Susie’s Awakening Ch. 02

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Susie’s Awakening (Wide Awake)

Susie walked home from school on Friday, relieved to be out of the “Asylum”, as she and her friends called it. She chatted with her friends as they walked along. All three of them were wearing short plaid skirts, with tight white tops, white stockings, and little black shoes. The school they went to was very conscious of dress code, especially on Fridays.

Susie’s friends one by one, went to their own houses and Susie continued home, musing about the strange way her father had treated her the weekend when her mother was out for the day. She felt guilty yet excited about it. She had never imagined the things he had done to her or how he spoke to her as he did them. More surprising still was the way her body had reacted to her father’s cock shoved brutally down her throat, and up her tiny asshole. Her pussy twitched in her white cotton panties and she shivered to think about his voice calling her “slut” and “whore” as he pumped his cock into her little body.

Ever since that day, she had been masturbating frequently, her little fingers dancing over her pink slit as she imagined the feelings of her Daddy’s cock in her mouth and ass. She had found that by rubbing that one little spot right over her pussy she felt the best and by pushing on it hard enough at just the right moment her whole body would shake with pleasure.

As she walked through the bright sunny day, she imagined other girls her age behind closed curtains and wondered if their Daddies did the same things to them. Again she felt a heat rushing into her little cunt and decided to hurry home to the privacy of her bedroom where she could play with herself for a while before her parents came home from work.

She rounded the corner onto her street and saw her father’s car in the driveway. Even though his strange behavior hadn’t occurred again, Susie felt a little odd around him now. She wondered if he was staring at her in her school clothes and even more if she was in her pajamas before bed. She knew she should say something to someone, but she also knew her father had pictures of her lips wrapped around his cock, her tiny asshole being stretched wide open, and her face covered in his cum. He had told her that if she ever told anyone about what he had done to her, he would release the photographs to people all over town. She knew she could never take the shame, especially when none of the pictures showed his face, only hers. She walked through the door, hoping her father would be busy in the back yard, or on his computer, but as she came in the front door, she heard the TV on in the family room.

She came into the room to find her father on the couch dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. While this wasn’t at all uncommon, the fact that his large cock was standing up out the un-buttoned fly, and his hand slowly moving up and down the throbbing shaft caught her by surprise.

“Just who I was waiting for,” he spoke, his voice sounded fuzzy “come over here and have a seat with your old man.”

“Let me change out of my school clothes, Daddy,” she said, mesmerized by the sight of her father’s hard cock. It had been so long since that morning, she had begun to wonder if she had imagined the whole thing, but here was her father’s cock displayed in front of her, just as she had remembered it.

“No, keep them on, I think you look just perfect.” Her father openly leered at her.

She began to feel uncomfortable as his eyes moved slowly up and down her body, taking in her tiny frame. She attempted to take her mind off of her father’s gaze by watching the TV screen.

What she saw caught her even more off guard. There on the screen was her own face, twisted in painful ecstasy as she saw her fathers cock slamming into her tight little ass. Her body bounced with every powerful thrust of his rock hard pole into her rectum and she heard her own voice ataşehir escort moaning, “Harder Daddy! Fuck my ass harder, it feels sooo good!”

As Susie tried to look away from the screen she felt her gaze drawn towards it and realized there was no way she could ever tell anyone what her father had done to her.

“Awww, what’s the matter, slut,” her father said “I thought a little tramp like you would love to see herself on TV.” He laughed and grabbed a handful of her hair, forcing her head down into his lap. Her mouth opened to protest, but before any words could come out his cock was pushing past her tiny mouth. Her hands pushed against his waist as his strong hands forced her mouth further down on his cock.

“MMMmmmppphhhhggggg, NO!!” she said as her head bobbed up off of his cock. “Please Daddy we can’t it’s not…”

“Shut up and suck you little cunt,” Tom growled, forcing his meat back into her mouth. “I told you once you were going to learn your place.”

Tom held his choking girl’s mouth on his cock, pumping his hips up, raping her little throat as she began to choke, tears streaming down her face. With one hand, he reached beside him on the end table and grabbed a pair of hand-cuffs. Swiftly letting her head go he grabbed her wrists and cuffed them behind her back. Susie sobbed in frustration and humiliation as he stood up and laughed at her.

“Look at you, you little slut, all tied up and ready to fuck aren’t you?” Tom moved a chair from the other side of the room and grabbing Susie roughly, he tied her ankles to the legs of the chair, her little smooth thighs spread obscenely. Susie struggled and whimpered for her father’s mercy to no avail. Tom unlocked the cuffs and tied her wrists to the opposite legs of the chair. Susie began to feel that warm tingle in her body again realizing how helpless she was and wondering what her father would do to her.

Tom grabbed a handful of Susie’s hair forcing her head up to look at the TV screen. She was forced to watch her father’s thick cock plunging in and out of her tiny ass. Suddenly she felt his fingers pushing up her thighs inside her panties. With one swift, violent motion, Tom ripped them off of her little cunt, and slapped her ass hard. She yelped and the chair bucked as her little body writhed.

“I want you to watch my favorite little slut show her talents, whore” Tom said kneeling behind his daughters bent over body.

Susie was transfixed, her eyes on the screen as she watched her father’s cock pump deep into her ass and heard her own voice begging for more. Suddenly she felt something warm against her already damp little cunt and realized it was her father’s tongue tickling her wet slit.

“You ARE truly a little whore aren’t you?” Tom chuckled cruelly, “Your father forces his cock into your mouth, makes you watch video tape of him fucking your ass and you’re already wet? Whores deserve to be beaten.” Tom slapped his daughter’s ass again leaving a large red handprint on her upturned cheeks. Over and over again his hand came down smacking her again and again. Susie sobbed in pain when suddenly as he continued to spank her, his tongue darted out to lap at her exposed clit.

Slowly sliding his tongue through her dripping little cunt, Tom’s tongue drove up to her tiny little asshole as his hand rained down again and again on her ass cheeks. As he reached her ass, his tongue swirled around it, teasing it, before sliding back down slowly to tickle her clit again.

Through the pain, Susie felt her body giving way again as her father’s tongue alternated from her clit to her ass and back. Every once in awhile his tongue would push firmly against her puckered little hole sending a shiver up her spine as she remembered how he had fucked her last time.

“OOOOhhhh Daddy, I’m cummmmiinnngggg,” Susie shouted, almost in unison with the video tape. Her kadıköy escort body convulsed with every blow and flick of her father’s tongue. As wave after wave of orgasm pulsed through her body, she understood now why her father liked to have his cock in her mouth so much as she sagged breathlessly against the cuffs that held her wrists and ankles.

Before she could catch her breath, she felt something cool nudging against her hairless cunt. She tried desperately to escape the object, thinking her father was going to try and put his cock in her, but the smooth dildo finally slid in violently, breaking through the resistance and pushing deep into her womb.

“OOOWWWWWWWW, NO DADDY!” she screamed, her petite frame twisting and fighting against the cuffs. “Please!! It hurts!!!!! It hurts.”

“Shut up whore, you didn’t think I’d let you have a real cock in your cunt for your first time did you? Sluts like you don’t deserve real cock.” Tom pushed the thick rubber cock even deeper into her “And don’t you dare let it fall out slut or it’ll be even worse for you.” He moved around her to stand near her up turned face. Sweat and tears streaked her skin as he looked into her eyes. Suddenly he grabbed her hair and plunged his cock back into her mouth. Struggling and gagging, she tried to relax to let his thick member into her throat, thinking if she could make him cum, he would stop. As this idea flashed through her head, he grabbed her throat and pushed his cock deeper into her little mouth banging into the back of her throat as he fucked her mouth. Susie choked over and over gasping for air at every stroke until at last, her exhausted throat muscles gave way and his cock slipped down into her gullet. Tom moaned as her body convulsed and her throat constricted around his cock trying to dislodge it. In and out he pumped his cock for what seemed like an eternity, as the girl tried desperately to breathe. With a loud yell, Tom held his daughter’s head still, his cock lodged deep in her throat and began to pump shot after shot of hot cum into her belly. Susie fought him, her neck straining to dislodge his throbbing member. Finally her world went black. Tom finished cumming down his daughter’s ravaged throat and pulled out smiling. She would turn out to be just perfect.

Susie woke groggily, her throat on fire as she realized she was still tied to the chair. The video tape was just reaching the part where her father had started to cum into her little mouth so she knew she hadn’t been out long. She coughed and globs of her father’s cum welled out of her mouth to drip down her chin. A flash went off in her face and she heard her father laughing as the photograph slid out of the camera. She could see a stack of them piled near her.

“Daddy, aren’t you going to let me go?” she looked up at him, her face streaked with cum, sweat drool and tears.

“No slut, we have more ahead of us.” Her father walked around her body, snapping picture after picture.

“But what about Mommy? Won’t she be home soon?” Susie tried not to sound hopeful, not wanting to anger her father.

“Don’t you wish,” Tom snorted derisively ”She’s gone to your Aunt’s for the weekend. Now open your mouth, slut, you’re going to get Daddy’s cock hard again. Tom grabbed her head again and shoved his semi hard cock into her mouth. Pumping it in and out of her lips, he told her again and again what a good little cock sucker she was.

Susie began to feel her cunt tingle again as her father kept up his stream of verbal abuse telling her she would be sucking his cock daily from now on and more if he told her to. As he forced her head up and down on his hardening cock, he slid his hand down her back and began to rub her clit again. As the heat built up in her body, Susie began humping her little pussy against his hand, moaning around the huge mouthful of cock. She could feel his bostancı escort bayan cock growing larger and larger in her mouth as his fingers began to push in and out of her well lubricated cunt.

Tom took his hands off of her head and reached down to pinch her nipples firmly. Susie’s head continued to bob up and down on his cock and he smiled, knowing he had her where he wanted her. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and slapped her with it over and over again.

“Is this what you want, cunt?” he said “You want Daddy’s cock in your mouth?”

“Yes Daddy! ANYTHING you want! Please give it back,” she sobbed realizing she was just like the bad girls her mother always warned her about.

“Beg for it like the little slut you are” Tom said, rubbing the engorged head of his cock against her cheeks. His fingers danced in and out of her cunt and his other hand kept pinching her nipples, harder and harder.

“Fuck my mouth with your cock! Fuck my ass! Fuck me anyway you want to, Daddy. I need your cock in me. I want to be your little slut.” Susie sobbed, knowing she was being dirtier then any girl her mother had ever known, but at the same time, feeling a burning desire for her father’s cock.

“Well since you ask so nicely, slut,” Tom answered “perhaps there is something I can do for you.”

Moving behind her again, Tom took his cock and roughly forced it deep into his little girl’s cunt. His balls slapped wetly against her swollen clit as her head jerked up and she moaned in lust and pain. He very slowly began to fuck her, pulling his cock all the way out of her cunt, and then slamming it in with brutal force on every stroke.

“Is that what you wanted tramp?” Tom asked, his cock ripping cruelly through her pussy.

Susie couldn’t answer, dazed in pain and passion she moaned as her father plunged his cock again and again into her little cunt. She could feel a swift rush of air every time he pulled out and feel the heat emanating from his rod every time he slammed it back into her little raped body.

“Where else does my little bitch like cock?” Tom said slowly building to pound her cunt faster and faster.

“In, in… in my ass Daddy!!” she stammered “Please put it in my ass again!! Rape my little hole!! My body belongs to you Daddy!!”

Tom chuckled and pulled his wet cock out her hole. Her dripping cunt gripped at it like it didn’t want to let go as Tom spread her ass cheeks and spit on her puckered little ass. He positioned his cock head against her tight little rosebud and began to push. She squealed lightly as her butt opened up for his cock. Finally the tight ring of her ass closed around the head of his cock and she knew she would do anything for her Daddy’s cock. Tom started to push it in deeper and Susie became a girl possessed, her head flailing wildly as she came again and again. Tom rammed his cock in over and over again, pounding the helpless girl underneath him as she moaned.

“Fuck me Daddy. Rape your little slut! Fill me with your big cock” she screamed, surprised at her self. “Pump your little angel whore. I’ll do anything you tell me to! Just never stop fucking me!!!”

Tom pounded his cock into her, fucking her like a steam engine. Her heels rocked forward with every stroke as he buried his cock deeper and deeper into her. Suddenly he could feel his load welling up into his cock as with a final thrust he began to pump his sperm deep into his little girls asshole.

Susie screamed with pleasure as she felt her father’s cock spasm inside her ass, expanding and contracting as he splashed jet after jet into her tight passage. He kept slamming his cock into her churning his cum till it began to pump out of her ass and drip down her thighs. Susie sobbed in shame as her own orgasm (how many she couldn’t begin to count) subsided. She had done it again. Given in to her own body and she knew she was on her way to becoming a whore for her father’s cock. She cried herself to sleep as her father left the room after sliding a vibrator into her cunt, and turning it on.

“Nap if you can you little cumbucket.” He said “ we have a long weekend ahead of us.’

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