Taking Out The Trash

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First off, I’ll be polite and I’ll introduce myself. My name is Rick. I live in a little dingy floating on the banks of the Seine. I used to work as a trash collector in my thirties and now I’m pretty much unemployed after I was fired because one of the guy’s who’s thrash I used to clear had me fired for doing something that him and my employer both found pretty unforgivable.

Years back, when I was around 38 or so, I worked around the villages around Lyon, going from house to house collecting the thrash and taking it away in one of those tiny haul trucks in the little by lanes where the large dispensers wouldn’t fit. Doing my rounds everyday I’d go across roughly 50 to 60 houses a day and working shifts would have me exhausted and ravished because trust me when I tell you manually lifting thrash and having it taken away was a major pain in the back.

The inhabitants of the houses I’d clear out wouldn’t ever acknowledge my existence and they’d refuse to as much as curtly nod in my direction if they were around as I took their cans away, so getting a thank you from them was far out of the question. Yeah, I pretty much lived an invisible hard life.

There isn’t much to say about me though, personally speaking. I was a ruffed looking 6 foot high fellow with messy grey hair and an unshaven face. Quite a husky texture to be honest and a heavily built man with a broad intimidating frame that helped me well when I got into bar brawls on those troublesome Friday nights at the dock bar. Luckily I was pretty well endowed with a gleaming seven inch member that made it easy to get around with all the hookers at the docks with whom I was a cherished loyal customer, since obviously a man of my stature wouldn’t be able to find a woman he could stick to without her hating him for the amount of money he got out of his job. She couldn’t really expect a fucking villa on the Riviera and I couldn’t afford to get her a truck full of designer clothes working clearing household thrash.

So yeah, my life, like I said was pretty much a fucking dead end of poverty and alcoholism.

But one day just made it all so much fucking worse.

There I was, doing my rounds as usual, going from house to house clearing out the garbage being completely ignored until I walked past plot number 47 which had always been vacant since the tenants moved out three years ago, so I never had anything to clear out there. But walking by I saw a can filled with boxes and cartons so I was surprised. A new tenant? Jeez, I wonder what kind of scumbag this one would be now. So I walk up to the house to see who lives there and to go up and explain the charges per month of clearing out the thrash, and ringing the bell I expect to see some vintage grandmother in her night gown all pissed off because I made her get off her armchair to open the door, but very much, and I do mean it when I say that very much to my surprise the woman opening the door is this, for lack of a better description, this absolute fucking goddess. Light brown hair settled on top of a 5’6 or a 5’7 body with a pair of tits that looked like they could cover your face in warmth for days. She had a figure that was perfect, not anorexic with a fake pair of boobs like in all those pornos I’d get off with on the nights I didn’t visit my brothels, no, she had a perfect figure with the right amount of baby fat on her belly curving canlı bahis inside her tank top in a mound that drove me crazy. Who was this woman? Living in a fucked up village like this?

She smiled at me and asked me who I was, so I told her and said I needed to explain the billing process. She asked me to come inside and have a seat and offered me some wine. Wow, this was certainly something I was not used to. Did she hear me correctly when I said I was the thrash guy, because I never saw her face screw into a look of disgust?

So there I was sitting down and having some wine with her and after I finished explaining the billing, she asked me about myself and we began to talk about each other. She was Zoé and her husband was this insurance agent guy who was posted in Lyon and since they couldn’t find affordable accommodation in the city, they moved here and he drove to work every day, which meant he would be out of the house for more than half the day and from what she knew of him, would come home and fall asleep tired. So she mentioned how lonely she knew she would get especially since now they’d moved in even further from his office. I don’t know if it was my penis thinking or whether it was the wine, but I lightly stroked her hair and told her not to worry and she could count on me being there to chat with every morning. She smiled in a shy way and sipped some more wine. I knew she was getting a little loose and accommodating because I could she her nipples starting to poke out of her top and her face was getting redder than that wine in our hands. So I took a bold move and asked her how her sex life was, I know, probably a stupid idea, but she didn’t seem to think so. She told me how it was awful and how she hadn’t been laid in weeks. Her husband was a workaholic and she loved him, but she had her needs too.

I gently patted her back and stroked her hair in fake pity while never gazing away from her nipples till she asked me whether I thought she was pretty.

That’s it. Now I knew this was definitely going somewhere. So I replied yes, chugged the rest of the wine, took her glass and put it on the table and held her face in my hands, forcing her in for a kiss. She caved.

Her lips and tongue felt like heaven the way I’d never felt it. I could feel my pants getting tighter and I hadn’t even taken her clothes off yet. This girl was different, and she got me excited more than I’d ever been about anything, I slowly fondled her and began taking her clothes off while she took off mine.

I stood up.

She looked at me with a gleam in her eye that screamed of her desperation.

I unzipped my pants and let them drop, flinging my member in front of her face, wiggling away as she gazed, awestruck with her eyes bulging out.

“That’s huge” she exclaimed, “Francoise only has about four inches and a half”. And before I could comment with pride she and her wine infused lips were wrapped around my head with her tongue playing around in circles that made my head spin out of control.

She sucked on my penis like a cougar in heat and as I stood there floating in seventh heaven, her fingers made their way down to her bush through her pants that I urged her to take of so I could see what she had hidden there. She let go of my penis and began to undo her pants, inviting me down there for a little meal. I lifted her higher on the bahis siteleri couch and wrapped her legs around me as I motioned to take off her panties and beheld that majestic slightly hairy mound that stared back at me, calling to me, making me want to never stop looking at it. I gave it a little flick with my tongue and she squirmed a bit. I flicked her again and she gave a little snicker with the tickle. I went in deeper and took a good lick at her clit as she gave her first moan and lifted her head back readying herself what whatever I could now do. I went in for it, holding her butt cheeks in my hands with her legs wrapped around and making my tongue take all the control wriggling around in a blur of penetration, going up and down making her wetter and wetter until she finally took her hands and dug into my back. I let her butt cheeks go and I had one hand finger her twat as my tongue danced along with it and had my other index finger crawl up her anus circling its tight warmth as she squealed and moaned louder and louder with her breath deepening till I finally made a gulping motion on her vagina that finally made her scream cum as her climax filled my mouth with a mix of my saliva and her sweet welcome juices.

She took a moment to regain herself, and then looked down on me with a smile and bent over to whisper in my ear, “Time to turn up the heat”

I stood up and dragged her down the couch to have her sprawled on her back with one leg over another motioning me toward her now dripping wet twat. I was more than happy to oblige, needless to say, and I slumped upon her cautiously penetrating her walls headfirst with gaining courage as she winced a little, not used to being so spread apart after years of her husband’s insufficient size. I moved in and out slowly and then, with gaining intensity proceeded to increase my rhythmic thrusting while moving my hands all over her body, stroking her hair some more and pinching her nipples while thrusting my tongue inside her mouth to quieten her moaning afraid that the neighbours would realise why exactly the thrash collector’s van was still parked in the area.

Our bodies were releasing enough heat to make us sweat profusely and this only made me hornier. The smell of her sweaty skin doubled my intensify on her and soon my motions were violently moving her body higher on the couch and she had her nails dig into my back even harder than before as she came for a second time, her body shivering as she smiled again with her breath coming out in gushes.

I pulled out and took her off the couch and held her in my arms kissing her some more as she took my still hard dick in her hands and playfully gave it a few upward strokes making sure my head lightly tickle her mound from outside.

I let go of her and made her squat on the couch with her back facing mine and I bent down parting her ass cheeks with my hands as I began to lightly tongue her anus. The moment my tongue was halfway in and her tight hole was lubricated enough she squirmed and squiggled as I got on my knees and gave my penis a few strokes. “Careful”, she said. “Francoise hasn’t ever been in there before and nor has anyone before him”. I told her I’d make sure she wasn’t hurt as I slowly made my way inside trying to first fit the head in and slowly after let the shaft follow. If I thought her vagina was heavenly, this was even better. The bahis şirketleri tight warmth of her anus had a choking threshold on my cock and struggling to completely get in was enough to send a shiver through my body. I could see that she felt just as good. Her eyes were tight shut with her teeth biting down on her lower lip, afraid to refuse me because she knew that just as much as it hurt her, she’d enjoy it a lot more, and she was daring to try it for her first time, dying to know just how low she could go to get a good fuck. All inhibitions let go of, she stayed crouched on her heels and gave me her hands to hold behind her, arching her body into a sultry nude crescent that as I lay there behind her, on my knees, taking her with all the passion and intensity I could muster. We were sweating like pigs by now and she adapted to my thrusts by moving herself up and down as well. For over five minutes we lay there, in that fucked up position, monotonously with me thrusting as much as I could and her taking me in, unembarrassed to be fucking someone like me, ecstatic from doing something she hadn’t ever done before. She was readying herself for her third orgasm and let go of my hand and began violently fingering herself while my recently released hands went on to pinch her nipples. But this was all too much, because the position I was in added to the time I’d been in her and enjoying her, had made me reach the point of exploding as well. I plumped out of her and got up, turning her back onto her back as I lightly stroked myself while she played with her clit, and I asked her, “Where do you want it, I can’t hold it in much longer”.

She got on her knees wantonly, and looked up at me with those puppy eyes, and just took my cock in her mouth without uttering a word. I held her head in my hands and stared up at the ceiling and closed my eyes, I was ready, and she was too. I jerked back a moment as I let myself explode all the way down her throat. I could feel her mouth fill up with my cum but her lips were still clasped around my head, taking it all in, without a noise. I gave out spurt after spurt as I felt my body drain in sheer pleasure.

I looked down at her as I finished emptying myself and she still had her lips on my head as she receded, and slowly and gently slid her mouth to the end of my penis careful not to let a single drop fall and then she looked up at me, smiled again, and then in one quick motion, gulped a mouthful of my juices before taking my cock back in her mouth cleaning it up as it got limp in her mouth.

I looked at her in pure happiness and as she got up wiping her mouth, I went toward the door to get my clothes and began to dress up.

“Thank you, Rick, that was certainly the best I’ve had in a long time”, she said, “Can we do this again sometime? Francoise is always out of the house in the day time. You could come while doing your rounds and he’d never have to find out”.

“Sure, not a problem, I’ll be back tomorrow at the same time. See you then”.

And I left a happy man.

The next day at work, my boss called me in before I could go for my rounds. He said I was fired.

Apparently Zoé’s husband had called the company to tell my boss about what we did. She had been fingering herself last night calling my name thinking Francoise was asleep, and even if he thought it was all just a fantasy, seeing the used wine glasses in the sink surely made him certain of what had happened, and sure enough, when he confronted her, she told him all about me. So thanks to that one afternoon of mind blowing sex, I’m now unemployed. Thanks Zoé.

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