Terry From Futura

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I always thought my boss was hot. She was hard to describe because she was so tall that she was like every hot thing in a woman on a vertical scale.

She was maybe six feet tall. Lean, athletic body. Cute face. A great personality. Fun to be around. 35 years old with long, brown hair she often wore up.

She was older than me and I never thought she gave me a second thought. In any case, I was a newly married man of 26. I loved my job as a software technician. It was the only job I’d ever loved since before this I was a customer service support rep for years and HATED the phone.

I tried to be a good Christian boy. But I’d have these fantasies of going into her office and using any excuse to come over to her, prop her sexy, long legs up on the desk, and help her relax by eating her out until she came on my face.

Just the thought of having those gorgeous legs on either side of me while I pleasured her hole drove me wild! There were times I couldn’t leave my desk since my cock was big anyway and when it got hard it was obvious!

Terry made some passes at me after drinking when we all went on our first company outing to an Orthotic and Prosthetic exposition where we would demonstrate our billing software. I ignored them but at home I’d jerk off to not ignoring them! If she only knew!

Looking back now I realized that she was intimidated by me. I was married and seemed committed. And my wife was a scary bitch at times!

One time she said her ex-boyfriend, Ron, hit her for cheating on him and she showed me all the spots where she was bruised. Oh how I wanted to kiss every spot and make them better! She was so damned hot!

There was a rumor flying around that Terry had sucked a guy’s cock in order to land a deal. That made me think even higher of her because it showed me that Terry had a nasty, whore side to her!

I often wondered if she ever went home and masturbated to me. Especially when she couldn’t keep her eyes off of me after I had trimmed down. I remember that I’d been working out about 6 hours a day during vacation. I’d gotten back my six pack and I wore a tight fitting shirt that day. I always dressed in baggy clothes because I didn’t like being looked at. But on that day I dressed like that to make her hot. She looked at me up and down and repeated five times straight: “Oh my God! You’re so fucking hot!”

Yes, she had touched herself to me nailing her. I was sure of that and wished I could at least hear her doing it.

I should’ve taken her right then and there!

But I hesitated for a moment. escort ataşehir I was used to her being in charge and me being her employee. But I was a contractor now and I viewed her differently. She was now a hot woman who wanted to fuck me as badly as I wanted to fuck her!

After a shift late at night she was the only one left. I saw she was tense and told her she needed a massage. She leaned forward on her desk and I started rubbing her down the way I did to every girl I’d fucked.

“Tell me how low I can go. I don’t want to touch where I’m not supposed to.” I said acting innocently.

She told me she would let me know. So I rubbed all the way down to her firm ass and she didn’t complain. She just quietly moaned and said it felt good.

Her breath was hot. I could tell she was turned on. I imagined her nipples hardening, her clit and pussy lips swelling and her hole getting wetter.

Was it my imagination but I could I actually smell her pussy? It smelled really good.

I rubbed my way forward and touched her tits. They weren’t D sized like my wife’s tits but they were very firm and nice. I found her nipples and pinched them. I knew that the pinching would stimulate her pussy too. “Does that cross the line?” I asked her in my sexy voice right by her ear.

“It doesn’t cross it enough!”

I was getting rock hard. I wanted her.

As I massaged her I put my crotch on her back so she could feel how hard she was making me.

“I’m sorry… it does that sometimes. It gets to where it wants to just rub itself all over your body like it’s doing the massage.”

“Mmmm… you can rub that thing anywhere on me if you want. But what if Kim walks in?”

“Then she’ll have to wait her turn and watch what I’m doing to you. She gets turned on imagining me fucking another girl though she hates to admit it.”

I started removing her clothes.

“Let’s get this top off first. You need to have your body nice and free to the elements. Like a back to nature thing. It’s a good thing you have a really nice body.”

I took her bra off and rubbed her tits. I kissed her neck and lightly licked her earlobes while I ran my hand down her stomach and to her very warm crotch.

“You have a nice, fucking body. Take your clothes off!”

“I can but I’ll be honest…if I’m naked then that means I’m going to fuck. I don’t have sex with women or make love. I fuck the shit out of them. I hope that Ron had a dick of at least eight inches. Because of he didn’t then I’m afraid it might hurt and stretch you kadıköy escort open. But I think you like that. I think you need to feel filled inside.”

She turned around and unzipped my pants. Before I knew it was looking down at my former boss with my dick in her warm mouth as she greedily tried to deep throat it.

I pulled her hair and started face fucking her. “Suck my cock Terry! Suck it! You look so beautiful with my dick in your mouth!”

She got wilder. You see Terry was a freak. She was always in control but she needed a guy who would control her. And finally I could do that. I could read her well. I knew more about how she felt and thought than she knew.

As she blew me I made her spit on my cock and lick the saliva and precum mix off my balks as it descended down. Terry’s eyes were full of lust and that cute, innocent look of, “I’ll be your whore if you just fuck be! I’m an obedient girl!”

God I loved that cute face of hers. She always made me happier even when we argued.

“Good girl Terry! That’s right suck that cock. Very nice!”

I squeezed her nipples while she did my cock. I took some pauses to suck hard on her nipples. She tastes good! The smell and taste of her tits and her face were like a drug.

“Get your legs up on that desk. I’m gonna eat that pussy and nibble on your clit! I’m gonna fuck you like Ron should’ve fucked you! You don’t need a guy that follows your lead you need a man that makes you his whore! And you’re my whore aren’t you Terry?”

I had found that when you genuinely cared for a woman and respected her that she would let you do anything to her. And I loved Terry so much that years later I always looked her up.

“Oh God yes! Use me! Eat me and fuck me please! Oh Nick you’re so fucking hot!”

It’s my Latino blood. I’m passionate about fucking and if the woman hasn’t cum at least five times then I’ve failed. But Terry had already cum just sitting there because when I dropped to my knees between her legs I could see and smell her pussy cum. I licked it up with my tongue and a string of it drilled down.

She smelled so fucking good! Her pussy was beautiful! I spread it open and tongue fucked her hole with my fingers hitting her g spot.

I licked her from her clean asshole all the way up to her clit. I rubbed my face all over her pussy. I looked up at her and commanded her to face fuck me.

She moved her hips as if riding cock and grabbed my head to hold it in place for yet another orgasm full of her essence.

“Oh fuck Nick! Oh fuck! maltepe escort bayan I’m gonna cum! Oh fuck I’ve never felt this way before!”

She came hard and loud. My face was drenched. I loved it! I made out with her abs told her to taste how good her pussy was.

I went to her couch and sat down. My dick was straight up.

“Get over here and sit on my dick like a good little whore! Remember you didn’t take me to Puerto Rico? Well now your pussy is gonna pay for that! I’m gonna leave you so sore that your boyfriend will know you’ve been fucked really hard!”

Her tall, lean, athletic and all around perfect body was sitting on my cock. It felt good to feel the weight of her body on me and feel her soft skin as I ran my hands all over her.

Terry was one of those rare beauties with brains that only existed in some geeks mind who watched porn. There were hardly any women that could compare to her.

So while I was giving her something she’d never get from any man she was also giving me something I’d never forget. A fuck that would live in my memories forever as something the stuff of legends.

And her attraction to me was so flattering.

I thought back to a time when my wife told me that Terry wanted to fuck me and to beware of her. To which I replied, “I know that and that doesn’t make her evil. She wants me because I’m me. Who else should she want? And if I could I’d make you watch me fuck her. Actually I’d also make you watch me fuck all the women at work.”

I thrust inside her deeper. She tried so hard to push me deeper inside of her as well. We both wanted to be one with each other and for that moment we were.

Oh God could she take a pounding! I grabbed her shoulders and slammed her down on my cock until she turned red. She had a look of fear in her eyes that she wouldn’t be able to take it but I wouldn’t let her get off.

I wasn’t her “student” anymore. I was her teacher. She was 35 and hot. I was 26 and hot and I was teaching her what a real fucking looks and feels like. My determined goal was to fuck her so hard that she’d never find another who could compare.

That way her pussy would always long for me and we could fuck whenever the itch arose she needed scratching. And my hope was that she would tell the other women and her other friends so that they could all take turns fucking me.

I wanted to be used.

That night I fucked her in every position. I don’t use condoms because I can control when and if I cum. But in Terry’s case after she had gotten her fill I threw on her couch, got on top of her with her legs pulled way back and shot all my load of cum inside of her!

We came at the same time staring in each other eyes. A moment of vulnerability and connection. A bond.

To this day Terry and I masturbate to each other on the phone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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