The House Guest Ch. 01

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(A note to the reader. If you used “tags” to find this story, let me assure you that each will come into play during the course of the story.)


Chapter One: “You Didn’t Do Anything Wrong”

“Do you wanna fuck me?”

I spat a mouthful of orange juice all over myself and the breakfast table at her question. I looked quickly to the hallway, where my oblivious wife was busying herself with preparing to leave for the day.

I leaped up, retrieving a hand towel and wiping at the yellow stain on my dress shirt and slacks as I growled in a low whisper, “What the hell kind of question–“

“I see how you look at me.”

As if it had been some sort of command, my eyes fell to Ally’s wonderful form. She was a sexy, young woman, with a wild head of red framing the flawless, fair skinned face of a make up model; firm, gravity-defying “c” cup breasts sporting large, ever-hard nipples; a dramatic hour glass figure that included a flat belly and wide, rounded hips; and a pear-shaped ass leading to long, athletic legs that all men who’d ever seen them — including myself — surely dreamed of having wrapped around their lower body as they pounded hard and deep into the heavenly hole between them.

She was, in a word, a goddess.

And as I heard my daughter — Ally’s classmate and friend — bounding down the stairs and into the kitchen, I reminded myself of what else this goddess was: a half-my-age teenage high schooler.

Beth stopped just inside the kitchen, shifting her gaze from me to Ally and back, asking, “Whatcha talking about.”

“Nothing.” My answer was quick and decisive and full of guilt, despite the fact that I hadn’t said or done anything that I needed to feel guilty about. Of course, I HAD done something for which I PROBABLY should have felt guilty: I’d ogled Ally repeatedly over the three days that she’d been staying with us, culminating in fucking my wife last night with the energy and determination I hadn’t had in … well, a while.

Afterwards, as Lori and I both laid there gasping for air after our multiple orgasms, I was sure she knew I’d been fantasizing about the young, scantily clad beauty with whom her daughter had begged to have an extended ‘sleep over’.

But Lori’ hadn’t said a thing, either out of concern for my answer or apathy about what drove me to be the animal I’d been. She’d only cuddled up next to me, told me I was magnificent, and drifted off for the most sound sleep she’d probably had in quite a while.

As Ally and Beth began ranting on about their plans for the day, I wiped the orange juice from the table, thankful that I didn’t have to explain it to my daughter.

“We’re gonna be late!” my wife called from the hall.

“Your dad’s gonna give me a ride to the mall this morning.”

I stood tall at the second shock of the morning. “I’m what…?”

“I’m not ready, and you’re going to be late to class,” Ally continued, ignoring both my shock and question. “We’ll catch up at the coffee shop after last period.”

Before I could even consider a response, Beth lunged at me, kissing my cheek, telling me thanks for playing chauffeur, and hollering after her mom, “Meet you at the car! Forgot my phone!”

My daughter rushed off up the stairs again, leaving me staring at her devilishly smirking friend.

“What are you doing?” I whispered.

“Getting you alone,” she answered, not nearly as much a whisper as I’d wished it had been when…

I leaped at the feel of a bahis firmaları hand on my ass, spinning to see my wife smiling to me.

“Dinner with the Pauls tonight. Don’t forget. And after…”

Again I leaped as I felt her hand cup my groin. She pulled her hand back, wiggling her now sticky fingers.

“Orange juice!” I said quickly, my mind still wracked with illogical guilt. “I spilled my orange juice.”

She went to the sink and washed her hands. She repeated, “The Pauls…?”

“Yeah, yeah. The guy with the snow mobiles and the 2013 Jag’.”

Lori chuckled, kissed me, then leaned left to look at Ally. “Boys and their toys?”

She turned and hurried for the front door, calling for Beth to hurry.

Behind me — in that same ‘I don’t care if they hear me’ volume — Ally said, “Do you need a new toy, Greg? Do you need ME to be your new toy?”

I didn’t turn to look at her. Instead, I just continued staring down the main hall, watching Lori getting into her car. A moment later, Beth shot down the hall and out the door, flinging it shut behind her with a cheery, “Bye, Dad!”

A long moment passed in silence. I wasn’t sure how to proceed. I was a married man alone with a young, sexy woman who I wanted to fuck, who knew that I wanted to fuck her and had no qualms over teasing me about it.

To make matters worse, my slacks were being pushed straight out before me by a rock solid erection that had snaked its way out of the fly of my boxers. My lust for Ally was about as definite as it could be, whether I wanted to deny it or not.

“You didn’t answer my question.”

A chill ran up my spine, and goose pimples covered my skin. I contemplated a moment, then half turned — hiding my raging hard-on — and lied, “No, I don’t want to fuck you.”

“You mean you want to fuck me, but you won’t. Because you’re married. Or … because I’m your daughter’s best friend … your daughter’s eighteen year old friend.”

I answered her by turning away and heading for my bedroom. “I need clean clothes. Get your stuff together and I’ll get you to the mall, or to where every you can find boys who need toys.”

I laid out a fresh set of clothes on the bed and, as I began stripping the stained clothes sticking to my skin, I chuckled to myself. I hadn’t had a woman — let alone a teenage GIRL — tease with me like that in almost two decades. Now, away from Ally and with Lori and Beth out of earshot, I found it a great deal more comical and almost complimentary than when I’d thought the conversation was going to be overheard, leading my wife to ask if we still had that lawyer on retainer.

My moment of levity was cut short, though, when the bedroom door opened and Ally — now nude — entered the room with a smile.

“My God…”

I had spoken the words without even realizing I’d parted my lips. As I’d believed, she truly was a goddess. There was nothing about her that wasn’t perfect; even her curly red bush was trimmed neatly — not shaven clean away — like I’d so often begged my wife to do, back when we were more regularly having sex with one another.

“Beth said you kept in shape,” Ally said, she now being the one doing the ogling. “But she didn’t say you were a rock hard babe.”

I wasn’t, of course. I had a bit of what my wife liked to call ‘winter insulation’ covering much of my torso. But daily exercise and a membership on an adult City League basketball team had kept my physique in almost the same shape that had driven the girls kaçak iddaa in high school nuts, prior to my knocking up my wife and bringing about the true adult portion of my life.

Again, without realizing I’d opened my mouth, I responded, “Thank you.”

THANK YOU?? my brain screamed! You’re a married man with a semi-erect dick hardening quickly, aching to be deep inside the naked teenage girl coming to you, and you’re saying ‘Thank you’…? What the fuck are you doing?

I couldn’t, I knew. I couldn’t do anything. It was just wrong, and on so many different levels. Yet, as she continued forward, stepping up to within just inches of me, taking hold of the waist band of my boxers, pulling them off my hips and — as she lowered before me — down my legs to encircle my ankles…

“Ally, I can’t,” I finally got out. “I can’t do this.”

“You aren’t.”

I looked down at her, as her eyes lifted to meet mine, and one hand grasped the shaft of my solid-again erection.

“You aren’t,” she repeated, reaching her other hand to my belly and gently pushing me back to sit on the bed. She clarified, “I am. I am doing this.”

I knew what she meant. SHE was seducing ME, not the other way around. But, I was the adult — the ‘married with children’ adult — and I should have been the one to stop this.


I didn’t.

Ally pushed my thighs open and inched forward to between them. Then, she put her full attention on my erection, not looking up again until it was all over.

It was the best blow job I’d ever had, which was saying a lot considering how many kinky, experimental lovers I’d had before I got married. Ally had stroked me a few times, then leaned down to lick, kiss, and take in the tip of my penis. Then, lowering and raising her head a dozen or so times, she took my entire shaft into her mouth, the first ‘deep throat’ I’d ever had.

The feeling of being totally enveloped by her warm, wet lips and mouth was simply magical, and it wasn’t long before my moans of pleasure gave way to groans of anticipation, followed by my warning her, “God al-fucking-mighty … fuck, Ally, I’m gonna cum … oh god, I’m gonna cum… “

She lifted from me, replacing her mouth with long, firm strokes. “Not yet. I want this to last.”

“Too late!” There was no stopping. I was passed the point of no return, and I could feel the explosion welling in my groin.

She knew what was coming. She quickly took half of my length back into her mouth and pumped me rapidly with one hand.

With a loud groan, I erupted, firing round after round of thick, salty cum into her mouth. My body exploded with pleasure and my mind swam in euphoria; I don’t remember even doing it, but as I was overwhelmed by the orgasm, I slowly fell back to the bed, eyes closed, fingers laced in Ally’s thick red curls, holding her in place as she continued to pump me for every drop I was willing to give up.

I don’t know how long I simply laid there, my body and brain not mine to control. When my ability to think finally returned, my mind went quickly through stages: ‘My god that was the most incredible…’; ‘Fuck, you just cheated on your wife…’; “Jesus Christ, she’s fucking EIGHTEEN years old’; and finally back to ‘My god … that was … incredible.”

Ally had continued to pump my cock, lapping up every drop, before finally standing and backing away from the bed. I knew she’d stopped, but I was still basking in the pleasure; I don’t know how much time passed before I opened my eyes kaçak bahis and realized that Ally wasn’t even in the room with me anymore.

I sat up, asking for her. She didn’t answer. I snatched my robe from the changing chair, threw it on, and — after checking the driveway to ensure we didn’t have unexpected visitors — hurried down the stairs to the living room, the kitchen, and finally the door of my daughter’s bedroom.

Ally had already donned a tiny skirt and was pulling a tight, cropped tee shirt down over those amazing tits. She smiled broadly to me, asking, “Did you enjoy that?”

I laughed suddenly, amazed that she even had to ask. Then, with an obviously disappointed tone to my question, I asked, “Where are you going? I thought–“

“I have to be at work by nine.”

“But I thought…”

I didn’t finish the sentence. It wasn’t necessary.

“That we were going to fuck…?”

I hesitated before simply nodding.

She stepped into a pair of modest open toed heels and walked up to me. “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

I stared down into her eyes, oblivious.

“You didn’t do anything wrong. This…” She parted my robe and played her fingers in the curly hairs of my chest. “I did this. You have nothing to be guilty about for this. But, if we fuck … you will.”

“You sucked my cock,” I said, using the harshest tone and words I could for the most amazing event of my sexual life. “I can’t see me NOT feeling guilty for not stopping that.”

She moved against me, stepped to her tippy toes, kissed my cheek, and said, “You couldn’t have stopped me.”

She curled around me heading out of the room.

I thought about the way she’d said that. Had she done this to men before, married men even? I wanted to know, but at the same time, I didn’t. I wanted to think that I was the only man — married or not — whose dick she taken deep into her mouth in such an amazing way.

But I knew that wasn’t true. You didn’t deep throat a man to orgasm and swallow his load with the skill she had unless you’d been practicing on another dick somewhere.

“Ally, wait!”

She stopped at the head of the stairs, half turning and presenting that unbelievable figure to me. I ogled her for a moment before asking, “So … what now? I mean … are we gonna … you know, again?”

She smiled. “I don’t know. Ask me tonight.”


Her smile widened even farther as she reminded me, “I’m staying here until my folks get back from Europe, and they don’t get back for three more days.”

I hadn’t even considered that. And now that I knew it, a wide smile replaced my concerned expression.

As she descended the stair case, I called down to her, “Wait! I thought I was giving you a ride to the mall.”

“The bus passes by a block from here ever twenty minutes. I’ll catch one.”

I was running out of ways to keep her here or, at least, keep her near me. It was looking like the morning’s pleasure was definitely done and gone with no chances of additional orgasms for either of us.

‘Either of us’, I thought. She’d sucked me to orgasm, but from what she was saying, it didn’t appear as if I’d be seeing her screaming in ecstasy. She seemed intent on preserving my vows of faithfulness to my wife, even if I was ready and willing to throw them out the window to get deep inside that young pussy.

And then, as if she’d heard my mind wishing to see her screaming in ecstasy, she stopped at the bottom of the stairs and said, “I have a girlfriend. You can watch us if you want.”

And almost before my mind could even imagine what Ally was offering, she was gone.

Coming Soon:

Chapter Two: “This is SO much more than just wrong!”

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