The House on the Hill Ch. 01

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Lilly Markham sat quietly on her favorite tree stump in her favorite spot in the old overgrown grotto behind the Reinhardt House.

Although she was quietly sitting, she still was busy. Lilly was sketching again, using pen and ink to capture her view of the top half of Reinhardt House, in all its weird glory. With construction completed in 1888, the house was a curious blend of Richardsonian Romanesque, Gothic Revival styles and other architectural features, especially ironwork inspired by Antonio Gaudi. It was a registered historic house, sprawling in its layout, offering a visually rich subject for Lilly to depict.

The grotto was about a hundred yards behind the house and the in-between trees completely obscured the lower floor of Reinhardt House, and partly obscured for Lilly the middle floor as well. Lilly had sketched the house many times from multiple points of view before, so she was as focused on capturing the foreground of the trees and treeline as she was the house itself. The sky was bright but overcast, perfect for her style of art, which usually was filled with dark, heavy themes.

The Reinhardt estate, where Lilly lived with her artist mother and businessman dad, abutted the woodlands of a large state park in the foothills of the Cadron Mountains outside Central City. Deer hunting season, unknown to Lilly, was starting in a few days. She was so concentrated on her work that Bill Duncan was only a few steps behind her when he emerged from the trees and underbrush of the park. The sounds of rustling vegetation drew her attention and she turned around.

“Hi,” she said, smiling at the tall, lanky young man in a camouflage jump suit.

Bill looked at her with confusion, startled to find her nearby.

“Uh, hi,” he said

“Are you lost?” Lilly asked.

“Yeah … I guess I took a wrong turn back there. I was scouting for deer for the start of the season next week, looking for deer trails. Just a sec.”

Bill looked at his phone, his cell coverage had returned and he checked a GPS app.

“Oh, this isn’t too bad. It looks like I’m about nine tenths of a mile south of the visitor center where I parked.”

Lilly smiled. “Yeah, there’s a little foot trail up near the house. My mom and dad walk it every morning and it’ll take you just a few yards short of the lot.”

“Thanks,” Bill said. “What’re you doin’?”

Lilly explained her sketching and told Bill that she lived in the Reinhardt House with her family and some long-term guests.

Bill was from Cadronia a few miles away, and he’d heard about the house. It had a reputation for eccentricity, hauntings and mystery ever since it was built. He told Lilly he had never met anyone who lived there, but that her father’s purchase of the property and his million dollar renovations sure had started the town gossips going three years prior. The talk had died down since though, as the occupants kept mainly to themselves.

“Yeah, Dad goes to CC all the time on business and whatever we need he picks up or it gets delivered to the house, so we don’t go into Cadronia much, except maybe gas or a burger.”

As the two conversed Bill noticed her oddness. He couldn’t put a finger on it because her words were everyday. Also, she was cute and petite with a short, dark bob of hair, glasses and delicate features. Her skin was pale but with a milky, healthy and very smooth appearance. Complexion was almost a fetish to Bill, and he noticed it first and most of all. Still, Lilly’s demeanor and voice were a little off. Inwardly, he shrugged and said to himself, “I’ll figure it out later.”

What he would learn later was simply that Lilly was … different. In fact, he’d eventually learn nearly everyone at Reinhardt House was different. Lilly had been variously diagnosed with having low-spectrum high-functioning Asperger’s Syndrome and separately in another diagnosis with “having schizoid tendencies.” Not even clinicians could agree on what made Lilly odd.

Lilly was awkward with people, and she knew she could sometimes put people off with her honesty and directness. Lilly just didn’t know how to approach people sometimes, so if she wanted something she sometimes would just ask for it directly with no warm-up or chit chat. Still, she exuded a harmless, daffy charm that disarmed people who might initially be wary of the energy she projected. Bill was experiencing the latter but was about to experience the former.

As Lilly talked to Bill, her attraction rapidly grew. Bill had the lanky build and six-foot-two frame that suggested to her he might be “swinging some pipe” in the bottom half of that camouflage jumpsuit, a phrase she’d overheard from some redneck girls joking around in Cadronia.

Lilly was telling Bill how she occasionally would grab a burger at Sonny’s Sunshine Plaza two miles away from the Reinhardt House. Sometimes she just liked to get away from the estate, despite being a homebody and introvert. As she spoke, she recalled her recent awakening at Sonny’s. Two young women at an adjacent booth had been talking about giving their bahis firmaları boyfriends blowjobs. They had ignored Lilly and thought their conversation was private because the young artist had been listening to music through her ear buds as she ate. What they didn’t know is Lilly, lost in thought at the time, hadn’t queued up more than two or three songs, so she heard every word. One girl didn’t like sucking cock, but the other loved it. As Lilly listened, she felt herself grow flush and aroused. Sex always had been something that held little interest for her. At 20, Lilly still thought of herself as asexual. Growing boobs and widening hips had been more of annoyance to her than an exciting development in adolescence. Even masturbation had been something she only had attempted a few times, and with disappointing results.

But the eavesdropped conversation she heard seemed to trigger something in her that came from out of the blue. It disturbed and excited her as she heard the strange girl describe the intoxicating scent of her boyfriend’s crotch, sweaty from a construction job, but somehow enticing, how hot and wet it got her and how good his cum had tasted. The other girl said she couldn’t stand cum in her mouth, but the cock lover said she craved it. It was a real study in contrasts. Maybe it was that which triggered Lilly’s curiosity, the question it posed to her: Is cock sucking a treat or an unpleasant chore? Of course, she wasn’t so naive that she didn’t know about oral sex, but the references had always grazed her attention before ¬— a shouted insult like “cocksucker” or a double entendre on a TV show. It had never been as real as this eavesdropping experience.

What she heard had only lasted a minute or so before both girls picked up their wrappers and sodas, discarding the former and keeping the latter, and walked out.

Lilly was stunned for another minute or two and so wet in her panties she irrationally feared her juices had soaked through the front of her shorts. They hadn’t, but she quickly made her way to her beat-up, hand-me-down Volvo and drove back to the house.

Her father had been among the founders of two important Silicon Valley startups on in the late 1990s and another in the decade following. He’d gotten out of the first when the market was high, kept his money and put it into the second when the market was recovering again. When a large company you’d recognize the name of bought up the second, Eli Markham had grabbed an executive position inside the merged entity. After years, he sold his shares back to the company at a good price, took his millions and brought his family back to the Central City area he’d left after high school.

That’s why when Lilly made it back to her room from the Sunshine, and despite being in the ‘hinterlands’ of most networks, she was able to log on to a superfast connection using the best laptop. Not that Lilly needed super data speed to look up penises, fellatio and related porn. She even found a female masturbation how-to video and followed its instructions as she looked at cocks and brought herself to a her first, truly powerful orgasm. Lilly was thunderstruck and gasping as she came down from it and licked her fingers clean. Her masturbation efforts gathered steam after Lilly’s mother, Evi Markham, helped her pick out some toys online.

All of it seemed to be leading up to this moment in the grotto with Bill Duncan. They’d exchanged introductions and basic background information, and reached that awkward point in conversations between people new to each other whether to dive in further or go about their previous agendas.

Lilly, who could be clueless about people, sensed this. Bill was shifting his stance and about to put his phone in his pocket to resume his journey back to his truck.

That’s when Lilly blurted out what she was thinking and wanting.

“Would you like me to give you a blowjob?”

Bill stopped in place, wondering if he had heard Lilly right. “Huh?”

Lilly repeated her offer.

Bill just stared at her for a moment, then looked around to see if he was being pranked or if anyone was within eyesight or earshot.

“Wh … Why … we just met.”

“Yeah, and you seem nice. I’ve never given one to a real guy. I’ve just practiced with some dildoes. If you don’t want one, it’s OK.” Lilly started to look a little downcast and rejected. She knew some people thought she was weird, and she’d experienced rejected overtures of friendship before.

Bill started to feel bad, and then he noticed his cock already was getting hard at the prospect. “Maybe I should be flattered,” he silently asked himself.

“OK,” he said.

Lilly instantly brightened.

Bill smiled back and walked to a spot right next to her on the stump.

“Here?” he asked.

“Sure, why not. No one can see us here. You didn’t even see me until you were in the grotto,” she giggled. Lilly was so excited and felt her pussy getting wet, her nipples hard.

She reached up to unbuckle and unzip his pants. Lilly reached in and pulled out Bill’s prick through kaçak iddaa his boxer’s fly. She stuck her hand out and touched it with reverence and she felt her pussy get even wetter. Her excitement took over as she grabbed the rim of his boxers and pulled them down. His cock popped out straight at her face. It was about 7 maybe 8 inches long, thick, veiny and with a loose but tightening foreskin. She loved the sight and wanted to see more, so she eagerly pulled his briefs to his ankles. His balls were hanging there, were only lightly covered with hair.

With one hand she grabbed his cock. It was hard and warm but the skin was smooth. She pulled it up revealing the balls and rubbed his cock between her hand and his stomach. She was so horny her mind was going into a new, weird psychological space. Her mother’s strange beliefs about the fusion of the carnal and the spiritual suddenly made sense to her. This wasn’t just a cock before her. It was her pagan idol.

Lilly moved her head closer to Bill’s balls, inhaling through her nose. She could smell his balls, clean with a slight hint of man. It was turning her on more than the sight and feel. As she got closer and pursed her lips, she kissed his right ball and her heart jumped. Services in the church of cock had begun and the beating of her heart was like the tolling of a steeple bell.

She stuck her tongue out and started licking his ball sack. It was slightly salty. She was still rubbing his cock, but shifted to making out with his balls, pushing her face into them as she kissed and licked them like a mad woman. He was moaning slightly. That turned her on more than anything. She engulfed his left nut in her mouth and rubbed it with her tongue, then let out a slight moan.

“You like those balls, huh?” Bill asked.

“Mmhmmm” she said with the nut in her mouth. Lilly pulled away and in a breathy voice said, “I can sense the power of your seed inside, life pulsing to get out. Thank you.”

That was not what Bill expected to hear but he was in no frame of mind to ask questions.

Instead, he moaned from the vibration. She noticed pre-cum dripping from his cock. With both her hands she tried to milk more pre-cum out of it. She stuck her tongue out and rubbed the tip of his cock on it while she looked up at him. He was looking down at her smiling as the pre=cum rubbed off onto her tongue. The taste was unexpectedly sweet and from then on would be one her favorite things about sucking cock, but it also made her want even more to taste and consume the real thing.

She rubbed his cock slowly, and watched the skin pull slightly over the head of his cock. With a worshipful slowness, she put the head in her mouth and sucked with a gentle but slowly building strength, testing his sensitivity. After that she rubbed the bottom of his cock with her tongue. She let her tongue rub all the way down his shaft to his balls, She licked his balls slightly and rubbed it back up his cock to his head. She let the head go back into her mouth. It was so warm and filled her mouth completely. She moaned again.

Bill could sense her devotion to his pleasure, and it turned him on even more than the sensations of fellatio.

Lilly just kept bobbing her head on his cock like the rocking of a orthodox Jew praying. She couldn’t get but half way down without feeling like she was going to choke. Lilly used both her hands to rub the rest of his cock. Her saliva was flowing, lubing his cock with her hands and throat. She was sucking it like it was the last thing in her mouth.

She opened her mouth, released Bill’s dick and stuck her tongue out. Lilly was panting like dog. She just wanted to worship his cock and feed on what she thought of as his life force and phallic power. He pulled her head closer, and started slapping her with his dick. The wet cock was slapping her on her face and tongue. It hurt but she loved it. Bill was growing more confident in his dominant role, and she in her worshipful, submissive one. It was the role her mother had prepared her for.

Lilly opened her mouth again, moaning, sticking her tongue out. She finally would taste cum. His balls weren’t saggy anymore. She knew it he was about to shoot his seed. He grabbed her head under his balls as he panted loudly. Lilly started licking Bill’s balls and moaned more and more with him.

“Yeahhh,” he groaned.

She positioned her mouth in front of his cock.

The first spurt hit faster then she expected. The warm liquid hit her cheek and lips with force. Lilly quickly wrapped her mouth around his cockhead and felt his cock pulse with each delicious, salty, and slightly bitter spurt. His cum was filling her mouth and she couldn’t help but moan like a whore. As his orgasm ended she pulled his cock out, cum still in her mouth. Lilly held it there, shaping her tongue to cup it there. It wasn’t repellent to her. It was something to savor. Lilly definitely was on the side of the Sunshine girl who loved cock and cum. At least in her imagination, in the several seconds she cradled it on her tongue, it seemed to pulse with kaçak bahis life force. Then, Lilly swallowed it. She felt infused with that life force.

Her scattered mind recalled Jimmy Stewart in “It’s a Wonderful Life” talking about swallowing the moon: “Well, then you can swallow it, and it’ll all dissolve, see… and the moonbeams would shoot out of your fingers and your toes and the ends of your hair… am I talking too much?”

That’s what the seed in her belly felt like to her. It was then that she tapped her clit with her index finger. Lilly knew that would be all it would take, and she was right. Her legs jerked, she lurched forward but managed not to fall to the ground. It was a surprise to her when for a half second her vision whited-out.

Lilly was panting to catch her breath when she looked up at Bill, who already was buttoning up and making sure he had no embarrassing stains on his clothes. He offered Lilly his hand and she took it. Bill pulled her to her feet and she buttoned up and likewise checked her clothes, following his lead.

Bill stammered his thanks, blushed and asked if she needed anything. A light rain started as he said that.

“No, no, I’m fine,” Lilly said. “You probably need to get going.”

Lilly was not the sort of girl who needed after-care or cuddling, in fact, as much as she enjoyed sucking her first cock, she was ready for Bill to be on his way.

Bill was surprised by that but relieved. He walked toward the beginning of the trail and quickly disappeared over the crest of a knoll.

Lilly put her sketchpad in its waterproof case along with her styluses, then slowly walked up the very cracked, concrete and brick walkway from the grotto to the Reinhardt House. The rear wall of the basement was mostly exposed, the house being cut into a hillside that sloped to the grotto and flattened between there and the woods of the state park.

Lilly climbed the servant stairs near the back of the house then out into a first floor hallway that took her to the ballroom. It was there that Lilly’s mother, Evi, was working in her temporary studio while awaiting the completion of renovations on what would be her permanent studio in the cluster of cottages that once house the Reinhardt servants. Diamanda Galas was blasting from an old portable sound system. Lilly had to shout to get Evi’s attention, finally resorting to shutting off the music. Evi looked at her non-plussed.

“What do you want, Lilly?” she said sharply.

In reply, Lilly gave her toothy smile and said, “I gave my first blowjob.”

Evi replied with a “what” and Lilly repeated her declaration.

Evi then beamed at her, walked to Lilly and gave her a big hug. Being a very sexual person, she was more disturbed than anyone about Lilly’s supposed asexuality. Almost anything else from fetishes to being trans, Evi could have accepted, but she’d been perplexed and unaccepting of not having any interest in sex at all. Evi sat her down on a paint-stained but dry bench while Lilly recounted the details of her encounter with Bill.

When she finished, Evi asked, “But, he didn’t fuck you, right?”

Lilly gave her a horrified “no.”

Evi said, “Because you’ve promised to lose your virginity on camera for me.”

“I know, I know, Mom,” Lilly said wearily.

“I can’t tell you enough how relieved I am at your awakening as a woman, Lilly.”

Her mother hugged her again and beamed.

“Let’s go down to the new studio and give it a final look. Bobby told me they’re done. Maybe we’ll give them a special bonus,” Evi said to Lilly with a wink.

Both women made their way out of the house and toward the path that led to the cottages. Evi’s studio was a actually a new building integrated into the old stonewalled cottage near the cluster of small homes. It was utilitarian, a large metal building with a garage door in front for moving large artworks out and a door. They entered and Lilly looked around. She hadn’t been in to look for weeks and she was impressed with the cathedral ceiling that would give Evi plenty of room in which to work on her installations. At the far end of the room, the stone front of the old cottage was still visible and through the windows and open doorway she could see the small kitchen, office and storage areas Evi would use.

Bobby and his assistant, Roland, were cleaning up, rolling up visqueen plastic sheets and discarding debris in a rollaway dumpster.

“Hey, Ms. Markham,” he said and waved. “What do you think?”

Evi said it looked good, but she and Lilly would walk through to check the contractor’s punch list. In fact, she had done a walkthrough in the wee hours of the morning before she went to bed, so she only needed a cursory double check.

Evi and Lilly finished their circuit and returned to Bobby and Roland. Both were blue collar, slightly redneck guys but highly competent in their trades. Bobby was tall with sandy hair and a scruffy beard. Roland was stocky but not fat and even rougher around the edges, with long brown hair and a beard. Bobby handed Evi a clipboard with a form to sign off on saying they job was complete. She signed and handed it back, then pulled a check from her pocket that she gave to Bobby. He looked at it and smiled with satisfaction, payday.

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