Technically We’re Estranged Ch. 01

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All characters are 18 years or older.

This story is a beginning to a small series. It is intentionally short, and hopefully you enjoy the tease. It includes incest, exhibitionism and voyeurism through the internet, and masturbation.

Stephan watches his cousin for the first time.

Thanks to Ante_matter for the edits.


She was flashing her tits and cheering when I entered the room. I couldn’t believe it; there was my cousin Mel in all her glory.

I was lonely and horny and bored of porn so I was scrolling through cam girl websites when I spotted her. I had to do a double take when I first saw the thumbnail; I mean, there are a lot of blondes out there broadcasting over cams. It was her face that caught me though. I’m pretty sure if she hadn’t been looking at her camera when the main host page pulled a screen grab for the preview pic I would have scrolled right by.

In somewhat of a daze I clicked the picture without thinking and the room loaded up. The chat started rolling by before the actual video buffered, filled with the usual combination of ongoing conversation and odd requests.

FootsieTooToes: How much for feet?

Alphabetacal:Those tits are amazing.

Gen’r’ous243: Hey bb you squirt?

Fucksluts: I want to marry you.

Putitin: Anal?

The audio kicked in first and I knew it was her. Mel and I grew up together, practically best friends when we were young and then friendly relatives as we went through high school. She was the tall, leggy, blonde cheerleader type; I was the athletic jock. If we hadn’t shared a bloodline we would have probably been the classic high school sweethearts and ended up married and chubby together, scrounging by like our relatives back home. Instead Mel went to Texas State for university while I got a chance to go to the University of Sydney in Australia. We both left our families behind in Hawaii, never planning on moving back.

I hadn’t seen Mel in almost seven years; I got back to Hawaii maybe once every eighteen months but it had never crossed over with one of her visits. Mel had gotten married to some Texan football player who didn’t make it to the NFL, meaning she married a Texan car salesman. I’d heard she’d gotten divorced last year, or maybe the year before, but honestly my job kept me so busy I hadn’t really kept up with the extended family news.

“Wooo!” She was cheering, and the video flipped on. There was my Mel, still outrageously gorgeous with her all-american symmetrical face and silky blonde hair. It was dyed a little lighter than I remembered, but she still wore it long. Her thin shirt was pulled up over her tits, which she was shaking back and forth. At some point in the past seven years she’d gotten a really good boob job. No scarring I could see off the bat, and nothing outrageous for size. Just big, plump and beautiful.

My dick was rock hard in an instant. My head was clouded in the same amount of time, unsure how to process what I was seeing, feeling and doing.

“Thank you Choober,” She was saying into the camera.

FootsieTooToes: Feet?

Choober54: No problem beautiful.

P1ran1s: /claps for Choober

The guy must have just tipped her a decent amount, it was how you were supposed to show your appreciation for chicks getting naked for you. The idea was straight out of the strip club industry – see flesh pay money. What it had developed into was more capitalist less generous; the girl sets a price or amount for her to lose clothes or perform on camera and the money got paid up front. Mel, apparently, was a little more loose with the whole deal and was flashing her thanks.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do or what I was feeling. I’d always had the hots for her, but I honestly hadn’t thought about Mel in years. She’d maintained her banging body, she just looked a little more mature than the last time I had seen her. Honestly, I had to admit, she might even be better looking now than she was our senior year in high school.

“Ok guys, only fifteen more minutes to hit the goal. I wanna come so bad!” She flipped her shirt down, covering her tits, and leaned back in her chair. She wiggled her upper body in time with the music playing in the background, singing along to a lyric.

I hadn’t even thought to looked at the topic of the room, the notification to all users what the girl was interested in doing. ‘623 Tokens to Cum Show: Dildo or Fingers? Biggest tip decides.’

I blinked a couple of times. I was going to watch my cousin get off on camera with about four hundred other guys. It wasn’t a question, there was no urge to turn away or look for some other girl to watch.

“Haha, no Torrent, I had a pretty good day.”

The user had asked if she needed to work out some frustration. kartal escort bayan I could work out some fucking frustration right now. I was so turned on I felt like I had cotton mouth and had to take a drink from the water on my desk.

Torrent: Too bad, I want to see you really go at it.

Choober54: Agreed, you are so hot but I want to see you clench up and squirt all over.

Mel snorted, “Guys, I don’t squirt, I’m sorry. It looks super hot but I just can’t do it.”

The chat room went off a little bit about how she could, or various suggestions on how to try to. There were also the tools who offered to help her do it in person. Yeah, because I’m sure that’ll happen in your life time, buddy.

I’m not sure why I felt so immediately at odds with every person in that chat room, usually I pretty much ignored it and watched the girl. This time though, with Mel smiling back at me from my computer screen, I wanted to tell them all to shut their mouths.

There’d been this one time early in high school, I couldn’t even remember if we were freshmen or sophomores now, when Mel dated an older guy. I’d told her it was a bad idea; we might have all been ‘native Hawaiians’ born and raised but some of the real natives, the ones who had lived there for dozens of generations and had polynesian ancestry, still called us haole’s with venom on their lips. We were still foreigners to them, and them usually consisted of the Hawaiians who were on the poorer end of the economy.

Even so, Mel had made eyes at one of them and he’d pulled her into their group. She’d thought it was innocent, I knew it wasn’t. She thought the party sounded like a great idea, I knew it wasn’t. Wrong side of town, wrong type of people.

Don’t get me wrong, I would have done anything for my cousin, any of my cousins, but I’m not some macho gangster. I wasn’t about to challenge some beefed up dude with dreams of the old tribal days to a fight; that’s how a guy gets shot. Instead I asked every damn guy I knew with polynesian ancestry to come with me to that party and just hang out. The look on a guy’s face when he walks into a party with his new hot blonde piece of ass and finds her kin and about twenty of his friends is priceless. It’s even better when you don’t do anything other than say hi and hand the guy a beer.

Five of my friends talked to Mel that night, telling her exactly what had been said about her before they arrived. Her boyfriend’s buddies had been talking about how she was the finest ass they had ever seen, and how they were planning on getting her so high she couldn’t tell who she was with. Mel had a screamer of a breakup to round out the party and I had taken her home; no harm and no foul, no strapped assholes looking for payback. All it took was an awkward evening at a party.

All of the things I had wanted to say to those stupid fucking assholes at that party were boiling at my fingertips now.

Gen’r’ous243: I’d slam you so hard

Alphabetical: Can we c kitty?

Choober54: I love your smile

FootsieTooToe: Cmon bb, like 5 for feet? 10?

Gen’r’ous243: Like you wouldn’t believe. Fuck you right into the table.

Fucksluts: I’d eat anything out of your ass

At least a few of them weren’t fucking horrible, though I felt this pull in my chest whenever Mel smiled at something one of them said to her. She was dancing and singing lightly along with the pop and rock music she had running in the background, and every once in a while she would lean back and her baggy grey shirt would droop, casually revealing one of her tits through the overly large neck hole. Every time that happened I wanted to reach out and pull it back up to cover her. Every time that happened I wished I could bury my face in those tits.

I’d seen them once before, what felt like ages ago now, and way before she’d gotten her boob job. We’d just graduated from high school and a big group of us decided to have a party on one of the local beaches. Fairly usual for us when we had the time; me and some of the guys would prep a fire pit and we’d spend the day surfing before dusk began to settle, when we’d sneak beers out of our trucks and sit around the fire, drinking and eating snacks. Harmless, innocent shit. That party Mel and the girls who came to hang out were a little wild though – they’d been pre-drinking for half the day and were sloshed by the time they got to the fire pit. Bikini tops were loose, kisses were free and everyone had a good time until we got ran off by the local police.

Looking at my cousin’s tits now, I could remember feeling guilty at that party for how often I glanced over at her topless and singing beside the fire with our friends. I’d felt dirty and wrong, but I was still drawn to her. Now her tits were bigger and out for the world to see -I wouldn’t look away even if she knew I was on the other escort maltepe side of the camera.

“Fuck,” she exclaimed on screen, “Guys, I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow.” She pouted at the screen, though between her high, pudgy cheekbones and overly optimistic personality it looked ridiculous. She also couldn’t hold it for long, sticking her tongue out cutely before giggling and leaning back in her chair and grabbing her tits with both hands. “Ugh, I wish I could just spend all day with you guys. Way more fun cause I can touch myself whenever I want.”

P1ran1s: Hospital can’t be that bad. Bet you look super hot in scrubs.

What the fuck? Mel had told these guys what she did for a living? They might know more about her than me at this point.

It was a depressing thought, that these random strangers knew more about my favourite cousin’s life than I did, both in general and day to day. I opened up another browser window and clicked over to her profile page on the cam site. It was a little sparse, not as done up as some of the other girls I’d taken the time to browse more thoroughly.

The good thing, I guess, was that she’d only been camming for about a month. I hadn’t missed much on that front at least. She listed herself as ‘single and loving it,’ and she was interested in guys and girls. Was that a marketing gimmick? I shook my head and kept reading.

Age, height, weight, I knew all of this. Fetishes would have been interesting but it just said ‘slowly learning.’

“Oh my god this song, I love it!” She practically shouted from the other browser window. I had stopped listening while I was reading and only clued in to the music when she drew my attention to it. Mel was bouncing in her seat, waving her hands excitedly and her eyes were glimmering.

I immediately knew the song and grinned. Some things, at least, hadn’t changed.

“Someone finish off the countdown, cause I’m gonna get naked to this song and then I’m gonna masturbate, and you fuckers don’t get to watch if you don’t.” She got up and pushed her rolling desk chair out of the way, stepping back as the first verse started.

Sweat baby, sweat baby, sex is a Texas drought,

Me and you do the kind of stuff that only Prince would sing about.

So put your hands down my pants and I’ll bet you’ll feel nuts-

Her hips, clad in nothing but a pair of light blue panties, bopped quickly to the driving beat of Bad Touch. The Bloodhound Gang had released the song years before we even got into high school, but Mel and I had found it and loved it immediately. She was singing along with the song, words still memorized perfectly. She wasn’t even dancing sexy and I had a hard time looking from her hips to her face.

Yes I’m Siskel, yes I’m Ebert and you’re getting two thumbs up

You’ve had enough of two-hand touch, you want it rough, you’re out of bounds.

Mel gave the camera two thumbs up when appropriate, then grabbed her tits again at ‘two-hand touch’ with a loud laugh. She squeezed her boobs for rough and out of bounds and I unconsciously licked my lips and adjusted my dick in my pants.

I want you smothered, want you covered like my Waffle House hashbrowns.

Come quicker than FedEx, never reach an apex just like Coca-Cola stock, you are inclined,

To make me rise an hour early just like Daylight Savings Time.

Her hands slipped over her abdomen quickly, rubbing her body as she sung along, her voice making words like ‘smothered’ and ‘waffle house’ equally sexy. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it over her softly toned abdomen, teasing at her under-cleavage on ‘FedEx’ and ‘Apex.’ She quickly revealed first her left, then her right breast to the camera during the last line before the chorus, bouncing them up and down briefly before tearing the shirt off completely over her head.

Do it now.

You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals,

So let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.

Do it again now.

You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals,

So let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.

Gettin’ horny now.

She did the dance from the music video, the one we had learned together and done at school dances together to our classmates’ cheering. It wasn’t a sexy dance, though I’m sure other viewers were more than happy to watch her enhanced boobs bounce around as she slapped an imaginary ass and did pelvic thrusts. For me I still had my boner, but it was different. I was barely noticing the tits or the panties of the flashes of her ass. Instead I was seeing that gleam of fun in her eye and the way she was smiling through the words. I hadn’t danced this dance in years, hadn’t even heard the song. The nostalgia was thick and I wanted to be dancing with her at some party, egging on other people to join us. I missed my cousin.

The song, despite being totally full of innuendo and completely about having sex, was not a sexy song. It definitely pendik escort wasn’t a ‘Pour some sugar on me,’ or other metal or rock song built for stripping. Somehow Mel managed to tease her way through it though. Throughout the second verse she trailed her hands up and down her body and light curves, lifting and grabbing her boobs, teasing her nipples. She spun several times, shaking her thick white-girl butt at the camera and teasing her panties lower. By the end of the verse those skimpy panties were low on her hips, revealing her clean shaven mound and just the tip of of the first crease of her pussy.

She did our dance again, allowing her panties to slowly slide down her thighs until they dropped to the floor and she flicked them at the camera with her foot.

The chat room exploded in outcry when the view went totally blue; she had managed to snag her panties directly into webcam she was using.

“Oh shit!” She said. “Sorry, sorry, sorry!” She pulled the panties away, revealing her wry grin and hanging cleavage before standing back up and dancing into full view again. She spent the remainder of the repeated choruses popping her hips back and forth to the uptempo beat, spinning and turning to show off her assets as she grabbed, squeezed and rubbed herself all over.

The nostalgia was gone for me now; I was focused and at some point I had slipped my pants off and my boxers down. Cock was firmly in hand as I took every opportunity to stare at the one part of my cousin I had never seen.

Her pussy was completely bald, her lips thick and practically hiding her clit hood. When she spread her legs I, and everyone else, could see she was glistening a little bit from her expressed horniness. You and me both, I thought wryly, slowly fisting myself.

The song finally ended and she came forward, again closing off the view to just her sexy mouth and hanging tits as she typed on her keyboard. “Alright boys, am I jerkin’ it alone or not? Awww, sweet Piranis and Choober finished off the countdown. Thanks you guys, love you too.”

I guess they’d tipped her at some point. I hadn’t been paying attention, I’d been more than mesmerized.

Mel pulled her chair back in front of her computer and leaned back, letting me see all of her. Us, I had to correct myself.

She had a very light sheen of sweat on her from the dancing, her grin wide. Her legs eased open, showing off her deliciously pale inner thighs and the treasure beyond. Her lips were thick like I had thought, though opened like this her broad but stubby clit hood was less hidden. I swallowed and my hand started working again. Hers followed suit, slipping down her body until the tips of her fingers played across her pussy.

“Mmm,” she groaned into the camera, “I’ve seriously been teasing myself all day you guys. I almost rubbed one out at work but I was worried people would be able to tell.” Her eyes were a little hooded and her smile was lopsided as she rubbed herself more firmly. Her other hand drifted up and groped at her tits before pulling one of her legs open farther.

“I swear, I am so happy I can do this now.” She brought her hand up and sucked on two fingers, then slipped a third one into her mouth and moaned into them. She sucked and then released them with a pop, quickly bringing them back down to her pussy before rubbing a bit. My pace picked up as she slid two fingers into herself, groaning and immediately grinding up into her palm. “Hooooly shit, fuck. That feels good.”

And she started masturbating. Fingers pumped, then withdrew and rubbed, playing across her clit and lips. She spread herself, giving a view into her light pink depths, before jamming herself full again. She played with her nipples, occasionally pressing her tits upwards and nipping at her own boob flesh or licking a nipple before tugging on it with her fingers.

It was all fantastically hot and the generically searched for show one wanted from a cam girl. I saw it all and it fuelled my passion, but it wasn’t what I was watching. I watched her eyes, blinking open and closed, the intensity in her stare as she looked down at herself, or away from the camera as she got lost in her self pleasure. I watched her nose and eyebrows crinkle and release, remembering how as a kid she had had a minor facial tick when she’d gotten too excited. She controlled it well and hardly anyone knew about it, but in a state like this she blinked and twitched her nose and it was god damn sexy.

I watched her mouth as she licked her lips, or pursed them out in a pant. How they pressed together, how she sucked them in between her teeth and moaned.

I came, my hips jerking and my fist squeezing my dick. I’d slipped to my knees in front of my computer, and now I rocked forward and shot blindly under my desk instead of into a tissue as I usually would. My eyes were riveted to Mel.

She fingered and rubbed and licked herself, panting and moaning. The chat room somehow stayed active and I couldn’t figure out how or why these people weren’t busy with their own activities. It had always been odd to me, but for this show I was shocked. They made requests, they demanded things. Turn around. Doggie. More fingers. Squirting, anal, fisting, go faster, go slowly, edge yourself, get off now.

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