Texting Ch. 02

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Jay drove his truck as he and his sister Janet left the house that evening. He had jokingly said something about them getting Marilyn between them and that his truck was just the place. Surprisingly, Janet had agreed. “That’s true. Your truck has that big bench seat and my car has buckets.”

They had been quiet on the drive over to Marilyn’s house but as they pulled onto her street, Janet looked over at her brother and grinned as she wiggled on the seat and pulled her short tight skirt up high on her thighs.

With a questioning look Jay asked, “Is that for me or Marilyn?”

“You got more than a good look at me earlier,” was Janet’s soft reply referring to him catching her naked on the living room floor.

“So now you’re going to give Marilyn the same?”

“Lets just say the thought of a hot slippery tongue on my clit has been heavy on my mind.”

“I told you it would work on you until you couldn’t resist,” Jay reminded her with an evil grin.

“I’ll also remind you of what Marilyn and I were texting about when you so rudely interrupted.”

Jay laughed as he slowed to turn into Marilyn’s driveway. “Rude would have been if I had dived head first into your pussy instead of you accidentally sitting on my face.”

Janet shivered and then grinned. “You should have seen the conversation when I explained to Marilyn why I quit texting.”

Jay pulled to a stop in the driveway and looked at his sister hard. “You told her?”

Janet laughed. “She thought it was hilarious when I ran off and left you without any pictures or any pussy.”

“But… but… but…” Jay sputtered as he thought of facing Marilyn with her knowing what had happened.

“No butt either,” Janet said and laughed again.

Before Jay could reply, Marilyn came around the side of the truck and opened the door. Janet gave him a quick wink and turned toward the door to slide forward. Her skirt rode up even higher and then higher yet as she extended her leg to step down off the high seat.

Marilyn stood beside the truck with her mouth open and her eyes on Janet’s bald and exposed sex. Jay grinned and said, “It looks like everyone is getting the full view today.”

With a soft groan, Marilyn looked up at him. “Uh…” she said quickly and then looked back down only to find that Janet had stood up and her skirt was covering her sex.

“You ride in the middle,” Janet said as she stepped to the side.

Marilyn looked at her best friend and then at Jay. When she looked back at Janet she had a crooked smile on her face. “Between the proverbial rock and a hard spot.”

Janet chuckled and shook her head. “More like the rock hard something and the soft wet spot.”

Marilyn groaned softly and started up into the truck. Janet grinned as she watched her best friend climb up on the seat and then slide across to the middle. Her short skirt had rode up in the back enough to show that she didn’t have panties on. Janet got into the truck and shut the door as Marilyn lifted her hips to pull her skirt down.

“Pull it up, not the other way,” Janet said as she wiggled her hips and pulled hers up until it was at the top of her thighs.

Marilyn watched her girlfriend and then glanced at Jay. Jay grinned and said, “Hey, I’m just the driver.”

“Uh huh, says the guy with his nose up his sister’s ass.”

“Hey now, she sat on my face.”

“And you were doing what?” Marilyn asked with raised eyebrows.

Jay cleared his throat and look away. “Uh… getting a closer look at everything she was showing.”

“Pervert,” Marilyn said softly.

Jay looked at her and grinned. “Says the lady that was texting about eating my sister’s pussy.”

“Yeah but I was joking with her.”

“Who said I was joking?” Janet asked quickly.

Marilyn’s eyes grew wide as her head snapped around. “But… but… but….”

Jay chuckled. “I can take care of that while she’s busy on the other side.”

Marilyn groaned and looked from one to the other as Jay backed out of the driveway.


The club was noisy. The club was also packed and hotter than hell, especially after all the dancing they did. Jay stuck with cokes and an occasional beer since he was driving. Marilyn and his sister were both buzzed by the time they decide to head home.

As they crossed the parking lot, Janet grabbed Marilyn and the two waltzed on toward the truck. They were both laughing as they reached the side of the truck. As Jay reached them to unlock the truck door, Janet pushed Marilyn against the side of the truck and kissed her square on the lips.

Marilyn’s eyes went wide and she tried to jerk her head back only it was against the truck window, so she turned her head breaking the kiss. Janet looked at her hard and then looked at her brother. The next thing Jay knew, his sister was kissing him. He didn’t return the kiss and tried to push her away. Janet made a frustrated sound and stepped back.

Pushing past Jay, she headed back across the parking lot toward the front door of bursa escort the club. “Somebody is going to kiss me,” she said loudly as she went.

“Grab her,” Marilyn said to Jay.

Jay hurried after his sister and Marilyn hurried after him. Without knowing Marilyn was behind him, Jay grabbed his sister by the arm and swung her around. Janet ran head on into Marilyn and grabbed her for support. They went down in a heap with Janet on top of her friend.

They rolled around on the ground until Janet ended up straddling her best friends hips and pinning her arms over her head. “Now I’ve got you,” she whispered as she leaned over and kissed Marilyn on the lips again.

Marilyn jerked and rolled her head to the side. “Let me up,” she said loudly as she squirmed and wiggled trying to throw Janet off.

Janet laughed and sat up. Jay considered grabbing his sister and pulling her off Marilyn but to tell the truth he was enjoying the view far too much. His sister’s skirt was up around her waist, her beautiful bare ass showing in all its glory. Marilyn’s skirt was up to the top of her thighs and with her legs raised and spread as she tried to pitch Janet off, the flaming red bush on her mound was like a beacon to his eyes.

About then the front door of the club opened and a couple came out. Both of them missed a step as they got the same view Jay had. The guy’s eyes were locked onto the two young women’s exposed parts. The woman’s also but she seemed less affected as she guided them around the pair on the ground.

“You guys need to get a room,” she said as they passed by.

This cracked Janet up as she asked, “Want to join us?”

“In a room or down there on the ground?” The woman asked back.

This just cracked Janet up more and it gave Marilyn the edge she needed to unseat Janet. Janet fell over on her side and laughed even harder. Jay scrambled to give Marilyn a hand getting up and then they both got Janet to her feet.

Jay was dusting off Marilyn’s back, not to mention her ass. Janet was snuggled up to her from the front and trying to kiss her again. Jay moved over behind his sister and brushed off her back. Then he brushed off her naked ass since her skirt was still up around her waist.

Janet gave a jerk as she felt hands on her naked ass. Since Marilyn’s hands were on her waist she spun around to confront her brother. This just made her stagger sideways. Marilyn grabbed her around the waist. “Ok, enough is enough,” she said sharply.

“He’s playing with my ass,” Janet said quickly.

“He brushed mine off also. It’s no big deal,” Marilyn said.

Janet tried to turn around again as she asked, “Is your ass naked too?”

Marilyn spun around still holding her best friend and frowned at Jay. “Pull her skirt down and help me get her into the truck.”

Jay pulled his sister’s skirt down and then said, “Kiss her and maybe she’ll go quietly.”

“Yeah, right,” Marilyn said with a funny look on her face.

“Somebody better kiss me,” Janet said as Marilyn led her away.


It was a comedy of errors getting Janet into the truck. Jay ended up going around to the driver’s side and pulling while Marilyn pushed. They ended up all in the truck with Janet in the middle. She kept trying to crawl over Marilyn and get the door open. Her skirt was once again up around her hips and she was on her hands and knees.

Jay considered planting his face in her exposed pussy and ass crack but resisted the temptation. In the end, Marilyn rolled Janet sideways and cradled her in her arms. Now Janet had her arms around Marilyn’s neck and was trying to kiss her again.

Finally, Marilyn said, “Fuck it!” and kissed the hell out of her best friend. When she did, Janet groaned long and loud as she returned the kiss.

Jay sat there with his mouth open and his eyes wide as he watched the two young women kiss. “Holy shit!” He whispered under his breath as he started the truck.


The drive through the back streets was slower than the main highway but Jay didn’t care. He was having too much fun watching his sister and Marilyn kissing. When Janet ended up with her hand inside Marilyn’s blouse things seemed to change slightly. Where things had been on the forced side earlier, now they seemed to be moving toward passionate. Now they were both whimpering and moaning.

Jay had been headed for Marilyn’s house but suddenly he wondered who was there. There was no one at his house so he changed course slightly and headed home. His mind was running one scenario after another about what might happen when they got there.

Marilyn and Janet making love while he watched made his hard dick twitch. The three of them in a bed made it twitch even harder. The worse case scenario was putting Janet to bed and him having to take a highly turned on Marilyn home. The last just brought up even more possibilities.

By the time he pulled into the driveway, Janet had most of the buttons on the front of Marilyn’s blouse undone and her blouse was up above bursa escort bayan her breasts. As he stopped, Janet broke the kiss and turned her head slightly. Then Marilyn let out a deep groan as Janet sucked on her right nipple.

Jay grinned and shut off the motor, scenario one seemed to be in the lead with number two a good possibility. In either case, he wasn’t in any hurry to break up the two of them, so he leaned against the door and waited to see what happened next.

About then, Janet tried to wiggle over enough to reach Marilyn’s left nipple but her knees and feet ran into Jay’s leg and hip. She looked at her brother and then pushed up to look around. “Where are we?” She asked in confusion.

“Your house.” Marilyn replied and then looked over at Jay. “I don’t know why, my house was closer to the club.”

“I didn’t know who was at your house and I knew no one was here. Anyway, I didn’t want to interrupt you two,” Jay said quickly.

Janet grinned at her brother. “Which means he was having too much fun watching us.”

“Hey, if you’re going to show it, I’m going to look,” Jay said with a grin as his eyes dropped to his sister’s bare ass and then rose to look at her bare breasts.

When he looked at Marilyn’s exposed breasts she tried to close her blouse with one hand. “Too late,” Jay whispered.

Janet turned her head, rooted under the blouse and sucked in the puffy nipple that she exposed. Marilyn groaned and pulled her shoulders back, which exposed her other nipple.

Jay licked his lips and leaned that way. With his sister in the way there was no way he could reach that far with his mouth. He couldn’t get there with his right hand so he turned and reached out to flick his nail against the exposed nipple.

Marilyn had her eyes closed. When he flicked the nipple again lightly, she moaned and arched her back. He flicked the nipple again several times. Marilyn shivered hard and opened her eyes. When she saw that it was Jay playing with her left nipple she tried to turn away but Janet was in the way.

“We… we need to take this inside,” she said in a shaky voice. “Someplace more private.”

Janet giggled around the nipple in her mouth and raised her head. “My room.”

Marilyn opened the door and the overhead light came on. When she started to wiggle out from under Janet, Janet giggled and licked Marilyn’s left nipple as it passed. With a jerk of her upper body she moved away and got out of the truck.

Janet rolled over on her stomach and came up on her knees. Her ass was only inches from Jay’s face. He licked the nearest cheek and leaned over to place another lick up the deep cleft between his sister’s ass cheeks. She had giggled at the first lick but she gasped loudly at the second and moved away quickly.

She turned and then sat down on the seat looking at her brother. “Almost but not quite,” she said as she scooted over and got out of the truck to stand next to Marilyn.

“Sooner or later,” Jay said with a grin as Janet shut the door.

He got out of the truck and locked it as the two young women hurried into the house. Janet’s skirt was still up around her waist and Marilyn’s blouse was still unbuttoned.


Jay came into the house and locked the front door. The lights were on in the living room but there was no one in sight. He hurried up the stair. The door to his sister’s room was closed but a light showed under the door. He stood there in the hall trying to decide whether he should knock or not.

In the end, he turned and went into his own room. He changed into a t-shirt and shorts before he returned to his sister’s door. He listened but didn’t hear anything. He started to knock and then sighed and turned away. On the way back to his room, he whispered, “So much for dreams and promises.”


Sometime later, Jay was having this wonderful dream about someone sucking his dick. He was laying on his back naked and someone was on top of him doing wonderful things to the head and shaft of his achingly hard dick. Then he was wide awake. His eyes popped open to total darkness. The nightlight that was usually on across the room wasn’t. Then he realized he was blindfolded.

There was a knee on each side of his shoulders and a wonderful smelling pussy right above his face. He gave it a quick lick and then attacked it with gusto. He started to raise his hands to feel of the body above him but found his arms wouldn’t reach that far. They were tied off.

“Hey now!” He said quickly and then groaned as the mouth on his dick swallowed him completely to the base. A warm slippery tongue was all around the base and it felt great. His mouth, tongue, and lips returned to the sweetly spicy pussy above. As he licked her clit, her hips flexed slowly.

When he moved down her slit toward the opening, the mouth on his dick came up and off. His dick slapped wetly against his belly. His tongue could now reach the opening to the woman’s pussy and he stabbed it inside. There was a muffled groan from above. Jay escort bursa wondered in confusion, was this his sister or Marilyn? He didn’t know but he thought it was his sister since there was no hair brushing his chin.

That thought made his dick twitch hard as he swirled his tongue around as far inside as he could reach. There was another muffled groan from above. He pulled his tongue out of the woman’s vagina and tilted his head back as he licked upward along her ass crack. His tongue found the puckered ring of her anus and teased it before trying to probe inside. The muffled groan was now longer and louder.

Jay grinned as he flicked his tongue back and forth and then returned to swirl it around the opening to her sex. As he stabbed it back inside, the woman sat down on his face, driving it in even deeper. Jay had eaten pussy but this was the first time anyone had ever sat on his face this way. He kind of liked it, especially with being tied up and blindfolded at the same time.

His tongue was going wild inside the woman’s pussy. He could feel her knees trembling against his shoulders and then her hips were flexing and jerking. She was now fucking herself on his stiff tongue. The soft yell and loud moans from above were even more muffled than before. Were the two young women kissing or did the person sitting on his face have their hands over their mouth? There was no way to tell.

Suddenly the pussy was gone off his face and his dick was being sucked with wild abandon. Now it was his turn to moan and groan. He was right on the ragged edge of coming when the mouth disappeared, his dick slapping his belly sharply. Then the knees were moving as whoever it was got off the bed.

“What the fuck?” He asked sharply and then lay there listening. He heard nothing.

It took him several minutes of rubbing the knot at the side of his head on the bed to get the blindfold off. The nightlight was on across the room and there was no one in sight.

“Well, fuck,” he whispered as he wiggled up in the bed to attack the scarf tied around his right wrist with his teeth. It took more time to get it loss. After that it was easy to get the scarf on his left wrist untied.

As soon as he was free, he rolled off the bed and headed for his sister’s room. The door was open and the light was off. He hurried down the hall toward the stairs. There was no one downstairs in the kitchen or the living room. His sister’s car wasn’t in the driveway.

“What the fuck?” He said aloud as he climbed the stairs headed back to his room. “They must have left and went to Marilyn’s house.”

As he sat down on the side of his bed, he asked aloud, “Who the hell was sitting on my face and why all the secrecy?”

He didn’t have an answer so he laid down. He went back over the whole thing on his bed and ended up falling asleep.


It was about nine the next morning when Jay woke up. He was wrapped up in the sheet. He groaned softly as he untangled himself and sat up on the side of the bed. He had to pee and had a hard-on that hurt. Getting his dick sucked and not getting off was bad enough, but not knowing for sure who it was, was even worse.

He stood up and reached for his shorts. Shaking his head, he left them hanging on the chair and headed for the door and the bathroom down the hall. He was halfway to the bathroom when he heard voices downstairs. He spun around and hurried back to his room for the shorts.

With the shorts on, he returned to the hall in time to see his sister and Marilyn coming up the stairs. He stopped in the middle of the hall and put his hands on his hips. It was time to find out what was going on.

Marilyn saw him and grinned. His sister did the same. “It’s a beautiful morning outside,” Janet said still grinning.

“Did you have fun last night?” Jay asked his sister.

“Sure, the club was fun. Making out with Marilyn was fun. Sleeping over at her house was even more fun.”

“You seemed to have left out the part that was the most fun,” Jay said sharper than he meant to.

“Uh…” his sister said and glanced at Marilyn. “We… uh… that’s none of your business.”

Jay raised his eyebrows and grinned. “Someone sitting on my face sure enough is my business.”

“I don’t know anything about that,” Janet said quickly.

“It had to be you. Marilyn has a patch of red hair on her mound and the pussy on my face was bald, completely bald.”

“No I don’t,” Marilyn said.

“You did last night when you two were wresting in front of the club. I saw it and so did the couple coming out the door.”

“You were seeing things,” Marilyn said and then grinned as she lifted her skirt almost to the point he could see her sex or panties, if she were wearing any.

“Prove it,” Jay said with a grin of his own.

“She doesn’t have to prove anything,” Janet said and Marilyn dropped the skirt back into place.

“Then it was you sitting on my face and sucking my dick,” Jay said to his sister and licked his lips. “And a mighty tasty little pussy it was too.”

Marilyn shook her head as she raised her skirt again. This time her pussy came into view and there were no panties. No hair either.

Jay groaned and said, “You shaved it off to confuse me.”

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