The Gift of Carnal Knowledge

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This is a story for the 2019 Winter Holiday Contest. A naughty holiday special with Christmas magic. Be nice and vote. Happy Holidays!


Justin stride was as brisk as the winter night air as he made his way down icy sidewalks on his way the Saint Lawrence Bar. The minty taste of his gum had gone stale but he continued to chew with a nervous energy. The sidewalks were clear of people. Montreal’s summer tourists were long gone. The shops had closed early that Christmas Eve. But for the sound of tires rolling over slushy snow from the occasional passing car, it was a quiet night. In the tightly packed brownstones housing local businesses, Justin turned onto the short flight of stairs and bounded up the to The Saint Lawrence Bar, an English speaking bar with a speak easy vibe frequented by English speaking locals on this predominately French speaking isle. Since it was located near his apartment, it seemed the perfect place to meet Claudia. With no family and friends within a hundred miles, he was feeling a little lonely on these long dark winter nights. So he went onto a hook-up app and was matched with Claudia. She wasn’t the prettiest girl but with his other matches saying they were home with family for the holidays, she was the only one available.

He entered the warm, dimly lit cozy space where a smattering of weathered bar flies lingered at the bar lit by a string of Christmas lights. He spotted Claudia dressed in a red sweater dress sitting at the end of the bar.

With her nut brown shoulder length hair hanging limply over her shoulders and glasses perched upon her cute nose, she was cute in a nerdy way. He took note that her petite body was curvier on the bottom than the top. Her round face and red lipstick gleaming on her small baby lips. Justin found it refreshing that she wasn’t a heavily made up, Botox filled, fake boobs, duck lip girl so common in Los Angeles from which he had just returned.

Claudia glanced up to see the handsome man with brownish blond hair dressed in jeans, a button down shirt and brown leather coat looking her way. Upon recognizing him as her internet date, she smiled. A look of relief that he hadn’t stood her up crossed her face. He smiled and ambled towards her.



“Yeah,” he answered, taking off his jacket and placing it on an empty bar stool beside him before taking a seat.

He asked the bartender for whiskey on the rocks while she fingered a tall glass of what he believed to be club soda with lime.

“Nice to meet you,” he said.

“You as well.”

They went quiet. He waited for her to talk but she didn’t so he asked, “So Claudia, what do you do?”

“I worked in a hotel but I quit. I’m becoming a nun in a couple of weeks.”

He was glad his drink hadn’t arrived as he would have spit it out in surprise.

“Really,” he answered, as the bartender set down his drink.

He sipped his drink as she spoke.

“Yes. I take my vows in a couple of weeks. I know it sounds crazy but I had a calling. I can hear angels.”


“All my life, in the realm between sleep and waken world, I’ve heard voices. It’s like I’m a radio receiver and the angels are on my frequency. I hear them when they chatter. Most of it is undecipherable but sometimes they’re crystal clear. Sometimes they warn of natural catastrophes which have come true. Tsunamis, earthquakes. It’s like they’re rallying support to make sure angels are there before it happens. I always believed I’d meet an angel upon my death, but one came to me the other night and said, ‘Claudia, God knows of your devotion and desire to join the Sisters of the Mount, but He wants one thing of you before you enter into servitude. You are to experience the carnal before giving yourself completely to Him. Go unto the city and the night and experience the gift of carnal pleasures.'”

“Uh-huh,” he replied with a skeptical tone, thinking that she’s absolutely crazy.

But then again, her soft brown eyes and that luminescent glow of unabashed happiness emanating from her serene face made him question his opinion of her state of mind. Maybe she did have a vision from God.

She said, “You don’t believe me.”

“Well it’s kind of hard.”

“I have proof. When I woke up, there was a white feather on my bed. It’s like no other feather I’ve ever seen.”


They sipped their drinks, falling into another spell of silence with which he felt obliged to break.

“So is having sex is going to mess up your chances of being a nun?”

“No. I just can’t have the touch of a man after I say my first set of temporary vows. Having carnal knowledge with you will be the last sex I ever have.”

“You’re committed to seeing this through, aren’t you?”

“For three years, I’ve taken a bus to the monastery every Saturday, knocked on the door, declared my love for God and have begged to join their order. Six months ago, Mother Margaret gave me the illegal bahis chance to prove my devotion. I swept the monastery grounds, spent hours on my knees on a cold stone floor praying in their chapel, and got up at five a.m. to make food for the poor. The church has found me worthy.”

“So are you a virgin?”

“No. I’ve had sex. Once.”

She went quiet, returning her gaze to her glass as though she didn’t want to talk about it which he could respect. There were some things he did for money in Los Angeles that he’ll never discuss with anybody.

After a bit of time, she looked up and asked, “What do you do?”

“Oh, I’m looking for a job. I just moved back from L.A. I was a bartender out there.”

She quietly sipped her drink from her straw, slurping the last of it down as the ice tinkled against the sides of her empty glass. He downed his drink before taking out his wallet to drop a ten and a five onto the bar.

He asked, “Are you sure you want to do this? I might persuade not to join the nunnery.”

“We’ll see,” she said rising from the barstool.

She retrieved her coat from a coat rack. He helped her put it on before putting on his own and together, they left the bar. Though Christmas lights and decorations sparkled on the boulevard, Justin had no Christmas spirit. He strode along with his long lets as Claudia scampered to keep pace. They arrived at his apartment building on the side quiet street, stomped up the two flights of stair where they entered his small studio apartment at the end of the hall. When they were inside, and he closed the door behind them, she glanced around the untidy bachelor pad before setting down her purse. She took off her coat which she laid on a chair, then unzipped her boots, took them off and waited to be told what to do next. He stood there unbuttoning his shirt, eyeing her with lusty eyes that made her shiver.

“Take off your dress.”

She bent forward, grabbed the sides of her dress, and pulled it over her head. Justin stifled a chuckle. Her white cotton bra and panties were the least sexiest women’s lingerie he’d ever seen. She draped the dress over her coat and began to tremble. The floorboards squeaked as he stepped up to her. His bare chest grazed against her skin as he kissed her again and again. He took her into his arms. His kisses became long and passionate, and though she moaned a bit, he remained unaroused. He released her and stepped back. She looked so timid and submissive.

“Take off your bra.”

Claudia reached around her back to unsnap the bra. She covered her breasts as she pulled down her bra straps.

“Don’t be shy,” he said, taking the bra from her hands.

She shivered. He removed her hands from her breasts. Her pointy little pink tipped breasts satisfied him.

“Get on your hands and knees.”

She did what she was told. When she was down upon the floor, she looked up at him as he walked around her, staring at her as though she were prey. She had no idea that this was one of the only ways he could get hard anymore. He stopped in front of her and unbuckled his jeans. At the jangle of his belt buckle’s metal, she raised her head to look up at him.

Her mouth fell open at the sight of his semi-erect penis hanging heavily from his groin.

“What?” he asked.

“I’ve never a seen a man’s penis… I mean up close, like this.”

He smiled as he stroked his cock inches from her face.

“Have you ever given a blow job?”

She looked up and shook her head no.

“Sit up upon your knees.”

She did as she was told, kneeling before him.

“Open your mouth.”

Her mouth opened a tiny bit. He placed his thumb on her lower lip and pulled down until her mouth was large enough to accommodate his cock. When he removed his thumb, she closed her eyes and waited, knelt with parted lips.

“Watch the teeth.”

She nodded.

The tip of his cock slid over her tongue. She instinctively wrapped her lips around his dick as he rocked it back and forth in her warm and pliant mouth. He picked up speed which caused his balls slapped against her chin. The slurping noises and the feel of her caressing tongue hardened his flesh to the max. He reached down to grab her breast, kneading her little mound of flesh as she sucked away. He wanted to fuck her. His dick was throbbing hard when he withdrew from her mouth and she looked at his erection with such wonder in her eyes.

Justin moved behind her and placed his hands on her hips to guide her back onto her hands and knees. He ever so gently peeled down her panties. He was happy to see that butt didn’t disappear into bones. He marveled at her tight and firm pussy lips. He helped her off of the ground and led her by the hand to his bed. He gazed at her curvy little body and gazed at her pussy covered in dark blonde pubes. He found it charming as all the girls he encountered in L.A. were waxed and as hairless as a Barbie doll.

When they got under the covers, he climbed on top of her, balanced illegal bahis siteleri on his elbows and put the tip of his dick into her pussy. She said nothing as she gazed up at him. He pushed into her but it was tight and dry. She squinted in pain. This would take a bit of finesse.

He rolled off and gathered her in his arm as he said, “Come here.”

He kissed her parted lips and neck and began to worship her body. Her stiff body began to unwind beneath his touch. She wrapped her arms around him, returning his kisses upon her lips and when she accepted his tongue into her mouth, she began to writhe. His hands wandered between her clenched thighs. His lips broke away from hers and he stared at her flushed face until her eyes opened.

Rock hard but ready to let this one go, he said, “Maybe we shouldn’t do this.”

“No!” she said with panic in her voice. “I want to do this. Please. Please?”

“Please what?”

She searched for the words before answering, “Fuck me. Please fuck me.”

He smiled before reaching into his nightstand to pull out a bottle of lube. He slathered the gel onto his fingers before covering her with his body and kissing her with a bit of tenderness. He slid his hand between her pussy lips and diddled her clit. Her thighs parted. He crawled on top moving his fingers further into her. Now slick with gel and panting, he entered the soon to be nun. She sighed and moaned and was wonderfully tight. He pushed until he was all the way in. Looking in her eyes to see her eyes rolled back indicating that she was alright, he began to move at a steady pace, enjoying the lubed tightness. He imagined her in a nun habit. His mind drifted to a fantasy that we was raping a nun. Her little tits jiggled with each thrust. This drove him over the edge. He fucked her with abandon until he shot his load with a groan that filled the room.

“Fuck!” he yelled as he kept his dick balls deep inside her, his cum pumping into her which seemed like it would never stop.

When he was thoroughly spent, lying sweaty on top of her, he withdrew and rolled off of her, relaxing on the pillow feeling very satisfied. She cuddled up to him. He threw his arm around her to draw her into his chest which she lovingly kissed. He reached over and turned out the lights before settling back into her cuddling body. Tired, he fell asleep beside the warm body he found on an app.

When Justin awoke in the grey morning light, he looked over to see Claudia lovingly gazing at him. Her face, devoid of makeup, looked so innocent. He was unaccustomed to having women in his morning bed, so accustomed to them leaving within an hour of having sex. But there she was, unaware of hook-up protocol.

“Hey,” he said sitting up.

“Good morning. Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas.”

He got out of bed to use the bathroom and when he returned, she was still sitting there with her legs beneath the covers.

Feeling somewhat guilty, he asked, “You want to get some breakfast? There’s a diner where the cabbies and drivers go. It should be open. Buy you breakfast?”

“I missed midnight and morning Mass. I should be going.”

“You’re going to go to plenty of Masses. You’ll be married to Christ for the rest of your life. Come on. Live a little.”

She smiled. “Well, okay. That would be nice.”

They dressed and stepped out into the quiet morning where an inch of fresh snow blanketed the sidewalk. The open diner was busy with drivers and transit employees working that day. They sat in one of the two seat booths lining the wall across from the counter. They were served coffee and tea before ordering their breakfasts from a portly but quick grey haired waitress.

Justin said, “So did you like last night?”


“You didn’t cum.”

She looked confused.

“Have an orgasm.”

“I don’t know if I did or not.”

He chuckled. “You’d know.”

She leaned in. “What’s it like?”

“It’s like being smacked by God.”

Her eyes widened.

“Meaning no disrespect.”

“None taken. I liked lying beside you. The hugging and touching. It was nice.”

She sipped her tea. He sipped his coffee, noting her sweetness with nostalgic eyes. Maybe it was guilt or pride or hearing the Christmas carols playing from mounted speakers. Justin felt a surge of Christmas spirit.

“Hey,” he said. “Spend Christmas with me. I’m going to make love to you. You’re going to experience an orgasm.”

“I can’t.”

“Do you have Christmas dinner plans?”

“No. I was going to open a can of soup.”

“Then have dinner with me. Take pity on my poor soul.”

He gave her an exaggerated pout which won her over.

“Alright. Sure.”

He thought out loud when saying, “I don’t have much in the fridge.”

“The restaurant in the hotel where I worked is serving Christmas dinner.”

Justin pulled out his phone and called Le Fleur Continental. He asked if they could prepare Christmas dinner for two to-go.

“Dinner is available canlı bahis siteleri for hotel guests only.”

“Okay. Can you connect me with the front desk?”

Justin booked a room for the night and arranged for room service dinner. He was sure his credit card, his last life line, was now nearly maxed out, but it would be a nice change from his low rent apartment. A Christmas splurge. Besides, he wanted to give Claudia the full boyfriend experience.

He set down his mug and said, “Tell me your fantasy.”


“A fantasy. One that makes you hot. Come on. You must’ve had a teenage crush. What did you want him to do to you?”

She began to blush.

“Ah ha,” he said. “Come on, tell.”


“Because orgasms aren’t only about turning on your sex parts. It’s about what’s in your head. Then you channel it down into your sex.”

“I do have a crush on someone but I don’t want to say.”

“Well when the time comes, and you’re all worked up, think of him or her inside you.”

“That’s not fair to you.”

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll get mine. Be selfish for once.”

After breakfast, they took a walk around a snowy park before returning to Justin’s apartment. Claudia asked to take a shower and when she emerged, he gave her a flannel shirt and a pair of jeans to wear. He watched as she blew dry her shiny clean hair. She looked so small in his clothes. It was nearly check-in time at the hotel when he began to pack an overnight bag. He packed her dress as well. He held Claudia’s gloved hand as they walked six blocks along the boulevard to the grand hotel. Entering the splendid hotel, they rounded the beautifully lit tree in the lobby on their way to the front desk. He was surprised that none of the staff acknowledged her. But then, she was one of those invisible kind of girls that never garner a second look. Their room was beautiful and clean with a huge flat screen television and a spectacular view of the city. It was more befitting of a love nest he felt that Claudia deserved.

They watched Christmas movies and drank from a bottle of brandy. She opened up more about her family. Her single mom, a devout Catholic. Her brother who suffered in a fully body cast for three years to correct his spine twisted by scoliosis. Justin talked about growing up outside of Ottawa where he and his brothers ran around the countryside like feral children from his parents’ lack of supervision. He spoke of L.A., dropping names of all the celebrities he met and the monotony of sunny days.

After a traditional Christmas dinner, he stripped off his clothes. She did the same and together, under the light of the TV, they crawled into the king size bed and snuggled under the crisp sheets and soft blanket. They cuddled up and watched TV for a while before he turned to kiss her, tender and sweet. He was turned on by smooth and supple clean smelling skin. He inhaled her scent, feeling heady from her freshness. She responded, wriggling beside his body as she got worked up.

He pressed his body between her legs, crooning, “Relax. Just close your eyes and pretend I’m him. Go ahead.”

She gasped when his mouth went down her sex. He glanced up to see that her mouth was open and eyes were closed. He swirled his tongue around her clit. Her breathing became labored as she mewed. It pleased him that she was aroused. She was absolutely creaming. He pulled away to see her engorged clit peeking from her pussy lips. He clambered on top of her. She moaned as entered her and he inched it forward into her snug, slippery pussy. He humped her with an uncontrollable hunger.

Was that Latin she was muttering between her sexy gasps? He fucked her harder. The mattress squeaked as he bounced on top of her, driving his dick in as far as it would go. She rode him, wrapping her legs around his ass and deriving just as much pleasure as he.

She sucked in air and cried, “Oh Jesus! Jesus, I love you! I love you! Oh! Ohhhhhh!”

His dick was gripped by rhythmic quivering muscles which massaged his shaft with hot, tight, and wet spasms. Her words, her quivering cunt, his throbbing tip; it was all too much. A tingle of pure pleasure overtook his dick.

“Uhhhh, God!!” he groaned loudly as his jizz shot out of his heavy balls.

She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a hot passionate kiss which felt like she was sucking the cum from his cock. Wracked with tremors, they came together. Her nails dug into his back. He came so much that his cum oozed back over his shaft and out to dribble upon the now rumpled sheets. He rolled off her and pulled her close.

Still huffing and puffing, she said, “I, I came. Oh my God. That was fantastic.”

“I’m glad, baby.”

He kissed her cheek and she snuggled even closer. She placed her head back onto his chest. Content and cozy, he fell into a restful sleep.

Justin awoke the next morning feeling happy. Happier than he’d been in a long time. He turned over. Claudia was nowhere to be seen. She wasn’t stirring in the bathroom. Her coat and boots were gone. His clothes that she was wearing was folded neatly on a chair. He sat up feeling dejected. As he rose and sauntered around the room, he found a note on the desk beside a white feather.

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