Teaching Daughter Self Esteem Ch. 03

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As soon as I left Katie’s room I started unbuckling my belt and undoing my pants, so that by the time I entered our bedroom my hard cock was exposed and pointing straight out. Elaine was in bed sitting up with a book, but she immediately put it away as her eyes focused on my dick pointing at her.

“Hey, Daddy. Had a good time with your daughter?” she asked.

“You’re out of your fucking mind,” I said.

“I sure am,” she said. “Wanna stuff your cock in my face? Maybe it’ll get all that craziness out of my system.”

I was of two minds. Well, call it two half minds. As the saying goes, I had half a mind to start yelling at her and querying her why she wanted to something so wrong, so dangerous with our daughter. Didn’t she know that we could screw up the girl’s mind for life? Didn’t she even feel any jealousy while our daughter’s mouth slobbered all over my cock?

Well, like I said, I had half a mind to say all those things. And during the next half hour or so, I stammered out sentence fragments here and there along those lines. But my other half a mind was horny as hell and in desperate need of sexual relief despite having already cum. While my first half mind started composing sentences of reproach and misgivings, the other half a mind – the part lodged in my dick – crawled up on the bed and then knelt in front of my sitting wife, propping my hands against the headboard so that I could pump my hard dick straight into my wife’s mouth.

She grabbed my ass with both hands while I did pushups against the wall, thrusting my cock into her mouth and down her throat. “You fucking – Uh! – crazy bitch! Uh! Uh! You’ve got me so – Oh! – so – Oh! – fucking horny!”

Elaine took my cock out of her mouth with a loud slurp for just a moment, said, “Shut up and fuck my face, Daddy!” then grabbed my ass cheeks again and guided my cock back into her mouth.

But I couldn’t leave it alone. “What were you – Oh, God! – thinking? Oh God, don’t stop sucking me! But what were you thinking?”

She took my dick out of her mouth and pushed me over onto my back, then sat up and moved to straddle me. “Isn’t it obvious? I was thinking about your big dick, about your big Daddy dick!” She put my cock into her vagina and started bouncing wildly up and down. “Our daughter needs to feel good about herself. She needs to feel really, really good. Come on Daddy, fuck me and make me feel really, really good!”

Elaine was getting so lost in sensation that she seemed to be going beyond roleplay, to a point where in the throes of lust she couldn’t tell where her roleplay fantasy ended and her role as a mother began.

“Fuck me Daddy!” she screamed, so loud that I was afraid the neighbors would hear us, let alone our daughter in the next room. “Fill me up with your creamy self esteem! Give me your cum!” Elaine raised her hands up to her head and grabbed her own hair as if she were about to start pulling it out. Her pelvis started corkscrewing crazily with no rhythm or pattern. Her big tits danced before my eyes. I began to cum, gasping and grunting while my pelvis and cock spasmed uncontrollably, shooting my sperm deep inside her.

“Oh fuck, Daddy! I can feel it!” she screamed. “I can feel your cum inside me! Give it to me! Fuck your girl!”

The next day I came home from work to find that Elaine had gone on another shopping trip. Empty shopping bags were strewn around the living room floor with names like Victoria’s Secret, Frederick’s and other speciality places that I’d never heard of.

Attracted by the sound of the front door opening, Elaine appeared in the entrance to the hallway. She was holding the hand of an obviously reluctant Katie, who stood shyly behind her mother.

“More shopping therapy?” I asked.

“This was necessary, believe me,” said Elaine. “I looked through Katie’s clothes drawer this morning after she left for school. . .”

“Mo-om!” cried Katie, drawling the name out into two syllables. “You’re invading my privacy!”

“If you ask me,” replied her mother, “you’ve had altogether too much privacy for the last couple of years. You’ve retreated from almost everything except maybe your friend Randi. You’re even retreating from us, your parents!”

Katie looked at the floor and didn’t say anything.

“Anyway, as I was saying,” continued Elaine, “I went through her drawers and looked at her clothing.” She looked at her daughter and held up her finger in a shushing motion. “It’s not a privacy issue, sweetie. I’m just worried that you wear clothes that fit – including, shall we say, your ‘ladies’ foundation garments’.”

“Huh?” I said.

“Her bras, stupid,” Elaine explained. “I’m worried that her bras don’t fit.”

“Oh,” I said.

“So I’ve taken some steps to take care of it. I knew Katie wouldn’t allow me to help her in the department store fitting room, so I shopped for a number of brand names and styles to find a few items that are just right for her.”

“Please, Mommy.” With her use of the bursa escort name “Mommy”, Katie seemed to be regressing again, retreating into a little girl mode with a little girl lilt in her voice. “I told you before. I can do it myself.”

“And yet you’re not doing very well by yourself, sweetie. Your Daddy and I are only trying to help you. Now go back to your room and put on the first one that I set out for you.”

Katie sheepishly turned back down the hallway to change clothes.

I felt like a fifth wheel. As much as I and any other red-blooded male might love tits, that doesn’t make any of us experts on brassieres. I started to walk into the kitchen.

“And where are you going?” Elaine asked. “I need your help here.”

“Doing what?” I asked, genuinely mystified.

“Giving feedback. Helping me put her at ease through what’s obviously an embarrassing process for her. It shouldn’t be a big deal. But it is, and she needs encouragement to improve her clothing – and her self image. She needs a male voice urging her on. Now sit down and make yourself useful.”

Elaine said all this without a hint of irony. There was no arch tone in her voice, no leering or winking. It was as if our roleplay – or whatever it was – from last night had never happened. As if her escapade before that of forcing our daughter’s mouth onto my cock had also never occurred. To hear her now, I would have guessed that all that she intended now was a simple fitting exercise with Katie’s intimate apparel. Yet despite her mundane tone and body language, I had a huge feeling that more was going to come, and to be honest I wasn’t sure which emotion in me was stronger – my lust for my gorgeous daughter, or my fear regarding the outrageous impropriety of what I dreaded (or was the proper word ‘hoped’?) would happen.

A minute later Katie came out. Her lower half was dressed in tight short shorts, barely bigger than panties, that stopped far up on her thighs only a couple of inches from her crotch. From the waist up, she wore only an underwire bra that was clearly meant not as sexy attire but for everyday use. She came into the living room and stood before me as I sat on the couch. Her face was lowered in embarrassment and her eyes were on the ground.

“Let’s take a look at this,” Elaine said in a businesslike tone. She stood in front of Katie for a moment, fingering the shoulder straps and pulling them away from her chest to see how loose or tight they were. Then she stepped behind our daughter and began adjusting the strap lengths. “How’s this?” She asked. “Still too loose?”

Katie muttered a reply so quietly that I didn’t catch what she said.

Elaine responded by fiddling some more, then moving over to the strap on the other side. “How about now?” she asked.

Katie mumbled something that sounded vaguely affirmative.

“Step toward Daddy so that he can take a look,” said Elaine. “What do you think?” She asked. “Are the straps on both sides even?”

I nodded affirmatively.

“How about the support?” Elaine asked. After asking the question, she reached around her daughter’s torso from behind and cupped Katie’s big tits, hefting them up for my inspection.

I looked behind Katie into her mother’s eyes and for the first time I saw the hint of a mischievous gleam. “Well?” she asked. She massaged the underside of her daughter’s tits while she bounced them up and down for me. Katie, whose eyes had been glued to the ground before, now raised her head quickly and caught my eye with a panicked look.

“It looks very nice,” I said soothingly as my wife cupped and caressed my daughter’s tits in a show for my benefit. Katie shivered slightly – in fear? In embarrassment? In suppressed erotic excitement? It was impossible to say.

“There’s a lot that people don’t know about bra fitting,” Elaine continued. “A lot of variables. It’s important, for example, to see how the bra fits in different circumstances.” Still standing behind Katie, she gently took our daughter by the elbows and turned her so that mother and daughter stood in profile before me. “Bend over, sweetie,” she said.

“Excuse me?” asked Katie.

“You heard me. I need to see how the cup fits in different positions, including one where the breast fully fills the cup. Now bend over.”

Katie dutifully bent forward at the waist, her legs still straight. As a dancer, she had long ago perfected the stance of bending all the way over, her feet slightly apart with her knees locked. She stretched her arms forward and braced her hands against a table to maintain her balance. In profile I could see her fuckable round ass thrust in the air and her flat, tight tummy, highlighting the large breasts that hung down like succulent, delicious fruit. Her pale blonde hair fell forward, shielding her face from me, so I could only imagine the mortified expression that must have overtaken her as her mother then scrunched forward slightly and brought her pelvis flush against the kissable upthrust bursa escort bayan globes of our daughter’s ass, so perfectly defined by the skin-tight mini shorts. Then Elaine’s hands reached around and gently cupped Katie’s big tits. Katie’s tits were so huge that her mother’s small hands didn’t come close to encompassing the massive globes.

With Katie bent over and unable to see her mother’s expression, Elaine turned her face to me with bright eyes and an open-mouthed, triumphant grin that was so predatory it looked almost evil. Her mouth still open, she stuck her tongue out and waggled it and nodded her head in gleeful lust. She began pumping her pelvis into her daughter. “Look at this, Daddy!” she said. “Doesn’t our sweetie look perfect?”

Utterly shocked, my mouth fell open and I stared wide-eyed at the obscene show my wife was putting on. Finally, I croaked out the most neutral thing I could think of: “How’s the . . . uh . . . the fit?”

Elaine squeezed Katie’s gigantic tits and pumped more vigorously with her pelvis. “It feels great to me!” she said, leering at me. “Just great!” She pumped harder into Katie’s ass. “Doesn’t it look great, Daddy?” The sight of my big titted wife thrusting herself onto the bouncy round ass of my even more voluptuous daughter was incredibly erotic.

Katie took it passively, but I thought I heard a slight moan from her. Then I heard a soft, barely audible whimper: “Oh! Mommy! Please don’t!”

But Elaine wouldn’t stop. She pumped faster and harder, arching her back, causing her head to rear back and her tits to thrust forward. Her long brown hair and her large breasts swung in and out, back and forth, mesmerizingly. “It feels fantastic!” she cried, groping and mashing our daughter’s tits. I was wide-eyed in shock. The only thing missing from the scene taking place in front of me, I thought to myself, was a strap-on dildo.

“Oh please, Mommy! Don’t, Mommy!” Katie whimpered in weakening, helpless tones. She began to shiver all over in what seemed at first to be acute embarrassment. But then added to the overall shivering I saw her experience jolts of sensation that ran up from her toes to the nape of her neck, causing her knees to shake and her head to snap up and down uncontrollably. Her ass shook with the repeated bumps and thrusts of my wife pantomiming fucking her. “P-P-Please s-s-stop! Oh Mommy! M-M-Mommy! Oh please!”

It was hard to believe that any pretense remained that this was merely a bra fitting. Elaine continued, “Oh, Daddy, this is super! You should feel how perfect this is!!” She was in total control of our daughter’s body, rubbing her hands all over Katie’s tits and humping Katie’s soft round ass over and over. The whole time, my wife’s eyes remained locked on mine. Her lascivious predatory grin was meant for me. “This is so perfect! It feels so fucking fucking perfect!!” She half-closed her eyes and licked her lips in bliss while she humped her daughter.

Still keeping her hands on Katie’s tits, Elaine pulled Katie up and turned her toward me again. My stacked teenage daughter acquiesced like a doll under her mother’s manipulations. “Daddy needs to feel the fabric,” said Elaine. Then, maintaining the fig leaf excuse that this was still just a clothes fitting session, she added, “I tried to choose something that wouldn’t chafe.”

I reached forward. My fingers trembled with a mixture of anticipation, misgivings and outright fear as I gently brushed my fingertips against the underside of one of my daughter’s big boobs. “Very nice,” I said. “Very soft.”

Katie’s eyes went wide. She bit her lip and spasmed in what was clearly an orgasm the moment my fingertip touched her tit through her new bra. “Aagh! No Mommy please!”

“I think we’ll keep this one,” said Elaine. “What do you think?”

“Sure,” I said.

“Can I change now, Mommy?” asked Katie.

“Of course, sweetheart,” said Elaine soothingly. “Go put on the next one.”

As soon as Katie turned toward her bedroom to change clothes, Elaine sat next to me on the couch. Her hand went straight to my crotch. “Isn’t this great?” she said. “I think we’re doing wonders for our daughter’s self-esteem!” She stroked my hard-on and smiled. “This will really help Katie. Besides, don’t you just love fashion shows?” Both hands stroked up and down my cock as she continued, “I’ve been preparing for this and looking forward to it all day.”

A moment later, Katie came out wearing another bra, a black one this time. Much racier. The underwire support pushed her tits up as if they were on a platter, and the demi-cups ended just above the nipples.

“Come closer sweetie,” Elaine said. “Kneel on the ground in front of your Daddy so that he can get a good look.” Katie obeyed her mother and knelt before me between my legs. Elaine stood and walked around her to adjust the straps.

“It’s so tough finding clothes that fit you, sweetie,” she said, seemingly absent-mindedly as she fiddled with the straps. “This bra is a 32F. Do you escort bursa know how hard that is to find in the stores?” She knelt behind Katie, reached around and hefted my daughter’s mouthwatering tits for me. “What do you think, Daddy? Is 32F a nice size on your baby girl?”

Katie was silent, but looked at me with wide eyes. She seemed frozen in indecision and self consciousness.

“It’s very nice,” I said. “32F is a fantastic size, Katie. Let me feel the fabric.”

“Of course, Daddy,” said Elaine. “You need to feel it yourself to see that the fit is right, and the fabric is nice and snug.”

“32F!” I said, wonderingly. I reached out with both hands and started brazenly fondling my daughter’s gigantic tits. “This is fantastic, Katie.”

Katie looked up at me with a pleading expression. Her mother’s hands manipulated the bra just slightly so that one of Katie’s nipples showed. By this time any trace of neutrality had disappeared from Elaine’s face, replaced by a leering lust that, thankfully, was hidden from Katie’s view.

“Daddy, I’m so ashamed of my tits,” said Katie. “I know you said a lot of men like large breasts, but I look at movie stars like Jennifer Anniston and none of them have tits as big as mine. None of them! I’m so ugly!”

“You’re right about that, sweetie.” I continued playing with her soft, supple tits as I spoke. “None of those women on TV or in the movies have tits like yours. None of them have delicious soft, huge 32F tits like yours. 32F!” I said again, as if trying to convince myself of the amazing size even as I hefted their soft fullness in the cups of my hands. I leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek while I whispered in her ear. I hoped that the faint whisper would go straight into her brain and into her soul. “None of them are as beautiful to me as you are. I love your tits!” Then, keeping up the pretense that I was merely testing out the material while my hands mashed and groped her oversized funbags, I added, “This lace is quite nice. Lovely to the touch.”

I pinched her nipples and she shivered all over, then blushed in embarrassment. “Can I go now?” she asked.

“Sure,” said her mother. “Go put on the last one.”

“Mommy” – again I noted the girlishness of calling her mother that name, as well as the submissive tone in her voice when she spoke – “Do I have to?”

“Yes, darling. Mommy and Daddy need to see the items we’ve bought for you. We need to see whether they fit. Whether they’re good value.”

“But that last item . . .”

“Sweetie, Daddy needs to see you in your new outfit,” Elaine said.

Katie turned back toward her room. As soon as she left, Elaine sat down next to me and started unlatching my belt to get at my cock. “This one will take her a couple of minutes to get into,” she explained. “You’re going to fucking love this last one!”

Within a few seconds, Elaine had my cock out and was feverishly sucking me off. She was so horny that she was frantic, her head bobbing up and down as if the world were about to end and this was the last taste of cock she was going to get before the coming nuclear explosions. She had me so excited – first from putting our busty daughter on display for me, then inviting me to feel our girl’s huge tits, and now from her desperate energetic sucking – that I could barely control myself. I started bucking my hips upward into her horny mouth while my hands grasped her head and pushed her mouth deeper and deeper with each thrust.

I was just about to shoot a load of cum into my wife’s thirsty mouth when Katie broke the spell. Her voice came from down the hall. “Mom, can you help me with this?”

“Sure thing, sweetums,” Elaine called.

She got up and left me on the couch, my hard dick exposed and pointing straight to the ceiling. “Shit,” I muttered to myself as, with a lot of difficulty, I managed to wrangle my erect cock back into my pants.

A minute later Elaine came back into the living room, pulling Katie by the hand toward me. For a moment, my wife’s body hid Katie from my sight, but then I saw my daughter in all her glory.

She was in a tight red lace-up corset that left nothing whatsoever to the imagination. The bottom hem was just above her pelvis, leaving her neatly trimmed pussy completely exposed, while the top came up to just under her tits, with the effect that it pushed her already large tits outward and upward, making them huge, mouthwatering. Irresistible.

After several seconds I managed to tear my eyes away from my daughter’s beautiful bare tits to see the expression on her face. She looked at me helplessly, pleadingly, paralyzed with embarrassment.

“Well, Daddy?” asked Elaine, “What do you think?”

“I’m not sure,” I said, though in fact I WAS sure. I was sure that my eyes were about to pop out of my head. I was sure that I wanted Katie to wear that outfit for me – for no one but me – every day from now on. I was sure that all questions of the morality of incest were irrelevant, and that I would die if I didn’t fuck my busty blonde virgin daughter’s tight pussy. But I said, “What do YOU think, Katie?”

“I think . . . um . . . I think . . .”

“I think Daddy wants to feel the fabric,” said Elaine. “Don’t you, Daddy?”

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