The Group Ch. 07

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Big Tits

Two days later I managed to see Tracy, she was both upset and annoyed that I’d been spending so much time with her Mother and Heather, I told her that I had a surprise present for her, if she wasn’t busy that evening,

She said she wasn’t, so I asked her to come over later, returning home I telephoned Laura at work and told her, her presence was required at 8o’clock and not to be late, or she would be punished for being a bad slave.

By 7.30 Tracy had arrived, excited about her present, I told her it would be here by 8, making no more reference to it I made some drinks, we sat there waiting.

At 8 o’clock Laura duly arrived, dressed in a skirt and t-shirt, I welcomed her in and told her to kiss me in her special way, she knelt down undid my trousers and took out my cock to kiss it, putting it away, we went into the living room to meet Tracy, I told her to come and stand by me as I sat in a chair, she stood there and as I talked to Tracy I ran my hand up her leg to her pussy, she had remembered not to wear panties, she parted her legs to allow me to probe her slit with my fingers, Tracy just sat there no knowing what was going on.

I asked Tracy if she was feeling horny, she just looked at me lustfully, so turning to Laura, I told her to go and suck Tracy’s pussy till she came, she went across to Tracy, and knelt at her feet, she pushed her dress up round her waist and started to rub her mound, Tracy sighed and parted her legs slightly, Laura put her hands up either side of Tracy’s hips, and found the top of her panties, Tracy lifted her hips slightly, allowing Laura to remove them, Laura pushed on Tracy’s legs urging her to part them for her, and moved down to lick her pussy, Tracy grunted as Laura’s tongue touched her snatch, and probed her tongue into it’s folds,

Tracy was in heaven, she closed her eyes, and brought both her hands up to her still covered tits and started to massage them through her clothing, I went over and lifted Laura’s skirt over her ass and sat back down to watch, I could plainly see from my position that Laura was wet, her juices started to run down her inner thighs,

Laura had been eating Tracy for about 5 minutes when Tracy started to cum, she thrust her hips up to meet Laura’s mouth, grinding into her pussy and clit, she climaxed hard, flooding Laura’s mouth with her sweet juice, Laura didn’t stop, she just kept licking and sucking at Tracy, sending her into her second orgasm, before her first one finished, and then a third and a forth, I had to go over and tell her to stop, no sooner had I said so then she did.

Getting up off the floor, I told her to go and stand at the side of my chair, looking at Tracy I could see that she was in no condition, for me to fuck her, not yet anyway, sitting back down, I caressed Laura’s leg telling her that she was a good slave, I told her to remove her clothes and fold them up on a chair, she did so and came back to stand by me, I then told her that and if she wanted to she could go and sit in the other chair and wank herself to one orgasm, and one orgasm only.

By this time Tracy was just starting to come back to her sense, she looked over at Laura sitting in the chair playing with herself, I told Tracy of her arrangement with us, and that she would do anything we asked of her without question, and that she was here for our pleasure and not hers, Tracy’s eyes grew wide, “You mean to tell me if I told her to fuck a guy, any guy, she would”,

“Yes”, I replied, “The same with women, until the other week she’d never been with a woman, it was Heather and your mom that broke her in for us”, all the time we were talking about her as though she wasn’t there, she was sat no more than 4 feet from us wanking her self, she was given all the information about Laura, even what had happened at the club.

I could see an evil twinkle in Tracy’s eye, and she turned to Laura and said “Slave, stop what you’re doing and come over here”, Laura who was just on the verge of her orgasm, stopped and moved to Tracy, Tracy, told her to open her legs, and stand there, she warned her that if she came she would be punished, and with that she shoved two fingers roughly up her pussy, then pulled them out to lick them, Laura gasped but did not cum, “Right slave go back and finish off what you were doing”, Laura went back to the chair and continued to wank herself to orgasm.

“What do you think of her” I asked?,

Tracy was finishing off licking Laura’s juices from her fingers, “She tastes good”, said Tracy, “And she looks divine”.

After Laura had finished wanking herself, I told her to come and stand by my chair again, I got up and started to strip, once naked I sat back down with my cock at full mast, I told her to come and sit on my cock, she came round and straddled me with her back to me, reaching between her legs, she grabbed the base of my cock, and guided it into her pussy, she sank down on it in one push, I held her hips and kept her still, beyoğlu escort feeling it stretch her pussy, I allowed her to bounce up and down on me for around a minute, to lubricate my cock, then I told her to get up and take my cock in her ass, she climbed off and repositioned my cock at her butt hole, she started to sink on it, taking three thrusts to get it all in, she gasped as it stretched her, she sat there for a couple of minutes not moving, I leaned forward and asked her if she would like her pussy licked, she just nodded, so I told her to ask her new mistress if she would do it for her,

She turned to Tracy and asked, ” Please Mistress would you lick my pussy please”.

Tracy was over like a flash, she’d been wanting to lick her from the moment she’d tasted her juices on her fingers, Laura leaned back onto me, allowing Tracy easier access to her pussy, Tracy lapped and slurped at Laura like she’d not eaten in days which she hadn’t, not pussy anyway, Laura started a rocking motion on my lap, gentle enough for Tracy not to lose contact with her pussy, but strong enough to move my cock in her ass, and start my orgasm rising, with the slight movement of my cock in her ass it wasn’t long before I shot my load in her ass, causing her to cum a split second later, and flood Tracy’s mouth with her cum.

Tracy stood up and moved away, allowing Laura to climb off my cock, I told her to keep my cum in her ass, and go and shower, not forgetting to clean herself internally as well, Tracy looked radiant with Laura’s juices on her face, so I moved over to her and kissed her tasting Laura, she said “She’d enjoyed our time together, and thought Laura was wonderful as a slave, but she needed to look the part”,

“What do you mean”, I asked, hoping she had the same thoughts as me?,

“I mean” she said “That she needed to look the part, maybe a collar and lead for her to wear, so we can move her round with it, I’ll tell you what”, she added, “We can go to a shop I know”.

This intrigued me, so I agreed, “When do you want to go”, I added?,

“What about now, they’re open till 10”, with that Laura came back so I told her, her work was finished for the night and she could dress and go, she dressed and readied to leave, giving Tracy and I her special kisses as she left, we scrambled to dress ourselves, and not having much time left went right away to this shop, Tracy drove for a change, as she knew the way.

Arriving, I realised it was a sex shop, with all the usual vibrators and dildo’s out on display, Tracy said she would make the selection, being a woman she knew what she liked, and would therefore have a better idea of what to buy, she chose two different vibrators, one was small, for clitoral use, and one larger latex cock shaped one, she also picked out a collar and lead, I looked round, and out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a large butt plug, with a remote control vibration feature, and some latex pants with a vibrating dildo on the inside, pointing these out to Tracy, I asked her if we could torment Laura with them, by making her wear them then using the remotes cause them to vibrate either singularly or in a combination, to drive her wild, she grinned like a cat that had got the cream, she then turned round and told me she wanted a strap-on, as well, cos she’d love to fuck Laura with it at some point.

We made our purchases and left, giggling like two school children all the way home, neither of us could wait to try them out, but as I had contractors coming in to convert the basement, we’d have to wait a couple of weeks till they’d finished.

A week passed and Laura called, with news that all the paperwork was finished and the flat was now ours, I immediately telephoned Anna, to tell her I was collecting the keys, and she could start to look for furniture and fitting for hers and Helens love nest, she giggled on the other end, and said she’d let Helen know.

Over the next couple of weeks nothing much happened, as I was busy running between the flat and home, making sure the contractors at my place and the decorators at the flat were doing their jobs properly.

Once the decorating at the flat was finished, I spent a lot of time waiting for various deliveries of carpets and furniture at the flat, Helen also kept taking time off from work, for a different type of delivery, one I was happy to provide.

The day came for them to move in, and Anna asked me for my key to the flat, thinking I would not be able to walk in on them both, I handed it over, but unbeknown to them I had a spare key made, the day I collected them from Laura, so access to their flat was not a problem, but I had other things on my mind at the time.

The contractors had finished in my basement, dividing it into 2 parts, with the larger part being for the fun room and the smaller one for the dungeon, now was the time for me to call in Norman, Gina, Heather and bostancı escort Charlotte to get our own special decorating done, it was decided that the newly plastered walls would be of a darkish colour to make the fun room look warm and cosy, also I was told to order 4 king size mattresses, and Norman would help me construct a base for them all to sit in, as there were no windows in the basement, it was decide to have material draped round the ceiling, giving it a sumptuous atmosphere, the women all decided between themselves how it should look and Norman and I left them to it, we busied ourselves with the dungeon room, the first thing we installed were 4 camera’s, to cover all the room, Norman told me he had got hold of an old hospital bed to convert to the bench he wanted to make, but had no way of collecting it, so one morning, we hired a van to collect it, it had to be taken apart to get it into the room, and the conversion took place in the dungeon, it looked by no means comfortable, but it was going to serve our purpose, another wall had a rack like object attached to it, for restricting others on, and there were various chains and handcuffs hung on the walls, we also invested in a love swing for one corner, and something, I was reliably informed was a gynaecologist’s examination chair, complete with leg stirrups, I couldn’t wait to try all this stuff out.

It took us nearly a month to get both the rooms ready, and all the time we were wanting to fuck each other, but it had been agreed, no sex until it was done, unless we were at the club.

Came the day of the grand opening of the rooms, Laura was told to be there, as she entered the house she gave us our special kiss, I took her straight up to one of the guest rooms where I had laid out her maids uniform, plus the items Tracy and I had picked out from the sex shop, I told her to stand still as I undressed her, once she was naked, I took the large butt plug from off the bed and put some lubrication on it, telling her to bend over and spread her ass cheeks. I place the tip against her butt, and slowly pushed it in, she winced as it got to the widest part then suddenly plopped right in to it’s stop, I told her to stand up and took the latex pants from the bed, putting more lubricant on the dildo inside it, I told her to step into them, and spread her legs, I guided the dildo to her pussy, locating her hole, and pushed it home from the outside, and then helped her into the rest of the pants, the rest of her uniform was a short black dress that was that low cut, you could just see the tops of her nipples, with a little white lacy front to it, I took her downstairs, at no time telling her that the plug or the dildo were remote control, she was going to find that out over our meal.

We sat down and had Laura serve us, every so often I would reach into my robe pocket and press one of the remote’s, giving her either a buzz in her pussy or her ass, by the end of our meal she was a wreck, with no-one touching her and every so often she would get either a tingling buzz or a full on buzz, taking her just short of her orgasm.

She was instructed to clear up after us and we waited to take her down to the basement with us, Gina, Charlotte And Heather decided they would go into the fun room, Norman and I wanted to try out his bench, so took Laura with us to the dungeon room, taking her bodily and fastening her to the bench, making sure we had removed the latex pants first, she was there with her butt in the air, and her knees fastened round the two posts sticking up in the middle, with her ankles and wrists strapped to the table, the only thing she could do was wiggle her ass at someone, she couldn’t move anything else at all, I then started to play with her pussy, teasing it for a while, keeping her just short of her orgasm, we left the dungeon still with Laura fastened to the bench, and went to join the other’s, as we left I grabbed the strap-on from off the wall, taking it with me.

As we entered, Heather asked where Laura was we told her she was strapped to the bench, she said we were rotten and had been all night, as she knew Laura needed a good stiff cock in her, with that I produced the strap-on from behind my back and told her to be my guest and go sort her out.

Heather looked at this contraption and said “I don’t know how to put it on”, I helped her into it and fastened the straps, she looked so weird standing there with her tits in full view and this fake cock hanging from her crotch, Heather and I left the other’s and went into the other room, I had to see Heather fuck our little sex slave with that cock, Heather moved over to the bench at the side of Laura, and bent to kiss her, she whispered in her ear that she was going to give her something special, something none of the other’s had, had, she moved round to the bottom of the bench, and I adjusted it for her height, she could see that Laura still had the plug büyükçekmece escort in her ass, and was about to remove it, I told her to leave it where it was, and to go ahead and give it to her, she placed the head of that cock at her entrance and started to push, at the same time I turned on the vibrations in her butt plug, reaching under Heather I found the switch for the clit vibrator on the strap-on, and flicked it, I watched from the side as Heather started to stroke the strap-on in and out of Laura, it only took 3 or 4 strokes and Laura was cumming, she splashed her juices out of her pussy and all round Heather’s groin, the warm feeling coupled with the clit vibrator started to effect Heather, she started to pump harder and faster into Laura, this caused Laura to cum again, between them they fucking harder and harder, by this time the other’s had joined us to see Heather taking Laura with the strap-on.

All of a sudden Heather started to cum, her knees started to buckle and she screamed out loud, we helped her down from the back of Laura and put her in the love swing to recuperate, I moved in next and without warning shoved my cock into Laura, she squealed and came immediately, but I did not stop, the sight of Heather fucking her made me wild with lust, I just had to fuck her fast and hard, as I was doing this Gina had removed the strap-on from Heather and was climbing into it, I was nearing my own orgasm, pounding into Laura, and felt my knees buckling , supporting myself with my hands, I gave one final thrust and shot my load deep into her.

Gina took her turn next, slamming into her well lubricated pussy with the strap-on, the sweat was running down Laura’s back and she was into her multiple orgasms, not finishing the last one before the next one hit, Gina started to cum herself, shaking from head to foot, she staggered back, then Norman took his turn, and finally Charlotte, by the time everyone had had finished fucking Laura, she was just a mass of nerves, the least little touch anywhere on her body brought shudder’s of pleasure to her sweat soaked body.

After unfastening her from the bench, Charlotte, Gina and Heather helped her upstairs to shower her tenderly, the night finished with the six of us in the fun room, it was Laura’s turn to use the strap-on, she took Charlotte to one side, and was fucking her, I was with Gina and Norman had Heather, all that could be heard was the moans and groans from around the room, after another round of shower’s Laura was sent home, and the rest of us crashed for the night.


The next morning after Norman and Gina left, I took Charlotte and Heather home, as we drove the short distance, I asked them what they thought of body piercing, they looked stunned, I then explained it was for Laura, unless they fancied it too,

Charlotte asked what kind of piercing I had in mind,

I said her navel, her nipples, and maybe her clit hood, they both winced when I mentioned her clit hood, and clenched their legs together.

Heather seemed to be the one, that was more enthusiastic, and finally Charlotte agreed, we arranged to take her the following Saturday.

Saturday came, and Laura was instructed to be at my place for noon, no sooner had she arrived, then we all bundled her into my car and took her to the body piercer’s, we walked in and told him the piercing’s she was having done, he told us he could only do her navel, as his female assistant wasn’t there that day, and he needed a female present for intimate piercing’s, Heather jumped up and volunteered her service’s as the female assistant, he reluctantly agreed, and they went through to his back room, and we were asked if we wanted to accompany him.

The room was clean and very well kept, she was told to lay on the couch he had, he told her to raise her skirt and remove her pants, he got a shock when she did, as she wasn’t wearing pants, he spread some cream on her clit to numb the area, and after asking her to open her blouse did the same to her nipples, I could see the bulge in his trousers and knew he was getting turned on seeing Laura like this, he then proceeded to pierce her navel first, while the cream took effect, once this was done, he moved to her nipples, and asked if she wanted it laterally or vertically, I told him laterally, so she could have rings in them, he Pierced the first one and Laura screamed and grabbed her breast, I slapped her hand and told her to behave, she obeyed without question, he slipped the ring in and then did her other one, she bit her lip so as not to scream this time, and the second one was done.

He then got her to part her legs as wide as she could, Charlotte held one foot up and Heather the other, pushing her knees up to her chest, and opening her pussy for him to see, her juices were starting to flow, and his bulge was getting larger, he took hold of her clit hood in a small pair of clamps, gripping it tightly, pulling it towards him, he took the cannular and pierced the hood.

Laura never murmured, although her legs did twitch as the needle went through, as he put the ring through her clit hood , the sensations made her cum, she flooded the couch with her juices, and the piercer looked up all embarrassed, I walked over to him, and whispered in his ear, asking him if would like to fuck her.

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