The Amnesia of Beth’s Father Ch. 03

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sethp All rights reserved. Completely rewritten and updated for 2019

(Please read the first two chapters first and send me your comments!)


“I…I’ve never kissed a girl…I can’t” Beth protested.

“Come on,” Cindy said, grabbing Beth’s hand and leading her through the house and up the stairs to Beth’s bedroom.

Cindy shut the bedroom door and turned toward her friend Beth, stepping towards her. Cindy placed her hands on Beth’s large breasts, squeezing them hard, and then the two friends kissed for the first time ever. Cindy moaned into Beth’s mouth as they tightened their embrace kissing each other hard. Cindy loved her friend’s large boobs and how they felt in her hands.

“This would be better without the clothes,” Cindy said, stepping away. She peeled off her shirt, revealing her small firm breasts and her stiff nipples. “Your turn.”

Beth pulled off her shirt and then reached back, unclasping her bra, letting her big, heavy tits spill free.

“I’m so fucking jealous,” Cindy gasped, then moved against her friend again, kissing her firmly.


They both turned towards the door to see Beth’s father standing in his pajamas. His cock was protruding from his fly. Unbelievably, he was hard again. He was ravenous.

Beth turned beet red at having been caught making out with her friend and looked down at the floor, avoiding her father’s eyes. Beth felt as if her heart was going to leap right out of her chest. She wasn’t ready to talk to him yet. What if he kicked her out of the house? She had been masquerading as his wife for the past few days and enjoying all the sexual benefits that went with it, and now here she was in a compromising position with another girl.

“You two are just full of surprises, aren’t you?” he asked rhetorically.

The three of them stood there looking at each other stupidly. No one talked for a full minute until Dan broke the silence.

“You know earlier, my sister gave me a blowjob…I thought it was my sister at first, you know? Only after I came in her mouth did I find out it was my wife. Only then, did I know for sure that you were my daughter…I don’t know what to do.”

“Uh…I mean…Dad…I …” Beth stammered. Cindy placed a comforting hand on Beth’s shoulder.

“Cindy explained…sort of.” he said. “I…I’m not angry at you, Beth. I’m just so confused. I really thought we were married.” Then he turned and stalked back to the master bedroom closing the door behind him.

“It’s okay Beth. It’s going to be ok.” Cindy said. Beth nodded in agreement. Everything felt far from ok though.

Beth absently put her shirt back on again. Normally she wouldn’t have thought of ever going bra-less, but she didn’t give a fuck. She had way worse things to think about now.

Cindy made a quick call home explaining that she was spending the night at her friend’s house, and then the two girls got dressed and went down stairs to find some food.

Beth busied herself making some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for them both, while Cindy poured two glasses of milk. They were about to go back upstairs to Beth’s room when her mother called from the guest room. The girls hurried in there.

“Hi girls!” Rita, said cheerily.

“Hey mom,” Beth said, guiltily, having a hard time looking her in eye.

“I feel so good, girls. It’s so good to be home, I haven’t been this pain free since the accident. You have no idea how much I hate hospitals.”

“Mom, we’re really glad you’re home,” Beth lied, feeling embarrassed again.

“Your father is still pretty out of it. It was like he didn’t even know we were married when we were…um…talking earlier.” Beth’s mom offered.

“About that mom. I have to tell you…” Beth started but was cut off by her mom.

“He was really tired too. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you guys wore him out. Ha! Can you get me some pain meds and some milk? Could you girls check in on him tonight to make sure he’s okay?” she asked. “Take care of anything he needs, okay?”

Beth turned beat red. She had been taking care of him.

Rita mistook Beth’s pendik escort reddened face as anger and not the embarrassment that it was. “Oh, I’m sorry Beth. You’ve been taking good care of him for days now. I didn’t mean to imply that you would stop now.”

Cindy chimed in again, saving Beth. “Sure we’ll check in on him for you. We don’t mind at all,” she said, nudging Beth in the ribs.

“I knew you wouldn’t. Don’t worry about waking me, they’ve given me some really strong stuff and I could sleep through an earthquake with it.”

The girls went and got Beth’s mom some milk and said their good nights to her and then headed upstairs again with their own sandwiches and milk.

“Fucking awesome!” Cindy said as soon as they were in Beth’s room. “I’ve got it all covered.”

“I’m packing tonight,” Beth said starting to tear up again.

“You’re not thinking as usual,” Cindy said, moving closer and putting her hands around her friend and then cupping her ass.

“Stop it,” Beth said, moving away. “Be serious for once.”

“I am being serious. I’m going to check in on your dad tonight and I’m going to make sure that he sees things our way or my way. I’m going to make sure that there are no repercussions for what happened while your mother was away. He’s not going to say anything. I promise. You won’t have to move away. Your mom won’t be angry. You just have to stop being so uptight!”

Beth gave her friend a half hearted smile that she wasn’t really feeling. It wasn’t just the horror of what her friend was implying, but there was also a touch of jealousy there. Cindy moved in closer kissing her friend on the mouth. Beth parted her lips to receive Cindy’s tongue. They made out like that for quite a while, hands roaming over each other’s asses.

“I love you, Hun,” Cindy said. “Let’s eat!” Then they tore into their sandwiches and milk. When they had finished, Beth laid back on her bed. “I’m so exhausted. I can’t even function anymore.”

When Beth closed her eyes, Cindy went over and shut and locked the door. She looked over and smiled at her busty friend, lying there on the bed. Cindy peeled off her shirt and shorts and walked over to the bed.

“Relax, baby and let’s get you out of those clothes,” Cindy said, unfastening and pulling her friends shorts off. Beth raised her ass up off the bed to help her friend and opened her eyes to see her petite and now, naked friend leaning over her. They kissed with Beth moaning into her friend’s mouth. She pulled Cindy closer.

Cindy moved a hand down between Beth’s legs and then into her panties. Beth spread her legs just wide enough so that Cindy could insert a finger inside her. Beth was soaked.

“Oh god,” Beth whispered against her friends mouth, then sucking harder on Cindy’s tongue.

They sucked on each other’s tongues, with Cindy finger fucking Beth. Cindy broke the embrace, withdrew her finger, and pulled Beth’s panties off. Beth closed her eyes and gasped as she felt Cindy’s tongue on her inner thigh. She reached down grabbing handfuls of hair as Cindy continued to work on her.

Cindy licked the inside of one thigh lightly, taking care not to touch Beth’s sex and then licked the other side. Beth could feel her hot breath as she passed over her sex. She arched her hips upward instinctively trying to touch Cindy’s mouth with it. Then she shrieked out loud as Cindy’s tongue flicked across her clit.

This was obviously not Cindy’s first time eating out a girl, and Beth was feeling a little left out that her best friend had never even hinted that she had ever done such a thing. This thought was soon gone as Beth was lost in pleasure. Cindy had slowly worked a finger into Beth’s pussy again as she hungrily tongued her clit and licked her pussy. Beth grunted as she came, hard, against Cindy’s mouth. “Uh…Guh…Oh fuck!” Her body shook with a powerful orgasm and she whimpered uncontrollably.

Beth almost passed out, and when the fog of orgasm cleared she opened her eyes to see Cindy leaning over her smiling down.

“Cindy! God, do I owe you…Uh…”

Cindy didn’t say anything as she moved in closer, maltepe escort parting her lips and kissing Beth. Beth tasted herself on Cindy’s lips. She wasn’t surprised that she liked it.

“Thank you,” Beth said, when Cindy pulled away. “I…I don’t think I can do that with you yet.”

“You don’t have to,” Cindy said, smiling and getting up and going to the bathroom. The stress of the day soon hit Beth with full force and she was soon curled up on the bed fast asleep. When Cindy came back in, she smiled down at her luscious, busty friend and covered her up with a blanket.

Cindy got up and opened the bedroom door, peering out into the darkened hallway. There wasn’t a sound except for the big grandfather clock in the foyer downstairs ticking away. Completely naked, Cindy crept down the hall towards Beth’s parents’ master bedroom.

Cindy opened the door quietly and was relieved that it made no noise. She walked into the darkened bedroom and stood there for a few minutes listening for the sound Dan sleeping and letting her eyes adjust to the darkness.

She walked over to the edge of the bed. Beth’s father was laying on his back, snoring peacefully. He was wearing a light t-shirt and his pajamas. Cindy was set on her plan and nothing would stop her.

Cindy, carefully snaked her hand into Dan’s pajama fly and pulled out his flaccid Cock. She kneeled down beside the bed and leaned forward until her mouth was an inch away from his wondrous cock. She had a thing for older men and Beth’s father was the frequent star of most of her sexual fantasies. Their previous fuck session was the highlight of her life and she was going to have him right here and now.

Grasping his cock in her tiny hand, she lifted it up, gazing at it lovingly for a second before sucking him into her mouth. His cock twitched in her mouth and started to elongate as she tightened the grip of her hand.

Cindy loved sucking cocks. There was just something about having a man’s penis in her mouth and giving him the ultimate, intimate pleasure. Dan still slept as his cock hardened in Cindy’s mouth. Soon it was at its full length, poking the back of Cindy’s mouth as she bobbed her head on it.

Cindy pulled back to admire it for a moment. She was so excited that her juices were leaking down her leg. She had to have this monster inside her again. She gently climbed on to the bed straddling Dan. She was so wet already, that she easily impaled herself on his magnificent cock.

She whimpered as she slid her pussy down his shaft until he was all the way inside her. Cindy started to slowly fuck herself on Dan’s Cock. She had never had anyone as large as him. She started to pick up the pace, stifling her own grunts of pleasure.

Beth had awoken and looked around for Cindy. She wasn’t there. She probably just has to pee. Beth waited and waited and when Cindy failed to return she went out looking for her. “She better not be where I think she is!” Beth muttered angrily as she walked down the hallway to her parents’ room. The door was open a crack. She peered inside and gasped as soon as she saw Cindy’s form on the bed. Beth ran over to the bed.

Cindy was impaled on top of Beth’s father, riding him for all she was worth. Dan had awakened at some point, and had his hands on Cindy’s little hips, thrusting upwards, driving his cock up into Cindy. Their eyes were locked on each other. The bed was rocking hard.

Beth was horrified. She just wanted this to be over and here was Cindy making it worse. Beth was also horribly jealous. Beth looked on as Cindy shook with orgasm on top of Dan. Her eyes rolled up in her head and she looked like she was going to pass out. Beth’s father never stopped thrusting his cock into her. Beth acted out of anger and fear then and grabbed Cindy hard, pulling her off the bed and off of her father’s cock. She tumbled naked onto the floor still quivering with her orgasm.

When Beth had pulled Cindy off of her father it had caused him and his cock to roll in her direction. Dan grunted and shot a blast of cum through the air. It splattered all over Beth’s pajama top… “No…Beth kartal escort protested, but to no avail as a second and third rope of sperm splattered across her chest. The rest of his load drained out of his cock and onto the bed. This was a stain that would never come off.

.”Oh my god…” Dan said quietly. “What are you two…?” he sat up in the bed staring at the two girls. Beth pulled her shirt off, revealing her magnificent rack to her father. He openly stared her impossibly, giant tits. He stammered, unable to pull his eyes away. “I…you two…I.”

Cindy, having come back to earth, hopped off the floor, got on the bed and sat next to Dan. Beth pulled a blanket off the floor to cover herself up with. She loved the lustful way her father had been glaring at her but this was a time for seriousness.

“I don’t understand,” Dan said looking from one girl to the other.

“Let me lay it out for you,” Cindy said staring at Dan. “I know this is kind of fucked up, but you started it.”

“But I didn’t know…” Dan protested. Cindy cut him off.

“I don’t care. I only know one thing. Beth’s mother can’t know any of this is going on. You’re not going to spill the beans or I’ll tell her you fucked me. It will ruin you. I’ll tell her you fucked me twice!”

“But I was asleep!”

“It won’t matter. And it won’t matter that you had Amnesia and thought that Beth was your wife and you fucked her without her consent at first and then she fell in lust, love with you! And that in a drug filled rage you fucked us again. You’ll keep all of this to yourself and we’ll all live life and everything will be okay. That’s what’s going to happen!”

“You little whore!”

They all turned around to the doorway. Beth’s mother, Rita was lying on the floor of the bedroom doorway. She had somehow managed to crawl up the stairs and to the bedroom.

“Mom!” Beth yelled running over to her mother and helping her up to the chair by the doorway. “I…how…”

Cindy had retreated away from the bed. She looked afraid and like a cornered animal. Her eyes were darting around the room wildly.

“That little whore knocked the intercom button by the bed when she seduced your sleeping father. I know he was asleep. I could hear him snoring. I heard her…I heard her fuck…I…I tried to call out but my throat was so dry. I wasn’t loud enough. I heard her fucking him and I had to stop it.” She was sobbing now. “Oh, Beth! I’m so sorry.”

“Mom, it’s okay.” Beth and Rita were both crying now.

“That whore!” Rita said again, pointing at Cindy.

Beth stood up and went to Cindy. “Stop it mom. She was just trying to help…the whole thing is fucked up, but you better stop calling her that. You just better stop, please. I’ll be back for you. Dad, can you help, mom?”

Beth grabbed Cindy’s hand and took her out of the room and into her own room. “Shit, this is fucked up, but I feel relieved that everything is out in the open…fuck. You have to go though.”

“It’s okay. I’m not mad at your mom,” Cindy said, getting dressed and grabbing her backpack. “I…”

“Well you are a little whore,” Beth said giggling. “I’m not mad, but don’t fuck my dad again, okay?”

“Okay…I love you,” Cindy said and moved against Beth, kissing her hard against the lips. Then she pulled away and left without another word.

After Cindy left, Beth helped her father get her mother back downstairs. Her father retreated back upstairs, leaving the two women alone for a moment. Rita grabbed her daughter’s hand hard. “I’m not mad at you baby. I had no idea what was going on.”

“But mom…I love him now…I love him like you do.”

“What do you want me to do, baby,” Rita said, squeezing her daughter’s hand harder now.

“I want you to share him with me. I can’t give him up now that I’ve had him.”

“I…this is so fucked up, baby.” Rita’s eyes were getting heavy from the dose of medication, they had given her after getting her back in her own bed. She was snoring peacefully in minutes.

Beth stood there crying for a few moments and then went to her room. She knew what she had to do. The next day, she packed up all of her stuff and moved in with Cindy. Cindy’s parents didn’t have a problem with it, as Beth explained how stressful it had been and that she just had to get away. She had left a note for her parents.

The end for now.

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