Suprise Weekend

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I told you to be ready for 5pm, with things you might need for a weekend away. You asked what we would be doing but I ignored you and told you just to be ready. I turn up at 5pm, and wait outside for you. I tell you it’s going to be a long drive and do not ask questions. We are had been driving for what seems like days, we have now left the busy motorways and are now on the dark country roads, no other cars about. We are now in the middle of no where, no one else around, just you and I, as we reach this cute little cottage.

I ask you what you think, you tell me its nice but why we are here. I just smile at you, and reply you will soon find out, lets go in and explore a little. You go ahead of me and wander around the cottage, I leave and head back out to the car, to get our things, as I’m heading back to the door, I noticed you are looking around for me. I quietly come back into the cottage, taking my shoes off so you wouldn’t hear me as I come up close behind you, getting closer, I grab you and force you to your knees, I can see the surprise look on your face, you are somewhat motionless, yet your heart is racing. I kneel down behind you, gripped your arms behind your back. I move In close, you’d feel my breath on the back of your neck as I lean in to whisper to you, you will follow my rules in this cottage, and If you don’t there will be consequences. As I’m talking to you, my hand is moving to your hair, I hold it gently at first then I grip it tight and pull your head back asking you if you understand. You shiver, and I smile, as you can barely answer me, telling me you understand. I can tell how this effecting you, your nipples poking through your shirt.

Telling you, good girl and one thing to remember this weekend, be as loud as you want, no one is around and no one will hear you scream. you see the wicked aksaray escort smile on my face. I pull you up to your feet by your hair, and tell you to stand in the middle of the room. Rule 1, no clothes allowed, Strip NOW. I watch you undress so nervously, you start with your shirt, and I noticed you looking at your hands shaking. I’m watching each move, watching how you are reacting. And from how wet your panties were, I would say you were enjoying it. I give you an approving smile when you finish.

I want you to crawl to me, and you will show me your slutty holes. I see the hesitance, but you force yourself to your hands and kneel and slowly crawl towards me. You are sideways on, then you stick you ass in the air and wait for your next instruction. I keep you waiting a little while, silence filling the room, then you hear me move and place a butt plug in front of you, it slightly bigger than the one you use. Rule 2, your ass will be plugged while you are in this cottage. You have 30 seconds to get that wet, we don’t want it to hurt too much, do we?. You look up at me and see the evil grin on my face and realise you are wasting time, I can tell you are doing your best. I take the plug off you and tell you to spread your ass for me. You did well to get it that wet, but I think it will still hurt, maybe I can make it easier to slide into you. I spit on your ass and the plug, then I start to tease your awaiting ass. I slowly push it into you ass.

You whimper as it get to the widest part of the plug, and as you moan, I slowly take it back out. Then pushing it in hard and leaving it at the widest part, stretching your ass.

I notice you try to lean back and push the rest into your ass, I ask in a almost mocking way if it hurts. You tell me it does. I don’t say anything, anadolu yakası escort but with one hard slap on the base of the plug, it’s in your ass now. You scream. i tell you, I’m hoping to hear a lot of this weekend. I tell you to stay in that position, I go off to get toys and a belt, I take my time. I like to keep you waiting and wondering. As I walk back into the room, I make sure you notice the belt in my hand, I see your eyes widen and the look of worry over your face. Once I’m near you, I run the belt down your back, slowly and gentle. Then I reach your ass, I give you two hard hits with the belt. One each side. You jump and scream. I remind you that You can scream as loud as you want…no one can hear you. I hit you 10 times with the belt this time. Harder than the first 2 and faster. Your screams, filling the room, your eyes starting to water, but I notice instead of jumping away you are leaning into each hit, almost like you want it. I hit you again, another 10. Your ass is a lovely red colour now.

What you didn’t notice when I went out the room was, I put my strap on. I kneel down in front of your face. Telling you, you know what to do. You slowly start to suck it, but not fast enough for me, I place my hand on the back of your head and grip your hair and force my strap on down your throat as deep as you can, I love the sounds of you gagging on it. I pull your head back to let you recover for a few second then do it again but rougher this time.

It’s time to move into the other room, I remind myself to tell you what rule 3 is, you are only allowed to crawl, no standing. You look at me to see if I’m being serious, I give you a look back, it makes you move. You crawl towards the bedroom, I admire your body as you crawl in front of me. We get into the room and I ataköy escort tell you to kneel at the end of the bed, while I get things ready. Your eyes never me, trying to guess what I’m doing.

I pull you up and throw you on the bed, pulling your hands above your head, tying them to the headboard, in way I can turn you over if I need to. I tell you to spread your legs, I don’t think you spread them wide enough, I slap you inner thigh. I am now kneeling between your legs, my strap on at your pussy, can you see how wet your cunt is, ready to be fucked. I slam into you, making you grasp. I find a rhythm which suits me. My hand finds your nipples and start to twist them pull them, then leaning over you, biting them hard, making you whimper and moan. I start to fuck you harder, with each thrust I would hurt your tits. Giving you both pleasure and pain, telling you like it by your moans. You getting to close, I tell you, you can cum when you need to. I slow down, teasing you bring you back from the closeness of finally Cumming., I ask do you want me to make you cum right now, you basically scream at me yes. I smile.

I take my strap on out of your cunt and flip you over, I remove the plug from your now stretched ass, not giving you a minute to really now what is going on, I start to fuck your ass hard, my hand in your hair, holding your head back, whispering sweet nothing in your ear, tell you to cum, cum for me, cum now. You finally let go and let yourself cum, hard. I tell you , that you are a good girl. I untie your hands, and let you come down. It time for me to clean you up and get you to bed, you’ll need your strength for tomorrow, giving you a wicked smile.

I bring you into the bathroom, and tell you to relax, I play with your sensitive clit, making you Cum again. Telling you I couldn’t help myself, I love to make you cum. I get you out the bath and dried, I remind you for rule number 2, but this one isn’t so big and it won’t be too uncomfortable to sleep in. I leave you to place the plug in your ass, and tell you to come and join me in bed. Once in bed with me, I hold you tight, letting you asleep, knowing you are safe.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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