammers and abruptly moves away from her parents. She stays turned away as they move towards the bed. Anita and Joe watch her take her shower.

On the bed, Anita glances down at her husband’s stiff pole and then looks up at his face. Joe is watching Molly intently as she showers, her eyes closed as she soaps up her nubile body. Anita teasingly runs a finger along the length of Joe’s hard cock. “Pervert…getting a stiff dick over your naked daughter.”

Joe grins at his wife. “Yeah, tell me she isn’t making your twat wet, Anita.”

Anita shrugs. “Yeah…well, I’m horny. You haven’t fucked me for two days and I’m so fucking hot I could scream.”

Joe nods. “Yeah, baby…me too. I want you so bad…it’s not just Molly’s sweet body that has me hard. I’m ready to fuck you right in front of her.”

Anita kisses him…a long French kiss. “I say we wait until Molly falls asleep.

“We’re noisy fuckers…think we can stay quiet and not wake her up?”

“We can try. I’m so horny, I’m almost to the point where I don’t care if she watches…hell, she can cheer us along.” She grins naughtily at him.

“What about the Creep?”

Anita wraps her hand around her husband’s cock. “I need this sooo much. I don’t care if he watches either. He can get his rocks off if that’s what makes him happy. I just want my hubby to make me cum!”

The rest of the day is filled with sexual tension. Joe’s cock is kadıköy escort bayan constantly rising as every glimpse of Molly’s sleek, shapely body arouses him anew. Anita too is turned on by her naked daughter. She keeps finding reasons to touch Molly. Molly is nervous and aroused by all the tension. All three finally lay down and it takes Molly a long time to drift off to sleep.

Her soft snores alert Anita and Joe and they quietly slip out of bed. They kiss and hug. Joe pins Anita to a wall and begins showering her body with kisses, his lips fluttering along her long, pointy nipples as he massages and toys with her breasts. Anita moans lowly as her husband squats and kisses her pussy, her tuft of pubic hair tickling his nose as he uses his tongue to open her cunt lips, then spreading her labia lips wide with his fingers, Joe buries his face in his wife’s juicy twat.

“Fuck me, Joe,” Anita whispers. “C’mon baby, fuck me with that big dick.” Joe trails kisses back up her body and moves between her widespread legs. Anita takes her husband’s cock in hand and guides it towards her cunt lips as Joe squats slightly to get into position. Joe is kissing and biting her neck and Anita glances over at the bed. Molly is awake and watching them. For a long second, mother and daughter watch each other.

Anita moans then as Joe’s cock slips between her wet cunt lips. She smiles at her daughter, her eyes shiny with lust as her husband’s cock drives deep into her hot, slippery pussy. She leans against the wall for support, raising her shapely right leg up and wrapping it around her husband’s lower back, her heel digging into his butt cheek.

Still smiling at her daughter, a moan escapes Anita’s lips as her husband thrusts even deeper into her wet pussy. I detect naughtiness in her smile as she watches her daughter watching her get fucked. “Ohhhh, Daddy!” Anita moans. “Fuck meee, Daddy! Fuck your little girlllll!”

Joe moans in surprise and in arousal. Anita raises her left leg and wraps it around Joe’s body…her ankles now crossed in the small of his back. Joe’s arm muscles bulge as he cups Anita’s tight ass cheeks and thrusts upward with his cock.

Molly’s eyes grow large as she watches her father fuck her mother while her mother continue the hot, nasty talk, all the time smiling at Molly. Anita’s long, pointy nipples scrape against her husband’s chest.

“Mmmm…yesss. Daddy likes fucking meee! Daddy’s cock is sooo biggg…it just keeps getting bigger! Daddy likes sticking his big dick in his daughter’s pussyyy! Keep fucking meee, Daddy!”

Anita’s voice gets louder as Joe moves faster. Anita sobs as her husband pounds his cock deep inside her pussy, but even as she begins to orgasm, she never lets her gaze wander from her daughter.

“Auuuggg…I love you, Dadddyyy! Fuck meee harder, Dadddyyyy! Make your little girl cummm!” Joe gives out a muffled bellow and drives his cock hard and deep into Anita one last time. His heavy testicles jerk up and down as he pumps his load up into his wife’s womb.

“Cummmmingg, Daddy! Your little girl loves your…ohhh…creamy cummm, Daddddyyy!” Anita spasms, tightening her arms and legs around Joe’s body as she orgasms. Exhausted, she winks at Molly and puts a finger to her lips. Molly smiles uncertainly and nods. As Joe begins to carry Anita back to bed, she rolls on her side away from them.

Joe eases Anita onto the bed, her groaning as his cock slips out of her grasping cunt. “Mmmm, baby…that was lovely,” murmurs Anita as Joe gets into bed.

“I can’t believe we didn’t wake Molly up!” he replies.

Anita giggles. “Maybe we did. Maybe she watched us fuck and is just pretending to be asleep.”

Joe groans. “Jeezus, Anita…you’re so nasty sometimes.”

Anita leans over and kisses him, her tongue slipping into his mouth. “It’s what you love about me, Joe. I’m a nasty, slutty whore.”

Joe yawns. “Damn right…and you’re my nasty, slutty…yawn…whore.” Joe falls silent and then begins to snore.

Anita waits a few minutes and then whispers. “Molly, you still awake?”

Her daughter rolls over. In a tiny voice, she replies, “Yes, Mom.”

“Are you okay, honey? We haven’t scared you or anything?” As she talks, Anita turns on her side, facing her daughter. Her hand glides silently down towards her pussy.

“Molly replies, “No…I’m okay, Mom. It was…I don’t know. I’ve never seen two people actually make love before.”

“Well, Molly, I hope we haven’t scared you off it. Making love is a wonderful thing. It’s how we made you. It’s natural…what men and women are meant to do.” As she speaks, Anita swirls two fingers into her cunt and then when they’re coated with pussy cream and semen, licks them off her fingers.

“Does it hurt, Mom?” Molly asks. “Daddy’s thing looks so big!”

“Mmmm…sometimes it can hurt, but even then the pain is sweet and when its right…like it was tonight, it’s incredible! Your father is a wonderful lover!” Anita scoops another two fingers worth of her husband’s escort bostancı sperm and her own cunt sauce and slurps it down.

Molly realizes what her mother is doing. “Mommy! What are you eating?”

Anita laughs. “Um…well, actually, I’m eating your Daddy’s sperm.”

Molly wrinkles her nose. “Ewww…yuck!”

“Now sweetheart, someday you’ll discover that the taste of your man’s sperm is one of the sweetest things in the world. There’s nothing wrong with it…whether you’re sucking your man’s cock or eat it after it’s mixed in with your own pussy cream.” To emphasize the point, Anita again slips her fingers into her cunt and swirl them about.

“That’s gross, Mom.”

Anita snickers. “Really? Now tell me the truth. You ever play with your pussy?”


“Well…tell Momma the truth.”

Molly blushes in the dim light. “Yes…yes I have.”

Anita smiles and says, “Now…tell me you’ve never licked your juices off your own finger.”

Molly ducks her head as Anita pokes her in the shoulder. “C’mon, tell me the truth, Molly.”

Not able to look her mother in the face, Molly replies, “Yes, Momma. I do that sometimes.”

“Does it taste good, sweetheart? Do you like it?” Anita uses a finger to tilt her daughter’s chin up so they can look at each other eye to eye.

Molly nods. “Yeah…I like how my pu…pussy tastes, Mom.”

Anita chuckles wickedly. “There you go. And a man’s jism mixed in with your cunt cream will taste even sweeter. There’s nothing nasty about it. There’s nothing wrong with sex, baby, as long as whoever you’re with is a willing partner.”

Anita again slips her fingers into her well fucked cunt and brings out a large glob of semen mixed with her own juices. She brings it to her own lips, then pauses, eyeing her daughter. She smiles like a naughty child and says, “Molly, would you like to taste it? Would you like to taste your Daddy’s sperm and my pussy cream?””

Molly’s eyes go wide in surprise as do mine. Anita seems caught up in a desire to continue her naughty actions from earlier. “Go ahead, baby. You’ll like it, I promise.”

Molly seems stupefied for a second then giggles…still the embarrassed teenager. “Really, Mom?” Anita nods and almost brushes her cum covered fingers against her daughter’s lips. Tentatively, Molly sticks her tongue out and barely licks at her mom’s fingers. She smiles. Molly licks again, then draws her mother’s fingers into her mouth and sucks them clean. “Mom! That…wow, I like it!” A little blob of semen is smeared at the corner of her mouth.

Anita replies, “I told you so, sweetheart! Oops! You missed a bit.” Anita leans in and licks cum off her daughter’s mouth, then teasingly runs her tongue over Molly’s lips. Molly starts, but doesn’t pull back. Anita gently kisses her daughter and whispers, “I love you, baby.” She runs her hand through Molly’s hair and says, “I guess my little girl is growing up. We better get some sleep. Lord knows what tomorrow will bring.”

What it brings is a lot of tension. Anita and Joe are flirty, kissing and grabbing at each other. Molly tries to pretend she didn’t watch the night before, but she continually blushes every time she looks at her father and his semi-hard cock. Joe picks up on her nervousness as well to Anita’s obvious amusement.

“What?” he says, standing with hands on hips, staring at his wife and daughter lying on the bed. The erotic sight of his naked family makes his penis rise to the occasion. “What’s going on?”

Anita smirks, even as she reaches out to squeeze Molly’s hand. “Well, honey, I guess we were louder last night than we realized. We had an audience.”

Joe stares at them for a moment, then laughs. “Oh…is that all? Sorry Molly, your mother and father are a couple of noisy fuckers.”

Molly, her face bright red, decides to imitate her mother’s brassiness. She reminds me so much of her mother as she glibly responds, “Please, Daddy. You can’t live in our house all these years and not know that you and Mom are…noisy fuckers!”

Her mom and dad burst out laughing and then give their daughter a big hug. Joe climbs onto the bed and all three begin talking about last night’s lovemaking.

“So, baby. Mom and I didn’t shock you?” asks Joe.

“No, Daddy. But…” Molly’s voice trails off.

“But what, honey?” asks Anita.

“Um…while you guys were, uh, doing it…what was all the weird talk about?”

“Weird talk, Molly?” says Anita.

Molly blushes even more than before. “You know…um, fuck me Daddy. Fuck your little girl, Daddy.” What’s up with that?”

Anita and Joe look at each other and blush a little. Anita replies, “Well, sometimes it’s fun to have a little slutty, nasty talk going on. It helps us play out fantasies that get us extra excited.”

“Fantasies, Mom? What kind of fantasies?” Molly’s face is serious and eager to understand.

Anita looks at Joe and he shrugs and says, “Go ahead, babe. We always planned to tell her when the time is right.”

Molly looks confused. “Tell me what?”

Anita blushes and hesitates…as if afraid of her daughter’s reaction. “Um…well, Molly, the truth is, all the Daddy talk turns me on because…well, because your Grandpa Dan was my first lover. My Daddy took my cherry.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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