The Golden Dong

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Big Dicks

There she was this woman, this gentle, this sensual star burning before my eyes. My brain seemed fixed in that single point in time for it would never forget this sight. Not as that goddess writhed in pleasure on her bed. Her caramel skin glistened as the light of her small lamp ran along her skin, her violent eyes had a deep need to them. The slow rise and fall of her chest lifted my mother’s 38D breasts, her light brown nipples beckoning the onlooker to pluck at her taut peaks. Her muscles rippled as her climax began to boil. As that warm hard metal teasing her lips, her eyes fluttered as that broad golden mushroom top slowly inched into her womanhood. Then came a sudden jerk, my eyes quickly glanced up as I heard a small sexy gasp, her full lush lips were shaped so perfectly they drew me deeper into those soft pink lust filled waves as my mother bit down on her lower lip. The strands of her silky midnight black hair framed my mother’s angelic face in her orgasmic bliss.

“Oh Henry!” my mother called out to my late father. My father passed away in a simple freak occurrence in the wheel of fate as he was fatally shot in a robbery gone wrong when he had stopped for gas two years ago.

You ask how I came upon this glorious sight, this sinful gift from the heavens. It was one of those odd nights when you’re awaken from your slumber for no apparent reason, other than the desperate need to take a piss at two in the morning. That was how I a boy no older than nineteen came upon this mana, this gift from the heavens. I had just finished my first year of technical school so I could start to help out in the families business. My father was just an employee at the time in the late 80’s — when the junkyard that’s was started by my great-grandfather — when the price of steel by the ton took a very deep drop to the point that there was talk of selling the business or so that’s how my mother tells it. Computers were just a new fad, so she told me they thought nothing of them as they simply shredded them when they came in. That wasn’t until my dad opened one up and noticed all the rare metals that were in it. Sure one wasn’t all that impressive money wise, however, when you have a ton of them the money adds up quick. From that day forward he and my mother were inseparable. While my family still deals in steel by the tonnage, savaging computers had become a major source of income for my family. You so don’t want to know what used computer chips go for by the tonnage or pallets given the order for them. Plus all that gold they use in the tower component.

“Oh Henry, why did you have to leave me? Why did they take you from me?” I heard my mother’s sorrow as she called out for the man she so desperately loved. How it pulled at my heart to see my strong independent mother to see her so lost without my father. “God I miss you so much baby,” my mother’s voice was a mix of lust and loneliness as her hand sent that…

“Wait is that gold?” I asked myself. This wasn’t some gold color dildo, or silicon with gold flecks in it. This was a solid gold dildo my mother was fucking herself with. “Holy shit,” I whispered but in that silent hallway my words were clear as day.

“Billy!” my mother screamed quickly trying to cover herself.

“You’re so screwed!” I told myself then the pain in my stomach reminded me why I was up so late. You know how all those old Scooby-Doo cartoons of Shaggy’s legs spinning in a circle when he really, really needed to get somewhere. Yeah, that’s what mine felt like as I raced to the bathroom, with the soundtrack playing in my head I might add. The door slammed behind me, bouncing on one foot to another as I waited for my hard-on to go down far enough for me to pee. I groaned so loud that there was no way my mother didn’t hear as that hot liquid hit the water of the toilet. At least my mother waited until I finished to come barging into the bathroom. Her rob clinging to her lithe body as she marched across the tiles of the bathroom. I know she was both furious and embarrassed that one I spied on her, two caught her in such an intimate act. So I knew my hug totally took her by surprise as she went ridged in my arms.

“I’m sorry Mom, I didn’t mean to spy on you. I know you’re mad and you have every right to be. So whatever punishment you want to give me I’ll take willingly. I’m just so, so sorry your lonely, I miss Dad too,” I said tightening my hug as I felt my mother’s arms coming around me. Rubbing her back as my mother cried against my chest. I just couldn’t say to my mother I wanted to take that loneliness away, but I just didn’t know how yet.

“So why didn’t you continue on the moment you knew what I was doing?” my mother asked wiping her eyes. Trying not to let her sobs choke her up.

“I-I just couldn’t,” I said looking away. My whole body became flushed at the way my mother was looking at me and what was going through my head.

“What do you mean you couldn’t?” my mother asked with a very perplexed look.


“Tell ataşehir escort me Billy or you can clean out the back nine with your hands all day.” The back nine acres of our property was where we stored the shredded scrap metal before loading it onto trucks. Not something I want to do with my bare hands.

“I couldn’t look away because you were just so breathtaking,” I quickly admitted as if ripping off a Band-Aid. Clearly this wasn’t what my mother thought I’d say. I watched as her cheeks heated rapidly as she thought of something to say to that.

“T-thank you son, but you shouldn’t be spying on your own mother like that,” my mother said not looking me in the eye.

“I know, and I’m sorry that I did. I swear it won’t happen again,” I said trying to reassure my mother.

“Well, since you admitted your fault I won’t punish you this time,” my mother said turning to leave only to hover in the doorway with her back to me. “Billy?”

“Yes Mom,” I said trying not to let that magnificent image of her naked body get to me.

“You shouldn’t swear on things that you might not be able to withhold to,” my mother said ominously. Which perplexed me, what did she mean by that?

A week had passed since I caught my mother masturbating that night. With my school out on a two month break. I worked tirelessly trying to refurbish what I could to sell as second hand goods and what I couldn’t I broke down into individual parts. That way when we had a great quantity the two of us would sort through the items and get what we could sell out of the parts. My mother on the other hand enjoyed working out in the yard. The happiest I have ever seen her was when she was covered head to toe in axle grease. With our shift to the more high tech salvage the once metal cluttered yard was transformed to a pull-a-part kind of setup. For a small fee, and if you had the car with you, we will install it for you.

However, my mother was never alone in the yard at least when we were open. One or more of our male employees always had an eye on her. Just in case a buyer thought he could take more than what he came for. Yet that week there was an awkward tension between us whenever we were around each other; and truthfully, I simply couldn’t get that image out of my head. Even so the emotions I heard that night still plagued my mind. I tried to think of a way to help, but all I could think of doing was making sure that I was around a lot more, so my mother didn’t feel so alone in our hundred-year-old house that my great-grandfather had built. Ever since my father’s death my mother had been shutting herself in the house when the workday was over. I knew that was step one in helping my mother. The rest well I’ll think of when I crossed that bridge. I just wanted to see my mother smile again, was that so much to ask?

“Hey Billy?” my mother’s voice came over the two-way radios we carry while we’re in the yard.

“Yeah Mom,” I spoke into the mic that was clipped onto my shirt at my shoulder as I finally got the flat screen that came in two days ago to work.

“I need you to come out here and watch the customers while I help Riccardo install a new radiator,” my mother said. Everyone knew I was a lousy mechanic, the only thing I was good at was holding a light.

“Okay, I’ll be right there,” I said shutting off the TV and unplugging it. I didn’t want it to short out if it did while I was gone.

“Thanks sweetheart,” my mother quickly fired back as I left the warehouse we stored all the used electronics at. Immediately my breath was stolen as the mid afternoon sun haloed my mother’s body. The imagine of her writhing on her bed came flooding back with a vengeance. Mentally slapping myself across my face to shake the awestruck gaze from my face. I couldn’t and shouldn’t be thinking like this not when there were customers out in the yard. Ducking behind a stack of crushed cars that had came in earlier that week to be milled into scrap. Taking a few long breathes, centering myself before I went to face my mother.

“Sorry for the wait,” I said coming up to my mother as she talked to a client about a car.

“Billy see that Mr. Hawkins here is sorted out,” my mother said flashing me a smile handing me the tablet that stored all our inventory, her fingers lightly trailing down my right arm as she went to go help Riccardo.

“Of course,” I said with a nod. While I might not be able to turn a wrench, I, however, can sell the color blue to a blind man. By the time, the man left our yard I had him walking out with two other items that he didn’t know he needed. Two thousand dollars wasn’t in all a bad day, I knew my mother would be happy. “See you Monday, Steve,” I waved to the man as I began to close up the yard for the night.

“Don’t get into too much trouble, ya hear?” The gruffly old man chuckled as he rolled passed in his dented 57′ Chevy truck.

“Then what’s the point,” I called back as it was our own kadıköy escort form of goodbye as his liver spotted hand waved at me as I swung the gate closed. Normally we are only open four days a week to keep the cost down of opening the yard every day. However, me and my mother would always putter around the place doing little things to keep our stock in order or ordering what we were low on or making calls to other yards looking for a part for a customer when we didn’t have it in stock.

That was what I was doing that Friday as my mother came down in very, very low cut off blue jeans, the hem of her shirt was tied in a knot showing off her midriff. I could see she wore no bra as her breasts bounce freely. Quickly I turned away, one the guy on the phone didn’t need to hear the sound of my quivering aroused voice, and two my mother didn’t need to see the sick depths her son had fallen into. “Yes sir, we do have that part in stock at the moment. No sir, you won’t have to pull it yourself, since we’ve already done it. However, there will be a small fee for it, given how we had to do it ourselves. That’s right, we do offer that as well,” I said nodding against the phone. I was deathly aware of my mother standing behind me. Listening in on our conversation, her fingernail poked me in the shoulder. Peering over my shoulder, my eye slyly ran up and down her body, the scents of honey and vanilla hung in the air due to the lotion she uses, before glancing at the notepad in her hand. I tried not to look my mother in the eye due to my deprived thoughts. Yet my own just couldn’t stay away from those violet depths. While I share the same eye disorder that my mother has, my eyes were a tad more purple than violet as the blue of father’s eyes came into the mix; yet my mother’s eyes were dazzling even if deep down I could see her pain.

“What’s going on?” she asked as I read that gentle swooping handwriting of my mother’s. Quickly jotting down what the man wanted and for what kind of car.

“Yes sir, if you bring it in Monday we should have it…,” I said as I flipped through the schedule of the cars we had coming in for work next week. “It should be ready by Wednesday,” I said penciling the man into the work order so Steve and Riccardo could see to it first thing. As I hung up the phone I wasn’t expecting the hug from behind.

“What would I do without you?” my mother sighed as she pressed her body tightly against my back. I want to say I didn’t focus on how those breasts felt like against me. I would like to say my mind didn’t send me down that dark, lewd, incestuous rabbit hole, but I fear that would be a lie.

“M-Mom,” I said clearing my throat, “you’d probably be doing the same things you’ve always done.”

“True,” my mother teased. Gooseflesh raced across my skin as her breath was hot against my neck. “But it wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t here,” she whispered as her thumb slyly circled around my left nipple as her hands rested on my pectoral muscles holding me tight against her.

“Well, I don’t think you’ll be able to get rid of me even if you tried,” I joked trying to keep my lustful mind from making my body respond to how my mother’s body felt.

“Nope. I hold onto the good things,” my mother said sighing in content as she snuggled closer to me, rocking us slightly.



“How about we have a picnic?” I asked not wanting to face my mother due to what was rising in-between my legs.

“I don’t know Bill…”

“I know you don’t want to leave the house, but a small picnic out in the backyard won’t be so bad, will it?” I asked knowing I’d have to take one small step at a time to draw my mother out of the mournful shell she had been in for the past two years.

“I don’t know Billy.”

“It be fun Mom, I promise,” I said with all sincerity as my hands rested over hers.

“O-okay, but promise me it won’t be anything too extravagant,” my mother said I could hear the lift in her voice.

“Of course Mom,” I nodded. I knew if I could get her out of the house than she could start to live again and not be sinking into that dark pit of despair.

As I stared out the living room widow as the rain came down in thunderous sheets. I grumbled at mother nature, thinking it was conspiring against me to bring my mother out of her melancholy. Stroking my chin as I contemplated on what to do now that the yard was being flooded by the torrential down pour with no signs of letting up. Setting my jaw as I looked behind me. I knew my mother wouldn’t come downstairs until late in the morning to make herself breakfast, then it was back to her room until diner. Well, if nature thought it was going to impair this plan than it was wrong. Moving furniture around as silently as I could as I set up the room to my liking. In all it took about two hours to get everything the way I wanted. I hoped this would help my mother. Her happiness is all I ever cared about, what came after was just a huge, bostancı escort bayan wonderful, orgasmic bonus. Phoning my mother’s favorite Italian eatery in town. Placing one order of their chicken parmesan (my mother’s favorite), while I placed an order for their lasagna (my favorite, they don’t use that feta cheese in their dish. Which in my opinion taste like ass if you ask me.)

Twenty minutes later as I pulled our car into the garage. My mother stood in the doorway that led to the house with a cup of coffee in her hand. Wearing the same old t-shirt she normally went to bed in (it used to belong to my father, until one silly Sunday morning when I was ten my mother announced to the whole house it was hers. My father at the time could only shake his head and chuckle at my mother.) Since then she has never worn anything else to bed. I tried not to gaze at those silky thighs of hers, or how her boy shorts showed off her womanhood so perfectly.

“Where did you go?” my mother asked as she sipped on her coffee while I shook the water from my coat before I hung it on the peg of the rack my father had build long ago.

“Told you we’re having a picnic,” I said smiling at my mother.

“Billy…can’t we do it some other time,” my mother said her eyes glancing to her left as the garage door lowered. The sounds of the falling water splashing on the ground as the door lowered resounded within.

“Not a chance,” I said shaking my head standing my ground. I didn’t miss that small mused smile on my mother’s lips as I said that.

“So what makes you think you’re big or old enough to give me spankings?” my mother asked with a mischievous glint in her eyes as she peered over the rim of her cup as I opened the passenger door. I have to say I didn’t know how to answer that. I only put the sign out there to keep my mother from entering the living room. I wanted it to be a surprise, and I thought it would get a chuckle from my mother. This wasn’t what I thought my mother would say about it. “No answer,” my mother said arching an eyebrow, “that’s such a shame.” I knew she was teasing me. It was good to see her humor returning even if I was the blunt of the joke. I didn’t care. That beautiful smile that greeted me as my hand wrapped around the plastic handles of the bag. I would be the joke if it meant seeing it again and again. My mother’s eyes zeroed in on the name of the restaurant on the bag as the passenger door closed with a soft thud, then back up to me as I neared. “Billy, what did you do?” my mother’s voice stuttered.

“Picnic,” I said placing a kiss on my mother’s right cheek.


“Picnic,” I said more sternly while placing another kiss on her cheek. I notice how her cheeks were ripening very quickly I might add.

“O-okay,” my mother said pressing her back against the door to give me entrance to the house. Which in turn, made me walk sideways pass her causing my chest to brush against hers. Then something happened that my mind to this day can never be sure of. It felt as if my mother brushed her hand along my crotch as I passed but given the cramp space of the doorway I couldn’t really see her hand. Setting our food down on the small moveable island my father built for my mother. In the reflection of the glass window of the cabinets I saw something in my mother’s eyes before she quickly smothered it. I tried not to ponder on it. I would do so when I was alone in my room. Right then, I had something else more important to focus on.

“Now,” I said walking over to my mother pulling her away from the door. Noticing how my mother’s hands were gently caressing my arms as I did. “Why don’t you go put on some pajama pants,” I said trying not to allow my eyes to dip low, “and we’ll have our picnic, okay?”

“Okay William,” my mother said softly using my given name. My body was a maddening flurry as I moved about the kitchen. Plating my mother’s lunch and mine, placing the garlic bread just so, so that this day could forever be a blight spot in the dreary mood that has settled over her.

“Mom?” I called up the stairs once I got the room all set up for us.

“I’m coming Billy.” Tilting my head to the side, it seemed to me that my mother’s voice had a little lightness to it when she said that. I saw how she tried not to smile as she tried to hide her face behind her hair as she came down the stairs. Then I noticed something else as my mother neared the bottom of the stairs. It was faint but it was there. Was my mother wearing perfume? “Oh Billy!” my mother gasped as she walked into to the living room. It wasn’t anything extravagant, it was only the blanket we always used when we did have them when my father was alive. Our food laid out on the blanket waiting for us. The sound of the rain hitting the glass of the windows, and the warmth of our bodies just standing there beside one another. I know it wasn’t anything great, but I hoped it would lift my mother’s mood. I glanced down as my mother’s hand slipped into mine giving it a little squeeze. “Is that…!”

“Mmmhmm,” I nodded my grin spreading across my face.

“We should eat before it gets cold!” I hid my mirth as my mother nearly ran over to her spot on the blanket. I did tell you it was her favorite.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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