Teacher’s Pet

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Synopsis: At an all-girl private school, a student secretly finds out the teacher is having problems with finding the right person to help with a personal problem. Helping her out, the teacher discovers exactly who the right person is…

Author’s Note: The events in this story are written not to be realistic, but for entertainment only. Laugh, cry, do anything (as long as it’s legal). This story was written by my own imagination.

This story contains graphic descriptions of masturbation and female-on-female acts, plus a non-erotic Would-You-Rather-style list that may be a bit unsettling for some readers. If this sort of material offends you in any way, or if you are under the age of consent, do not read any further. My job is now done, you have now been disclaimed. Have fun!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I hate school.

I know, most students will say that, but it’s true. I hate getting up in the mornings, I hate having to get into a cold shower because the water heater’s broken. And most of all, I hate the dress code.

Business and demure is not my style.

I go to a private school. Lindinburg High, an all-girl school. I didn’t want to go there, my parents made me. It sucks because I am 18 years old and I am still living in my parent’s house. It’s not because I want to do that, either, it’s just that I don’t have enough money yet to move out. But I’m not that poor, I do have my own car. It’s a 2002 Firebird, and it’s a really fuckin’ nice car.

I apologize, I don’t mean to use bad language.

The only time I do ever use bad language is when I’m really excited or really angry. Right now, I am really angry. But like I said before, I hate my school. The only reason I am still going there instead of to a public school where I can get a date is because I want a nicer job in the future. Nicer, hopefully, than when I worked at the mall.

I worked at the Taco Hut. Worst job ever.

My entire part-time shift consisted of the following:

4:00 p.m. — Walk in the door to the Taco Hut. Punch in.

4:01 p.m. – 4:10 p.m. — Load the meat machine and get out a fresh set of taco shells.

4:11 p.m. – 4:40 p.m. — Go in back and get the bugs out of the bags of shredded lettuce and cheese.

4:41 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. — Take people’s orders while simultaneously trying to prevent the groping of my breasts and crotch done by my boss and co-workers. There were somehow no rules against that.

7:31 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. — Get ready to close up shop which was actually someone else’s job (my boss’s job) but he wanted to sit back and watch me bend over to switch the OPEN sign to CLOSED. Also, because he made me wear a uniform even though no one else had to, I had to go into the private stall made just for me and change out of my uniform. Until I left that job after so many long years, I never knew that what I thought was a wall was actually a one-way tinted window that I couldn’t see through but anyone else who wanted to could. I had always wondered why we had so many people come around near closing time.

I hated that job, but less than I hate school. Maybe because when I worked there, I felt pretty and sexy. At school, no one complaments me on my breast size or the fact that when I am horny and I bend over wearing my favorite panties and a skirt, you can see my pussy lips as if I was not wearing anything.

Anyway, I’ve spent three years so far in that school and it’s just another day today. I hear an annoyingly loud buzzing sound that I soon realize is my alarm clock. I reach my hand over and pound the snooze button before I try to fall back asleep again. Two minutes later, it seems, it buzzes again. I sit up and slam my fist into my alarm clock.

Dumb move. Now my hand hurts.

I slide my body over to the edge of the bed, stand up, take a quick glance at my computer, and I walk over to my closet. I take out the my hideous uniform. Red plaid skirt that reaches just under my knees, white blouse and a black… something. It looks like a blouse, but it was something that was custom made for everyone at Lindinburg. Red ribbon to tie back my long, silky, brunette hair and black, shiny dress shoes. I also wore a black lace bra, just because, and black lace panties to match.

I look over at my alarm clock to see how much time I have. The alarm shows 5:30, and my class begins at 7:00, so I should have a lot of time.

I walk over into the bathroom that is connected to my room and I lay my clothes over the toilet. I got out of bed wearing my usual pajamas, a simple white silk robe. I reach down to the belt that it has attached to it and I yank on the loose part of the belt, letting my robe open. I am naked underneath, so my D-cup breasts force the robe wide open. I look in the mirror and realize that I should have a boyfriend because I have a really sexy body. Slim, sexy, big breasts, and a patch of hair down there that I shaved into a triangle, I am sexy as can be.

Truth be told, because yeşilköy escort of my school and me being lonely, I have recently accepted the possibility for having a girlfriend. Not just a friendly girlfriend, but as wierd as it sounds, I would even have sex with a girl if presented with the option.

Anyway, I get dressed and look back over at my alarm. Only six minutes have passed, and I go back in the bathroom. I don’t shower in the mornings, but I do shower every day after school in the afternoon. I put on some crimson lipstick, eyeliner, blush, mascara, you know, typical makeup. I put on deodorant and I slip a fresh tampon inside me. I am completely ready for school. My alarm says 6:43, but I decide to flip through my magazines until I leave for school.

Not surprisingly, I show up at school on time. Just because I hate school doesn’t mean I want to be late for school. Soon, though, it won’t matter. I’m 17 years old and in a year or so, I’ll be out of school and old enough to get my first full-time job, along with my own house.

The day goes pretty normal until after lunch. I am the first one back to my class and I catch our teacher, Ms. Pettison, on the phone. I hear her tell the person she’s talking to something about she needs to get laid and she doesn’t know any guys that like her. She turns her head, sees me, then quickly flips her phone shut and drops it beside her desk so it lands in her purse.

“Oh, hey! Molly, how are ya?” she asks me.

“I’m great, Ms. Pettison. If I may, who was that on the phone?”

“Just, uh… my friend Jill, why?” she asks.

“You and your friend talk about who you want to get laid with over the phone?” I had to ask her.

“Oh! Uh… you heard that. You see, well… uh… it’s just…”

“It’s okay. You can talk about it with me. No need to be worried. Girls need to have sex sometime just like guys do, you know?” I try to reassure her.

“You see, I… uh… have this problem when it comes to sex. It’s just that whenever I’m having… uh…” she stammers.

“You can tell me,” I say.

“Well, uh… whenever I’m having sex, I never seem to get to the point of orgasm. I mean, it’s not that I can’t have an orgasm, it’s just that whenever I’m having sex with a guy, I never seem to want to. Do you understand?” she asks.

“I guess you have to find the thing that turns you on and have him do that thing,” I say to her.

“But that’s just it! I can’t ever seem to pinpoint what turns me on. I need help,” she begs.

“Well, maybe I could help. A sexy lady like yourself should be able to have sex, don’t you think so, Ms. Pettison?” I ask.

“Yes I do, and…” she gets cut off by the sight of students walking into the room.

Lunch is over and I have to go back to my seat. We decide that we’ll continue the conversation after school. As I sit in my seat, I realize that she really is a sexy woman. She looks like the type of teacher that would be seen on porn. She is at most 31 years old, maybe 34D bust, and she’s slim. She wears thick, black-framed glasses. She always dresses in black with the top buttons of her dress unbuttoned so that anyone who wanted to look could see the long line of her cleavage (not enough to make her look like a slut, yet still enough to make you wonder just what her breasts look like underneath).

She also has one of those wands that professors use to point to something high up on the board. Other days, when she would reach to point to something high up on the board, because her dress was barely long enough to cover up her panties, her dress would raise up enough to show everyone her panties, waistband and all. She never stretched like that today, though.

About an hour passed and the bell rang. Time to go home, or in my case, time to continue the conversation. As I walk up to the front of the class, where the teacher was sitting, I glanced at each sudent walking out the door. When I finally stood right in front of the desk, the last student exited the class. I wanted to resume the conversation.

“So, back to our earlier conversation, what was your problem again?” I ask her.

“Will you still help me?” she asks me back.

“Of course, Ms. Pettison,” I told her.

I looked down and noticed that as we were talking, and probably before, her right leg was propped up on the desk. Her hands were both on the armrests of the chair. Her other leg was hanging down in front of her like normal. I look back up at her face, then slowly walk to the side of the desk, causing her to turn towards me and spread her legs slightly. She asks me why I’m smiling and I blush instantly, turning away.

When I get myself together and turn back towards her, I notice that her legs were spread even farther apart. I could swear that if I bent down a little, I would be able to see right up her dress. I was getting horny fast. If I was a guy, I would fuck her right now. Hell, I would fuck her right now anyways.

Sorry zeytinburnu escort again, didn’t mean to swear. I just got a little excited there for a moment.

I have to do something with this woman soon or else I might die. I simply grab her hand and yank her towards the door.

“Come on,” I say, “don’t want to waste another minute here. Let’s get back to my place so I can show you what you need to do.”

We walk out the classroom door and then we go down the hall and out the main doors. It doesn’t take us too long to get back to my house, since it is only a few blocks away. Ms. Pettison didn’t want to drive because she says she doesn’t want to waste gas going to a place that she can walk to herself.

Very soon, I swing open the door to my house. I drag Ms. Pettison behind me, my own twisted plans causing me to forget my main reason for coming here with my teacher. She follows me upstairs to my room and we walk inside. I lock the door behind me.

“Why’d you lock the door, Molly?” asks Ms. Pettison.

“We don’t want anyone bothering us, would we?” I say.

“Wait, you live here with someone else?” she asks.

“Just my parents, but they’re both at work. Both of them work at the construction company. Well, Dad actually works for them, Mom is just their secretary. They’ll be home late tonight, so we should have plenty of time,” I tell her.

“Well, I guess we should start discussing how I should deal with my sexual inexperience,” says Ms. Pettison.

“Now, now. You’re not inexperienced, Ms. Pettison, you just need to find the button that turns you on and find a way to press it,” I say. “If you’ll let me, I am going to try to do a few things to you that should turn you on. If it doesn’t work, I want you to stop me before it gets too intense, okay?”

“Sure, let’s do it,” she says.

“Hold on, now,” I tell her, “that treatment comes with a price.”

“Oh, just do whatever you’re going to do. And hurry,” she laughs.

I reach up to her shoulder and push her backwards onto my bed. Finally, I can fulfill my fantasy. Hopefully, she won’t cut it short before I can. When she lands sitting on the bed, I push her again, making her fall backwards. I climb overtop her and straddle her waist, limitting her movements. I reach up to the line of buttons on her dress and I trace my pointer fingers on both hands down the sides of buttons until they come together, and then I start unbuttoning her dress.

Once I reach down to the bottom button and unbutton it, I drag my hands up her body and I grab the straps on her shoulders, peeling them away from her body along with the rest of the dress. As her dress fell away from her body, a sexy white wonderbra was revealed underneath as well as a luscious white G-String.

That’s right. On this day, my teacher chose to wear a G-String.

I look up into her eyes and she looks back at me with a burning lust I’ve never seen before. In the farthest reaches of my mind, I knew this was wrong, a student-teacher relationship. However, my own sexual hunger drowned out my inner conscience. I reached up and snaked my hands under her back, undoing the clasp on her bra. I have had experience with my own bras, so it barely takes me a second to undo it.

I pull the left cup away from her chest, letting a perfect D-cup spring out at me. I pull the other one away, causing an equally perfect D-cup to jump out at me. I stare down at the two hills, taking glances at the dark pink nipples topping each one. I can’t help myself, I bend over and take her sexy right nipple into my mouth, sucking and licking that perfect rosebud. She moans, and I take the other nipple between my thumb and forefinger of my right hand, rubbing it and gently twisting it.

She moans again, and I notice that the thin strip of material covering her nether region is becoming quite wet. I knew she must be horny beyond control, and I wanted to bring her to the peak of pleasure. I slip my left hand under my lips, replacing my mouth with my fingers, giving both of her nipples the same treatment. I kiss the valley between her breasts. Afterwards, I alternate between kisses and licks, trailing lower down her stomach.

I kiss and lick until I end up kissing the waistband of her G-String. My head drops lower until I stare right at the strip of fabric covering her vagina. I let my tongue wander out of my mouth and on one side of her G-String, pushing inward until my tongue touched her labia majora. She moans again, and I repeat the process on the other side. I hear her hum some low musical note.

I want to make this as sexy as possible for her, but a part of me also wants to just have sex with her until I scream in my own pleasure.

I gently bite the fabric over her lower lips and tug a bit, causing the material to pull away from the sweet treasure underneath. I let go and use my tongue to push aside the strip of fabric, allowing me to finally look, unhindered, at Ms. Pettison’s anadolu yakası escort bayan wet, sweet, oh-so-sweet pussy.

I consider the word pussy a bad word, so I apologize again.

I breathe in deeply, taking in the delightful scent of her aroused womanhood. I take a small lick inside the juicy crevice that I know awaits to be tongued. She tastes delicious, like honey, salt, and sweat. I take another lick, the taste even more wonderful, and soon I plunge my tongue inside of her, licking her out and swallowing her juices like I was dying of thirst.

It only takes a few minutes before I feel her legs clamp around my head, almost crushing it as she rides out her orgasm. I struggle for a while, but I am only able to remove my head from between her thighs when she finally let up on her hold. I gasp for air and glance down at the dripping lips that just had me imprisoned. The G-String went back to it’s original position, and I noticed that it was completely soaked, not a thread of it was dry.

I reach up and slip my thumbs underneath the waistband and I slide the G-String down her long, sexy legs. When I finally remove it, I lift it up for her to see. We both watch it drip sexual juices down to the carpet of my floor, soaking into it immediately. I look back over at her and raise an eyebrow.

“Hey, you wanna get kinky?” I ask her.

She grins wide and nods as fast as a bobblehead doll. I lean up to her face and use my free hand to force her mouth open. When her mouth is open wide, I drop her soaking G-String into her mouth. I slap the bottom of her chin, forcing her mouth shut, and then I grab her lips to keep it shut.

She didn’t retaliate in any way that whole time.

As she is sucking on her own juices, I take my hand, the one that was earlier holding the dripping underwear, and I rub two of my fingers between her exposed nether lips. After a few ups and downs, I push them inside and begin pumping my two digits in and out, causing my hand to quickly become covered in the same liquids that are in her mouth right now.

She bucks her hips into my hand and my palm slaps her swollen clit. She moans faintly and then I see her swallowing what would most likely be some of the juices leaking out of her panties into her own mouth. I stop pleasuring her with my fingers and I lean up to kiss her. As our mouths open, I grab the nearest strip of fabric from the G-String using my teeth, and then I drag my head down her entire body, causing her panties to follow and draw a thick line of wetness from her lips down to her stomach and even further.

I drag the panties down her stomach and stop, letting them rest on her sexy brunette bush. I stand up and remove every garment that I was wearing before kneeling back at the foot of the bed where her legs laid. I grab the outer sides of her thighs and pull myself up to kiss her again, as sexy as I could, and then I kneel on the bed and straddle her face. Her tongue quickly went to work on my lower lips. I took a quick glance down her body, admiring the nude form of my teacher. And the way her tongue licked me out, making me moan with each lick and tongue-thrust, she was teaching me a lot.

My eyes followed the line of moisture from under my vagina all the way down to hers. I leaned forward until I had to put my arms out to hold myself up, and I tilted my head downward towards those soaking panties that I now covet. I grabbed the waistband of them inbetween my lips and picked them up with my mouth, tilting back upwards to my original kneeling position. I dropped the panties into my hands and lifted them up to my face, taking a deep whiff and inhaling the sensuous aroma that I desired so much.

I rubbed the panties around my chest, rubbing her wetness into my breasts and my upper stomach. My clit ached from the feelings that she was giving me. I could tell that I would have my orgasm soon. I clamped her panties in my teeth to keep them in easy reach, then I grabbed her thighs with both of my hands, pulling them until her legs formed a V. I moved my hands and pulled her lower legs now, causing both of her legs to point up into the air. I removed the panties from my mouth and slid them back onto her, sliding them up her legs until the fabric touched her nether lips again.

When the panties were properly in place, I pushed my finger of my right hand into the part of them that was right overtop of her clitty. When my finger pushed far enough, I rubbed back and forth very quickly until I drove her into ecstasy one more time before I climaxed myself, letting my own juices flow out of my pussy and into her mouth.

Yet again, I got excited and said pussy. But it feels too good, so I don’t care right now.

Our moans synchronized with each other as we both rode out our orgasms. As we came down from the feelings, I tipped over and laid down next to her. We fell asleep for a few hours…



I woke up suddenly to see my parents standing in my bedroom doorway.

How did they get into my room?

I looked over at my bedroom door and realized that my lock was broken. I guess that’s how they got in. I look around the room and notice two things that I knew would quickly get me in big trouble.

I’m naked and so is my teacher, who is just now waking up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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