Taking Care of Business Ch. 09

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That night the phone rang while Ryan was watching TV. It was Reb. “Hey Reb, how are you?”

“I’m good Ry…missing you,” said Reb, “but I called to invite you to the island next Saturday for a picnic. We’ll be there all weekend.”

“Well, I’ll come Saturday. I have to be up at my buddy’s place Saturday night though, I promised to help him get ready for his pig roast Sunday.”

“Whatever time you want to come,” Reb said, sounding disappointed.

“I’ll bring my boat down,” Ryan said, “your island is right off the Eagle Eye boat launch, correct?”

“That’s right,” Reb said, “I’ll wear my new swim suit for you.” They finished their conversation and hung up. The week flew by. Come Saturday morning Ryan drove to his friend’s house, parked his truck and took off down river on his boat.

Twenty minutes later Ryan pulled up to the docks and tied up his boat. “Hey Reb,” Ryan yelled.

“Hey Ryan,” Reb yelled back. Reb was looking hot. Her new swim suit was a skimpy bikini. She was putting shorts on as he walked up but the top allowed him ample tit flesh to feast his eyes on. “You’ve never been here have you?”

“No,” Ryan replied, “I haven’t.”

Reb smiled, “I’ll take you for a tour after lunch.” Ryan mingled with the other guests as Reb prepared lunch. Once lunch was ready, they all ate and talked. After lunch most went swimming or sat and talked. Reb snuck up behind Ryan, “how about that tour?”

Ryan replied, “sure.”

Ryan followed Reb into the woods. They followed a path that took them to the other side of the island. Reb walked off the path and through the underbrush, escort kartal “be careful not to trip.” They made it through to a clearing where a 3-story tower stood. “This was built during the Civil War, not sure what it was used for though.” Reb unlocked the pad lock on the door. She closed the door and locked it from the inside once they were both in. Reb led Ryan to the top floor. There was no roof, a lawn recliner and an old dresser. “This is where I come to sunbathe,” Reb said in a sultry voice as she removed her bikini top, “nude. Nobody can see, nobody can get up here and we’re away from everyone else.”

Ryan and Reb embraced, her pent up frustrations obvious as she kissed him wildly. Reb was clawing at Ryan’s clothes as she stripped him naked. Ryan had barely kicked his shorts to the side before Reb dropped to her knees and began running her tongue up and down the length of his shaft. “Jesus Reb,” said Ryan breathlessly, “you really did miss me.” Reb smiled as she devoured his cock, taking the entire length into her mouth. She sucked hard as she bobbed her head back-n-forth along the hard shaft. Reb began massaging Ryan’s sensitive balls as she sucked and licked. Ryan moved his hips and fucked Reb’s mouth. Reb pulled back and released Ryan’s cock from her mouth.

“I want that to cum in my pussy,” said Reb as she stood and pushed her shorts and bikini bottoms off, “not my mouth.”

Ryan lifted Reb and laid her down on the recliner, “I’d like you to cum in my mouth and on my cock.” Reb spread her long, tanned legs and Ryan dove between them. His tongue found the engorged nub maltepe escort and began to lick.

“Mmmm yeah,” Reb moaned, “suck that clit.” Ryan took her clit in his mouth. He sucked the soft, sensitive flesh while teasing it with his tongue. Reb moaned louder and her hips began to grind, “oh I missed this Ryan.” Ryan continued to suck and lick at Reb’s clit as he slid two fingers inside her. The walls of Reb’s wet cunt were smooth and soft as Ryan worked his fingers in and out.

“Oh Ryan I’ve missed you between my legs,” Reb yelled as she came. Ryan felt the gush of Reb’s juices on his fingers and her clit throb against his tongue. Ryan pulled his fingers out as he continued to suck on her clit, riding out the final waves of her orgasm. Ryan didn’t stop sucking till Reb pushed his head away from her crotch. “Oh I missed that,” Reb exclaimed breathlessly, her chest heaving.

“So you said,” Ryan giggled, “I think the whole island probably heard.”

Reb laughed, “Yeah, you may be right but right now I don’t care. I just need you inside me.” Ryan crawled up Reb’s body, leaving a trail of kisses on her soft skin till he got to her lips. They kissed deeply as Ryan slipped his hard cock deep inside her womanhood. Reb wrapped her legs around Ryan as he began to fuck her hard.

Reb’s breasts bounced as Ryan pounded her pussy. Their bodies slapped together from the urgency of their hard fuck. They moaned into each other as they kissed, their bodies joined together twice. The intensity of their fuck, the hard, deep, fast pounding, caused the chair to collapse; neither stopped as they pendik escort bayan were both consumed by their mutual passion and lust.

Ryan’s cock pistoned in and out of Reb’s wet cunt like a jackhammer. Reb could feel her orgasm quickly approaching with each deep, hard thrust. She felt the swollen head and full, hard shaft with each deep penetration. Reb broke their kiss and moaned as she came, “OH YES RYAN OOOOOHHHH!” Reb was breathless as waves of pleasure washed over her. Ryan joined her in pleasure as he came with her. She felt the warm seed inside her as he shot his load.

When Reb began to breathe normally, she opened her eyes, “mmmm, I wish we had more time to do that again. You sure you can’t at least stay tonight? We could meet late tonight and fuck for hours.”

“As much as I’d love to,” Ryan said sadly, “I promised my buddy I’d help and he’s counting on me.”

Reb was disappointed, “Ok, I understand.” They got up and dressed.

Ryan laughed as he looked at the collapsed recliner, “I’m going to have to get you a new chair, maybe a sturdier one.”

“Only if you can help me break it in,” smiled Reb.

“Can’t get enough, huh,” Ryan asked.

“It’s your fault,” laughed Reb, “I wasn’t like this till you fucked me. Now I have a dildo that I fuck myself with in the shower every morning before work. Sometimes I’m so horny I have to rub myself in the bathroom at work or in the car on the way home.”

They walked back to camp, trying to figure out how they could meet regularly. Their schedules didn’t mesh well. They decided they would have to play it by ear and take their moments when they could, though they both agreed it could not be as long of a wait.

Ryan stayed for the rest of the afternoon but left before dinner. He wanted to get back up river before dark. “I’ll call,” Reb whispered to Ryan before he shoved off.

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