The Houseguest Ch. 1

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It was sometime around 3am, sleep had come hard that night, and the heat and humidity had taken a toll. Restless and unable to shake the images of the previous day from my mind, I got up from bed and went into the other room to read.

I can’t remember if it was a noise or maybe just an instinct, but I quietly went to the bedroom door and looked in, I could see her; illuminated by the dim light from the streetlamp outside the window.

She had moved onto her back, the covers and sheet kicked down by her movement. I could hear her moaning softly, and saw that she had one hand in between her legs and the other on her left breast, fingers pinching her nipple, which was no doubt becoming very hard at that point. I knew that she enjoyed the hard squeezing of her nipples and what it did to her.

I stood there quietly, not moving, hardly breathing, so as not to startle her. I watched intently as she moved her hand up and down the seam of her panties, I could imagine her wetness there….

She moved her left hand to the other breast now, giving the same attention there.

At the same time she moved her hand inside the waistband of her panties and slid it down to cover her mound, I could see through the shimmer of light, the movement of her fingers rising and falling as she touched herself in a most intimate way.

Her breathing started to increase, and her hips began to move up to meet her touch. Her lips parted and I could see her tongue move quickly across them; a soft almost unnoticeable cry escaped her, a sign of her intensified movement of her fingers against her swollen clit.

I stood there as she raised her butt up and with one swift pull, her panties were off and onto the floor beside the bed.

I felt a stirring inside me as she spread her legs wide; her hand now moving up form under her thigh.

She traced up and down her lips moistening her fingers there and then without notice she inserted two maltepe escort fingers inside and began a slow deliberate fucking of her wet pussy.

I moved my hand into my shorts and began to stroke my growing member, all the while transfixed on the sight before me.

For what seemed like an eternity she fingered herself and pinched her nipples, her hips bucking and moving to her own self-administered pleasuring. I almost couldn’t stand to just watch any longer, I wanted to approach her, but I was enjoying the show too much to intrude.

Almost without missing a beat, she reached with her free hand to the nightstand drawer, opening it quickly and pulling out the large realistic cock vibrator I had purchased for her a couple of years before.

I had never seen her use it on herself, although we had played with it many times while indulging in our many sexual games. She rubbed it up and down herself, getting it wet with her juices, then brought it up to her mouth and place her lips around it, slowly sucking it into her mouth.

I was amazed at how much she got in there, thinking to myself that it was something she didn’t have a lot of tendency to do when we were having sex. I watched in anticipation of what was next, and almost at that instant that I thought it, she moved the huge rubber cock down once again between her legs and began to push it into her wet, swollen pussy lips. I could barely keep myself contained, looking at that thing entering her, her lips spreading around it and her pussy seemingly sucking into her. She pushed in as far as she could, almost the entire 8 ½ “ of it and then almost as quickly as she had inserted it…pulled it out and brought it up to her mouth once again, this time her tongue lapping around it, licking her own juices from it. With one hand holding it there, the other hand moved to her bottom, where she then placed a finger back into herself maslak escort to wet it; and that finger was quickly inserted into her ass.

I watched as she moved herself into a position where she was able to reinsert the dildo back into her pussy and finger fuck her ass at the same time. She now had her back to me, on her hands and knees, and I had a perfect view of the show.

Just when I was about to move into the room, I felt a hand on my stomach from behind….I as startled and almost jumped and cried out, but then I remembered that we had a houseguest who had been sleeping in the other room. I turned my head to see her, she moved her finger to her lips in a gesture to me to remain quiet, while moving her hand into my shorts. Her fingers wrapped around my hardened shaft and slowly began to stroke me… I had to hold myself up on the doorframe and tried desperately not to make any noise.

In the meantime, my wife was so wrapped up into her fucking herself that I don’t think she’d have noticed if I was there or not, so I relaxed a bit and let whatever was going to happen next just happen.

Jill was younger than my wife by a few years, she was short, about 5’3” and a bit plump with nice curves and very large succulent breasts. Her nipples were about the size of my baby finger, almost a half-inch long when hard and surrounded by a light brown aureole the size of which was a bit larger than a silver dollar.

She was extremely pretty, long brown hair and brilliant green eyes, her full lips looked so inviting and her smile more than pleasing.

At that moment I was not sure of what to do, if anything…. She stepped closer to me and whispered into my ear.

“ Isn’t she a beautiful site” she said, referring to my wife. “Yes” I stammered, and added the question, “What are you doing up?” She replied, “ I think YOU are the one who is ‘up’ here”, laughing quietly öecidiyeköy escort and then tickling my outer ear with her tongue.

At that same moment she increased her stroking of my cock and I closed my eyes, wondering what the hell I was getting into.

She moved in a flash in front of me and onto her knees, quickly taking my shorts down to expose my hardness. She moved her head closer and I felt her mouth engulf me as she pulled me closer to her with her hands on my ass. I held my breath for what seemed like an eternity, then looked quickly over to where my wife was on the bed….she was too engrossed in herself to even notice us there at that moment.

I looked down at Jill, she looked up at me with those eyes and I felt as if I was going to cum right then and there, both form the excitement that had been building from watching my wife and now this.

I felt her move a hand under my balls and she gently massaged them, then almost without warning she moved her hand and inserted a finger into my ass. I let out a small cry of surprise, expecting at any second that my wife would turn and look, but it didn’t happen, she continued to fuck herself with the rubber cock and her fingers.

Jill was sucking me with great fervor now, taking me into her mouth and throat deeper than I had ever had any woman do before, the feeling was intense, and coupled with her finger in my ass, I was going to explode at any time.

She must have anticipated my thoughts as she increased tempo with both her mouth and finger, finding my prostate gland and in no time at all I felt my orgasm begin. The feeling of my sperm rushing up into my cock was electric, she must have felt it too, because she pulled me against her tighter and sucked harder as my cum exploded into her mouth. She swallowed every bit of it and continued to suck me as the stream slowed and eventually stopped.

I looked at her, she had turned her head and was looking over at the bed, I too looked and was immediately struck by horror as I stared into the face of my wife. Sometime during my exploding into Jill’s mouth, I must have made enough noise to get the attention of my wife. Now there she was, looking at her best friend and her husband in a very compromising position.

To be continued………………..

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