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“Fuck!” That fucking hurt, my braid must have caught on the bed springs. I try moving forward, but that just makes it worse, the hair at the nape of my neck hurts so much I get tears in my eyes when I pull. I had crawled under the bed to fetch a butt plug that rolled under there from my stash; I had just pushed my favorite shower toy inside me for some anal masturbation after a long day of classes when one of the bigger plugs fell from my toy box. I felt the towel slip from my back, leaving my butt exposed.

“Maddie, do you have the engineering design textbook for prof… Oh My God, I’m so sorry for barging in, I didn’t know you were… What are you doing?” my flatmate Jess asked. I have never blushed as hard as now, I think I’m red all the way down to my toes! I stammer out “I-I I’m stuck, my hair is caught in the bed springs.”

“Okay, and can you explain the big box of sex toys on your nightstand, not to mention the one in your butt? I thought you were a shy little virgin?”

I feel her leg brush against my thigh and hear her rifling through the box. I think I even heard a low “Wow”.

“I-I AM a virgin. I’ve never been with anyone, not really, but e-ever since I discovered sex I have only really liked playing with my a- butt.”

I feel her kneeling down behind me and place her hands on the outside of my butt.

“It is a really sexy ass, I know if I had something this hot easily available I would play with it all the time too.” I feel her wiggle the toy inside me, making me moan, as she asks me “So are you such a butt-slut that you walk around with this all the time, or have you just put it in?”

“Mmh, oh god, I just put it in, I was going to go use it in the shower. I wore the little metal one to class, I love the weight of it.” Why did I confess that? The little movements of the toy was making it hard to think. I heard some more movement.

“Oh, it’s still warm. Mm, and it tastes of your ass. I’ve fantasized about tasting you since you moved in.”

“You havOOhhh fuck?!” I was so taken aback by her confession, but then she surprises me and pulls the toy almost completely out of me before plunging it to the base again. The ridges feel so fucking good as they pass the rim and I just moan. Jess spanks my ass, making me yelp, and then she starts fucking my ass fast and deep. The pleasure, the slight pain, the situation, it all gets to me, and all of a sudden I am cumming so fucking hard. My body quivers and I accidentally jerk my head, the pull on my braid bringing tears to my eyes. The pain only serves to kadıköy escort prolong my intense orgasm, which leaves me breathing hard, struggling not to fall to the floor as the aftershocks run through me.

All of a sudden Jess is in front of me on the floor. I feel something warm and fluttering deep in the pit of my stomach as I look into her eyes. She grins widely, gives me a peck on the nose and says “That was fun!”

She reaches up and starts untangling my hair as I struggle to find my words.

“I-I can’t believe you did that to me!”

“You know something? You wanted me to; you didn’t ask me to stop or leave, you didn’t even try closing your legs and didn’t ask me to help you get unstuck, did you?”

I blush even more and want to look away, but I can’t turn my head while she is untangling my braid. “Okay, no, maybe I wanted something to happen. I’ve been… I’ve been thinking, fantasizing, about you too. You are so strong and assertive and umm, hot.”

Jess smiles widely up at me and gives me a quick kiss.

“Hot, strong and assertive, huh? So I’m guessing you are submissive?” I nod and she continues, “Do you want me to domme you after I get you out of here?” I look her right in her eyes and nod again, as I don’t trust my voice.

“God, you are so fucking cute!” She pulls my head down so my face is buried in the crook of her neck, licks my ear and whispers, “You are going to look even cuter covered in my pussy juices, Maddie.” I feel a new wetness between my legs and my butt contracts around the toy still in my ass at that statement. I think I even whimper.

She pushes down on my shoulders and I realize my hair is free. We get out from under the bed, and she grabs my head and kisses me hard. I melt into the kiss, my hands on her back, hugging her close to me, her curves against mine. She pulls her belt from her jeans, and as she nibbles on my neck, she binds my hands behind my back. She kisses me hard again, bites my lower lip, then pushes me back onto the bed.

Jess quickly shimmies out of her tight jeans and straddles my head. My vision is filled with her puffy, wet pussy lips, her trimmed vee of curly hair, her body, her face as she smiles down at me. She grabs my hair and pulls my face right into her and I automatically open my mouth and latch on to her, her scent, her taste filling me as she says, “Oh yeah, that’s it, lick that cunt, kitten. If you do well I’ll make you eat me all the time. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

I nod as my tongue finds kağıthane escort her clit, the taste is incredible, addictive, and her twitches, her gasps and moans, the way she tightens her grip in my hair turns me on so fucking much. I’d gladly stay between her legs until my tongue stopped working. After a while her belly starts contracting and her thighs tighten around my head, her hands in my hair pulls me even tighter against her. I can’t hear, can hardly breathe, can’t see as she cums hard, quivering as she fills my mouth with her juices. I keep licking and sucking, wanting to prolong her pleasure, and I manage to get her off again! I think I even cum a little bit myself as I keep up the pressure, as I lead her into multiple orgasms as she rides my face, her pleasure is such a turn-on!

Finally she falls to the side and pushes my head away from her twitching snatch, moaning, “Enough, kitten.”

She pulls me up to her and hugs me tight. I like her new name for me, it feels right. I hold her and gently kiss and lick her neck, her ear, her shoulder, as she comes down.

When her breathing returns to normal she smiles at me and says, “Jesus, Maddie, no one has ever made me cum that much! That can’t have been your first time?”

“It was, but I’ve been fantasizing about it for a long long while.”

“Well, you are awesome at it. What else have you been fantasizing about?”

I can’t look her in the eyes as I answer, so l lean in and whisper in her ear, “Um, well, I’ve always wanted to be fisted. I can get my hand inside but I can’t get deep enough inside for it to feel really good.”

She kisses my cheek, rolls me over onto my back and says, “I’d love to do that, it seems really intimate and kinky.”

She spots the belt from my oversized robe and takes it. She ties it to my thigh, just above my knee, then behind my back and to the other thigh. I am bound with my arms behind my back, my knees against my shoulders, my ass up in the air, open for her.

She grabs the toy still in my ass and works it in and out a few times, making me moan, before she pulls it out. Jess immediately replaces it with two of her fingers. She reaches to my box of toys and takes out the lube, pops the cap with her teeth and pushes the nozzle in between her fingers. The cold lube filling me makes me gasp and shiver. She puts a big dollop on the back of her hand and pulls her fingers out of my ass. She uses my crack to spread the lube over her entire hand while she closes the bottle with her other. kartal escort As she pushes her fingers back inside, three this time, she rubs the thumb of her other hand along my pussy. She penetrates my hole and fucks her thumb in and out a few times in time with the fingers in my butt. She pulls her thumb out of my pussy and runs it over my clit, making me twitch and moan. She continues up my body, caresses up my stomach, cups my breast, toys with and tweaks my nipple. She moves on up my neck, my jawline, rubs her wet thumb over my lower lip, all the while fucking me just right with her three fingers. I moan and take her thumb into my mouth, tasting my wetness. She runs her fingers along the side of my face as she says, “That’s a good kitten, suckle. Do you like the taste of your tight little horny virgin pussy?”

I nod and then gasp as she pushes another finger inside my butt, all the way past the last knuckles. The sudden stretch surprises me and almost makes me cum, I love the mix of pleasure and pain, and the care I see in her eyes as she watches my reaction. She starts pulling and pushing her knuckles past the rim again and again, and then she tucks her thumb into her palm and all of a sudden her hand is inside me. I cum hard as I feel that wonderful full feeling, and it feels so incredible and intimate that it is Jess’ hand filling me. As I come down from my orgasm I moan out, “Oh fuck, thank you! Please fuck me deep!”

Jess looks down at her wrist entering me in amazement and nods. She adds more lube to her wrist and forearm, then starts working her way deeper. I feel her fingers against the bend into my colon and she says, “Um, this feels like the end.”

“Oh, god I love your hand in me! Feel to the right, there is the opening to the colon, yeah, that’s it, you will fit, oh fuck I’m cumming! Deeper! Fuck! Cumming! Ahh! Fuck me, fuck me! Cumming again!” I scream and shudder as I look down at her arm entering me, her elbow just outside my ass, I am an incoherent, quivering mess, I cum again and again until my vision narrows to just Jess’ eyes, and then all is black.

I come to as she is untying me, a look of concern on her face. I smile tiredly up at her and she looks relieved as she lays down beside me to hug me and give me a kiss.

After a long while we head to the shower and wash each other. I get to play with her tits and ass, which I couldn’t before as my hands were bound. I suck and lick and nibble her nipples as I toy with pussy, and I get her to cum once more.

We dry each other off, then put on sweats and order a pizza as we are both famished. We watch a bad movie in the living room. Then as we get tired, we prepare for bed, and then it just seems natural that we cuddle up in my bed. Even though neither of us said anything, I think we both know we are a couple now, and that I am unconditionally hers, her kitten.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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