The Bad Girl Ch. 2

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This story is in a number of chapters. To help the reader, I will put the list of main characters before each chapter. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I would appreciate any comments you care to direct to me. But be fore warned, this story contains some watersports and incest. If these subjects are taboo with you, stop reading now. I have non-incest stories on another site.


Shirley-Spanked Pet
Teahshow-John’s Sister
Sylvia-Abused Girl
Janice-John’s Daughter
Master Lawrence
Mario-Teahshow’s son
Barbara-John’s wife, Janice’s mom
Martha-Janice’s friend
Mark & Jeff-college students

* * * * *

When Janice walked into her father’s bedroom he was just coming out of the shower wrapped in a bathrobe. On the bed, Janice saw a variety of instruments that she knew her father had used to punish her mother. There was a belt, hairbrush, and short whip with many strands, a paddle and a long stick with a leather patch on the end. Janice didn’t know what that one was for.

“Sometimes you will call me DADDY and sometimes you will call me John. I will tell you when to call me John. Right now young lady, you have some explaining to do. I told you that you would tell me everything in detail, that you did today.” Janice stood as her father sat in his padded straight-backed chair. He picked up his drink and took a sip.

Looking into the wall mirror she saw what she looked like. She was dressed in a black nighty top. Holes were placed to allow her tits to stick out and be exposed. She wore no panties but did wear a garter belt and black stockings. Her hairy bush was totally exposed to view. “Daddy I feel so nasty in this outfit. Can’t I put on something else?” John smiled a cool smile. “Considering what you did and have been doing, I think that you look appropriate. You act like a slut; I dress you like one and punish you for being one. Now begin!” Janice’s mind was racing. How much of what took place today should she tell him? Thinking back on what she did, she was afraid to tell the whole truth. “I see you trying to make up your mind as to what to tell me. If you lie, this will be the only time I ever touch you.”

Taking a deep breath, Janice began her tale of sordid sexual antics. “I got to Martha’s house at 8:oclock. Her parents had left to go south and see a sick relative. Being 18, they left her home alone to go to school. We had a drink and talked about the two boys that were coming over. Jeff and Mark are University students she met at a party. We have been seeing them and having sex with them for about two months. They came over about 9 and we had some more drinks. Jeff suggested that Martha and I make out to warm them up. Martha and I began to kiss and undress each other.

By the time we got down to bra and panties we were both hot. Martha’s fingers were friggin me and I wanted to cum! My fingers were up her twat and she was gushing juice down my hand. Jeff and Mark were calling us nasty names and jerking their dicks. They told us to suck the juice off our fingers. Then they made us suck each other until we came. After that they made us suck their cocks. Martha was sucking Jeff and I had Mark’s dick in my mouth. Then they had us switch. They made us stop saying they didn’t want to cum just yet. We had some more to drink. I was pretty high by then and Martha was more drunk then me. Jeff pulled Martha on his lap and stuck his dick up her twat. I sucked Mark as he fingered Martha’s butt. Then he got up and got behind Martha. Holding her hips he shoved his dick up her ass. Martha was crying out as they fucked her but when they asked her if she wanted them to stop, she said she didn’t want them to. Mark pulled out and tried to make me suck him but I made him go into the bathroom and wash off his dick.

By the time he came back, Martha was cumming and so was Jeff. Jeff pushed Martha off him and made me suck his dick first, them lick and suck his cum from Martha’s cunt.” John was watching his daughter as she talked. He could tell she was getting excited as she told her story. He could see how she flexed her thigh muscles to squeeze her cunt as she stood before him. He felt his dick throb and had to control his desire to tear into her soft flesh right then. “How long have you and Martha been having sex with each other?” The question caught Janice off guard. Blinking her eyes she gulped. “About two years”, Janice answered meekly. “You’ll tell me about that another time. Now come here.” When Janice got close, John pushed his hand between her thighs and rubbed her swollen pussy lips. Her excitement was noticeable from the amount of juice that coated his fingers. John’s hand was covered with her juice. Janice moaned as her father’s fingers found and stroked her enlarged clit. John was surprised at the size of her clit. “I guess Martha’s sucking on your clit has it so big. I’ll find out later how big your sucking has her clit. Now continue with this tale of your being pendik escort such an easy slut.”

“Mark pushed me to the floor and pushed my legs open wide. He began to fuck me slow. He kept pushing in all the way making me cry out as he hit bottom. After he did that for a long time he pulled out. Martha came over and got down on her knees. She pushed my legs open and licked and sucked my pussy. She loves to lick and suck me. Mark put me on my hands and knees with my head on the couch. He got behind me and entered my pussy from the back. He fucked me hard then pulled out. I felt him pulling my butt cheeks apart and I know I screamed as he shoved his fat dick up my ass. He fucked me so hard. I cried and begged him to stop, but he wouldn’t stop.

He came in my butt then pulled out. He grabbed Martha by the hair and held her head as he made her lick my butt hole. Martha’s tongue was licking in and out, pushing into my butt and it felt so good I didn’t want it to stop. The guys stayed until about 2 and during that time they made Martha and me do all kinds of things to them and to each other.” John looked at his daughter. Up till now he had always viewed her as so innocent, this new knowledge that she not only made love to her girlfriend regularly but that she let herself be treated like some cheap whore and loved it made him angry. But is also had him so excited that nothing was going to stop him from fucking her now.

“Well young lady, you have shown yourself to be a cheap easy fuck. I will let my punishment fit your crime. I will also punish Martha for her actions. As for Jeff and Mark, you are forbidden to ever see them again. You will invite them over here tomorrow on the pretext that you and Martha have the house to yourselves. You will invite Martha and tell her she must come. Now, get ready for your punishment.” John picked up the brush.

He motioned for Janice to come and lay over his lap. Janice did as she was told and her father raised the nighty so that her bare butt was exposed. John spent a few seconds just rubbing her round globes. Just when Janice started to relax, SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Her father’s hand crashed down on her butt. “Oh daddy please!” she cried. . SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The brush landed first on one cheek then the other. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

“I’m sorry! Please no more!” Janice cried. John stopped and began to rub her butt. He could feel the heat from his spanking and this excited him more. He allowed his hand to rub between her legs. Janice was wet, very wet. “You beg for me to stop, but just like your mother, your cunt is soaking wet from my spanking your butt. Well my nasty child, I’m just getting started. If you want me to do to you what I did to your mother and what I do to those other women, you had better learn to take much more than this.”

John didn’t stop rubbing her slit and she was now moving her hips to the rhythm of his probing fingers. “Oh yes daddy. I’ll take more. I want you to beat me. I was a very bad girl. Oh daddy! Your gonna make me cum if you don’t stop.” John worked faster. “I’ll make you cum all night. I’m gonna spank you till my arm gets tired. Then I’m going to push my dick up that tight butt of yours. You’ll see how I used to give it to your mother first hand.” Juice was coating John’s fingers. Janice was humping her butt, trying to push his fingers in deeper. “Yes daddy! Oh daddy! Fuck me daddy! Harder! Oh harder daddy! Faster! I’m cumming daddy. I’m cumming for you. Oh! Oh! IEEE” John felt the gush of her climax as she came over his fingers and hand. It was so much it spilled down his leg.

Grabbing his daughter, he pushed her to the bed. Throwing her onto her back he pushed her legs open and shoved his face between them. He licked and sucked, making the most obscene slurping noises as he did. Janice came again under the onslaught of his probing tongue. Pushing her onto her stomach, he began to rub her butt. “Such a fine sweet ass you have. I’m going to enjoy teaching you how to take all of my fat cock up into it. How often do you and Martha make love to each other? What do you do to each other?” His hands rubbing her sore butt took some of the sting away. As his fingers touched her pussy lips, Janice began to feel that special heat between her legs. She spread open even wider to give him easier access to her tender slit. “Oh daddy that feels good. Most of the time when we get together we will do something. Martha can’t seem to get enough. Sometimes we will just frig each other. She sometimes tries to use a rubber dick on me. I let her do it once but she was too rough and I was sore for a week. Most of the time she makes me use it on her. She takes it in both holes. Oh daddy I’m gonna cum again.”

” Do you fuck any other girls?” Janice was working herself up good. John pulled his hand from her cunt. “No daddy not yet. Let me cum, please.”

” Answer me and maybe I’ll let you cum. Have you done it with any maltepe escort other girls?” Janice was breathing fast and heavy. “Oh daddy”, she whined. “Only one other girl. A Chinese girl Martha knows. She was over Martha’s house. We tied her up on her back on the bed and she had to lick both of us till we came. Then we used dildos in both her holes until she came. Martha kept her tied and kept fucking her until she pissed all over the bed. Daddy make me cum now. Make me cum now, please.”

John got up and picked up his drink. “Make yourself cum. Go ahead and do it while I watch.” Janice rolled over and shoved her hands between her legs. Fast and hard she rubbed herself. “Slow! Do it very slow. Pull your lips open so I can see how wet you get.” Janice smiled at her dad. “I’m soaking wet already.” She parted her lips and John was able to see her gaping hole. The juice was running out of her slit and rolling down between her thighs. Slowly Janice worked her fingers.

She was no stranger to masturbation. Many nights this was how she put herself to sleep. She watched as her father began to slowly stroke his huge cock. “Watch daddy, see how my fingers tease my clit. Martha taught me just how to do it. Oh daddy I can’t stop it. Oh fuck! Oh shit. YEA! YEA! OH YES! YES! YES! IEEE!” Janice shuddered to a real strong orgasm. She lay there trying to catch her breath as her father mesmerized by his daughter’s wanton display slowly stroked his dick. John ran into the bathroom and Janice heard the shower run. Her father’s loud cry startled her. He came out dripping wet. “You almost made me cum. I had to get under the cold water to stop myself.” He gave her his glass and she took a sip. The harsh taste burned her mouth. “How can you drink that stuff. It taste like gasoline.”

” What do you and Martha drink”, he asked? “Martha makes this rum punch. It has a good sweet taste and before you know it you’re wasted. That’s what we drank whenever the guys would meet us.” Janice looked up at her father after her statement.

John just nodded his head. “OK, up on your hands and knees. It’s time for the second part of your punishment.” Janice sighed and got up onto her hands and knees. “Daddy! My behind is really sore. Can’t we just let the spanking with the brush be it? I really want you to make love to me like I was your wife now.” John rubbed Janice’s butt. His hands molded and massaged and squeezed her soft flesh. “I will rarely make love to you the usual way. I will however make love to your butt. I’m afraid of getting you pregnant so most of our fucking will be with me shoving my dick up your ass.” John picked up the paddle. He rubbed it against Janice’s butt then let fly a hard SMACK! “IEEE! Daddy that hurts!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Oh daddy please, not so hard.”

“Will” SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “You”. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Let other”. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Boys fuck you again” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “No daddy I promise! The only one who will fuck me from now on is you. Oh daddy please stop.” John stopped. Janice was lying on the bed, tears rolling down her face. Her sobs caused her body to shake. John rubbed her butt. Roughly he pushed her legs open. He began to finger her twat. Her sobs turned to moans. When Janice lifted her butt up to give him freer access, he pushed his middle finger which was wet from her juice into her tight puckered hole.

“Oh daddy”, she moaned. “You’re pushing your finger up my ass. Yes daddy. Frig it. Fuck me with your finger. Oh deeper daddy.” Hearing his little girl ask for more anal penetration, pushed John’s passion to the limit. He stopped and pulled a condom from the drawer. Janice, seeing him roll it on, grew scared. “Oh daddy I won’t be able to take you up my butt. You’re huge. You’ll split me in two.” John’s hand snapped out too quick for Janice to react. The sharp sting of his palm hitting her butt quieted her protest.

John scooped up a glob of Vaseline and began to coat his condom covered, throbbing dick. “At first your mother protested. Then she gave in, but only endured my style of sex. Then she began to like it.” As he spoke John was slowly working his fingers up into Janice’s butt hole. What Janice didn’t realize was that he was really greasing her up good with the Vaseline. “Oh daddy that feels good. Yes go slow just like that”, Janice moaned, as she rotated her butt in the air. “Soon after”, John continued, “she began to love it and even ask me to punish her. Then she couldn’t get enough and wanted it all the time. I couldn’t satisfy her enough so she began going out and letting other men and women satisfy her.” John’s fingering was getting more aggressive. Janice’s excitement was also building.

“Ugh! Ugh!” Janice grunted as her father’s fingers hammered her hole. John looked down and marveled at the way his daughter’s asshole clung to his pumping fingers. Janice, to her credit, was humping her ass back as he kartal escort pushed his fingers deeper. “Yes! Yes! Work those fingers deep in my ass. Oh daddy yes! Give it to me!” John pulled his fingers out and spread her cheeks wide. He gazed down at her glistening hole. All round and tightly closed and the idea of him pushing his massive cock into such a tight hole made his dick throb even more. Using his fingers to guide his cockhead to her hole he pushed it against the opening. Then once again spreading her cheeks wide, he watched as he pushed it in. Meeting resistance from Janice’s fear of his size and her failure to relax he pushed harder.

As the head of John’s cock pushed past her muscles and slid in Janice cried out. “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Easy! Easy! Easy! Oh it’s too big daddy. I can’t take it.” Knowing that he had to go exceptionally slow, John stopped and gave her a chance to catch her breath and get used to his size. “Did you cry like that this afternoon when Mark and Jeff fucked you up the ass?” Janice was breathing through her mouth and moaning. “Daddy they were not half as big as you. Please stop and take it out. Spank me all you want, but I can’t take that up my ass. Put it in my pussy instead.” John felt his dick throb and each time it did Janice would twitch and moan. “OK! I guess I will have to continue going to my prostitutes. At least they know how to satisfy me. They give me what I need.”

” NO!” Janice shouted. “Your mine and I won’t share you with no slimy prostitute. I’ll take it daddy. Just please go real slow.” John smiled. Spreading her cheeks so he could watch the progress of his cock’s entry into his daughter’s ass, he began to rock ever so slowly. Inch by agonizing inch he worked it slow up her butt. He wanted to shove all eight inches into her but knew that at this point she would never take it and he could damage her badly. After about four fat inches were lodged into her he began to rock slowly. “Oh baby! You look just like your mother did when I would pump this cock up her ass. You should see how tightly your hole clings to my meat as I pull back.” Janice was moaning and groaning as her father fucked her butt slowly. “Will you, will you tell me about it?”

“Tell you about what”, he answered. “Tell me how you used to fuck mom. Tell me the entire nasty thing you would do to her. Tell me how she acted. Tell me what she used to say. And tell me about what you do to the prostitutes. Oh daddy, it’s starting to feel better. I think I can take just a little more.” John rocked his dick in a little more. “Oh shit! Daddy that dick is tearing my asshole open. How far are you going to fuck that monster into me.” John smacked her ass. “I don’t like your mouth young lady.”

Janice started to laugh. Her laughter grew until she was laughing uncontrollably. Not until her father lunged and pushed more dick into her already stuffed ass, making her scream did she stop. “What the hell is so funny?”

“If I tell you, you have to promise not to get mad.” Her father was silent but agreed after a few breaths. “Think about this daddy. I’m your daughter. I’m 18, and you have me on my hands and knees. You’re pushing a cock as big as a tree trunk up my ass and you smack me for using dirty words.” John saw the humor and began to laugh too. Then he began to slowly fuck his daughter. “That’s the way daddy, easy! What are you going to do to Martha? Will you fuck her too? I bet she could take this dick in any of her holes. I’ve used dildos as fat as you on her already. Yes daddy, a little faster. Oh daddy just a bit harder. I feel it. I’m taking more of you up my ass.”

John didn’t want to tell her that he was just working his dick faster and that he hadn’t pushed any more of his dick up her ass. He was holding onto her waist. “I’m going to spank Martha but I won’t fuck her. I will let you watch and when she leaves I’ll spank you again. I’m also going to make sure that those two boys never try to fuck the two of you again.” John fucked his baby a little faster and a little harder. “Oh fuck! Work that cock deeper in my ass daddy. Yes daddy! I’ll be good. I’ll be so good for you that you won’t want anyone else. Fuck me! Oh daddy you big dick fucker, cram all of the fantastic cock up my ass. Oh! I’m cumming daddy. I’m going to squirt my cum all over the place. Fuck! Oh Fuck! IEEE!” Hearing his daughter cumming started his own release. Grabbing her hard and making sure he still didn’t give her all of himself, he fucked her hard.

“Ugh! Ugh! Take it! Take it all!” John felt his cock explode harder than it had for any prostitute. Harder even than with his wife Barbara. Spent they both collapsed on the bed. After washing up John had Janice call Martha and tell her she had to come over tomorrow at 9am. That it was a matter of extreme importance. Martha agreed. Then she called the two boys and told them her father would be out of town and to come by at 9:45. That her and Martha would be waiting for them. John massaged cold cream into Janice’s butt and after making her cum with his fingers up her cunt she sucked him till he came. They fell asleep in each other’s arms. Both had big smiles on their faces. Janice, the smile of sexual fulfillment, John the thoughts of what tomorrow would bring.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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