The Big Cake

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[It’s mom’s 40th. Her friends give me $$$ for a dude to pop out of cake and give her some thrills. Shades of the Lone Ranger: who WAS that masked man?]


Well, I’ve got some explaining to do. The year that I had turned 18 and was bounced out of my house was when this all happened.

A house is not a home, or so they say. Well, we three (mom, dad, myself) had lived under the same beautiful copper clad roof for years. Every weekend, mom would become a ‘widow’ while my dad played golf, flew to Canada for fishing, or other things.

Mom had a small circle of friends, all upper class and equally neglected, who would arrange for activities for themselves. Often it was shopping or some sort of fashion show. Always there was a night of bridge playing, just the four of them.

Now as I said, I had moved out upon my 18th birthday. I was living in a tiny studio apartment while I worked installing sprinkler systems.

As my boss told me, over the course of a year, we (workers) would get tanned and buff. So as long as we didn’t get ill from all that sun, it was like a vacation…sort of.

My mom had always felt guilty about her saying nothing while her husband literally kicked me out of the house at noon on my birthday. So, as tiny reparation, mom would allow me to cater their bridge games for which I’d get a small stipend.

One weekend the game was going on when my mother received a rare call from her sister in Nevada. She apologized and ran to the phone. The other three bridge players whispered in a huddle and then motioned me to come over.

Eloise: “Jim, your mom is going to have her big 40th birthday in a month. We are planning a huge surprise for her. Our wimpy husbands are flying to Canada to hunt or fly cast or something, so it’ll be just us girls again. We have a wild idea. You have to keep it a secret.”

Eloise: “Since you drive a truck and are used to running errands, we want you to arrange for one of those ‘cakes’ with a performer inside. Instead of a girl, of course, we want a Chippendale-type of hunk.”

Eloise: “We’re going to see to it that your mom never forgets her 40th birthday!! The only thing is, after you set it all up, we won’t need you that weekend. To be frank, we’d rather not have your mom self-conscience because you’re around.”

I agreed to set up everything. I checked and a local company had a wooden ‘cake’ and performers. The cake was only $200 for the evening. The performer added $800. Then it occurred to me: okay, I’m not Brad Pitt but I’m not Danny DeVito either.

Man, if I could work out like no one ever has for 30 days, I might just be able to pocket that $800. In this economy, $800 was a lot to me being a single guy without a wealthy spouse.

I told the ‘gang of three’ that it would be $1,000 (if they checked, the company would confirm it.) They thought that was reasonable given the fun to ensue. So we were off.

For an 18 year old like myself who worked in the sun installing sprinklers (a glorified way to describe a ditch-digger), getting into shape was a breeze. Most days, I was too exhausted from working out on the job to ‘work out’ at the gym.

By the end of the 30 days, I was ready. I assumed I was to pop out of the cake, act like a hunky Ken doll and get lots of laughs, etc. This was only going to work because of a theme. Mom was an extreme devotee of horror films. Perfect: I would don a hockey mask and copy the guy in the films.

Well, the appointed weekend arrived. The ladies were playing bridge and I arrived unseen in my truck with a friend from work. We lowered the cake and I got in. He wheeled the cake to the door on rollers, was let in, and left the cake (under wraps). Then he took my truck back to my place where he’d left his car.

The ‘gang of three’ snickered to each other as mom looked with curiosity at the huge wax-paper wrapped thing.

The game ended; mom and her partner won the ‘rubber’ with a grand slam, seven no-trump, doubled and re-doubled. My mother (Sue) finally caught up for the year. Sweet…

Jane: “Well, Sue, it’s your 40th birthday. You are now officially over the hill. Prospects for your having that 2nd child don’t look so hot, nor the chances of you having a gigolo ‘kept boyfriend’.”

Jane: “So, as your only friends in this world, we figured you might as well get old and decrepit with one last act of insane fun.”

She waved at Cory to do the honors; all four oohed and aahed as the cake arose from the binds of paper. The icing/paint said ‘Happy 40th.

That was a cue. One of the ladies had an iPod which she plugged into our home stereo. As a scary movie soundtrack played, the guy in the cake was to emerge.

On time, I popped out, mask and all. The ladies all applauded as I flexed my ‘guns’. Tanned and chiseled, I must say I looked pretty decent. I assumed that I would just dance and it would slowly istanbul escort wind down as a party. So I assumed…

As the music blared on, I noticed liquor bottles on the bridge table. Geez, the ladies had been ‘sucking it back’ while they played.

To my surprise, one of those kept lady/trophy wives came up to me and started pawing at my athletic tie-string pants. I hadn’t counted on this. Just wish I’d worn some jockeys.

The pants came down and there it was. The ‘gang of three’ all whooped and hollered seeing my cock. Even at rest it was bigger…much bigger…than any of the pathetic ‘cocktail weenies’ that they had to put up with as gold-digging trophy wives.

As Jane did the honors, cupping my family jewels with one hand and stroking my manhood with the other, the other three women watched. Like a cobra, my pride and joy arose from a downward tilt. It would jerk, rise, fall, bobble, rise, fall, until it sprang to full ten inches of glory.

As to the family jewels below, they swelled with size and power as my cobra danced right above them. When she was finished, it looked like two large peaches were contained in that bull-sized sack. The ‘gang of three’ licked their lips in unison.

I was still standing there like a statue, still doing my thing as a performer. With my mask on, I stood while one lady after another would pay ‘lip service’ to my magnificent rod. As they all honored me in turn, I felt like some god of fertility or something.

I’d occasionally flex my muscles, causing the women not on their knees to caress the steel hard muscle acquired by actual work on my manual laboring physique. All this time, my mother hung back. We were coming to the climax finally.

Eloise: “Well, enough preliminaries ladies! The lady being honored tonight, or is that DIShonored, shall come forward!” [My mother came over to them, gathered around the ‘Chippendale’ performer in the hockey mask.]

Jane: “Sue, we know you are shy, loyal to your sleazy husband to a fault. That is why we are going to do this for you.”

To my shock (under that mask) and my mother’s, her friends proceeded to disrobe my beautiful mother!! Gently at first, they got more forceful as my mom realized what was going down: her friends were forcing mom to have a last bachelorette type of party.

It was going to be a ‘going away’ party for mom’s youth with one last act of rowdiness.

Now, mind you, I had not kissed my mother since she last tucked me in at age 10. I had never seen her in a bathing suit even once. As her ‘friends’ pawed away at her clothes, every newly exposed square inch was a revelation.

With two women ripping away at my mother’s blouse, it was history within a minute. God that was a BIG cupped bra mom wore. Mother or no mother, I wondered if they would go through with it and…WOW! The bra came off as Jane handed it to Eloise.

She then caressed my mom’s breasts. Fortunately, the ladies all stared at mom and didn’t notice the gusher of pre-cum that now covered the large mushroom-shaped crown of my mighty ten inch rod.

At this point it was almost pure physics: it was like a magnetic field, with my hard rod being one pole and my mom’s pussy an opposite-charged pole. The force attracting them was powerful and not to be denied…

The three women in turn used my mom like they used me. Each of them in turn came up to her, stroked and kissed mom’s boobs. Her nipples got angry and sprouted beautifully.

Again, the ladies weren’t looking at me or they would’ve seen my cock lurch and throb at this spectacle. God, if mom still had milk in there, I would’ve shot a load that would’ve drenched all four women. If only…

The ‘gang of three’ now tugged and pulled at mom’s slacks. Soon enough, my mother was bare butt naked. What a figure!

Her bum might have been a few percent larger than playmate perfect, but mom’s legs were showgirl quality. Even her feet were lovely with the darkest ruby color on her tiny toes. Suffice it to say, I was beyond rock-hard…and ready! Mother or not, here I come.

Mom: “Okay, okay ladies, please. You’ve given me the thrill of a lifetime. You’ve made me get naked around this hunky young stud and all had your laughs. I truly appreciate it. There’s no need for us to go further and turn this from a fun evening into something we might regret.”

Mom: “If you must know, my cycle time is…well, this is a dangerous time to be fooling around. Now, if one of you jezebels has a condom with you I might…and I said MIGHT…allow the games to continue.”

My mother assumed that none of these forty-ish trophy wives would have a condom for her. However, Eloise thought that this might be the case. She had wisely brought an extra extra-large one as a gag.

Now, she went to get her purse in my mother’s room. She opened the condom wrapper, carefully put her long finger nails thru the end of that condom some three times, and then carefully pressed closed the condom cebeci escort packaging.

Here was the scene now. I was standing like a tanned, buff, muscular statue, hockey mask and all. My cock was rock hard, standing ten inches as it pointed to the ceiling. Next to me were two women holding mom at bay.

My mother looked exactly like one of those Playboy ‘where are they now’ follow-up stories to a gorgeous playmate. Petite at five foot two, mom stood there on her lovely bare feet, looking all the world like a Barbie-doll.

Meanwhile, Eloise was perforating a huge condom and now brought it out in its ‘sealed package’. With a noisy rip, she ‘opened’ the package and rolled the condom onto my magnificent cock. Another of her friends helped out, just as an excuse to feel the hardness…the power…of my manly rod.

My gorgeous mom started to struggle mildly…she was really conflicted about the whole thing. With that condom making it safe (sic), she wasn’t sure what she wanted. Well, her friends didn’t want to wait.

With difficulty, the three of them dragged mom up to me and lifted her until the crown of my cock was aligned with the slavering lips of her pussy, dripping wet with excitement. I could not believe that my cock was being ‘force-fed’ my dream woman.

The ladies slowly let mom go. She settled down, sliding on my cock as if it were a coat hanger hook. When they backed away, they realized that she was hanging there off the floor only held up by my cock.

Realizing this, I put my powerful arms around her. Mom’s eyes closed in passion. Could I, should I go through with this?? Instinct alone started me using my bulging arm muscles to lift and lower that piece of ass atop my mighty cock. Soon both my hands held her by her pert bum and were moving up and down at blinding speed.

If you remember the sound of walking thru puddles, that was the sound as my cock would squish in and then out of my mother’s tight, welcoming pussy. The walls of her vagina were so sensitive…so tender.

As my huge phallus rudely dragged its rough uncut cockhead back and forth, in and out, across and then down, my mom moaned in pleasure. She had had no orgasms (zero) with her tiny-equipped husband; now with me, the big ‘O’s came and went at lightning speed.

This was too much for the ‘gang of three’. It was more than they hoped for. Two of them actually made out, so horny were they. The third sat on our couch and proceeded to do things with her hand that I won’t repeat.

As I moved my beautiful mother in my hands with greater and greater speed and power, I was getting close. My mother now wanted this to reach a climax, confident as she was from seeing that condom go on my mighty cock.

Mom: “You darling young man. Feel free to let yourself go into that condom. Be a man and let yourself shoot. Imagine you’re shooting inside of me instead of that rubber. If it turns you on, think about knocking me up; I’m at my most fertile today.”

Mom: “Just think about that! If you weren’t wearing that thick waterproof rubber, that condom, you might have had a chance of getting me to be ‘with child’. Would you have liked that: A wealthy woman with a swollen belly due to you? It won’t happen, of course, but DO think that way and let go!”

Mind you, I didn’t know about the condom being all cut-up anymore than my mother did. Though the thought of knocking my mom up was the ultimate fantasy, I knew that wasn’t going to happen. So I just satisfied myself with the thought that this was as close as I would get to it.

I started moaning, as did my mother. Perfectly on cue, she had her sixth (count them six) orgasm just as I went off. With a manly grunt, I gripped my mother’s perfect bum and squeezed. With my cockhead completely uncovered due to the severe cuts to the condom, I came like a volcano.

I made an audible sigh each time I came. The women would look at each other after each one, waiting and wondering if this was it–except, it went on for minutes. I had so much stored up spunk, and the events of tonight were so exciting, that I just kept pumping and pumping and pumping.

Eleven solid squirts of manly cum (loaded with potent baby-making sperm) were shot out of my cannon with frightening power and incredible volume. The twelfth and last one was only a three second burst.

If all of this wasn’t exciting enough, well hold on. Everyone was so consumed with the action, they hadn’t noticed a ‘visitor’. As my mother and I stood, with her still hanging on me, held up by my powerful hands and more powerful cock, this ‘visitor’ came up and unmasked me. There was a collective gasp by everyone in the room.

My father had not flown to Canada any more than the other guys had. Their weekends were just excuses for them to pursue some bad habits, visit their young mistresses, or other things.

Unknown to naïve me, all the ladies knew it too, but put up with it in the hopes of cashing in at divorce or estate settlement time.

Now ankara escort mom was ‘busted’ and it wasn’t even her fault. Her friends had forced this upon her. She now had a cuntful of very vibrant, active sperm, millions upon millions of them; all of them were slowly oozing throughout her ‘baby factory’.

Even as he raged at my mother in front of her friends, my potent seed had found her treasured ovum. With flagella waving frantically, those little guys did their duty. As he slapped my mom to everyone’s horror, Nature saw to it that the ultimate revenge happened.

Fully five of my genetic messengers were allowed in. As I knocked him out with one Joe Louis quality punch, mom’s ovum firmly attached itself to her inner walls, completing the miracle of conception.

Right in front of her friends, her son, and her unconscious husband, my mother had conceived. I had gotten my mother pregnant on a night when I wasn’t even supposed to be serving cold cuts.

I had knocked up the most desirable lay in the land, even though I was wearing a condom. Now, THAT was luck.

With her impotent bully of a hubby lying out cold, my mom looked at herself now that she was ‘unhooked’ from my cock. With her hand, she caught a huge outflow of cum as it leaked from her sperm-soaked pussy.

Mom: “Eloise, can you explain how all of this cum is dripping from me when that young man was wearing a condom? How could THAT happen? And, if all of this excess cum is leaking out of me, how much is still inside?”

Before she could answer, mom’s ‘old man’ came to.

Father: “So, this is how you spend your weekends? I should’ve known. Well, I’m leaving you, you old bag. Why do I need you? My mistress Dawn might be really overweight but at least she’s not really over-the-hill. Oh, and civil courts are run by my friends. Don’t expect a favorable ruling, you bitch! For the record, I’m moving out as of today. You can send me any legal correspondence at the executive long-term stay hotel downtown.”

He left with a slam of the front door. The women looked worried.

Jane: “Do you remember Francine? This exact thing happened where her cheating husband found HER cheating. She ended up with the same $5,000 checking account she entered the marriage. She had put up with eleven years of no sex, no boyfriends for the hope of getting rich, then nothing…”

Eloise: “Sue, we got you INTO this problem, so we will get you OUT of it too.”

The ‘gang of three’ huddled. Their plan was brilliant, times two.

Jane had a daughter just turned 18. The thing was, she was a late bloomer. With no bust at all, she was diminutive. This was an integral part of the plan.

The beauty of the plan was this: if mom’s old man was a creep, it would work and he would be sorry…real sorry. If he WASN’T a creep, then nothing bad would happen and that would be okay too.

Jane’s daughter, Janelle, showed up, wearing a plain smock and flip flops from Goodwill. She was to say that she was lost and needed somewhere to stay until her mom reached her on her cellphone. Unlike the girl, her mom only had a hard-line phone and had to get home to call her.

Well, it came off like clockwork. Janelle was a brave trooper indeed. He plied her with cola (and Bacardi), then grabbed at her plain grey dress. She got up and headed for the door.

He asked her what the matter was. Following her script, she said she didn’t drink and wasn’t supposed to ever allow grown men to talk her into things. She was the daughter of her wife’s friend, Jane, and she was leaving as her mother would want her to go. She left.

He called Jane that very night. He said there was a misunderstanding and he wanted to ‘clear it up’.

Jane: “Oh, so you offer booze and then paw at my daughter and then just want to ‘clear it up’? Well, I’m sure the local police would like to hear about this. I’m sure that they would like to ‘clear it up’ too. Let’s hit the bottom line here.”

Jane: “My Janelle considers your wife her god-mother. She’s very upset about your divorce suit, where you concede nothing but $3,000 of her own money as settlement. Either you split everything right down the middle or my darling daughter blows the whistle on you. Think about it…”

He was thunderstruck. Even though the whole thing seemed suspicious, he couldn’t risk that kind of a charge being filed in this, his blessed home town. Talk about caving in easily.

Within 24 hours, mom received by legal courier a new settlement offer. It showed $800,000. Everyone was ecstatic and high-fived each other. That is except me.

Based on absolutely nothing, I guessed he was still holding out. As the four of them begged me not to do it, I composed a letter on my PC and faxed it to the legal courier service. The message was that we wanted HALF of his stuff, not just a better offer.

Days went by. All four women started blaming me for ‘blowing it’ while my mom had a good offer in hand.

Then, the exact same courier arrived. Mom called her friends over, not opening the letter. Then, with all of them present, they had me read it exactly like an Academy Award presentation. It was with great pleasure that I announced the settlement offer, notarized and legal, of $2.4 million!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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