Surprised! Ch. 01

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I came home from school one weekend without calling to surprise my folks and instead got the surprise of my life. I was a 20 year old sophomore at State and hitched a ride with a buddy who was going right past our place. He would also pick me up Sunday evening on his way back to campus.

When he dropped me off I saw Aunt Carol’s car in the drive, but Dad’s truck was missing. Then I realized he was probably off duck hunting with Uncle Jack, Carol’s husband. They usually spent three days at the cabin opening weekend.

I unlocked the door and went inside. The downstairs was empty and I went into the bathroom for a quick piss. While there I heard the voices of Mom and Aunt Carol as they came downstairs.

“I can’t believe you Amy.” Carol said, “it’s not like you to turn down a perfectly good young fuck.”

“Well I did. So what? It’s my choice. I’m not a sex addled slut or cum-bucket. I fuck who and when I want.”

“Are you calling me a slut?”

“No! I would never. Although the cum bucket part fits.”

They both laughed. I heard the sound of ice dropping into glasses, the were fixing drinks in the kitchen. I fished my phone out of my pocket and, after muting the ringer turned on the camera and started recording.

“So what’s wrong with Teddy Rice?” Aunt Carol continued, “He’s cute in a nerdy sort of way and easily manipulated. And according to my sources, well hung.”

Shit Teddy Rice? He’s just graduated! Barely eighteen and I know his sister Janice! What the fuck?

“It’s too close to home.” Mom answered. “I know his mother and I’m not sure I want to start fucking my friend’s sons.”

“But fucking complete strangers is okay?” Aunt Carol argued, “We take risks that way.”

“Not too many, we try to vet them, check them out and insist on condoms.”

“Yes but that’s the point Amy, I want cum! I want to feel cum inside of me, I want to be plastered with it and to taste it. And only with a virgin am I guaranteed lots of good clean healthy cum!”

“So, go fuck him. I’m not stopping you.”

“Yes you are! You’re the one with the smoking hot body all the boys want! I’m just the side pussy! He’d never do me alone!”

“Bullshit Carol! You’re tits are bigger than mine and all boys are tit crazy. Show him some tit and he’ll be cumming in his pants.”

“What a waste of perfectly good cum that would be. Besides, we made a vow. Remember? When we started this adventure, we promised to stay together and fuck together or not at all.”

“Well, that was ages ago,” Mom replied, “And it was mostly for safety.”

“True, but it makes sense. As long as we stay together, there’s less chance of mistakes. Especially where the money is concerned. Besides they always pay more for two and we jack the price up further since we’re sisters. A sister act is an extra special experience.”

I stood there in shock. My Mom and Aunt were… well, not fooling around but actually whores? Holy cow! How long had this been going on? How did I not suspect this? My mind raced trying to process this news and then another thought hit me Mom and Aunt Carol had a business together, selling bathing stuff, essential oils and candles. That must be how they hide it. All those sales parties, trips out of town and nights working late…

“Well you have a point there,” Mom replied after a minute, “when we work together we get three to four times the usual… But still, I am ruling the Rice boy out. All we need is for him to accidentally out us.”

“Oh, all right. But I’m still horny and hungry for cum. It’s been two weeks since our last party and I’m desperate.”

“Well, I can’t let my sweet little sister suffer needlessly. Come here.”

I heard Aunt Carol giggle and it got quiet. Or at least too soft for the sounds to carry to me. I realized that they had to be making out on the sofa. There was no way I was going to be able to avoid them. Sooner or later one of them would need to pee. Damn, if only they had gone upstairs. I could slip out and come in the front door making enough noise and pretend I was just walking in.

And then what? Pretend I know nothing about their real business? Could I be around them and keep it cool? I knew better. I was a terrible actor, they would know. So what then?

Then it hit me. You dumb fool. Confront them. Confront them with evidence and bargain for sex. The idea of sex with Aunt Carol appealed to me, I’d fantasized about her when I was a teen. Maybe that fantasy could become reality. Aunt Carol was thirty six and had reddish blonde hair that she wore cut short. She was about 5’5″ and had a nice curvy figure with fairly big tits. She was really cute with her fair skin, freckles, hazel eyes, and a beaming smile. Yeah, sex with her would probably be great!

But what about Mom? I’d never fantasized about her, although now that I thought about it, she did have a smoking hot body as Aunt Carol had said. Mom was forty years old, stood about 5’7″ and was still built like the fitness instructor she used to canlı bahis be. She had shoulder length platinum blonde hair and light baby blue eyes. I supposed the only reason I hadn’t dreamed of her was the whole taboo and incest thing. Of course now it seemed that that was more intriguing than repelling. I’d had sex a few times, mostly with coeds who were just looking for quickies at parties. What would it be like to have sex with my Mom? The mental image was suddenly more appealing. Would she do it? If I threatened to tell Dad? But what if he knew already? That could backfire. I didn’t want to tell the cops and have them arrested… Okay, what about public shaming? That could work. But it would have to be anonymous. How to do it was actually going to be easy. I saved the recording and uploaded it to my cloud disguised, password protected, and hidden among many school related files. I set up my phone to cast to the living room TV, turned on my camera and started recording again.

I slipped out of the bathroom quietly and reached the living room in a few steps. The sofa faced me and I could see that Mom and Aunt Carol were kissing passionately. After a few minutes, Mom moved her kisses to Aunt Carol’s ear, then neck, then to her throat. Aunt Carol was moaning now. Mom’s left arm was around her sister’s shoulder and her right hand was squeezing Carol’s tit. As I watched, Mom slid that hand inside Carol’s V-neck blouse and scooped out her tit. I only had a glimpse before mom’s head blocked my view. Mom’s attention caused Aunt Carol to tilt her head back and moan some more. Mom then worked her hand into Aunt Carol’s’ leggings and her sister gasped and shifted to give Mom a better angle.

“Oh yes, oh that’s so good. Mmmmnnn, so good. Oh fuck I need to cum. Make me cum Amy, make me cum.”

“There’s no need to rush Little Sister, we have all day, all night, all weekend.” Mom cooed. “I’ll make you cum a dozen times before we finish.”

I killed the video and saved it.

“Sounds like a fun weekend, mind if I join you?” I said walking in.

Mom and Aunt Carol jerked upright, their mouths hanging open in shock.

“Bobby!” Mom blurted, “What- I mean..”

“How long have I been home? Oh a while.” I said as I sat in the easy chair across from them. “Hi Aunt Carol, nice tit by the way.”

Aunt Carol shoved her tit back into her top.

“Bobby, you should warn people before walking in like that. It’s not polite.” she scolded.

“But if I had, I wouldn’t have had the chance to watch the two of you making out. It makes a nice video. I’ll bet it could go viral.”

Aunt Carol was speechless for a moment, then collected her wits. “You didn’t, no way.”

I picked up the remote and turned on the TV, made a selection on my phone, and a second later the video played.

“It’s awfully short, but then again, the fact that you are both easily recognizable is a plus. Oh and the big family portrait on the wall behind you is a bonus. I imagine the Church Elders won’t be too thrilled, well, publicly at least.”

Aunt Carol’s eyes were wide with fear.”You wouldn’t!”

“I would, and it would be simple posting to a variety of porn sites with anonymous hints in emails to the news station and elders.”

Through all of this, Mom kept her composure. She had sat back and watched me intently. She hadn’t even looked at the video. Now she sat forward.

“So what would it take to buy this video?” she asked. “After all that’s the whole point isn’t it? If you wanted to keep it to jack off with, you’d have stayed in the hallway and let us keep going.”

“First off, it’s no longer just on my phone. It’s on my cloud too. Secondly I’m not solely interested in money. There is another currency however that I am interested in.” I smiled.

Aunt Carol’s hand flew to her mouth. “Oh my! Sex?”

“Are you offering? Cause I’ve fantasized about you for years Aunt Carol.”

She actually looked down and blushed at this.

Mom spoke up. “So you have sex with Carol and we get the video or just promises it will never be posted? Is that it?”

“Oh no. Not at all. I’m going to hold the video for ever and to keep it from being posted, I want to fuck you both. All weekend, and as often thereafter as possible.”

“But,” Aunt Carol blustered, “She’s your Mother! That’s incest!”

“So is fucking your sister I believe.”

Mom leaned back calmly. “You want to fuck me, your Mother. I mean, I understand you wanting to fuck Carol. She was always to brazen around you. Too much leg, too much cleavage, too much hugging and teasing. I saw the way you’ve looked at her. But why me?” She leaned forward again, “Why do you want to fuck your Mother Bobby?”

I fiddled with my phone and shrugged, “Well, why not? You are the one with the smoking hot body and after all I believe a sister act is an extra special experience.”

Aunt Carol gasped and Mom’s eyes narrowed. I hit play and the TV began the audio track of their conversation. Aunt Carol looked like bahis siteleri she was about to cry but Mom was actually smiling. When the track finished Mom stood and pulled off her shirt.

“He’s got us cornered Carol, but look on the bright side, you said you were hungry for cum and he’s willing to give it to you.”

She unfastened her jeans and pushed them down to her ankles, turning to show me her ass as she bent over to pull her feet out. She turned back to face me. She looked amazing. Long and lean she stood there in her burgundy satin and lace bra and panty ensemble and smiled at me.

Aunt Carol was looking from me to Mom and back in confusion.

“Wait, you’re really serious? We’re going to do this?”

“Dead serious,” Mom said. “and once we fuck him, he’s in as much jeopardy as we are if the news gets out. Besides, I have to admit that I’m looking forward to this.”

“What? Amy! Your own son?”

“Sure,” Mom replied, “He’s probably hung like his father but with the vigor and stamina of youth. Believe it or not, I’ve dreamed about fucking him for years.”

I was stunned. Fuck! First I discover that my Mom and her sister were prostitutes and now Mom admits she fantasized about fucking me?

Mom turned and looked at Aunt Carol, “Come here.” She beckoned with one hand and Aunt Carol stood and stepped forward. Mom looked at me and grinned evilly. Then she cupped Carol’s chin, lifted it and kissed her. Softly, two or three times. Then she stepped around behind

Her sister and kissed her neck as her hands cupped Carol’s tits and squeezed. Mom slid her hands down to the shirt-tail and lifted it off, over Carol’s head and tossed it aside. Mom then turned Aunt Carol to face her and they started kissing again as Mom reached around and unfastened Carol’s bra. She turned Aunt Carol to face me again and tugged the bra away.

Aunt Carol dropped her chin shyly and looked up at me from under her eyebrows as she bit her lower lip. Her hands were cupped over her nipples and Mom reached around and guided them down.

“Oh wow!” I muttered. “Aunt Carol they’re beautiful!”

And they truly were. Aunt Carol had nice large breasts, full and round. I would later discover from her bra that she was a 38E. Her skin was fair with a splattering of freckles over the top half and her nipples were bright red stubs in pale pink ovals, pointing slightly down and outward.

I stood and stepped over to her. I caressed them and she looked up at me. I kissed her. She responded by throwing her arms around my neck. The kiss became fiercer, more intense. Our mouths worked and her tongue slipped in. I felt Mom move around behind me, her hands slid under my T-shirt and up to my chest where she cupped my pecs. I could feel her breath on the back of my neck, then her lips. I allowed Mom to lift my shirt off and both women focused on my exposed skin, my chest, back and shoulders caressed, squeezed and kissed. Mom unfastened my jeans and tugged them down. Aunt Carol knelt and pulled by briefs down and gasped as my erection sprang free.

“Oh god Amy! He’s so big and beautiful! So perfect!” She gripped my eight inch cock and started kissing the head before taking it into her mouth.

God it felt wonderful! Sure I’d had blow jobs before but Aunt Carol was no amateur. She really knew how to suck cock and humming as she did. Mom stepped away and went back to the sofa. She climbed up and sat on the back. She had already dropped her bra and her hands covered her tits as she faced me. She went from cupping and squeezing to tugging on her nipples. Then she slid her right hand down into her panties and began to masterbate. She moved her left hand up to hold her hair back. Her breasts, now exposed were about a C-cup and seemed quite firm with only the expected amount of sag. But it was her nipples that held my attention. Mom had the biggest erect nipples I had ever seen. Dark red, they protruded an inch from her dusky oval areolas.

I couldn’t last. I grabbed Aunt Carol’s head and groaned as I started cumming.

“Oh- glmph…smack-slurp-mmmmmnn glommph ummm yeah slurp wow so nice slurp” she mumbled. “Delicious.”

I looked down and saw her licking the last strands of cum from her fingers. She looked up and grinned.

“Okay I confess, I am a cum hungry weirdo.” She shrugged her shoulders. “Thanks Bobby.”

“No problem, help me outta my shoes and jeans.”

Freed, I stepped past her to the sofa. Mom was staring at my cock and suckiing her lip. I watched as she withdrew her hand, glistening with wetness and slipped her fingers into her mouth. I slid my hands up her legs to her panties and she lifted her hips. I pulled them down and off. I tossed them over my shoulder towards Aunt Carol.

“I want to feel your beard between my legs Bobby.”

Now I had been growing this beard for a little over two years and was fanatical about its care and grooming. I knelt on the sofa between her legs. I kissed her inner thighs, one side and then the other and bahis şirketleri slowly inched closer to her pussy. As I did, I marveled at it. This was far from my first close up of a pussy and I had seen them on petite girls and chubby girls, but this pussy was by far both the oldest and most alluring pussy I had ever seen. It was smooth and hairless except for a bright platinum triangle on her mound. Her outer lips were full and round while her inner lips barely displayed past them. Everything was clean and pink and oh so wet. It was hard to believe that this pussy not only gave birth to me but to two other siblings. My sister Kate was a eighteen year old freshman, also away at college in Colorado, and my late little brother Kyle who passed six years ago. This beautiful pussy had borne three kids, and apparently was frequently fucked and yet looked amazing. She smelled amazing too. Her scent was a wonderful, fresh, and sweet fragrance. My grazing reached her pussy and I inhaled deeply.

“Oh Mom you smell so good.”

“Oh Bobby!”

I kissed her pussy and started to lick her juices and Mom gripped my head with her legs and moaned.

“Oh god Bobby! Oh god it feels so good!”

I nuzzled deeper into her folds and she moaned again.

“God I love a beard between my legs! Shit! Yours is so soft!”

I stroked my hands up and down the outside of her legs. Mom was delicious and I lapped, licked and sucked her wetness. I probed her oozing hole with my tongue tip and inwardly laughed at having come full circle. I forced her legs apart and spread her inner lips with my fingertips. Her pussy was a bright, healthy pink and a stream of milky fluid ran from her vagina. Her Clit was surprisingly large as well About the size of a lemon drop or maybe a Hot-Tamale candy, it stood out from its hood and begged for attention. I teased it with gentle kisses, eliciting more moans from Mom. I tickled it with my tongue tip and she gasped. I licked it with the full length of my tongue and she twitched and groaned. I kept at it, alternating my focus and my methods for a long time, then I captured it between my lips and sucked gently on it. Mom groaned and grabbed my head with both hands. She pressed me harder against her.

“”Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Yes, yes, yes! Yes Bobby! Make your Mother cum!”

Sucking her clit in and then flicking my tongue across it rapidly made her jerk and yelp. Cum flowed freely from her pussy onto my beard. I rocked my chin from side to side, my beard against her dripping hole. Mom was growling deeply for a minute and then her orgasm hit and she bucked and shook and her whole body trembled and spasmed as she cried out.


I sat back and tugged her shaking body down onto the sofa, grabbing her legs, I pulled her closer and thrust my now rigid cock into her trembling pussy. Mom went from dazed and dreamy to a shocked and bewildered state as her wetness allowed me to insert my full eight inches. Her pussy was still contracting in waves and she was amazingly snug. She gasped deeply several times and managed only to squeek out “Oh fuck!”

I pumped in and out a few times and she groaned. I leaned forward and kissed her. Not a tender loving kiss, but one full of hunger and passion. I plunged my tongue into her mouth and she sucked on it til it hurt. Breaking the kiss, she buried her face in my wet beard and inhaled several times. I sat back up and played with her tits, rolling those long nipples between my fingers and thumbs. Mom reached up to caress my chest.

“Oh god Bobby you are such a good fuck! Damn, I wish I had fucked you years ago… Mmmmmnnnnn, You don’t know how badly I wanted to be your first. How many nights I stood outside your door listening to your bed squeek as you jacked off, my hands in my panties or pinching my nipples… Oh god how I wanted you!”

“Damn I wish you had!” I said.

Aunt Carol knelt on the floor next to the sofa by Mom.

“I’m glad she didn’t.” she said. “We might not have started our enterprise and she might have kept you to herself.” she grinned and turning to Mom, started kissing her. Watching the two of them kissing pushed me over the edge and I started cumming. I groaned and shot my load deep inside of her. Spurt after spurt after spurt burst forth and flooded her pussy. Mom screamed.

“OH MY GOD NO! NO! NO! Not inside me! No! Oh no! Fuck!”

I pulled out sheepishly. As I reclined against the end cushion Aunt Carol eyed my wet, dribbling cock.

“Suck it clean. Go on.”

She didn’t hesitate and in a minute or two she had cleaned me up. She looked at me grinning. All this time Mom was just lying there, looking at the two of us and biting her nails.

“You’re an awesome fuck Mom, Of course I came in you, what did you expect?”

“Oh Bobby, we make the guys wear condoms. They can cum on us but not in us. I expected you to warn me. I was going to have you spray your load on me! God! What if I get pregnant?”

“Aren’t you on the pill?” I asked.

“Not at the moment, besides they aren’t foolproof. I’m getting an IUD next week.” I looked at Aunt Carol. She smiled back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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