The Challenge Ch. 03: The Only Woman

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Author’s note: While this could be a standalone story, the first two aren’t required reading to follow this, it may be helpful as they share some characters and locations. If you read the first two, you may recognize those cameos.

The events of this story are happening during the same time period as the previous challenge stories. This one begins in March, while the other two begin in January of the same year.

This was a fun challenge for me as well. I challenged myself to write a story featuring lesbian sex — something I had never done before.

Editing thanks go to Todger65.

The Challenge 3: The Only Woman

Chapter 1

Elle was on the treadmill at the gym. She was controlling her breathing, exhaling slowly out of her mouth, sweat beads forming on her forehead, making their way down her face. She switched to the elliptical machine, her thighs glistening with sweat, moving and pumping her legs with each step. Elle thought for a moment that he might see her tight yoga shorts, sports bra, toned and exposed midriff, and finally, after months of chatting, innocent flirting, hanging out for the occasional post-workout protein shake, that he would agree to come over to her home.

Elle didn’t want to be his girlfriend. Guessing he was around 30, she felt he was far too old for her, especially since she’d be leaving for college in the fall. In the back of her mind she hoped that maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t mind having a little fun for the spring and summer before she left in August for school.

He was so friendly, so gentlemanly, sometimes offering her tips or advice during her workouts. He kept his distance physically from Elle, keeping the slightly awkward friendly hugs to a minimum, removing his arm from her grasp as she walked with him into the coffee shop, patting her on the back and smiling. He always kept things platonic. She thought it was adorable. Elle assumed he was worried that people may get the wrong idea that he was dating this high school student. The truth was that he wasn’t a scumbag. Elle was a girl, by law an adult, but still just a girl. He knew she was infatuated with him and didn’t lead her on or attempt to sleep with her.

Then she saw him. He was alone this time. He would sometimes have a blonde woman with him. One day Elle found out that was his stepmother. He told her they worked out together sometimes. Elle watched him in her peripheral vision, occasionally turning her head to keep track of him, admiring his muscular physique. She moaned quietly to herself from the elliptical machine watching him do bicep curls.

After awhile longer, Elle saw her moment of opportunity. Timing it perfectly, she threw her a small towel around her shoulder, and made her way toward him. She started smiling and waving at him, eliciting a laugh at her silliness, “Hi Ulysses!”

“Hey Elle, how are you?” He asked, coming to a stop, smiling back at her.

“Good! Want to come by my house for lunch today?” Elle asked, moving a lock of her long, blonde hair behind her ear.

“I don’t know, I — ” Ulysses started to say.

“Please! I made a salad, mixed with tuna,” Elle informed him, as if it was the most amazing meal he would ever have.

Ulysses chuckled at her smile, looking around the gym, and thinking for a moment, “I’ll stop by for lunch. Alright?”

“Great! You can follow me. I don’t live far,” she said, pulling Ulysses by the arm toward the exit. Elle discreetly breathed his musky scent in, smiling to herself, wondering if what she planned for that Saturday afternoon would come to fruition.

They sat on stools at the counter in the kitchen, eating, chatting. Ulysses told her about his travel schedule including a trip to Los Angeles next week for photo shoot with a fitness magazine. Elle informed him her mother was a fitness model too, she was on a job and would be back Monday to spend the rest of Elle’s spring break at home with her.

They chatted about Elle’s plans for that evening. She and several other students from school were going to a special dinner held at a man named Bob’s home. He was the sponsor for a scholarship program Elle and three other students were selected for. It pertained to young business entrepreneurs, providing them a free ride to particular four year colleges, as long as they remained in their chosen business majors. Elle had recently been accepted to the University of South Carolina. She was attending the campus near Charleston. Ulysses congratulated her acceptance and stood to leave.

“Well, thanks again for lunch, but I should get going,” he said, stretching slightly.

“No, stay a little longer, I’ll show you around the house,” Elle said.

Ulysses sighed, jokingly, “Oh alright. But then I need to go.”

“That’s Millie’s bedroom,” Elle said, several minutes later, referring to her friendly Yorkshire terrier. It was a half joke. It was actually the guest bedroom, where Millie’s was crated during the day when Elle or her mother, Marcia were gone. The tiny dog usually slept on the floor, on an oversized dog pillow in Elle’s bahis firmaları room.

“And then this is my bedroom,” Elle said, arriving at the last bedroom on the right. She entered the room, gesturing Ulysses to follow.

“Cool,” Ulysses said, pretending to show interest. Her room was a typically girl in nature, pink walls, a large collection of stuffed animals on her bed, and a couple small posters of some actor or musician she liked.

“Great,” Ulysses nodded his head. “I’m going to head out now,” pointing to the door with both thumbs.

Elle laughed, pulling at his arm, guiding him further into the room, “Just relax and hang out a bit.”

Ulysses sighed quietly, not really wanting to be in her room with her, when she appeared to be home alone. He felt that could change any moment and didn’t want her mother to be concerned or angry at Elle. He watched her move some stuffed animals out of the way on her bed, several of them landing on the floor. He glanced over to her desk, looking at some of her jewelry and various trinkets, not noticing Elle was standing in front of him.

Ulysses glanced back to her, his eyes widening in shock, when he saw her smile and remove her sports bra.

Chapter 2

“Uh, wow, maybe I should go,” Ulysses said, attempting to not stare directly at her breasts.

“No, stay, this’ll be fun. Come on,” Elle pulled him back closer to the bed.

“It’s just that your mom — ” He started to say.

“Won’t be home until Monday,” She cut him off, putting her hands on his broad shoulders.

“Well I gotta shower, so,”

“We can shower together when we’re done,” Elle leaned in, whispering in his ear, her erect nipples pressing against him.

“Um, I, uh,” Ulysses was running out of excuses. “How old are you again?” he asked glancing over her figure. She was gorgeous. Her fit, toned body was evidence that she was active in sports — a member of the varsity volleyball team at school.

Elle reached behind her, pulling out the elastic tie that held her pony tail together, letting her long hair fall. She smiled, pulling at his hand, “I turned 18 last week.”

“Are you sure?” Ulysses winced.

“I can go get my driver’s license and two other forms of ID for you if you like,” Elle joked.

“I just don’t want you to get in trouble. Are you mad at your mom or something? Is that why you want to do this with a black guy?” Ulysses asked.

“Ha! Nope, me and my mom are like best friends. I’ve wanted to do this for awhile with you, to be honest. I think you’re hot!” She said, getting closer to the bed, attempting to pull Ulysses in for a kiss.

He smiled weakly, “I just, I mean, I’m older, I’m not looking for a girlfriend.”

“Ulysses, relax. I don’t want to be your girlfriend. I’m not going to stalk you, I’m not going to go psycho on you,” Elle said. She leaned in once more to his ear, whispering, “I want to have sex with you.”

“Have you done it before?” Ulysses whispered back.

“A couple times yeah,” She answered.

Ulysses sighed, reaching into his pocket, pulling out his wallet. From that, he pulled out a condom, “It’s always smart to practice safe sex.”

Elle started chuckling, “Yes sir,” she replied, laughing at his small lecture.

“I’ll go and be gentle, alright? We’ll just take it nice and easy, if you feel pain or discomfort let me know, I’ll stop or change things around a bit, alright?”

Elle was beaming, “You are so cute. And I will, I promise. Now then,” she whispered once more, “Let’s begin.”

“Nice and slow?” Ulysses asked again, following Elle down to her mattress, her legs locking around him.

She held his face, kissing him, her tongue lapping at his lips, “Nice and slow.”


Elle’s cries of pleasure were echoing down the hallway. Her bed was creaking, the headboard slamming against the wall, items from the bedside table were landing on the floor as Elle reached over, her arms flailing as she climaxed again and again.

Millie was sitting on the floor, her head was bobbing up and down following Elle’s movements after she rolled on top of Ulysses, bouncing wildly, bringing them both orgasms.

After what seemed like hours she collapsed on top of Ulysses, out of breath, in a heaving, sweaty mess. Running her hand over his muscular, dark chocolate colored, chest, she smiled, “That was amazing,” she moaned.

“Yes it was,” Ulysses said, wiping his forehead.

Several minutes later, they were making out in the shower, “You gonna come back tomorrow?” Elle asked.

“Elle, I don’t know if that’s a good idea.” Ulysses said.

“I told you, my mom will be back Monday,” she reiterated, nibbling his bottom lip.

“Fine,” he rolled his eyes, kissing her back, their mouths enveloping each others. When they finished, Elle went to her knees in the shower, smiling up at Ulysses, grabbing his cock at the base, preparing to suck it back to life.


The dinner later that night at Bob’s was fairly boring. Elle enjoyed herself, but could tell the other students were having trouble kaçak iddaa paying attention, and were bored out of their mind. Elle paid attention to Bob’s speech about hard work, looking for opportunities to excel and better ones self, and congratulating them on their scholarship.

Elle watched one of Bob’s employees bring out desert, making her way across the large, open dining room. They sat for the next hour, drinking tea or coffee, while Bob and mostly Elle chatted about his businesses, his accomplishments and how he overcame obstacles — much to the three other student’s chagrin. Elle loved talking with Bob. She felt he was like the grandfather she never had. She always stayed later than the other students after the meetings. They would talk about school, her mom’s work as fitness model, and future career options for Elle. It was no surprise to her when Bob asked her to stay for a moment when the other students left.

“Sure, may I use the restroom first?” Elle asked.

“Oh sure, of course. Down the hall, fourth door on the left,” Bob said, walking back to his office.

Sitting in front of his laptop, Bob watched Elle enter the bathroom with the small, mounted camera in the corner of the room. He unzipped his pants, fished out his cock, and began stroking it while watching her slide her skirt down, followed by her thong, and sit on the toilet. He switched to another view from a camera mounted on the ceiling corner behind her. Bob moaned, watching her butt lift up slightly, so she could wipe herself. She slid her thong and skirt back on, flushed, and washed her hands. Bob was zipping up just before she entered his office smiling.

“Elle, hi, please sit,” He said, gesturing to the chair across from him. Bob closed his laptop and folded his hands, looking at Elle.

Bob seemed different this evening. He seemed nervous, slightly flustered, and unsure of how to begin the conversation with her. “Um, Elle, I,” He stammered.

“Is everything ok?” She asked, a concerned look on her face, she wondered if there was a problem with the scholarship. Perhaps it wasn’t going to happen after all.

“Yes, yes, things are fine. I just wanted to ask you something and I’m a little scared is all,” Bob replied, chuckling slightly.

“Oh. Ok I thought you were going to tell me the scholarship isn’t coming through for me,” Elle said, relieved.

“Oh goodness no. You are all set. You’ll be in Charleston in the fall,” Bob reassured her. “No, my problem is that I want to ask you something. I want to offer you, well, a large sum of money to do something that you may not ever normally do.”

“Um, ok,” Elle said, confused.

Bob cleared his throat, reaching to rummage through a desk drawer, pulling out a box and handing it to Elle. “See that? You’ve probably seen cameras like that before. It’s kind of like web camera.”

“Uh huh,” Elle nodded.

Bob gulped, he was having difficulty. Elle wasn’t a woman he was sleeping with or a guy, like the young man that did yard work for him in January; she was a sweet, outgoing, smart girl. “Those cameras can be mounted in certain places. I have software that the video footage can feed into. It’s really neat.”

Bob shifted in his seat, attempting to make the conversation lighthearted as he talked about the camera. He cleared his throat, “Anyway, that’s yours,” nodding to the camera.

“Oh, uh, thanks?” Elle asked.

Bob looked into her eyes, her lovely, light-brown, eyes. “So do you have boyfriend?” he asked nervously.

An image of Ulysses from that afternoon, on top of Elle, grinding his hips, flexing his butt, impaling her flashed in her head causing her to blush, “Nah, I sure don’t.”

Bob nodded, “What about your mother? She’s lovely; I’ve seen some of her work. She posed a couple times in one of the magazines my company publishes.”

“Oh, no she doesn’t. Not that I know of!” Elle laughed.

He nodded and stood, facing away from Elle, peering out the window behind him, seeing a couple students at their cars chatting and then driving off. Bob couldn’t do it. He couldn’t ask her, he couldn’t propose the challenge that he wanted to her. “Would you do anything to help your mother?” he asked, not turning to face Elle.

“Well sure,” She answered.

Bob was thinking to himself, “I have to try; I have see how this plays out.”

Bob turned around and sighed, “Ok.” He reached to another drawer, pulling out an envelope. It was his plan B. He knew what he wanted to ask Elle would be difficult, he knew he couldn’t go through with it, so plan B was giving her the envelope with instructions. This was the better option. To see her face become angry with him, disgusted by him, or worse, disappointed in him, was something he couldn’t bear. They got along so well, Bob really thought she was a wonderful girl, one that fueled a few of his masturbatory fantasies from time-to-time, but a wonderful girl nonetheless. Proposing the type of challenge to her that he had planned in person was terrifying to him. The envelope would have to do. He told her to open it when she gets home. They gave kaçak bahis each other a hug, Elle thanking him for everything pertaining to the scholarship and his advice, and headed home.

Chapter 3

Elle recoiled in disgust, balling up and throwing the paper across her room, tearing up the envelope which it contained. She ran out of her room, pacing back and forth in the kitchen, wanting to call Ulysses, but deciding against it. She was angry and hurt. Bob had always been so nice to her, why would he ever ask her to do what he did.

“No wonder he didn’t ask me in person,” she was seething. “Ugh!” she said throwing her hands up in disgust. “Sick,” she said, shaking her head.

Grabbing her jacket, Elle went for a long walk around the neighborhood, thinking about Bob, about the letter in the envelope, trying to figure out why he would ask her to do what it said. The first thing she did when she returned home was throw the camera away. For good measure, she took the trash out, closing the large trash bin behind the house.

Elle tried to forget what she had read as she flipped through the channels on the TV. She shivered again, dismissing it, choosing a show to watch.

About an hour later, she headed to her room, and began cleaning up the tattered, blank, envelope. Tossing the shreds into the trash can in her room, the balled up letter caught her eye. She angrily grabbed it, stopping herself before she threw it away, deciding to read it once more, one last time, reminding herself how gross Bob was.

“I will pay you $20 million to seduce your mother. Use the camera to film it as proof. It will feed footage into my software. If I never hear from you again, I’ll assume you decided not to go through with it. Call me if you have questions or need help with this challenge. You should have my number already.”

The letter contained no signature and no other information or text. She balled it up again, threw it in the trash can, took the trash can and dumped the contents outside in the large trash bin behind the house.

Flopping back down her bed to sulk angrily, she thought about her mother. They were like sisters, like best friends, she was an authority figure, but more like an older, wiser, peer. Elle, lying back on her bed, eyes gazing to the ceiling, thought about how lucky she was to have such a great mom. Her smile faded when she thought about Bob’s challenge.

Thinking to herself, “Why would he think I’m like that? I like guys. Why would he want me to do that stuff with my own mother? I would never hurt her. I would never want her to hate me. He’s sick.”

Elle rolled to her side, still wide awake, “$20 million dollars, ugh, what a pervert. He’s probably full of crap.”

“I’m not even gay,” she said out loud, barely above a whisper. “Umph,” she grumbled, rolling over to her other side.

Elle tossed and turned for the next hour, unable to sleep, unable to think of anything else. Finally she got up, annoyed, marched into the living room and began searching. She was looking at the large book shelf that contained a few photo albums. Grabbing one, she sat on the sofa, turning the lamp on next to her.

The photo album served as a scrapbook for some of her mother’s photo shoots. Elle turned page after page, finding herself admiring her mother’s work. Most pictures were Marcia in a bikini, either on the beach, or swimming pool, modeling a certain name brand. There were magazine covers cut out and placed in the scrapbook. One in particular showed Marcia in unbuttoned, unzipped, daisy duke’s blue jean shorts, pulling her white t-shirt up to just below her breasts. The article was about getting sexy abs and core. Elle shook her head and turned the page.

There were several images of her posing in a bikini in front of a car, smiling back at the camera. Elle got to one photo of her in a thong in front of a nice car. She stared at her butt for a moment before turning the page. The next page was another article cut out. Elle had seen all of the pictures before, but for some reason she blushed when she saw this one. It was of her mother on a beach, appearing to be on all fours, with her back arched and her ass high in the air, only covered by a micro-thong. Marcia was running her hand through her long blonde hair, giving the camera a seductive look. The article pertained to getting a better butt and all the exercises that can help with that.

Elle looked at her butt admiringly for a moment before shaking herself out of the trance and turning the page. It was another article. Her mother was shown in a locker room of some sort. Her hands were running through her hair, her back was arched, and her chest was pushed out. She was wearing a white tank top that resembled a sports bra, showing her entire midriff. She was wearing matching white bottoms that looked more like bikini bottoms. Elle’s eyes trailed over her mother’s body, admiring her decent sized breasts, long legs, and pretty smile. Then her eyes stopped moving. They became fixated on her mother’s mid-section. The photographer must’ve sprayed her with water to give the appearance she was sweating. Her tummy and thighs were glistening with tiny drops of water. Elle couldn’t help but stare at the traces of six pack abdominals, perhaps not as defined as a body builders, but still there.

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