The Bathroom Peephole Ch. 02

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All characters in this story are 18 or older.


“Knock knock” I said while slowly opening Katie’s partially cracked door. Katie was on her bed in her favorite booty shorts and tank playing games on her phone. “Thanks again for last night, that was fucking incredible, what time did Liz leave?”

Katie smiled and looked up, “Umm, she had to take off super early this morning for work, but left with a smile on her face and a very happy kitty thanks to you.”

I laughed and noticed Liz’s panties still sitting on the floor near the bed. “I see she left her panties here,” pointing to them on the ground near Katie’s bed.

“Nah, those are mine,” said Katie. After a moment of silence, Katie realized what she said and suddenly looked alarmed, “Wait, those do belong to her, silly me.”

“Are you going to give them back to her?” I said.

Katie grinning, “I don’t want some dirty girl’s used panties in my room. I’ll toss them out since they’re not an expensive pair.”

Trying not to show my desire to pull out my cock and cum all over them, I nonchalantly pick them up. “I’ll toss them out for you, no biggie.”

Katie looked inquisitively at me, then laughed. “Ok perv, they’re all yours.”

Laughing, “Cool, I’m going to go back to my room, thanks again Sis!”

Getting to my room I plopped down onto my bed. My gym shorts, t-shirt, and underwear in a trail on the floor behind me. I felt a heavenly warmth tingling its way up my stiffening cock and watched veins appearing along my shaft as it filled with blood. Examining Liz’s panties, I could see the spot on the gusset where she dripped throughout the day. Smelling her sweet aroma made me grow harder. Wrapping her panties around my tip, my balls tightened a bit indicating I was now at full attention. Kneading my pink head with the gusset I immediately started edging. I’d always had a thing for dirty used panties. I put the gusset in my mouth and watched a thick droplet of pre-cum appear on my tip. Wrapping my hand around my…

“Knock knock, it’s Mom.” I need your dirty clothes. The pendik escort door burst open and there I was naked on the bed pumping my cock while tasting some girls’s panties in my mouth. My Mom, still in her nightgown, froze in place dropping the laundry basket on the floor.

“Mom, what the fuck? Get out!”

Mom kneeled down to pick up the basket while watching me scramble to cover myself with a pillow. What made this more awkward was that as she was crouching, I could see right up her nighty giving me a glimpse of her hairy pussy.

She laughed, “Oh hush, I used to wash your penis when you were a baby and we’re all adults here.” She stood up and closed the door walking to my bed sitting next to me. “You know, I kind of wish I’d walk in on your Dad doing something weird so I could finally get some action. It’s been months.”

Sitting awkwardly, I didn’t know what to say to that. I was still insanely hard after my panty play time and then catching a glimpse of her pussy. Mumbling, I tried to console her, “Sorry Mom, that stinks,” I said while fidgeting in place trying to keep myself covered.

Mom laid back on the bed her night gown riding up to her groin. Fuck, I could see her pussy, her soft slit lined with her creamy juices. “Sorry you didn’t get to finish, son,” Mom said quietly. “I really should have knocked, but I’d been watching you through the door for so long and gotten myself all horny and wet, I had to barge in.

“Holy shit,” I thought to myself, “is Mom coming onto me?” She put her hands behind her head and scooted her feet up onto the top of the bed. She caught me in a trance staring between her legs. She was so wet, I could see a string of her cum leaking out her hole stuck to some of her sexy pubic hair.

Mom grinned, “Sorry, do my old lady bits gross you out?” Without hesitation, she spread her legs wide, her lips peeling apart slowly. “How about now?” She asked with a bigger smile.

“Mom, what’s happening? I’m your son.”

She slowly teased her pussy hole with a finger while letting out a very quiet moan. Smiling, she looked maltepe escort me in the eyes, “I’m clearly not too worried about it, son. I interrupted you, which was rude and know you need to finish.” She pulled her nightgown up and over her head and laid there naked, spread eagle, and went back to fingering her hole.

My cock ached listening to her plunge her finger inside herself – I’d been with my fair share of women, but I’d never seen anyone this wet, Dad must really be neglecting her. I stood up dropping the pillow on the floor, my cock bouncing as I turned to stand between her legs. She let out a giggle and spread her pussy lips wider with both hands while seductively swirling her hips at me.

“Put it inside me son. Fill Mommy with every inch of that beautiful cock.”

I stepped in closer until my throbbing tip was inches away from her entrance. She peeled her lips back more, heat emanating onto my cock. Possessed by the moment, I stuck it in filling her with every inch listening to her whimper as I pushed all of my cock inside her. Thrusting gently in and out, the sound of my cock sloshing inside was making me ever harder. I watched as Mom squeezed her retrousse tits while fighting off the urge to moan loudly. Her hand grabbed my leg pushing me off of her.”

“Let me be on top,” she said.

I laid on my back my throbbing cock sticking straight up in the air glistening in my mother’s juices.

Squatting down towards me, I watched her pussy separate as her legs widened — squatting deeply, she eased me inside of her. Squatting up and down, her pussy devoured me. After a few minutes, she stood up a little causing my cock to flop out of her pussy wishing to be back inside her warmth. Sitting down all the way, she slid her lips up my shaft grinding her pussy aggressively back and forth. Faster and faster her movements becoming more and more aggressive – her clit was red and swollen when she finally hopped off me and crawled on all fours away wiggling her ass.

“Fuck me from behind,” she said in a more serious tone.

Scooting up on my kartal escort knees behind her, I had a full view of her beautiful asshole. Spreading her cheeks, I slipped back inside feeling her tense up from my girth. Grabbing her hips, I pulled her into me firmly as she let out a short gasp. Freeing a hand, I fingered her asshole with my middle finger feeling shockwaves of passion rip through her body.

Her legs began to shake. “Don’t you fucking stop, son. Give Mommy your big hot load.” Shaking and moaning loudly, her pussy tightened around my cock as she began to gyrate and thrust her hips. “I’m cumming baby,” she said grabbing the bed sheets.

Her pussy tightened even more as she devoured me deep inside. I couldn’t take it any more and felt a tingling rush of cum leaving my tip. I exploding inside my Mom, blowing rope after rope of sweet hot cum inside her.

A few minutes later, both of us breathing loudly, we both laid next to each other. Cum slowly oozed out of her used pink hole. She sat up and scooped some of it out with a couple fingers dripping it onto her tongue, then licking her fingers. She moved to my cock and licked around my shaft and tip cleaning up our mess, then carefully sucked my swollen tip to get out every last drop.

“Your cum tastes divine,” she said standing up, legs a little wobbly. Picking the panties up off the ground, she looked at me, “Does Katie know you’ve been stealing her panties?”

I gawked in confusion, “Those belong to a girl I’ve been seeing named Liz.”

Mom putting her nightgown back on raised an eyebrow and showed them to me, “Then why do they say KN on the tag? You know I mark everyone’s unmentionables.” She shrugged kissing me on the cheek and then bent over and kissed my now flaccid penis, “our little secret, ok?”

Confused, but clearly satisfied, I winked, “Sure thing.”

The door clicked shut.

Staring at the panties, I took a pic and texted it to Katie.

Jake: Thoughts?

Katie: Fuck, I forgot Mom does that still.

Jake: So is Liz a panty thief or did you like our little fuckfest last night?

Katie: *Image File*

A picture of Katie’s pussy and her giving me the thumbs up.

Jake: Plans tonight?

Katie: Maybe, who knows… we’ll see. Might not be interested.

Jake: Dick!

Katie: Yes, please! 😉

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