The Bedroom Visitor Ch. 1

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Big Tits

During lunch today at the office I needed to write down the hot love making session that I had with you the other night.

We climb into bed together and you instantly started kissing and nibbling on my neck. Gently running your teeth along my ear and passionately kissing me. You really know how to get me going. I was wearing the white lace teddy that you gave me for my birthday and feeling ultra sexy in it. My dark areolas show through the lace and the hem of it doesn’t quite cover my shaved slit.

You removed the straps from my shoulders and pull them down to expose my erect nipples. Ever so slowly you make your way to my breasts and extend your tongue and twirl it around each one, never touching the nipple. My god you are teasing me, you have me at a fever pitch in no time. I could feel your throbbing member pulsating against my stomach as you hovered over me. I reach out to stroke you and could feel the first droplet of your pre cum ready to drip.

While your tongue is teasing my nipples I capture that first drop on my fingers and bring it to my mouth. I love the taste of your cum and have never been able to get enough. While I was enjoying your flavor you continue your travels down my body and lift the teddy up to completely expose me.

You begin to tease my belly button and my stomach with your tongue; you are so gentle it almost tickles. All of a sudden I feel you nibble on my exposed flesh, which causes goose bumps to jump out on my skin. Your travels continue to the shaved area of my mons and into the valley between my thigh and pussy. You begin licking down that valley until your tongue touches my perineum, crosses over and begins its travel’s güvenilir bahis back up the other side and around my mons once again. Your tongue acts like it has a mind of its own tracing circles and designs over my skin.

I can feel my juices start to flow from between my lips and over my back door as I am getting wetter by the moment and wishing that you would just suck my clit. I know you won’t however, you want to tease me to the snapping point, and you want my first orgasm to be explosive in nature.

Your tongue travels back down that first crevice and as it starts to cross my perineum once again you slide it against my dark pucker, causing me to cry out with pleasure and grab the duvet with both hands. I begin trembling as you insert your tongue even further into my nether regions, I need to cum soon and you know it. I feel you rotating around on the bed and kissing the inside of my thighs at the same time. You didn’t see this but a smile crosses my face knowing that you want me to take your throbbing member into my warm mouth.

As you straddle my head and I see your manhood right over my face, I place both hands on it so that I can bring the head to my lips. I open my mouth and extend my tongue to tease you and lick the opening that is dripping that precious juice.

Just as I am about to lick your head, your tongue slides up from my back opening between my wet lips and flicks across my erect button. It is like a jolt of electricity has hit me, I arch my back, which puts more pressure on my clit as you suck it between your lips. Your tongue begins flicking even faster while you are sucking, causing me to go over the edge into my first orgasm of the türkçe bahis night. While cumming I inhale as much of your cock as possible to stop my screams. You begin pushing your rod even further into my mouth while still lapping at my gushing cunt. My god, I can’t stop cumming right now. With you on top of me I can’t move, I am completely under your control. What an incredible turn on!

When I am ready to pass out from lack of oxygen you roll off of me and turn around to cuddle and hold me. Once my breathing has returned to something resembling normal, I roll on top of your body and feel your hardness pulsing between my legs, ever so gently touching my puffy lips.

I lift up and start pushing back onto your hardness; I am so wet that you slide in without any hesitation. I continue pushing back until I feel that fat bulbous head of yours nestled against my cervix. I sit up straight on top of you and grind down even further; I want to feel your cock trying to enter my womb. It feels like you will burst right out through me as I hold my stomach, the pressure is incredible. I start moaning as orgasm number whatever hits me; I feel it radiating outward from deep in my pussy until I see black around the edges of my vision.

I collapse onto your chest gasping for breath while you remain inside of me and brush a lock of hair out of my eyes. You affectionately kiss the end of my nose and this brings a smile to my face. “Are you alright baby?” you say.

I respond by saying, “I am more than alright, I am fabulous. My goodness, the things that you do to me!”

I lift back up and decide to turn around with your hardness inside of me. I can feel it pulsing, knowing güvenilir bahis siteleri that you are close to cumming yourself. As I am turning I feel you thrust upwards almost bucking me off, I have to ram backwards to keep you fully encased inside of me. The pressure of your hard cock inside is wonderful, you fill me so completely.

Once I have turned around and presented my luscious ass to you, you begin to caress and fondle it. Your index finger presses lightly against my anus as I start bouncing up and down on your cock. You manage to get your index finger in my ass to the first knuckle causing me to spasm around your cock as you start squirting you cum deep inside of me. I feel each blast hit my cervix from the end of your cock as I look towards the bedroom door.

I erupt into the most massive orgasm I have had in years. The hot cum splashing inside of my pussy, the pulsing of your cock, the contractions of my juicy cunt all combined with me locking eyes with our own son rubbing his cock and watching us. I literally pass out and collapse onto your legs as the decadence of this hits me. When I come to a few minutes later the doorway is empty but I am still quivering from the orgasm and you are asking me if everything is all right.

I mumble that everything is fine but I need to rest a few moments before I can move. As my breathing returns to normal I lift my satisfied pussy off of your semi hard manhood and feel your cum gush out and onto your stomach. It feels like you unloaded a gallon of it into me. I am too tired to go and clean up in the bathroom so I turn around and cuddle with you, while drifting off to sleep, I feel you cum oozing out of my pussy and across my thighs. My dreams that night consisted of visions of you and our son in my bed.

I awake as the alarm goes off in a cold sweat and choking back the scream, “What the fuck is wrong with me?”

To Be Continued:

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