Thanksgiving Feast

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The Thanksgiving holiday turned out to be one I will remember for a long time. My mother in law (Connie) came in the Thursday before Thanksgiving. I spent much of my time away, from here because we have the typical love hate relationship. She loves to hate on me. Pay back for taking her daughter away I guess. I try to make the best of it when I am around her for my wife’s sake.

Now Connie is not the most attractive woman, she stands about 5’6″, keeps her hair dyed blonde most of the time but her natural hair is brown. Her face shows the years of stress and worry from bad choices in men. She always picked the ones that would treat her like crap. I the past 15 years she has not been seeing anyone. I think she has written men off and figures no one would want her now. (Kind of sad when you think about it) I think that is why she turned to her daughter for her companionship, and disliked me so much when I married her daughter. Over the years her distrust of me has faded but is still in the back ground.

I have tried to build her confidence in her self by giving her compliments. She is not one that accepts them easily. I have in playing even pinched her butt once or twice. She smiles and blushes a bit and comment on the fact the she does not have much a butt. Which is true, she has a very flat butt, I’ll tell her that there still enough to grab hold of, and she would smile a sheepish grin.

Connie’s breasts are very intriguing. (I am a breast man through and through) I would say she has 32 B or C cup. They are natural and from what I have been able to tell her nipples are very nice and stay hard a lot. I know this because any time she comes to stay she will change into a summer type dress and not wear a bra any time she is in the house.

Over the years I have tried to sneak a peek at her breast. I have seen her in her bra and panties. I have seen her breast but the nipples keep eluding my gaze. I have seen the outline of her nipple pushing through her shirt or dress material and they look very nice. I have digressed enough.

It was the day before Thanksgiving and we were in the kitchen prepping some of the dishes for the next day. My wife had taken the kids to the store and a birthday party and was gone most of the morning. Connie was standing by the sink in front of a cabinet I need to get to. I had already knelt down at her side and tapped her on her outer thigh, asking her if I could get in here for a moment.

She said if you get in there you better take longer than a moment. I laughed and said that would not be a problem but I was referring to the cabinet. She giggled but did not move. I sometime today escort kartal please in a smartass tone. She moved her leg more to me blocking the cabinet door more and said make me move smart guy. I said ok you asked for it. I reached up under her dress and put my hand on her panty covered butt and squeezed pulling her back a little. I guess it took her by surprise making her gasp a little and lose her balance. She grabbed on to the counter top and stuck her butt out to regain her balance making sure I could not get to the door.

I said ok, have it your way.

I figured that if I run my hand up her leg and the closer I got to her pussy she would move. Kind of like a game of chicken. I moved my hand up and just as I got over her knee to her inner thigh she let out a combination of a sigh and a moan. She stated you would not dare go any higher. All I said was here I go.

My movements are slow and methodical making overlapping circles covering small amounts of new flesh at a time. Half way up her inner thigh I could feel the heat coming off her pussy. Her breathing was getting heavier and she started shifting her weight and I figured she was getting ready to close down the fun and walk away. I was surprised when shifted only to open her legs a little wider and bend over laying face on arms.

I knew at that moment that she was my new sex toy.

When she repositioned her self it moved her butt closer to my face. After a moment or two I started to smell her excitement which causes my cock to twitch and grow quickly in my shorts. My finger tips are now just millimeters from hot pussy wrapped in cotton panties. When my fingers touched her pussy it was like I zapped her with electricity the way she jumped. This cause my fingers to push the panties into her pussy causing a camel toe.

I could feel her panties were already soaked with the anticipation. She let out a very deep moan when my fingers drove the material in between her lips. Her knees began to give and I thought she was going to come down on top of me then.

After she regained her legs back I stood up and took her hand and told her it would be better for all if I finish the job on a bed. I led her by the hand into the closest room and began to undress her.

I thought my cock was going to bust through my shorts when her breast came into my view as her dress rolled off her shoulders. They were creamy white topped with beautiful brown nipples. The areola was the size of a quarter and at least a half inch long. They were perfect and just begged to be sucked on.

I reached out and took a breast in my hand caressing the side, maltepe escort making my way to the nipple. Connie’s nipples hardened on contact. They felt so good rubbing the palms of my hands while I whispered in her ear that she was turning me on so much.

I took her hand and guided it to my cock. I though I was going to lose it when she pressed it hard into her hand and started to feel it all over. She spent a good bit of time tracing it ridge of my head with her finger.

As I slide down to my knees I stopped to suck on each nipple, she helped guide my head to each nipple watching me take it in and roll it around with my tongue. I kissed my way down her stomach, now knelt before her facing her white panties that had a growing wet spot start turning them slightly translucent and you could barely make out some of her brown pubic hair.

I put my thumbs in her waist band and pulled straight down in one movement taking her panties to her ankles. Connie steps out of them and I have her sit down on the bed and lay her back. I spread her legs and sit there admiring her pussy as she gets comfortable. Connie’s pussy was covered with a light layer of brown hair that was matted from her moisture around her lips.

Her outer lips were fully swollen and peeled open has I moved her legs wider apart. They revealed very cute and thin inner lips gracefully covered her vaginal opening. Connie’s clit was already swollen and peeking out of its hood, throbbing, wanting to be stimulated. I started to kiss my way up her thigh, her breathing getting quicker and deeper as I get to her pussy.

Connie draws in a deep breath as my tongue passes through her swollen lips and the tip touches her opening. I run my tongue up her slit stopping just under her clit. She begs me to touch it, please lick it, take it in your mouth. I did as she asked and suck it up into my mouth flicking the tip with my tongue. She begins to buck her hips wildly as she explodes one orgasmic wave after another. After what seemed like forever Connie releases my head from the death grip her knees had on it.

A few minutes pass and her breathing returns to normal and she regains her senses. She tells me that was the most intense orgasm she has ever had. I smiled and told her good I will continue to give her more. She cock an eyebrow and smiled.

I grabbed her arms and pulled her to a sitting position. I stated that it was my turn. She reached up and pulled my short off letting them fall to the ground. I step out of them and move closer in to Connie. My cock is just inches from her mouth. I have an average size cock that get very hard. Connie pendik escort bayan reaches up and takes hold of it rubbing the precum off the tip and down the shaft. She kisses my head and takes in her mouth.

It feels so good as her tongue laps my cock, before I know it I am ready to blow. I grab her head and try pull out of her mouth I telling her I going to cum. To my surprise she grabs my ass and pulls me in tight and sucks harder. I started cumming so hard in her mouth I though I was going to drowned her. I got a towel and cleaned us both up and she reached for her panties.

I asked her where she thought she was going. She stated back to finish prepping the food. I said not until I have finished with you in hear. You still have a pussy I not gotten to explore with my cock. I pulled her back to the bed. My cock was all ready hard and ready to go. It did not take much encouragement to get her dripping wet again.

I positioned my head up against her lips, sliding it up and down getting it wet with her juices. I feel the head slide between her lips and stop at her pussy opening. Connie’s breathing is getting quicker with anticipation of me slipping my cock inside her were none has been in 15 years. I smiled and asked if she was ready. She nodded grabbing my arms.

I put some pressure on her opening and after a second or two it opens and my cock head pops through. We both gasp at how tight her pussy is. I continue to push deeper into her hot, tight and very wet pussy until my balls come to rest on her ass cheeks. I held it there for a moment trying to regain control and not pop my load too soon. After a moment I start to pump it in and out. Moving slow at first but picking up the pacing as Connie start fucking me back meeting each of my thrust with her own driving as deep as we can. She starting moaning loudly saying oooh god your so hard, your sooo hard. Oh yess right there.

I could feel my cock expand even more when she said that. I could feel the heard ridge of my cock rubbing her g-spot. I after about fifteen more thrust she starts cumming hard. Her pussy is grabbing and milking my cock like mad. I only hold out a few more seconds and start flooding her pussy with my hot sticky cum.

We lay there with my cock still inside her throbbing and slowly softening and sliding out of her. I lie down beside her and stroke her breast and her side as she recovers and I whisper in her ear that she is now for ever more my toy to play with. She grabs my hand which is on her breast and pulls it in tight against her chest and says, good I can get use to this. Then she says that my wife can never find out about this arrangement and I agreed with her and assured her that no would suspect us to be fooling around. Your right but we still have to be careful.

Connie and I are getting along much better now but will for show act like we are still at odds with each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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