Surfing Lessons Ch. 02

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The following is a work of fiction. Certain places and events are actual, but the names and relationships are all a work of imagination.


The next night, I had my chance to find out. Came in from work and was wiped out. There was something resembling dinner in the microwave and my wife was complaining about something hurting, so I picked out something strong for her and tucked her into bed. I had some work to do and Clark wasn’t home yet, so I moved into the office with a warmed plate of food and an Abita. I was still working on the spreadsheet when Clark came in from soccer practice.

“Have you eaten yet?” I called to him.

“Yeah, I grabbed some Taco Bell after practice and ate it over at Donald’s.” he replied.

Taco Bell? I looked at my plate of food and imagined a burrito supreme and chicken quesadilla with my beer. My stomach turned and I dumped the remains in the trash while I heard the shower running. I finished the spreadsheet and started surfing, checking my Yahoo fantasy teams, some email, who was on Manhunt, went back to and was reading about what was going on in the EPL when he came into the room and leaned over my chair.

“Whatcha looking at?” he asked “Better not be some fat, old women!”

“Nahh, if I wanted that, I’d turn the lights ON in the bedroom!” I laughed. He snickered and plopped on the couch in the office.

“Dad, can we look at some more stuff tonight? I know mom’s passed out, she’ll never hear anything.”

“Sure, grab a stool and let me drive tonight.” I told him. He did and sat next to me. I glanced sideways and noticed he was in a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt. I wondered how that was going to hide anything if he got aroused. “What do you want to see tonight?” I asked him.

“More sucking pictures,” he said, “maybe some videos if we can find some.”

“Ever heard of XTube?” I asked him.

“You mean YouTube?” he said.

“No, XTube, it’s like YouTube only it shows stuff you can’t see on YouTube.” I told him. Then I clicked on a link marked “Work stuff” in my favorites. It took me right to XTube and I signed in with my account password.

“OK, sucking, but do you want to see straight, bi or gay?” I said.

“Straight, dad, I want to see some chicks sucking some dicks.” he insisted. So canlı bahis I did a search, pulled up some popular and recent videos and we watched them all. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the bulge in his shorts. I could swear I saw his cock head peeking out once, but he shifted and it was gone.

“How about jacking off videos, solo stuff, hand jobs and all, think they have some of those?” he asked.

“Thousands, I’m sure. What else?” I replied.

“What about self-sucking?” he grinned as he asks.

“Lucky motherfuckers . . . .” I mumbled and did a search. Sure enough, 135 different self-sucking videos from 30 seconds long to over 5 minutes.

“Damn, that’s cool as hell!” he said as we watched. “Do you think he’ll swallow his own cum?”

“Some do, but a lot of people like to see a guy cum on video, so you know that he did; it’s an old porno term, money shot.” I told him.

I glanced over at him as he was watching the video that was playing. There was a young guy, maybe early 20’s who was getting about 3 inches of his own cock in his mouth with ease. He started upside-down and then switched to leaning over while sitting. The longer it went on, the more he was getting in until he was damn near deep-throating himself. This was fucking hot to me and I was tenting my khaki shorts so I hunched over a bit to disguise it. However, Clark was oblivious to the fact that his running shorts were straining from his raging hardon and he stared at the guy in the video finally pulled off his cock to let it spray onto his chest and his chin. Then he used his fingers to gather it up and the screen faded to black as his hand was moving towards his mouth.

I need to jack off in the worst way possible, but I couldn’t leave the moment. I could see a wet spot on his shorts and could feel one inside mine. I knew he needed to as well. I decide to be bold and make the first move.

“If I don’t jack off, I think my balls will explode.” I muttered, loud enough that I knew he could hear. I shifted in my chair and started rubbing my cock through my shorts, making the outline of it obvious to anyone looking. I saw him stare at me with his eyes wide but his own hand did the same thing on his shorts.

“I know what you mean, Dad, it’s only been since this morning for me.” he said. Hell, I knew he jacked bahis siteleri off last night too from the sounds of it, so he’s ending and beginning his days with jacking off; good boy!

“Well, if you don’t mind, I need to go take care of this in the bathroom.” I told him, patting my cock-filled shorts and giving it a squeeze. “You may need to go do the same thing yourself.”

I got up from my chair and moved to the bathroom just across from the office. More of a powder room, but it has a long vanity and is fairly spacious for the purpose it serves. I knew there was some hand cream in there, vanilla flavored, I think, and planned on a quick finish for my raging hardon. As I went to close the door, I saw him in the office doorway with his hand on the front of his shorts, stroking back and forth.

I looked at him, “Wanna watch while I finish it off?” He nodded soundlessly and followed me into the room. “You don’t have to do anything, just pretend it’s one of the videos on Xtube.” I told him. Then I pulled the bottle of hand cream near me, and pumped a few squirts into my right hand while my left hand opened the front of my khakis and slipped them and my boxer-briefs down to release my cock. Then I started a slow, twisting motion as I lubed my cock with the vanilla-flavored cream.

I could see his eyes widen as I released it and began to stroke. Meanwhile, his own hand continued to work himself over from outside his shorts.

“Damn Dad, how big are you?” he asked me.

I looked at him and said, “Well, the last time I even bothered to measure, I was 7 x 6. Have you ever measured yours before?”

“Yeah, but I don’t think I did it right, it said I was 8 inches long.” Clark said.

I gulped quietly and thought to myself, “Boy with a man-cock, might be fun!”

“Well, show me what you have and let’s see if we can’t get a reading on it.” I told him. I knew my wife kept a sewing tape in the cabinet in this bathroom, so I rummaged until I found it.

“It doesn’t count if you measure from your asshole” I joked with him. I turned around and my jaw damn near hit the floor. Coming out of his shorts was a perfect 8″ cock (who needs to measure) that was perfectly straight with a thin shaft, flared head and was leaking precum like a firehose.

I wiped the excess cream from my bahis şirketleri cock to show him how I measured my own, showing the 7′ length from the top of my curved and left-leaning cock, then wrapped the tape around to measure the girth for him, an easy 6″ around. I handed the tape to him and he started to measure the length but kept coming up a bit short of the 8″ he had claimed earlier. Finally, I held the tape roll for him while he buried it in his pubes and we measure 7-7/8″ to the tip of his piss-slit. Then, he wrapped it around his cock and measured a fraction past 5″ for his girth.

“Not bad” I told him, “A very respectable and well above average cock there, son!” Meanwhile, my fingers were burning where I had touched him while helping to measure. I grabbed the cream again and went back to work on my cock, slowly covering the entire thing with the vanilla lotion. He grabbed the jar and did the same and very soon, both of us were quietly stroking almost in unison.

I could see him watching me, imitating my hand motions as we stroked. This was so hot, watching my son stroke while he watched me do the same. I wondered if he and his friends were doing the same thing together, or his teammates . . . . . .

Eventually, I could feel the stirrings boiling up from my balls. I moved around so I was facing the mirror and the vanity, watching my reflection and Clark’s in the mirror and we both pounded away at our cocks.

I arched up on my toes and I felt it release and groaned as I shot ropes of thick, white cum onto the top of the counter. I saw Clark watching every pulse as he continued stroking and then gave a quick shudder and suddenly he lurched forward as streams of milky juice pulsed out of his cock, spraying the counter and mirror with shotgun velocity. I had to say, I was impressed by the distance, but his cum was the thin, watery cum of youth, not yet matured into the thicker liquid I had dispensed.

We both sagged against the wall and I watched his still-hard cock dripping onto the floor.

“You’d better clean that up” I told him, rolling some toilet paper off the roll.

I swabbed off my cock and tucked it back inside my shorts while I grabbed some bathroom wipes and wiped my cum off the counter. I could hear it drop in the toilet as I dumped the wipe in there, I waited to flush until he had cleaned himself and his spray off the counter and the mirror. He dumped his wipes in there and we both watched as they swirled down and away, all evidence of what had just happened, gone.

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