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This story continues the adventures of Vince and Jenny and their friends, Jerry and Madison. In a previous tale, Vince and Jerry scored playing golf and Jenny and Madison took their success to the next level (“Golfin’,” https://www..com/s/golfin, 09/09/2021). A subsequent story (“Crusin’,” https://www..com/s/cruisin-2, 09/24/2021) added some fun during a Caribbean cruise. Reading either story isn’t necessary to understand this story but you might find it entertaining and informative for understanding some of the references.

Anne arrived the following Thursday.

Jenny knew she was coming and she told me to stay home to greet her and make her comfortable. I was understandingly uncomfortable with the possibilities and said so.

“What’s your problem?” asked Jenny. “You know Anne very well and I’m sure you’ll do everything in your power to make her feel wanted.”

“That’s my point. I know Anne very well, intimately well. Don’t you think you should be here instead of me when she arrives or at least together with me?” I asked.

“I’m sure you won’t do anything with Anne you wouldn’t do if I was here,” stated Jenny.

“Exactly. I’m just not comfortable doing it when you’re not here.”

“You had no problem doing it on the ship without me,” countered Jenny.

“That was different. We were on vacation and we had an understanding. Now Anne is moving in with us. She’s not just someone we met, enjoyed and never planned to see again,” I said.

“I understand now too,” said Jenny.

“You do?” I asked.

“I do and I hope you understand as well,” she affirmed.

I gave up. “Okay. I’ll wait for Anne alone,” I told her.

Jenny kissed me and headed for the door. She winked at me as she left. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” she said.

I probably should provide some context for the previous conversation. Jenny and I own our own business. We’re doing well and the business almost runs itself. We usually go to work together but can take individual days off, or even a long vacation together, without significantly impacting the production and shipping of product.

Jerry works for us. He’s a partner in everything except actual ownership. We play golf every Tuesday and, one Tuesday afternoon, we played with a pair of exciting and loose women. My careless handling of a pair of women’s panties led Jenny to jump to the obvious, and correct, conclusion. Jenny got Madison, Jerry’s wife, involved and they choreographed an evening of fun with our golf partners where Jenny fucked Jerry as a way of leveling the score with me and I got to fuck Madison as Jerry’s penance.

Along the way, Jenny, Madison, Marylyn and Blair, our golf partners, became friends. They collaborated on a twelve-day Caribbean cruise with the four women, Jerry, me and Jacques and Owen, Marylyn and Blair’s husbands. I stumbled into Anne on the cruise and she became a part of the group. Everything was cordial and courteous and sharing was the theme of the cruise for the nine of us.

Anne’s story was troubled and her involvement with us raised her spirits. Jenny felt that we couldn’t abandon Anne after the cruise and convinced me to offer her a place to live while she sorted out her options. Anne arrived the following Thursday.

I was home waiting for her. Jenny had arranged the guest bedroom for Anne and my job was to make her comfortable when she got here.

The doorbell rang.

Anne was at the front door. She had a suitcase in each hand and a large canvas bag over her shoulder. She dropped everything when she saw me and kissed me as if we hadn’t seen each other in months instead of less than a week. I managed to get us and her luggage inside and closed the door before she managed to start a neighborhood rumor.

Inside, Anne hugged me, kissed me again, pressed her breasts against my chest and her mons, in her short skirt, against my thigh. I deduced that she wasn’t wearing a bra or, unless I misunderstood her fervor, panties either.

I showed Anne the rooms and features of the first floor with her bounding behind me like a puppy waiting for a treat. Upstairs, we visited the master bedroom quickly, the office Jenny and I shared and finally, the guest bedroom.

Anne bounced on the bed. “This is fantastic,” she said.

“Look around,” I said. “I’ll get your luggage.”

“Not yet,” said Anne. “I can’t possibly move in here without a proper christening,” she declared.

I knew exactly what she wanted but I decided to play dumb and make her say it. “Proper christening?” I asked.

“You know,” she said. “This room is perfect but I need just one more thing in the bed to make it perfect as well,” she concluded.

“One more thing?” I asked.

“Yeah, you,” Anne said.

“You’ve only been here ten minutes,” I said.

“Too long already,” she emphasized.

“I don’t know,” I said.

“Let me guess,” said Anne. “Jenny told you to stay home and make me comfortable. What I need to be comfortable is you, in this bed and inside me.”

Sitting on the side of the bed, smiling innocently with an index konya escort finger behind her front teeth, Anne was difficult to ignore.

“She also said she’d understand,” I said.

“Smart woman,” echoed Anne as her index finger curled, beckoning me to come closer.

She slid forward on the bed causing her skirt to slide upward and confirming my original conclusion, no panties. Anne had arrived with intent and preparation. Anne looked down at herself. “How careless of me,” she said with a wide grin.

She reached out and unbuttoned the top of my shorts. She slid down the zipper, pushed my shorts over my hips and they fell on the floor around my ankles. Anne wasn’t the only one prepared.

She reached out and gently held my semi erect penis. “I missed this,” she said as she slid her thumb over my ureteral opening.

A tiny drop of glistening moisture emerged after her thumb passed. Anne leaned forward and removed the emission with her tongue. “As sweet as ever,” she said with a smile.

A couple of strokes with her hand wrapped around my penis completed its transformation into a fully functional erection. Seconds later, Anne was on her knees in front of me filling her mouth with her newly rediscovered play toy. I pulled off my t-shirt and kicked my shorts to the side. We managed to turn around and I fell back on the bed. Anne never lost contact with my erection. I watched, fascinated as she bobbed up and down on my cock with her cheeks collapsing inward with the intensity of her effort. If I hadn’t already drained my reservoir with Jenny earlier, I’d have never lasted as long as I did.

As it was, I didn’t last very long. I climaxed hard into Anne’s mouth. She absorbed the first pulse like an expert, swallowed and managed the remaining pulses without a problem. Swallowing a second time, she said, “I love the way you taste. Do you remember how I taste?”

“How could I forget,” I told her.

“You remember where to taste me?” she asked.

I leaned up on my elbows. “I have a good idea,” I responded.

Anne stood in front of me. “Let me help you remember,” she said as she removed her blouse.

She held her breasts in her hands. “They taste good but I was thinking of something else,” I said.

Anne giggled and removed her skirt. He neatly trimmed pussy was wet with anticipation and little drops of her own glistening moisture. “This better?” she asked.

“Perfect,” I said. I stood next to her, turned her around and sat her on the bed where I had been. She leaned back, put her heels on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. I got on my knees between her legs, leaned in and blew gently on her inflated labia.

“Oooh,” she cooed. “Do that again.”

I did and followed up with my tongue collecting the multiple drops of moisture in front of me. “Sweeter than ever,” I said.

Anne pulled her legs higher with both hands and pushed them together over my head. I tongued the tightly closed opening to her rectum, over her perineum and up and down the edges of her labia pressed together between her thighs. I felt her body quiver so I did it again.

“Fuck,” uttered Anne. “That feels so good.”

She pulled her legs up until her knees were on her shoulders and spread her thighs wide with her hands. Her labia separated, revealing her brightly glazed inner labia and the pink opening between them. I used my tongue to probe her vagina as deeply as I could. Her quivering became a shake. I slid up and found her hard button clitoris with my lips and tongue. I sucked her clitoris between my lips with the same concave cheeks I saw on her face earlier.

I took my time. I wanted to prolong how long Anne would feel my effort and give myself time to fully recover. Anne’s clitoris became more pronounced, as did her shaking. Each shake was larger than the last until I was having difficulty keeping my lips in contact with her clitoris.

“Enough,” cried Anne. “I need a break.”

“Not until you cum,” I responded and returned to my duty.

Her orgasm arrived quickly and brought some surprises. Anne squirted copious amounts of liquid over my face, the bed and the floor. She crawled up on the bed and lay with her hands squeezed between her thighs, shaking and quivering uncontrollably. I leaned on the edge of the bed and slowly stroked her calf as she calmed down.

“Fuck,” she repeated. “What happened?”

“I think you had an orgasm,” I stated.

“Never like that before,” Anne insisted.

She opened her eyes and looked at me. “Come up here so I can see you better,” she said.

I lay alongside her. “What happened to your face?” Anne asked.

“You happened to my face, the bed and everywhere else,” I told her.

She laughed. “Hold still,” she ordered as she used a finger to remove a dollop of viscous liquid from my nose and another from my chin. I took her hand and put her finger in my mouth. I closed my eyes and savored the texture and flavor of Anne’s unique fluids.

“You’re really enjoying that, aren’t you?” she asked.

“I am,” I said.

“Come konya escort bayan up here. I want to see if you’re ready for something that I really enjoy.”

I was. Anne pulled me on top of her and I slid inside her without a pause. We lay still together for several moments and then began a mutual rhythm. “Keep it slow for a while,” she said. “I want to enjoy the feel of you inside me.”

We moved together, slowly. I could feel Anne exercising her vaginal muscles, squeezing and releasing my cock inside her. I twerked my kegel muscles when she relaxed her muscles. Back and forth, squeezing and twerking, we fucked our way toward mutual orgasms. I could sense Anne’s increasing sensitivity and my increasing size, both leading to the desired finishes. I was almost there. “Anne,” I said.

“I know. Stay inside me. Stay inside me,” she begged.

Ten seconds later, she squeezed my erection and didn’t relax. The tension built and then exploded. Volumes of thick female syrup forced past my erection as Anne suddenly grabbed my ass in a strangle hold, clenched her teeth, stiffened her spine and screamed her orgasm. The sudden loss of pressure set me off and I came volumes of my own deep inside her.

I rolled off her and lay on the bed beside her. Anne rolled onto me and kissed me fiercely. I could feel the effluent from her pussy sliding over my hips onto the bed. “Thank you. Thank you. That was the best ever. I never had such a powerful orgasm, twice. Thank you.”

“Anne,” I said as I kissed her back, “I’ve never seen so much cum before. We’re both going to need a shower.”

“Can we shower together?” she asked. “The showers on the cruise were too small for even one of us.”

“I don’t see why not,” I agreed. “Stay here a minute while I get something to clean you up a little so we don’t track the evidence of our debauchery down the hall.”

I found a towel in the small bathroom off the guest room, dampened the towel and wiped myself off. I rinsed out the towel, wrung it out and took it back to Anne in the bedroom. Anne looked at me with the towel, spread her legs and said, “You do it.”

There was something erotic cleaning the product of our fucking off Anne’s pussy, thighs and, after turning her over, the crack of her ass. Anne got out of the bed. I turned the towel over, cleaned up the bed and rug as best I could and then led Anne past the small hall bathroom to the larger shower in the bathroom off the master bedroom. The sticky towel went into the clothesbasket to be washed.

I turned on the shower, let the water warm and we both got in. We turned around several times, enjoying the warmth and feel of the shower. Our bodies collided several times in the process and eventually I stopped and waited for her breasts to come around as she turned. I stopped her and sucked on her nipples under the stream of water. She knelt and sucked on my penis in a very much appreciated quid pro quo. One thing led to another. Kisses, sucking and more kisses followed by my fucking her from behind as she bent against the wall of the shower.

Somehow, we managed to clean each other, rinse off and exit the shower. We dried each other and left the bathroom, headed back to the guest bedroom and our clothing.

Downstairs, I noticed her luggage still on the floor next to the door. I picked up her canvas bag and started to hand it to her. “You take this upstairs and I’ll bring the other two bags,” I said.

I glanced into the bag and noticed a pair of red bikini panties resting on top of the other contents. I picked them up. “These yours?” I asked.

“Yep, their mine,” Anne admitted.

“How did they get there?” I asked.

“I took them off before I rang the doorbell,” she told me.

“While you were on the steps?” I asked.

“Yeah. I wanted to surprise you,” she answered.

“I hope she didn’t surprise the neighbors,” I thought. “You’re bad,” I said.

“And happy about it,” Anne said.

Anne and I were sitting at opposite ends of the sofa, with large lime margaritas, when Jenny got home. I was glad I had convinced Anne to put her panties back on since she was sitting with her legs under her and her panties were on display.

“Hi,” said Jenny as she came through the door. “Nice to see you,” she added focusing on the red panty display.

Anne leapt off the sofa, ran across the room, hugged and kissed Jenny, square on the lips. “I’m really glad you asked me to stay with you. I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you.”

“I’ll think of something,” said Jenny. “You smell nice. Did you have a shower?” she asked.

“We both did,” said Anne.

Jenny looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders in a “what can you do” manner. “I love you,” I mouthed the words. Jenny walked over to me, leaned in and kissed me. “You smell the same,” she whispered.

“It was your idea,” I commented.

She smiled, looked at me and said, “And it appears it was a good one.” Jenny looked at the drink in my hand. “Have one of those for me?” she asked.

“I do. Let me get it,” escort konya I answered.

“Stay right there. I’ll get it,” she replied and headed for the kitchen.

Anne sat back on the sofa. Jenny returned with another margarita and sat on the sofa between us. She took a huge gulp of the light green liquid and put her glass on the table in front of us. She leaned back and put her hands on each of our thighs, Anne’s naked under her short skirt already pushed almost up to her waist and mine, naked under my shorts. “So, Anne,” Jenny opened. “When did you get here?”

Anne took a quick look at her watch. “Just after noon,” she said.

“Wow. Almost six hours ago,” commented Jenny. “I hope Vince kept you entertained.”

“He’s very entertaining,” Anne said.

“We got Anne settled in the guest bedroom and we’ve been waiting for you,” I added.

“Good. I hope you’re comfortable up there,” asked Jenny.

“Incredibly comfortable,” said Anne.

Jenny gave me that “I bet you helped” look. I gave her the “what can you do” silent shrug again.

“I think we should go out to dinner to celebrate Anne’s arrival. What do you say?” Anne asked.

“Good idea,” I said. Anne just smiled and nodded.

Jenny looked at Anne. “We should change for dinner. Maybe slacks or a longer skirt,” she suggested. “And a bra,” she added.

Twenty minutes later, we were ready for dinner. I changed into Dockers and a golf shirt. Anne managed a conservative skirt and a blouse that buttoned up to her neck and a bra. When Anne headed downstairs, Jenny took a quick look into her room. We met at the top of the stairs. “Thank you for not using our bedroom,” Jenny whispered to me. “But you could have at least turned down the bed covers,” she added with a smile.

Jenny drove and insisted that Anne and I sit in the back. Her intent was obvious so I nuzzled Anne, kissed her several times and palmed her breasts on the way to the restaurant.

Dinner was outstanding. Sitting between two sexy women, consuming all you can eat crab legs was my idea of a perfect dinner and a prelude to a perfect evening to come.

On the way home, I drove and insisted that Anne and Jenny sit in the back. Consistent with the earlier program, the women nuzzled, kissed and palmed each other’s breasts. I think I spent more time looking in the rear-view mirror than on the road. Fortunately, the traffic was light and I made all the stoplights on the ride home.

At home, we were all ready to let loose. Jenny put on some upbeat music and I made more drinks. Two margaritas each later, Jenny was stretched over my lap with her head on a throw pillow, her skirt up over her waist and Anne was dancing, with her eyes closed in the middle of the living room. Anne ran her hands over her body and I did the same with Jenny’s body. Anne’s hand moved under her blouse and palmed her breasts and my palm found Jenny’s breasts. Anne’s other hand slid up under her skirt and pressed into her damp panties. My free hand was in a similar position under Jenny’s skirt.

As we watched Anne dance, Jenny wiggled her ass on my lap, put her hand under her skirt and moved her panties aside. Wanting to please her, my fingers slid between her labia and disappeared.

Anne became one with the music, her clothes loosened on her body and slowly landed in random places on the living room floor. Naked, Anne became a wanton sexual object. It was impossible to ignore her many obscene movements and gestures. Jenny’s body reacted in kind. My fingers inside her vagina alerted me. My erection alerted her to my readiness to rumble.

Anne continued to dance with her eyes closed. Jenny moved from the sofa, insistent on losing her clothing and almost tearing off mine. When Anne slowed for a moment and opened her eyes, Jenny was impaled on my erection as I sat on the sofa and moving in time with the music. Anne walked over behind Jenny, put her arms around her and hefted her breasts in both hands while kissing her neck.

Jenny had an instant orgasm, jumped off my lap and kissed Anne before I had a chance to enjoy my orgasm.

The party moved to the master bedroom where things got serious before I fell asleep, drained. When I woke in the morning, I had to pee. I somehow managed to extricate myself from the tits and pussies confining my body and the dried secretions flaked from my body as I made my way to the bathroom.

Done pissing, the shower looked too good to pass up. The hot water felt incredible. I was leaning against the shower wall, letting the water wash over my body when Jenny came into the bathroom and peed. She got into the shower with me. I kissed her good morning. “Just a shower for now,” she stated.

We cleaned up, rinsed off, exited the shower and dried off. Back in the bedroom, Anne was still spread out on her stomach on the bed. Her ass cheeks moved invitingly as she breathed. “Down boy,” whispered Jenny. “Find a robe and meet me in the kitchen.”

In the kitchen, Jenny made the coffee while I toasted bagels and spread them liberally with cream cheese. We were sitting at the kitchen table, sipping hot caffeinated liquid and noshing on the bagels when Anne wandered into the room. She was wearing what looked suspiciously like one of my t-shirts. It was long but if she raised her arms higher than her shoulders, her pussy peaked from under the hem.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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