The Goa Trip Ch. 01

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Hi! My name is Raj. I am a 20 yr old guy living in Mumbai .This is an incident which took place 2 yrs ago in my life .At that time, I was studying in B. Tech(first year).I had a girlfriend called Manjula. She was a tall, slim girl with hazel eyes and long hair. But what particularly attracted me towards her were her firm and round breasts. We loved each other very much and had had sex on several occasions. She always admired my penis and said that sex with me was very satisfying for her. She also joked about sharing her sexual experiences with me to all her friends.

One day, Manjula’s cousin, Archana came to stay with her for a few weeks. Archana was also of the same age as that of Manjula. Manjula called me on the phone and told me about her cousin’s arrival. She told me that the two of them were going on a two day trip to Goa and wanted me o accompany them. Earlier, I was reluctant but later, I agreed. I agreed to meet them on Sunday morning at their apartment.

On Sunday morning, I reached at Manjula’s apartment sharp at 7:00 pm. Manjula opened the door and led me in. She introduced me to Archana who was busy with a bit of last minute packing as I came in.

I looked at her. She was an angel!!! Blue eyes, thick black long hair and a perfect

36-24-36 figure was what stood in front of me. But , aware of Manjula’s presence in the room, I managed to take my eyes off her with great difficulty.

Half an hour later, we were cruising on the highway in my black Tata Safari. We chatted and joked on the way to Goa. I came to know that Archana stated in Kolkata and completed her 10+2 exams after studying in a girl’s school. Archana joked about how the girls in their school lusted for boys.

By evening, we had reached Goa. We drove to a five –star hotel to check in for the night. But the receptionist told us that there was only one suite which was empty. Manjula immediately agreed and paid for the room. I was surprised as I did not know why she was getting so excited. The bellboy took our bags to the room.

Our room was a dim lit, decorated room fit for a king. The only reason why it was not booked by anyone else was because it did not open up to the sea and also a huge fleet of palm trees blocked whatever avrupa yakası escort other view was available. We went out for a stroll in the beach and ate in a fancy restaurant. By 9:00 pm we were back into our room. We started thinking of a way to kill time as none of us felt sleepy.

“Let’s watch a movie.”, Manjula suggested.

“Yeah, the TV has a combined VCD player attached” , said Archana.

“And I have the VCD of an English movie.” , Manjula said.

“Which movie is it?” , I asked.

“Don’t know the name. But it is a movie with very steamy scenes” , said Manjula.

“Manjula, your cousin is also present in the room. Do not forget that”, I whispered to Manjula.

“I think Raj is chickening out”, said Archana , overhearing my words.

“No I am not!!”, I argued.

“Fine. So that means you are gonna watch the movie, aren’t you?”, Manjula asked.

“Sure I am.”, I said fighting off my conscience.

So, Manjula put the VCD and the screen lit up in blue. The names of the actors started to appear on the screen. None of the names felt familiar to me. Then came the name of the movie-‘I CAN PLAY GAMES TOO’. Immediately I understood that it was a porn movie. I looked at Manjula who was sitting beside me on the bed.

“You are not scared, are you?”, Manjula asked.

“Of course not.”, I said, irritated at being treated like a baby.

Archana, who was sitting to the left of Manjula, was pretty engrossed in the movie. On the screen, two women were pleasing their boss by making sexual advances towards him. The boss seemed to be enjoying it a lot. Soon, the three of them began to have sex. As the porn scene was going on, I could see both Manjula and Archana caressing their breasts and making low moaning voices. Even my lund was standing erect after seeing the movie. Then Manjula put her hand on my crotch and started rubbing her hand on my pants.

“You are so hot.” , she whispered in my ear and then licked m ear in a very erotic manner. I was also excited by her move and started moaning a bit myself. Manjula then looked at Archana and smiled naughtily. Archana got up from her current position and sat beside me. She then started moving bağcılar escort her hands over my pants. I was surprised by this but I was too sexually excited to recover. Both Manjula and Archana took turns at this act and also shared their views about my lund and also talked about getting fucked by me. My hands involuntarily moved towards their boobs and started feeling and pressing them. Then Manjula kissed me hard on the lips for a while. Just as Manjula pulled back, Archana locked her lips on mine and her tongue started to feel the insides of my mouth. Then she and Manjula did a hot lesbian kiss for a long while. And all this time their hands were running down my pants.

“Let me show you the real treasure” said Manju as she unzipped my pants and pulled my fully erect lund out. Then they took turns at stroking my lund . Manju pulled back my foreskin and kissed the head of my cock. She then started to suck my cock. Archana removed her T-shirt and asked me to remove her bra by using my teeth. I did so and behold! The beautiful breasts which were being held back by the bra sprung forward I tasted and savoured and kissed them for a long while.

By then ,Manjula’s expert cock-sucking brought me close to cumming.

“I want you to swallow my cummmm…….”I told Manju.

“Yes, tonight I will feast on your cum.”, she said.

Just as those words left her mouth my cum spurted out in huge blobs into her mouth. She fed on it like a greedy animal. Archana and I kissed for a long time as Manjula cleaned my cock by licking it. Then I sat aside as Archana pounced on Manjula and kissed her hard on the lips. I stroked my lund as I watched them kissing each other as if there were no tomorrow. Archana literally tore open Manju’s shirt and bra and sucked on her breasts. They were both moaning in ecstasy. Both of them had removed their jeans and underwear. Manju started to play with Archana’s pubic hair as they kissed. Archana’s hands were busy moving over Manju’s buttocks. They both lay on the bed as they got heated up in passion. Then Archana slowly moved down on Manju’s body kissing and taking care of each art at a time. She then licked her choot and paid special attention bağdatcaddesi escort to her clit. Manju grabbed the pillow and moaned loudly as she could not control her excitement. The very sight of this lesbian encounter made me cum and I cleaned it on Manju’s underwear. By then Manju had also orgasmed and she shook violently in the process. Then Archana sat up on the bed with her legs split wide apart and Manju signaled me to lick it. I buried my face deep between Archana’s thighs and inhaled the musk of her sex. I then brought her lit out of its hiding place and licked it. Then I put my tongue in between her pussy lips and started caressing it with my tongue. Manju sucked on Archana’s boobs and kissed her as she purred like a sex kitten.

Not able to control herself any longer, Archana begged, “Please fuck me Raj. I can’t take it any longer. Slam your rod into my pussy and tear me apart.”

Feeling aroused by her words, I placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy and pushed it in inch by inch. Her small pussy reluctantly opened up to my throbbing 9 inch dick. She screamed in mixed pain and pleasure as she was literally broken into two pieces.

“It’s okay Archana, look how beautiful our choot looks now. It is holding Raj’s lund so nicely.” said Manju as she tried to calm Archana. I then began to fuck Archana’s pussy slowly and steadily. Slowly, she forgot her pain.

“Fuck me harder and deeper, Raj. Harder!!” said Archana and I started to ram my penis into her pussy. She also started to lift herself up a bit and move forward and backward to meet my thrusts.

“Oh yeeeeaaaahhhh! Fuck me good, Raj. Punish me for having challenged you. Punish me hard.” she said. Manju’s eyes were gleaming on seeing me fuck her cousin to death. Finally she said “Fuck me too, Raj. Give me what you are giving her.”. So I pulled my lund out of Archana’s choot and entered into Manju’s choot with full rage. She also squealed with excitement and Archana finger fucked her pussy while watching us. I bought Manju to an orgasm and then turned my attention back to Archana. After having brought her to an orgasm which she described to be the best in her whole lifetime. All this fuck session had also brought me close to cumming.

“I … …going to……cum…… aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!” I said as I pulled out of Archana’s choot. The two girls opened their mouths and sat eagerly in front of my lund and I splashed cum onto their faces and neck. Then they licked my lund clean and started licking my cum off each other’s body. Soon, after kissing each other for a while, we all fell asleep.

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