The Deflowering of My Daughter Ch. 02

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Due to work commitments I was unable to have contact with my daughter for a couple of months, but when the day came I felt like someone going on their first date,

It was a Saturday in September; I drove around to my ex-Wife’s house.

As I pulled up outside my daughter came running down the path to greet me, she seemed very excited about something, I got out of the car and she put her arms around my neck and kissed me then whispered in my ear that we had the house to ourselves because the rest of the family had gone camping for the weekend.

As soon as I was told this news, my cock started to twitch.

Tanya let go of my neck and led the way into the home, as soon as I was in the door she locked it then stood in front of me and immediately started rubbing the palm of her right hand up and down my crotch following the contours of my rapidly rising dick.

As she moved her hand she was licking her lips saying that it had been too long since she’d tasted her dad’s spunk, she then unbuckled the belt from around my waist and unbuttoned my jeans then pulled down the zipper, my cock was now straining to get out of my boxer shorts so she pulled the elasticised waistband down and over my now rock hard 8 inch rod allowing it to spring free.

My daughter wasted no time and knelt in front of me grabbing my shaft with her small right hand pulling the foreskin down exposing the purple bell-end as she started to lick the tip and enclose her mouth around my cock head, she then pushed my cock all the way into her hot wet mouth, I grabbed the back of her head and started to pump my shaft in and out as she sucked it all the way to my first orgasm.

It had been a while since I’d pulled myself off so I knew that there was a hell of a lot of spunk getting ready to explode out of my cock and down my daughter’s throat.

Tanya kept on sucking and licking my dick as she manipulated my balls, I felt my scrotum tighten and told her that I was about to cum ‘big time’, she just moved her mouth faster over my erection and I erupted with such a force into her orifice that she nearly choked but managed to swallow all of my spunk, amazingly.

My daughter kept my cock in her mouth and sucked me dry until it started to go limp then she let me put it back in my pants.

I suggested we had a cup of tea to recover, so Tanya switched on the kettle.

While we were waiting for it to boil Tanya prepared the cups, I crept up behind her and started feeling her tits through her t-shirt, she wasn’t wearing a bra so I could tweak her nipples easily and they started to harden, then I kissed her neck and ran my hand down to the top of her jeans where I undid the button and pulled the zip down,

I then gently forced my hand under the elasticated waistband of her panties and down onto her bare pussy mound.

I started rubbing my fingers up and down the full length of her slit and started manipulating her clitoris with my thumb,

Tanya was letting out soft moans as I worked my magic on her, my cock started to rise again so I pressed the shaft against the crack of her gorgeous ass, by now I had inserted two of my fingers into my daughter’s honey-pot and started moving them in and out of her hot wet hole.

She then pushed her jeans all the way to the floor and stepped out of them followed by her panties, I’d taken my fingers out by now and removed my jeans and boxers, my cock was rock hard standing proud like a lance, I told Tanya to bend forward over the kitchen table and spread her legs then I positioned myself behind her, holding my cock I rubbed it up and down her slit to lubricate it then I bent my knees a little so that I could penetrate her, I directed my cock head to the entrance of her vagina and proceeded to push it inside her, she started moaning louder as my rod travelled up inside her vaginal tube until it came in contact with her cervix, I then started to pump in and out of her young wet cunt .

Tanya was uttering things like “Oooooohhh Yea Ohhh Fuck me hard dad, That’s it, ram your cock deep into my fanny and shoot your load inside me Oooooohhh Fucking hell that feels soooo fucking good, keep going—————— Ohhh yeah———- uummmmm———- aaaagh”——————— OH OHHHH ——————- OHHHHHHHH Y E A H —————- ——– I’M F U C K I NG C U M M I N G!!!!

I kept on pumping in and out of my daughter’s sweet young wet fuck-hole increasing the pace as I could feel my scrotum start to tighten and my jism start to rise up my shaft, I was panting and moaning bahis firmaları heavily as my spunk exploded out of my cock deep inside her cunt.

I collapsed onto her back absolutely shagged out with my cock still embedded in her very wet vagina.

We stayed in this position for a while until my erection started to go limp then I pulled it out, my daughter then lifted herself from the table, turned around to face me, grabbed my now limp dick, bent down and sucked it into her mouth where she proceeded to lick all the love juice from the shaft and balls.

When she had finished we got dressed, and finally, had a nice cup of tea, I happened to comment that her pussy wasn’t as tight as I was expecting after an absence of two months.

Tanya then started to blush and in a sheepish voice told me not to get annoyed with her (which I could never be) but she’d had sex that morning (and I thought that sounded more like it).

I know it was none of my business but I couldn’t help asking her if it was anyone I knew and she said, “Well yeah!” seeing that she hadn’t left the house all day.

I suddenly blurted out “Not your Brother??”

“No, he’s still too young” she replied, which meant only one thing, her stepfather.

If there was one person in the whole world I wished my daughter hadn’t fucked, it was that man.

Tanya then started to explain how this came about.

It was around nine in the morning and she had just been in the shower, all the other members of the household were already downstairs probably preparing for their forthcoming camping trip,

Tanya wrapped a towel around her naked body and went back to her bedroom to dry off then get dressed, eager for my arrival later that day, as she was drying her private parts her mind started to wander and she started thinking how she would go about seducing me.

She started to get worked up, so she laid on her back on the bed, spread her legs wide and started rubbing her fingers up and down the slit of her pussy, she then inserted her middle finger then her index finger into her fuck hole and started frigging herself off, as she was in the throws of ecstasy she was moaning quite loud and muttering “Oh yeah dad, push that cock in me and give me a good fucking”.

Tanya had her eyelids tightly closed as she imagined me shagging her, little did she realize she was not alone.

Her step-dad had come upstairs for something and had heard her moans emanating from her bedroom through the open doorway which Tanya had forgotten to close and thinking there was something wrong he popped his head in and was quite taken aback by the sight that greeted him, he just stood watching her for a while until his one-eyed monster took over, so he unzipped his trousers as quietly as he could and pulled his cock out then went into the room closing the door behind him, he then walked over to Tanya’s bedside and started to pull his plonker while staring at his step-daughter’s fingers work their magic on her naked glistening cunt.

She must have sensed someone was watching her because she suddenly opened her eyelids to be confronted by her step-dad standing about a foot away glairing at her with his cock in his hand pulling himself off.

My daughter was obviously taken by surprise; covering her fanny with her hand (all be it too late) she asked him what he was playing at.

He told her that he’d overheard her muttering about him pushing his cock into her (little did he know that it was me she was thinking of) but now Tanya was stuck between a rock and a hard place and not wanting to let the cat out of the bag decided to let this man have his wicked way with her, she then wondered where her mother was.

Her step-dad must have read her mind saying that the rest of the family had driven to the supermarket in the next town to buy provisions for the trip and would be away for a while so it was just the two of them in the house; that said, Tanya told him to drop his pants and get on top of her; he didn’t need telling twice and as quick as a flash he’d positioned himself between her silky soft thighs, his todger was still rock hard so he rubbed the bell-end up and down her slit to lubricate it then guided it to the entrance of her fuck-hole and started pushing it up into her vaginal passage.

He pushed his cock all the way in without any resistance felt which meant Tanya was no virgin, so he asked her who had taken her virginity.

My daughter nearly blurted it out but checked herself and told him to mind his own business, she also told kaçak iddaa him that he would have to pull out of her before he shot his load, as she wasn’t on the pill (she lied).

Her step-dad then started pumping his six-inch cock in and out of her pussy like someone possessed muttering that he’d wanted to fuck her for a long time and couldn’t believe he was actually shagging his stepdaughter.

He was obviously enjoying the sensation but Tanya told me that she felt she was being abused so to overcome it she closed her eyelids and thought of me.

It didn’t take very long before Tanya felt her stepfather’s cock thicken slightly and knew that he was about to ejaculate so she told him to pull it out immediately and as he did so she handed him the towel for him to spunk up into which he did as soon as his cock cleared her fuck hole, she commented on the fact that it was a bit too close for comfort, so her step-dad apologised to her but said he hadn’t had sex for a while and was enjoying himself to much;

He then asked Tanya not to tell her mother and to keep it their little secret, as he was saying this he was pulling his trousers back up then he left her room closing the door behind him and went downstairs.

I expressed my distaste about allowing that man to enter her but understood that she had no option, I then pointed out that he was going to be like an alley cat around her in the future hoping for a replay; Tanya assured me that a replay with him was a total non-starter and if he did try it on then she would tell her mother.

I took hold of her hand and said I had some good and bad news for her, which would she like to hear first, she looked worried but said the bad news, so I explained that I knew she was hoping I would stay with her over the weekend but due to work commitments I had to start a new contract on Monday the problem was that it was up in Scotland and I would have to travel up on Sunday which meant I needed to go home to get some rest before the journey.

Tanya was very disappointed, but understood that my work was important; she brightened up a bit though when she asked me what the good news was.

I told her that as I wouldn’t be seeing her for a while, I decided to treat her to a posh meal, so I had booked a table for two in a restaurant out of town.

I then suggested we take a shower together and she agreed, so we went upstairs.

My daughter led the way and I had a fantastic view of her jeans clad peachy ass as she climbed the stairs, I had visions of grabbing hold of her ankle stopping her ascent then spinning her around to face me and with one deft movement pulling her jeans down and giving her pussy some cunnilingus action; but the time was against us.

I followed my daughter to her bedroom where we quickly removed our clothing; I couldn’t help glancing at the natural beauty of her naked body;

I was struck by another thought about throwing her on the bed and ravaging her but I was able to resist the urge.

Tanya then walked out of the bedroom stopping at the airing cupboard to collect a couple bath towels and I followed- like a puppy- to the bathroom, she stepped into the bath and turned the shower on, I stepped in behind her, she grabbed hold of a bar of soap and told me to turn around so she could lather my back, she then lathered my chest and worked the soap down to my willy where she really went to town manipulating my cock with her fingers working the skin up and down the hardening shaft of my penis until it was fully erect and pumped up to its full potential (I could have just rammed my rod into her pussy there and then but I had another hole to explore) I spun her around so that she had her back to me and whispered in her ear if she fancied feeling the sensation of my cock up inside her anus.

She replied with, “So you want to fuck your daughter in the ass `eh dad? I’ve seen some porn videos about girls having really big dicks forced up their assholes and wondered how it must feel and how to go about it, I guess I’m about to find out”!!….” OK then, as long as it doesn’t hurt too much?”

So I turned the shower off for the time being.

I’d spotted a jar of Vaseline on the window ledge as we entered the bathroom and I asked Tanya to pass it to me, she gave me a puzzled look and I explained that I needed to lubricate her anus and my cock to help with the initial penetration and to keep the friction down.

My daughter retrieved the jar and handed it to me, after opening it I scooped some Vaseline out with my fingers.

Whilst kaçak bahis I was busying myself, my daughter had her fingers wrapped around my shaft moving her hand up and down it’s length, when I was ready I asked her to turn around and bend forward placing her outstretched arms on the tiled wall to steady herself, I then started to work the Vaseline around her asshole which got her moaning slightly.

I then put my middle finger into the jar and covered it with the lubricant after which I started to work it into my daughter’s virgin anus telling her to relax and enjoy the sensation, she said it felt kind of strange having something pushed up her ass but it wasn’t painful so I pushed my index finger in as well stretching the hole wider.

Tanya was moaning louder by now and started to push her ass back onto the intrusion so I started pumping my fingers in and out of her tight asshole faster and faster until Tanya was begging me to put my cock in, I pulled my fingers out, lubricated my rock hard bell-end and the full length of the shaft and positioned myself behind her, I told her to relax again then I started to push my cock head into her virgin arsehole very slowly allowing it to open up and accept my girth, I looked down and saw the crown being enveloped inside her tight anus, then I pushed my cock further up along her alimentary canal feeling it widen as I worked the full eight inches into her arse, when I was up to the hilt I stayed still for a short while allowing my daughter’s alimentary canal adjust to the intrusion.

I asked Tanya how it felt and if she was in any pain, she said it felt strangely erotic and that there was no pain, so I started to retract my cock slowly and before it exited her anus I pushed it back in, Tanya let out a deep moan, I then upped the tempo until I was pumping in and out of her arse like a steam piston fully open, I had a firm grip on her shapely hips and she still had her arms outstretched in front of her with the palms of her hands pressed against the tiles, I suggested that she might like to give her clit a bit of a seeing to so she removed her right hand from the wall and started to rub her fingers up and down her now soaking slit then back up to her little hooded knob where she started to vigorously rub it.

She was moaning out loud by now and vocalising and the both of us were sweating profusely with the physical exertion but it wasn’t long before Tanya was pushed over the edge and she started to experience one of the most intense orgasms she had ever experienced (I’m just glad we were standing in the bath at that time) because, all of a sudden she started gushing torrents of love juice out of her dripping cunt which pooled in-between her feet, as her whole body was being rocked by wave after wave of a massive orgasm, I could only pump into her a few more strokes before I had to let my spunk go and my cock ejaculated spurt after spurt of my jism deep into her alimentary canal.

Tanya’s legs nearly buckled and it took all of my strength to hold her up still impaled on my cock.

It took us a little while to regain our composure and I finally pulled my now rapidly depleting cock out of her anus, as the seal was broken quite a large amount of my spunk trickled out and down her legs to mix with the love juice pooling between her feet, I then took hold of the shower head and pointed it away from us, turning it on and waited until the water was at the acceptable temperature, then I grabbed the bar of soap and lathered it around my daughter’s now well fucked arse washing all the lubricant off, after I finished washing Tanya, I turned the spray onto my cock and cleaned it thoroughly, we then towelled each other down and went back to her bedroom.

I got back into my clothes and Tanya put on a clean pair of knickers then she covered her small tits with a black bra after that she opened her wardrobe and took out a very sexy two piece number consisting of a white blouse and a short tartan patterned skirt,

When she’d finished dressing she pulled on a pair of white knee length boots and she looked drop dead gorgeous.

It took a while for my daughter to finish applying her makeup and sorting out her hair but I didn’t mind sitting on her bed watching the transformation.

When she was ready, she picked up her soiled panties and the towels including the one her step-dad had spunked up on, then we went downstairs and into the back kitchen,

Tanya opened the door to the washing machine and stuffed the garments in; she closed the door, put some washing powder in the compartment and switched it on.

I noticed that the time was getting on so we decided to head out to the restaurant; I went to start the car while Tanya locked the house up.

To be continued…

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