Taking Step-daughter to College Pt. 05

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The following morning Jamie woke up, the room was empty and she looked under the covered and noticed she was still naked. She climbed out of bed and putting on a robe, opened the door and went down to the kitchen. She was naked under the robe, she never did this before, but watching those three girls and watching those two large cocks did something to her.

She entered the kitchen and Patti and Nancy were at the counter making breakfast. Charles, John, Jimmy and Markus were at the kitchen table sipping coffee and reading the paper. The three girls were laughing and giggling in the hot tub. She came over to Charles and gave him a kiss on the top of his bald, black head. When she did this her robe parted slightly and John and Jimmy noticed immediately. She followed their gaze and immediately closed her robe and tightened the sash.

John had an extra glass of orange juice, he asked Charles what her breakfast drink of choice was and when he told him, John got her a glass and added his secret weapon. He stood up and handed her the orange juice; “Here Jamie, just for you. You can have my seat, I have to go and check on the pool, I want to make sure the filters are clear. We had a little wind storm last night and I want to check it out.”

She smiled up at him and taking the glass nodded; “Thank you John, what’s very nice of you.” She sat down and looking around noticed everyone was already dressed; “Did I oversleep or something? What time is it anyways?”

Charles snickered at her; “You must have been tired, you were out when I got into the room and you were snoring throughout the night. By the way it’s already 10:30, you never sleep that late. Drink up, it’s almost time to start on the beer and wine, it is a holiday if you’ve forgotten.”

She drank down her orange juice and put the empty glass on the table. She looked at Charles; “What?”

He smiled at her; “Oh nothing, you just downed that like a woman who’s dying of thirst.”

She nodded; “I did sleep well and I was rather thirsty. I wonder if John had any more of that, it hit the spot?”

John just re-entered the kitchen and heard her; “Another glass of O.J. coming right up.” He broke up another pill and putting the powder in her glass, he refilled it. He was in luck and thought this was going to be easier than he ever imagined. He handed her the glass and she downed half if it without stopping.

“Mmmm that’s some real good O.J., what kind do you buy?”

“We fresh squeeze it ourselves. I get the oranges by the bushel from the Eastern Market.”

“Charles, we should try that?”

“Why, you’re the only one who loves orange juice.” He turned to Patti; “Thanks for breakfast Patti, Nancy, I’m going to get my suit on and head outside to the pool.” He went into the sunroom and got his suit and walking past Jamie, she stopped him.

“Why is your suit out there?”

“After we got out of the tub last night, I wrapped myself in one of the towels and took my wet suit off in there. I didn’t want to walk through the house in a wet suit, we all did, how come you didn’t?”

She was caught; “Oh, I guess I didn’t think of it that way, makes sense, sorry.”

He went into the bathroom just off the kitchen and changed, and headed out to the pool with a beer he got from the cooler. Marcus joined him; Jimmy was already out there floating around on an air mattress.

Jamie finished her O.J. and looked over at Patti; “Need any help there Patti?”

“No thanks sis; got it covered. Do you want anything for breakfast?”

“No thanks, but how about some toast?” She looked to John; “Would you be a peach John and get me another glass of this, it’s fantastic?”

“Sure I’ll have it for you before your toast is ready. Just need to get the oranges out of the fridge.” He got the third pill; he knew that would be all he needed. While he juiced the oranges, he added the pill and watched it dissolve. He handed it to her and Patti gave her the toast and jelly and smiling at John, she winked and elbowed him in the ribs.

Jamie ate the toast and drank the entire glass of O.J. and she sat there and she began to wiggle around on the chair. She suddenly began to get an awful itch between her thighs and it was making her flush.

John saw this and knew the first couple of pills were beginning to work; “You know Jamie, you look a little frazzled. I know when I feel that way, I hop in the sauna or steam room for ten minutes or so and I come out feeling like a new man.”

She giggled; “I wouldn’t want that now would I John?”

He looked confused; “What are you talking about Jamie?”

She giggled again; “Why would I want to do that and come out looking like a man? You know that just may do the trick. Is anyone out there?”

He shook his head; “No why do you ask?”

“Well I don’t want to run upstairs for my suit, but don’t want anyone catching me out there.”

“Well you can always wear your robe in there and take it off once you’re in bostancı escort bayan there.”

She stood up and she rocked on her heels; “My all of a sudden I felt light-headed.” She regained her equilibrium and started for the steam room. John stopped her; “Are you sure you’re okay? Maybe you shouldn’t go in there if you’re feeling light-headed.”

She put her hand on his chest; “No, don’t worry about me, I’m fine.” She went in and entered the steam room and opening the door dropped her robe outside the room and closed the door behind her.”

John turned to Patti and Nancy; “I can’t believe my luck. Three glass and now she’s in the steam room alone and from what I’ve seen nearly naked. If she’s wearing anything, it’s just a pair of panties. When she leaned over to kiss Charles, one of her naked tits winked at me. What do you think, give her five minutes before I go and check on her?”

Patti smacked him playfully on the arm; “You are lucky John, I’d give her no more than five. Who knows how three of those pills will work on her? I nearly burst out laughing when I saw her wiggling around on the kitchen chair. I thought that worked quick on Mary, but hell, it worked faster on Jamie.”

“It may have something to do with giving it to her on an empty stomach. I’m going to go check on her, wish me luck.” He walked out into the sunroom and the girls were still in the tub. Mandy giggled; “My mom went in there.” John began taking his clothes off.

Gwen and Karen started laughing and Karen yelled out; “Go get her dad.”

Gwen followed; “Oh yeah, I wish I could see this.”

Mandy continued to giggled; “IS he going to do what I think he’s going to do, she’ll just scream her head off.”

John now naked looked at the girls in the tub; “Oh I don’t think so, here I go!” He entered the steam room slowly and as he got closer to Jamie, she was sitting on the upper ledge.

Her eyes were closed and her mouth was wide open, she was licking her lips. Her one hand was toying with her huge, fat nipple and her other hand was between her outstretched legs. She was slowly strumming her clit and from time to time, she’d stop and dip her finger into her wet hole and then return to her large, fat swollen clit.

John approached her and kneeling before her, he leaned forward and closed his mouth over her open slit. She let out a loud grunt and tried closing her legs. John was too strong and held them open. His arms came up and gripped her by the waist and pulled her roughly against his active lips and tongue.

Jamie gripped his shoulders and tried to push him away, but her actions were not very convincing. Her struggles didn’t last long, nowhere as long as he thought they would be. After a few minutes, her hands were no longer pushing him away, but cupping the back on his head, she was now pulling his mouth harder against her foaming pussy. “Oh, oh, oh my god John, what are you doing to me. Oh this is so, so wrong. My daughter and husband are right out there, you can’t be…oh John, please, please!”

John rose up slightly, but didn’t pull away. He leaned forward and took a couple quick licks up and down her tangy slit; “Please what Jamie?”

She let out a grunt and clamped her legs around his head; “Please make me cum! I don’t know what’s come over me, but it feels like nerve ending in my body is electrified and I need you to make me cum!”

John smiled up at her; “Your wish is my command dear!” He dove in and began licking, sucking and teasing her. He added two fingers into her tight cunt and he smiled to himself as he felt her started to hump his fingers and tried to make greater contact with his tongue on her clit.

Jamie was grunting and clawing at his head and back, this time not to stop him, but to spur him on. Jamie arched her back, she was twisting her fat nipples so hard they turned beet red. Her head was thrown back and squeezing her thighs tightly around him, she let out a gurgling sound deep in her throat and all of a sudden she started squirting. Her entire body shook and quivered and stiffened suddenly and it went slack and she nearly collapsed against the back of the steam room bench.

John pulled back and his face, neck and chest were dripping with her juices and his own sweat. He was so turned on as he looked at the gorgeous blonde. Her long sexy hair was tousled and draped over her face, shoulders and tits. He took in those luscious mounds of flesh and he made a note to make sure and fuck them later. Right now he wanted to fuck her and fuck her into tomorrow. He rose up from his knees and being one level lower, his cock was perfectly lined up with her dripping pussy. He reached out and gripped her by the hips and her eyes opened and before she could say a word, John thrust forward and he sank into her dripping pussy. He was so lost in her pussy; he couldn’t believe how tight she was. He remembered Patti saying last night in bed that Charles was a lot smaller than he was. He slid ümraniye escort in deeper and he was surprised when Jamie’s slick, weak legs came up and she planted her heels on the edge of the bench. She threw her hips forward and nearly pushed him off the bench. He held her tight and began pumping into her like a man possessed.

Jamie didn’t know what came over her, but she wanted and needed exactly what John was giving her. She looked down and watched his large cock sliding in and out of her weeping pussy and it was if she was having an out of body experience. She loved what John’s cock was doing to her, but she still couldn’t believe she was allowing and even worse yet, urging him to do it and do it harder and deeper. She couldn’t get enough of him and she clawed at his back as she met his thrusts with thrusts of her own. She felt an orgasm building, one like she never, ever felt before. As she moved every cell in her body was electrified and she tingled from head to toe and it all culminated at her core and as she started cumming, she felt like she was going to explode and come apart. She dropped her head to his shoulder and letting out a scream, she bit down so hard, she drew blood. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and nearly took his breath away.

John was at an end too, he wanted it to last forever, but when he felt her cumming, he lost it and when she bit down on his shoulder, he couldn’t hold off any longer. He let go and started filling her womb with his potent cum. He came so much and so hard, he nearly blacked out. He clung to her and they held each other tightly until her legs fell from his hips and her arms fell to her sides. He slowly withdrew from her and he heard her pussy make a sloshing sound, he filled her so much and her pussy was so wet and tight, he nearly created a vacuum between her thighs.

Jamie leaned back against the steam room, still panting wildly; “My god John, what have we done. What came over me, I’ve never acted like that before.” A smiled crossed her lips and she whispered; “To tell you the truth John, that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had and I hate to say this, but I want to do it again and again, am I that much if a slut?”

John chuckled; “Oh no Jamie, I just unlocked the inner slut and someone I want to explore the entire week-end and not just me. Patti, Nancy, Markus, Jimmy and yes even our daughters want to sample you, are you ready to explore?”

A tiny smile crossed her lips and all she did was nod.

John stood up; “Might as well start with the basics, how about sucking on my cock sister-in-law of mine. You have no idea how many nights I’ve envisioned your lips and those gorgeous tits of yours wrapped around my cock.” He stepped closer and was surprised when he looked into her bright blue eyes; they had a twinkle in them.

Jamie’s mouth opened up and she took the head in. Her tongue flicked out and ran around and around the head several times. She popped it out of her mouth and gripping it with one hand, she stroked several times and then went in and ran her tongue up and down the length several times. She raised it up and licked the underside and attacked his nut sack, all along, she continued to stroke it. Jamie had it covered in saliva and she leaned in more and wrapped her sweat covered tits around the thick shaft. She started lowering and raising her body and his cock slid back and forth.

John threw his head back, closing his eyes he took in the exquisite feeling of those massive tits enveloping his cock. He let out a groan and pulled back; “Come on Jamie, it’s too fucking hot in here. I want you spread out on one of those lounge chairs. I want to show everyone out there just how fucking hot and gorgeous you are. I want them to be jealous as I slide my cock into you and watch you cum all over it again.

Her eyes lit up and she only nodded. As she stepped out of the steam room, nearly everyone was waiting to see her reaction. A tiny trickle of cum dripped out of her tight pussy lips. She was smiling from ear to ear and she belt over and picked up her discarded robe. Slipping into it, she turned and planted a hot kiss on John’s lips, pulling back she whispered; “I’m going to use the little girl’s room to clean up. If you’re going to do everything you said you were going to do, I want to be clean for you. I’ll meet you by the pool, oh be a dear and get me another one of those tasty orange juices will you and don’t forget your secret potion. I wouldn’t want this feeling I have right now to wane.” She tossed her long damp blonde hair over her shoulders and swayed away. Her hair looked amazing, slightly damp and it kinked up slightly making her look like she had just been fucked, oh wait, she had been!”

John hurried into the kitchen and made an extra-large glass of orange juice and ground up two more pills and hurried out to the pool area and pulled one of the larger loungers close to a table. He sat down, naked and waited for Jamie to return. He looked escort kartal around and for the first time noticed most of the family was either in the pool or on lounge chairs, they were all naked and in different stages of having sex.

In the pool Patti was floating at the edge of the pool, Marcus was between her legs. Her legs were wrapped around his muscular hips, she was causing huge wave as she thrust her hips upward, meeting his downward thrusts. Her head was thrown back and Marcus was attacking her slender neck. Her long ash blonde hair clung to her head, face and neck; it was dripping with water from the pool.

John watched as Marcus thrust his thick cock in and out of his wife’s pussy. He pulled his face from her neck and lifting her body slightly, he attacked her stiff nipples. The water wasn’t particularly warm yet and the coolness of the water and the heat from his lips and tongue caused her to groan and her nipples stiffen even more.

Across the pool, on the lounger Karen was on her back, Nancy had her head buried between her thighs. Karen’s entire lower body was covered in a veil of light blonde hair as Nancy ate her pussy. Everyone knew what Nancy was doing because Karen was clutching at her long blonde hair. Karen’s head rolled from side to side and she was panting wildly. Her moans echoed through the entire pool area; “Oh fuck yeah Nancy, lick my clit harder. Shit I’m soooo close to cumming.

Nancy was on her knees and Charles was behind her, he was sliding his stiff black cock in and out of her cunt. He loved looking at her tight ass and for an older MILF, she was in excellent shape. It was evident, she was using a tanning bed, her gorgeous ass was completely tanned and just her pussy lips showed pink as he slid in and out of her. He ran his black finger though her slit and coating it with her juices; he shoved his fat finger into her puckered hole. He started fucking her harder and faster as he heard her grunt from him attacking her two holes. He slammed into her so hard; he shoved her even harder against Karen’s cunt. He heard Karen let out a grunt and he smiled when he saw her stiffen and shake from the orgasm her grandmother just bestowed on her.

On the shallow end of the pool, Jimmy was flat on his back, the water splashed over his outstretched body and he coughed from time to time as water splashed up his nose. Mandy was riding his cock and Gwen was riding his face. He was in heaven, he always wanted to fuck his cousin, but never, ever though he’s get the chance.

Above him, Gwen had her arms wrapped around the tiny eighteen year old. John couldn’t believe just how much she looked like Dakota Skye. Her tiny tits were so fucking firm and they barely moved when she rode up and down on Jimmy’s huge cock. John saw her cum twice already, but she continued to ride his cock. Her arms were wrapped around Gwen just as tight as Gwen had her body. Gwen’s large tits squashed against Mandy’s tiny tits and their nipples were sliding back and forth against one another.

Gwen fisted her fingers in Mandy’s short blonde hair and had her lips locked on hers. She was so close to cumming. She rarely found a guy at the college who could eat pussy. She found a father-son duo in John and Jimmy who could eat pussy better than most lesbians she’s experienced at the university.

Jimmy was close to cumming, he wasn’t sure if he could cum in Mandy, but he was too far gone to worry about it. He lay there as the two luscious women rode his face and cock, he grunted into Gwen cunt and grunted out; “Oh fuck Mandy, I’m cumming, if you don’t want a load in your cunt, you better get off now.”

Mandy thrust her hips forward and backward faster and faster, there was no way she was going to pull off his cock, she too was close to cumming and when she felt Jimmy’s huge, thick cock explode in her, she bit down on Gwen shoulder and clutching at her, she came too.

John was so captivated by watching all of the sex going on around him; he failed to see Jamie standing over him. She reached down and grabbed the glass of O.J.; “Is this for me John?” Without waiting for an answer, she drank down two-thirds of the large glass and smacked her lips; “God John, you have to give me the vendor you get your oranges from, I have to get some of these.” Putting the glass down she looked around; “Holy shit, did you plan all of this or just the seduction of little old me?” She smiled as she watched her man fucking her mother and her step-son fucking her sister and her eyes bugged out when she saw her daughter riding John’s son, her nephew. She glanced down at John and saw his large cock all stiff and dripping with pre-cum. She caught his gaze and smiling, she tossed her tight, freshly brushed out ponytail over her shoulder. She slowly undid the belt holding her robe together. She shook her shoulders and caught the robe in the crook of both arms. Lowering her arms slowly, the robe drifted to the ground. She stood there in a pair of high heels and a huge smile, and nothing else. “I think we’re falling behind John, how do you want to proceed?”

John stood up and catching her by the wrist urge her onto the extra-large lounger; “Lay on your belly Jamie, I’m going to give you a nice slow oil massage, are you ready?”

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