Taboo: A Mother’s Story Ch. 02

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That week Josh noticed a change in his mom. She was much more talkative than usual. She seemed somehow more energized; she was more friendly and interested in his life, and in Kate. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but something was different. Part of it was clearly the way she dressed. She always wore rather conservative business clothes to work. After all it was a bank, the men all wore suits, and the women wore skirts, sometimes blazers. The colors were always dark.

Josh was surprised when he saw his mom wearing a low cut, white blouse under her jacket one day. The brightness of her blouse drew his eyes to her chest. He was looking at her deep cleavage, then he looked up. His mom was staring at him, then she looked away quickly. He was embarrassed to be caught looking at his mom’s boobs.

Nancy was flustered all the way to work. Her son had just been staring at her breasts. She had struggled with her decision to wear such a revealing blouse, now she half regretted it. But there was a part of her that was invigorated by it. Her once sexy nature had lain dormant since her divorce. She had needed time to heal, so she deliberately hid her body under straight or loose-fitting clothes. Now she realized that this was a side of her personality she had nearly forgotten about. Why was she suddenly feeling the need to be desired again?

Several times that week she wore outfits that increased her growing sex appeal. She didn’t feel the need to rush to her room and change when she got home, either. She always took off her jacket, but it felt good to look attractive again so she spent the evenings in skirts and clingy tops.

More than once she caught her son checking her out. This embarrassed both of them, and she subconsciously got in the habit of looking away frequently when they were face to face. She figured if he wanted to look at his mom’s tits, then that was his issue, not hers. And teenage boys will be boys; a pair of breasts was attractive no matter whose they were.

She was feeling even bolder on Friday and she decided not to wear a bra. She knew she wouldn’t take off her blazer; that would be practically scandalous at the bank. Just feeling the way her silk top rubbed against her nipples was enough. Actually the weight of the jacket increased the pressure. It felt better with it on than without it. The fact that no one knew how hard her nipples were was an added thrill.

By the end of the day though, she had somewhat forgotten about it. So she didn’t give it a thought when she tossed her blazer on the couch when she got home. She chatted with Josh about his day and couldn’t figure out why he looked so flustered. When she went to the bathroom she finally understood.

Looking in the mirror, Nancy saw how her breasts pressed against the white fabric of her blouse. She was shocked to discover that the bright shade of her areola were somewhat visible. Furthermore, her nipples protruded from her breasts and stuck out against the nearly sheer fabric. She had forgotten that this top was made to be worn with a camisole. Josh had been staring at her nearly naked tits.

She felt tremendously embarrassed, plus she felt bad for flustering her poor son like she had. Her habit of looking away must have given him plenty of opportunities for checking her out. She realized that her nipples were tingly slightly and she gave them a good hard pinch. They stood out even more, nearly poking through the blouse. It was definitely time to change.

As she walked into the hall she nearly bumped into Josh. His eyes immediately went to her nipples. She was also aware that by stopping so quickly her breasts jiggled against the fabric. For a moment neither moved, then he walked around her and headed for the bathroom. What was she doing? She just stood there with her breasts nearly naked in front of her son. She didn’t even move or cover them or anything even when he was openly staring at them. She shook her head and went to her room.

At dinner she tired to engage a rather quiet Josh in conversation. “You and Kate going out tonight?”

“Yeah, we’re gonna see one of those concerts again.”

Kate played the violin and whenever there was one of those concerto performances at one of Memphis’s trendy street parks she dragged a reluctant Josh along.

“Don’t be out too late, okay?”

“Okay Mom.”

“I haven’t taken the DVD’s back yet. You can come back here after the concert. The scary one will keep Kate in your arms all night.”

Josh laughed. Why was she so interested in them cuddling? “Sure mom, maybe we’ll try it,” he said as he took his plate to the sink. He rinsed it and put it in the dishwasher.

Nancy admired her son; he was such a good boy. Later, just as the weatherman predicted, storms rolled in. Carol was watching TV when Josh and Kate came running in from the rain.

“Hi, Mrs. Adams” Kate said cheerfully. She was so sweet, so bubbly, that Nancy couldn’t believe this was the same girl she saw last pendik escort weekend. She was on student council, she tutored middle school kids in the afternoons, and Nancy was certain she had never even heard her swear. It was almost comical to hear her say things like ‘dang’, and ‘oh my word.’ Plus she was barely over five feet. Her pigtails were cute, but not very common among the Senior class. Surely this wasn’t the same girl. Later that evening Nancy was clearly reminded that this was the same girl.

It was around the same time as last week when Nancy tiptoed to the stairs. Her sole intent was to somehow understand how Kate could be so innocent at times, then transform into this little vixen. She was amazed at what she saw.

The movie must have just ended because they were sitting side by side chatting quietly. Nancy couldn’t hear what Kate said, but Josh’s ‘Sure!’ was very clear. Josh sat still while Kate stood up and moved right in front of him. Nancy was momentarily confused. Kate was facing away from him, blocking his view of the TV. Then Kate began to sway her hips slightly, and Nancy understood. She was going to do a strip tease for her son.

Josh watched with delighted eyes as Kate shook her little ass. Her faded jeans were tight, molding over each ass cheek, and following the crack of her ass between her legs. She knew how to move it too. Nancy was amazed once again that this innocent young thing was turning into a dirty little hussy. Clearly Josh liked it. While he stared at her he was rubbing himself through his jeans.

This reminded Nancy once again that her teenage boy was also a very sexual man. She knew she should walk away and leave them to have their privacy. She also knew she wasn’t going anywhere. Kate gyrated her hips and unbuttoned her top. To Nancy’s surprise she didn’t take it off. She turned to Josh who quickly pulled his hand away from his crotch. Then she started to undo her pants.

She never stopped moving her hips and when her pants were open, she turned and danced to the music in her head. Nancy could see both her bra and panties through her open clothes. Her jeans were low on her hips and Nancy could see the crack of her ass appear as the jeans slowly slid down her hips. The more she moved, the farther they slid, and the more she revealed.

Nancy looked at her son. He was such a nice looking boy. But there was a different look on his face now. It reminded her of the serious look on her husband’s face that night at the bar; so intense. Someone could wave a wad of hundred dollar bills in his face and he wouldn’t even notice. Again he touched his crotch. Nancy was ashamed to realize that she wanted to see him take those pants off.

Kate leaned over him and whispered in his ear. Josh nodded, then reached into her shirt. A moment later his hands came out and Nancy realized that Kate was wearing a bra with a clasp in the front. Just as she suspected, she saw the valley between her small breasts become visible through her open shirt as Kate continued to turn. She continued to dance, her pants continued to fall.

Kate was squeezing her breasts through her shirt. Her eyes were closed; she was turning into the little vixen. Nancy leaned against the wall and tried to ignore the growing heat between her legs. It became nearly impossible when she saw Josh open his pants and pull out his cock. Nancy was once again amazed by its beauty. Everything about him was so smooth. She licked her lips when Josh began to stroke it.

With a quick swish of her hips Kate’s jeans fell to her knees. Her shirttails momentarily hid her ass, but as she groped her own tits the shirt rose, revealing her adorable ass, naked save for the small string running down the crack of her ass. But that string was barely visible and the curves of Kate’s small cheeks were momentarily exposed, then hidden with the girls’ movements. She was making it go so slow.

Nancy nearly felt the need to tell her to hurry up, quit being such a cock tease and get naked. Show her son her ass all the way, then let him see those cute little boobs of hers. As if reading her mind, Kate turned toward the TV and pulled the shirt off her shoulders. Her bra straps came with it. The jeans fell to her feet and she stepped out of them. Damn, Nancy thought, this girl is good.

Kate pulled her shirt across her chest and turned to Josh, teasing him again. Then she stopped dancing and let her arms dangle to her sides. The shirt and bra slid off of her shoulders and fell to the floor. Josh’s eyes to raked over her young body while he stroked his naked cock. Come on, Nancy thought, you’re going to kill the boy. Again, as if following the older woman’s commands, Kate stuck her thumbs in her panties and began to slowly pull them down. Josh’s eyes followed them over her smooth pubic mound.

Although Nancy couldn’t see it, she knew there wasn’t a hair on that girl’s little cunt. Kate pulled them lower and they rolled down her thighs, stretched between the girls’ escort pendik legs like a small rope. She stood still, then bit one finger and twirled her pig tail with the other hand. Josh couldn’t take it anymore. Nancy almost cheered as Josh stood up, fully dressed except for this stiff cock sticking out between them. He pushed Kate to her knees and shoved his hard cock into her mouth.

She gagged briefly, then she took more of his cock in her mouth. She pulled down his pants as Josh tore the t-shirt over his head, then her boy was standing practically naked with his cock sticking into Kate’s mouth.

Kate held her head still and looked up at him. He looked at that innocent face holding his cock between her pouty lips. She just stared at him. She knew Josh loved this moment. He always made sure she waited patiently and sat perfectly still, almost like a dog waiting for its treat. It was a little game Josh liked to play. He tried to see how long he could take it before he moved. His cock always grew harder when he did this. Kate’s jaw would begin to ache but she liked that. She loved looking at the lust that covered his face, and feel the strength of his member in her mouth.

Two minutes, three minutes, five minutes. She could see Josh breathing hard, fighting the urge to move. A string of spit hung down from Kate’s cute little mouth. Nancy couldn’t stand it anymore and grabbed her pussy hard through her nightgown. Her knees buckled, and her mouth opened. She closed her eyes, savoring the pleasure that emanated from her loins.

When she opened her eyes he was still standing perfectly still. Nancy could see her son struggle while every fiber in his body longed to move. Suddenly his pulled his cock from her mouth and let it bob in the air. She lunged for it with her mouth and took him in deeply. He bent his knees and let her work it.

Kate came up for air, she smiled. “That’s it baby; you let me do all the work. Don’t you dare move. I’m going to suck the cum out of your balls, but I’m going to stop if you move. Let me masturbate you with my mouth.”

“Fuuuuucccckkkk,” Josh groaned as she swallowed him again. Nancy realized she loved hearing that word come out of her son’s mouth in such a sexual tone. The whole scene made her pussy spasm. Kate sucked hard, then pulled away, creating a tight friction against the lower side of his ridge. Her pigtails swayed. His cock would bounce in the air when her lips released it, before she plunged on it again. She repeated this, causing Josh to groan. Nancy could tell it was taking super-human strength for him not to move.

Kate grabbed the head with her lips. Josh’s eyes flashed as she shook her head from side to side. Nancy could take no more. She pulled her nightgown over her shoulders and was standing at the top of the dark stairway in just her moist panties. But that wasn’t enough; she was so aroused she wanted to be naked. She wanted to be standing completely naked mere feet away from her naked son and that hot little cunt at his feet. She quickly pulled her panties off and she was now fully nude at the top of the stairs. Her legs were trembling so she sat down, realizing that her pussy cream might leave a small puddle on the landing. It would be at Josh’s eye level if she accidentally forgot to wipe it up.

If Josh could see through the dark he would see Nancy sitting on the top step, her legs spread, rubbing her fingers up and down her swollen lips. He wouldn’t see his mom touch her clit though, not yet. It felt too good to rub her labia. She swatted her lips a few times, not fully caring if they heard the wet smacking sounds coming from the stairway. Josh couldn’t see his mom stick a finger into her pussy and pull out her juices. She rubbed the finger on the outside of her nostrils so she could smell her hot scent with every breath, then she cleaned her finger with her mouth. It felt so good to be doing this out in the open, practically in view of the young lovers.

Kate was continuing to tease the boy. While he stood perfectly still, she held his cock in her mouth and pulled her panties off. Josh kicked his jeans off his ankles and Kate bit his cock slightly. Nancy realized that all of them were naked, and started rubbing her clit.

“God I love sucking on your cock, Josh,” Kate said.

Nancy rubbed harder; she loved dirty talk, especially coming from this little slut. “Can I drink your cum tonight, Joshy?” She was rubbing his cock over her lips. “Do you want to cum in my mouth?” She kissed the head. “Or on my tits?” Another kiss. “Or I know….” Kate licked his cock slowly. “All over my face.” She sucked the head into her mouth, then spit it out. “That’s your favorite, isn’t it? Splashing your thick cum on my face?”

“Noooo.” Josh groaned.

“No? You don’t want to blast my face with your cum? Please baby, please. Please cum all over my face. I’ll leave it there while I drive home, just like you like it. I’ll walk into my house with your cum on my face.” Kiss. “My pendik escort bayan dad will be watching TV in the living room while I’m in the kitchen and won’t be able to see your cum on my face.” Suck. “What would my dad do if he knew his daughter was talking to him with a boy’s cum all over her face?” Another long lick. “I know you’re going to shoot that hot cum of yours onto my face, Josh.” Kiss. “I know you want to spray it on my forehead and watch it drip down.”

Then Josh moved. He could take no more. But instead of pushing his cock into her face he pulled it back. Kate let out a little scream when Josh pushed her over so that her ass was in the air. He got behind her and his big cock loomed over her little ass.

“Josh, what are you doing?” she said, pretending to not understand she was about to get fucked.

“I’m not going to cum in your face, goddammit, I’m going to fuck you and fucking cum in your fucking little pussy.”

“NO!” she screamed. Josh plunged in, and before Nancy could even take her hands from her pussy her son was fucking his girlfriend right in front of her. Nancy knew she had to stop them, but the incredible feelings between her legs would not let her stop. Her brain was screaming for her to do something but her pussy was radiating pure ecstasy through her body.

“Oh, you fucking little tease. You keep me waiting so long and look what you get.” Nancy couldn’t believe this was her nice boy talking like this. “You get my harder-than-fuck cock in your hole.”

“No Josh, you don’t understand….”. But her words were said through moans and carried no weight.

Josh quickened his pace. Nancy could tell that both she and her son were about to cum at any moment.

“No Josh, I’m ovulating, if you cum in me you’ll get me pregnant!” Those words brought reality back to Nancy’s brain with a jolt. She saw her son’s eyes close and body begin to tense. He was on the verge on cumming in Kate’s pussy. Without thinking, Nancy dashed down the stairs.

“Joshua, No! Don’t.” Josh froze, but it was too late, as he stared at his mom he began to cum. But Kate had heard her too and looked up. This motion moved her teenage pussy away from Josh and he reflexively grabbed his cock and sprayed his hot cum all over her ass. His eyes were fixed on his mom, and he saw her looking at his pumping cock. “Oh, Mrs. Adams!” Kate said through a deep moan. Kate was confused and devastated to be caught fucking by her boyfriend’s mom. But why was she naked? She was so turned on that she wasn’t able to say it correctly. In Nancy’s ears it sounded like she was talking to her as the sexual vixen, like she was turned on seeing her naked or something.

Nancy suddenly realized that she was nearly at the bottom of the stairs stark naked. She crossed her arms over her breasts and pussy, but the sight of Nancy’s naked body was seared into her son’s brain. She didn’t have any pubic hair; that’s what shocked him the most. Seeing her naked was unbelievable, but learning a naughty secret about his mom was even more thrilling. He stared up as cum dribbled out of his cock, coating Kate’s small ass.

“Shit!” said Kate, but she didn’t move. She just stayed still with her son’s cum dripping down her crack and stared at the naked woman in front of her. It was the first time Nancy heard the girl swear. It was odd that the term sounded so strange even though she was talking dirty to her son, and sucking his cock. Her pussy was just filled with his cock, and his fresh cum covered her ass. Why was her swearing remarkable? Nancy didn’t understand, but then again she was confused about the whole thing.

Nancy turned and ran up the stairs. Josh watched her ass as she ran. “Wow”, he thought, “her ass looks awesome naked.” Then he realized he hadn’t covered himself. His mom had just seen his dick as he had cum all over Kate’s behind. He couldn’t imagine how much trouble he was in.

Kate hurriedly pulled on her clothes; Josh’s cum still covered her ass. She dashed out and Josh staggered to his room. His clothes were still on the floor in the living room.

Once again Nancy found herself with a burning need and a desire for something that was so very wrong. Even though he was a grown, sexy man, he was her baby boy, those two concepts battled in her brain and in her loins.

She couldn’t help herself, she had to cum. It was just too much. With great effort she pushed the images of Josh and his beautiful cock from her mind and forced herself to think about her husband and her lover.

She could see it in her head. The tight white dress he made her wear to the bar the next week. Same drill: him first, then her. Just as they suspected, Tom was there, and he moved toward her before she could even get to the bar. Moments later they were sitting at a small table with cool drinks, not far from her husband.

Had Tom been able to tear his eyes off Nancy’s incredible body, he would probably have recognized the man at the nearby table as the one she was with in the parking lot the week prior. But he didn’t, and her husband was able to hear their entire conversation.

“I’m really glad to see you again,” Tom said. “I don’t believe you told me your name last week.”

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