The Hot Mom Ch. 07

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Saturday came around finally and Kevin was in the shower when Angela arrived at the house to do some chores. She got laundry started after she stripped his bed and his mother’s bed. Then she went into the bathroom, the steam from the shower was fogging up the glass of the mirror.

Angela slowly stripped off her clothes until they were a pile at her feet and she got into the shower with Kevin surprising him. After she startled him he took her in his arms and the two of them kissed passionately. Kevin took his hand and began to rub her between the legs making her moan softly into his mouth.

Angela reached down and began to stroke his hard cock; Kevin knew it was time so he picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he slid his cock into her pussy, pushing her up against the shower wall as he fucked himself into her.

Little did either of them know Kevin’s mother Sharon had come back early from her vacation to surprise her son. She heard the washing machine running and found no sign of Angela or her son in downstairs of the house. She went upstairs and found no sign of them in either bedroom, and then she heard the shower running and voices coming from the bathroom.

She opened the door slowly and peaked in around it, she could hear her son and Angela in the shower making love. Through the glass she could make out the muscular form of her son with Angela’s long legs wrapped around him. She could see his ass cheeks flex in and out as he pushed his penis in and out of her. Her legs wrapped tighter around him as she just cried out in orgasm, he then put her down and turned her around.

Her son had just entered her from behind as she bent over enough to accommodate him. He reached up with one hand and fondled one of her firm small breasts, pulling on its hard nipple when he did.

“Oh god fuck me hard baby, fuck me so hard.” She moaned.

“Yeah, oh yeah, I’m cumming.” Groaned her son as he now grabbed her hips and plunged his cock into her deep into her pussy.

After they were done they washed up and kissed a little more, that is when Sharon made her exit from the bathroom. She went downstairs and sat on the couch, the first one to come down was Angela. She did not even see Sharon sitting on the couch until she came back from the laundry room.

“Sharon oh my god did you just get back?” She asked surprised.

“I have been back long enough to see what is going on with you and my son.” She said to Angela coldly.

“Look Sharon I can explain, please don’t tell Al, I beg you.” She pleaded.

“Then you must promise me to stay away from my son, if I catch the two of you together I will tell him.” She said with anger still in her voice. “Now get out of my house.”

“Thank you Sharon.” She said and ran out the door.

A few minutes later Kevin came downstairs with a towel wrapped around him, he was surprised to find his mother there. She told him to sit down on the couch so they could talk about what she had just witnessed.

“Kevin, Angela is a married woman, a mother and the mother of your best friend, what were you thinking?” She asked him.

“Mom first off, it was not her fault I pursued her from the moment I met her, I think I love her and I think over time she will realize her feelings for me are the same.” He explained.

“So for you it’s love and for her it’s sex.” His mother said. “She is just using you to get her rocks off, don’t you see that son?”

“I’m doing things to her and for her that her husband could bahis firmaları never do, what is wrong with that.” He said getting up to go back upstairs.

“Well it’s over between you two; I told her if I catch the two of you together again I would tell her husband.” Sharon said as he got up a few stairs.

“Then you probably ought to tell him, because I plan on seeing her again.” He said going into his room slamming the door.

The two of them did not talk the rest of the day; Sharon remade her bed and dropped a basket of laundry outside his room. Sharon ate supper alone and went to bed weeping that her joyful home coming was ruined.

In his room Kevin had logged onto instant messenger and was now talking to Angela on it. She told him it was safe for them to talk due to the fact everyone else was either occupied or off to bed.

Basketballer: I don’t want to stop seeing you.

AWinters: We have to stop, it wrong from the beginning and your mother will tell Al.

Baketballer: I can’t stop seeing you, I’m going to Al myself we are having an affair, and then we can be together.

AWinter: No Kevin. That would ruin everything for everybody.

Basketballer: Then you need to admit you love me and tell me this is not over.

AWinter: I do love you, I kept trying to tell myself that it was just the sex but I do love you. I just don’t have the courage to end my marriage, to hurt my kids so we can be together. Jimmy is your best friend, he thinks of you like a brother, how he would take it if he found out his best friend and his mother is having an affair.

Basketballer: I want Jimmy to know, I want the world to know, Angela neither of us will be truly happy unless we can be together.

AWinters: I was thinking after the season is over, it means so much to everyone that you guys are winning. After the season is over we tell Al and Jimmy that we are having an affair. I promise.

Basketballer: I can live with that, I love you.

AWinters: I love you too.

The two of them signed off, Kevin shut his computer down and went to bed dreaming of what life would be like living with Angela. Angela too had similar dreams as she lay in bed next to her husband.

A couple weeks had past and the team lost a game but won three others, everyone in the town and school felt they had a good chance at a state title this year. The team’s Christmas tournament was coming up and Kevin had a plan for a party and a chance to be with Angela. The first game of the tournament was on Friday night and the team won the game easily in thirty point blow out. Kevin announced that the team was going to have a party at his house if they win the championship game.

“Well thanks for putting me on the spot.” Sharon pouted.

“Mom, why don’t you ask Angela to help you out, I’m sure she won’t mind.” Kevin suggested. “As a matter of fact Jimmy is running the idea by her now.”

“Hold on.” Sharon said when her cell phone rang. “Really, that would be great; I will call you later to work out the details Angela, okay bye. That was Angela and she agreed to help and chaperone the party.”

“Great I will guarantee a win, especially if everyone knows we have a party to look forward too.” Kevin said running off to join his friends.

Win they did on the next night before a standing room only crowd, they won the game led by Kevin who was unstoppable all night. He put up forty three points and pulled down fifteen rebounds at the end he was tournament MVP. The whole team kaçak iddaa looked forward to the party as did the whole class.

The party was in full swing and everyone was having a good time, the kids were drinking soda and energy drinks. Angela and Sharon were sharing a bottle of wine, when the wine was gone they were making rum and cokes. Sharon was having a good time with the kids and was feeling pretty buzzed she got watching a movie with some of them.

She never noticed Kevin and Angela sneaks upstairs to his room; he had her on his bed with her sweater unbuttoned and her bra unhooked sucking on her nipples. She wore a short skirt tonight and Kevin now had that pushed up, he pulled her panties down and went to down on her. He licked and sucked on her pussy as if he was starving and had not had a meal in months. Angela was now bucking her hips against his face as his tongue was working on her sensitive clit and he was finger fucking her quickly with two fingers.

Soon she was cumming all over his lips and he eagerly slurped up the extra juices, he climbed up between her legs sliding his hard cock into her easily. She could smell the scent of her sex on his face and pulled him down to kiss her.

“Mmmm no wonder you like to eat my pussy, I do taste pretty good.” She said licking her cum off of his chin.

“Finger licking good I might add.” Kevin said holding his two fingers in front of her.

Angela pulled his hand to her mouth and sucked on his fingers, licking her juices off of them as he now pumped his cock in and out of her. He pulled her legs up over his shoulders and his cock was now into her so deep it was hitting the entrance of her cervix.

“Oh fuck me, oh god yes fuck me Kevin.” She panted hard. “Fuck it’s been too long since I’ve been fucked this good.”

“Soon we will be together, oh fuck I love you, I love fucking you.” He grunted.

They fucked like this for several more minutes making Angela cum several times in the process. Kevin rolled off of her after her next orgasm and rolled her over onto her side. He then lifted up one of her long legs and entered her from the side; he whispered in her ear that he wanted to see her play with her clit while he fucked her.

Angela obeyed and reached down rubbing her clit as his big cock fucked her, he kept whispering in her ear how hot she was making him. His eyes never leaving her pussy as he watched her fingers frantically rub circles on her sensitive nub. The two of them together had an explosive orgasm as he filled her full of his youthful cum.

“I love you.” She said as he finally pulled his softening cock from her used pussy.

“I love you.” He replied pulling close to him. “Let’s just lie here together for a while and enjoy each other.”

“Let me go to the bathroom and call Al, I’ll make up something about spending the night.” She said getting up and leaving to use the bathroom.

A few minutes later she returned and climbed into bed with Kevin he held her tightly in his arms. The two of them were talking and then without warning they fell asleep together on his bed.

Meanwhile downstairs the party was breaking up and most of the kids were gone, the only two left were Chris a kid who played on the team and Marty a kid in the same class as Kevin. Sharon went around picking up garbage and putting things back in order, when Chris asked her to sit down on the couch.

“Miss Adams’ forget that stuff why don’t you sit here and watch this movie with me?” He asked.

“Sure kaçak bahis why not.” She said making herself another strong rum and coke before sitting down.

Marty then got up and left the party leaving the two of them alone on the couch, Chris asked her if it was alright if he crashed on the couch telling her he was too tired to drive. Sharon agreed, she slowly got up and got a blanket and a pillow from the closet for him, she returned to the couch.

“You sure look very nice tonight Miss Adams'” He said moving closer.

“Well thank you Chris.” She replied patting him on the leg and then downing the last of her drink. “Had way too much tonight.”

“I can’t wait until I turn twenty one, only three more years to go.” He said.

“Oh honey there is more to life than getting drunk.” She said. “Even though it was fun to get a good buzz tonight, you have a girlfriend?”

“No.” He said putting a hand on her thigh and rubbing it in slow circles. “You do look pretty hot tonight.”

Sharon was surprised when he leaned in and kissed her on the mouth, she was even more surprised when she kissed him back. The two of them were kissing wildly on the couch, Chris took every opportunity to feel her large tits or rub her round ass. He then tried to get her tight jeans undone so he could slide his hand down them.

“I can’t let you.” She said breaking off the kiss.

“Oh c’mon I’m so horny and you are so hot.” He moaned.

She could see the uncomfortable bulge in his pants and felt sorry for the young man, she had to admit making out with him made her feel horny as well. She did not know if it was the booze or the fact this kid kept telling how hot she was, she could believe what she was going to do next.

“Take off your shirt.” She said to him.

He took off his shirt and she undid his jeans freeing his cock from the confines of them. It was nice six inches hard and thick too, she gently took it into her hand and it throbbed at her touch.

“I’ll give you a hand job.” She said. “It will be our little secret okay.”

“Oh yes don’t stop.” He panted.

The young man had better control than she thought he would have as she stroked him up and down. Sweat was now rolling off of her forehead as she worked with both hands trying to get him to cum.

“Why don’t you take off your sweater?” He said.

He was right taking off her sweater would be a great idea, so she did revealing a tight pink bra that barely held her tits. He watched mesmerized as they bounced and jiggled in her bra, he reached behind her and unhooked it. Chris now played with her bare breasts; he gently pulled on one of her hard nipples making her moan.

Chris then pushed her head down gently and she let him do so, she soon found his cock rubbing against her lips. She slid it into her mouth and willing sucked on it, Chris let out a loud groan to how good it felt. Sharon was now deep throating him and she could feel his balls tense up as he shot a big thick load down her throat. She gagged and coughed as the unexpected saltiness burned her throat for a moment.

“Wow that was awesome Miss Adams.” He said watching her get up from the couch.

“Yes that was not bad at all.” She said with a smile. “Now get some sleep.”

She left him on the couch and went upstairs to her bedroom, not knowing Angela was sleeping with her son. She got naked and lay down on her bed; she began to play with herself. Once she got worked up enough she pulled her eight inch dildo from her night stand and fucked herself until she came. Then she fell into a blissful night’s slumber with her dildo lying beside her.

Next chapter Angela wakes Kevin up and they get caught by Sharon again, Chris wants Shannon again.

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