Swim Ch. 07

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Cum On

As I was leaving the house my mother handed me what she said was an egg vibrator and asked me to return it to her sister when I picked up my cousin, Tom, for swim practice that afternoon. I hadn’t seen one before but it didn’t take much imagination to know what it was used for.

When I drove up to his house and Tom came out I handed him the vibrator and what looked like a car key fob when he got in the car. I told him mom was returning it and asked him to give it to his mom.

Tom said Aunt Suzie would be glad to get it back. As he was getting out of the car to take it in the house he asked me if I had tried it. When I told him no he said I should, that I might like it.

I thought I’d give it a go. Pulling my shorts down I reached down between my legs to insert the egg in my vagina. My Speedo pulled up so tight against my pussy I could hardly get my fingers in let alone the egg.

I ran in the house to take my swim suit off. Saying hi to my Aunt Suzie as I ran past I headed to the bathroom. Dropping my shorts I pulled the Speedo off my shoulders and tugged the suit down to my knees.

Giving the egg a couple licks to help it slide I reached down and pushed it in my pussy. It seemed to fit just right, but I couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. It felt okay but nothing special. I pulled my Speedo back up over my shoulders and retrieved my shorts from the floor. I went back out to the car saying bye to Aunt Suzie.

When I told Tom I had stuck it in my pussy he took the key fob, which turned out to be the remote control bahis firmaları for the egg, and pushed one of the buttons. There was a low vibration in my pussy. It surprised me at first but I could get used to this thing.

I decided to keep the egg in my pussy during swim practice. It would help keep my mind off the monotony of swimming laps. Besides, it felt good.

We were doing a 2500 yard warm up (that’s 100 lengths) when all of a sudden the vibration in my pussy went into overdrive. I had to stop in mid pool to catch my breath. When I saw Tom jumping in the pool I figured he must have gotten out of the pool to pee and used the remote to turn up the vibrator.

My pussy was vibrating so much it was probably creating tsunamis in the pool. I was rapidly approaching orgasm while treading water in the middle of the pool. There wasn’t much I could do so I just went with it. As the orgasm washed over me I started to swim again wondering how many more orgasms I would have as I swam.

When we finished the 2500 yard warm up I leaned over the lane rope and told Tom that if he didn’t turn off the vibrator right away he would never see my pussy again. In a few moments the buzzing in my pussy stopped.

After practice when I dropped Tom off at his house I told him I was going to keep the egg vibrator for a while and made him give me the remote control. As I drove away I turned the vibrator back on low.

When I got home I told my mom about what Tom had done to me at swim practice. And that I had turned it back on low after dropping kaçak iddaa him at his house. She reached down between my legs and grabbed my pussy to see if she could feel the vibrations. I turned the intensity up until she could.

With my mother grabbing my pussy and the vibrations in my vagina I really needed to cum. Taking her hand off my pussy she helped me drop my shorts. She easily found my clitoris. My Speedo was pulled up real tight on my pussy showing off my camel toe with my clit poking out at top.

I had to back up and lean against the wall to stop from collapsing as my mother leaned down and licked my clit through my swim suit. She was able to slide her fingers in my Speedo, push them into my pussy and pump them in and out.

I turned the vibrator up to full speed and slid down to the floor with my legs spread wide. Mom took her fingers out of my pussy and used them on my clitoris, rubbing vigorously. My orgasm spread over me like a big wave as I started cumming.

Mom helped me pull my suit over my shoulders and down to my knees. I was reaching down to remove the vibrating egg when my mother pushed her fingers up my pussy and pulled the egg out for me. She said we would return it to her sister on Saturday when we went over there for hamburgers and a swim.

On Saturday when mom and I went over to Aunt Suzie’s I wore my two-piece Speedo. It wasn’t for serious swimming, but for all intents and purposes it was a Speedo. It stretched snuggly across my breasts making my nipples stick out. And the bottom was cut the kaçak bahis same as the one-piece suits. The legs were high cut on the hips. The back was jammed up my ass like a giant wedgie and the front pulled up tightly in my crotch showing off my camel toe.

Tom was wearing his Speedo. His dick looked good outlined by the nylon. I was thinking that for casual swimming he really needed to upgrade his suit. He told me that his mother liked him wearing his Speedo. I told him that as good as his cock looked in his Speedo it would look 1000 times better in a men’s Greek bikini suit. And Aunt Suzie would like it too. For that matter I could do with a sexier suit too. I decided then and there I would order new suits for him and me the next time I was on the computer.

Tom and I were sitting on the side of the pool when I told him I wanted to return the vibrator egg. I said he could retrieve it whenever he wanted and spread my legs.

Tom pushed his hand in the top of my suit bottom and went searching for the egg. I think he might have gotten lost on purpose. He searched for a long time around my clitoris which was ok with me. Eventually he found my vagina and sticking his fingers up my pussy he slowly pulled the egg out. I told him there was more if wanted to search a litter further. He pushed his fingers farther in my pussy and came out with my silk panties.

I pushed off into the pool and found myself right in front of his cock. Pulling it out of his Speedo I wrapped my mouth around it and gave him a blowjob right there at the side of the pool.

Just as I was slurping up his cum my mother and Aunt Suzie came out to the pool. They were chatting up a storm so I don’t think they saw me wrap my panties around Tom’s cock and push it back in his Speedo.

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