Sunday Afternoon Delight

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Sunday afternoons are usually filled with wholesome family activities, this one, however was filled with everything butt.

It was summer, it was hot and it was just before graduation. We did not have anything left to do at university but enjoy the last few days with saying farewell to varsity friends and organise our moves back to wherever we came from. My room in our student house was close to empty as the movers had come the previous day and I was left with a mattress on the floor and my suitcase already packed. I should have been gone already, but was clinging to my last few varsity days. Not ready to go and accept it was finally over.

Raine and I had been texting each other regularly, as we were friends as well as fuck buddies. “How are you? It is too hot to do anything.” Soon turned more interesting as texting inevitably always led to sexting when Raine was involved. I was at home alone with nothing to do and feeling bored and horny.

We had always been quite adventurous, experimenting with a range of sexual peccadilloes. I had many firsts with him. Our most recent experimenting was anal. We had been indulging in a little anal play, playing with fingers, rubbing and the like, but that had been about as we ever went before I usually chickened out and we just fucked like rabbits.

I had been playing with my ass by myself. Masturbating with my vibrator in my pussy and a finger playing with my ass, rubbing around my anus and occasionally entering my butt. I loved it, but it was still to afraid to have someone shove a hard cock up my ass.

I wanted to try it, but I was scared of the pain that I imagined would go with it, but I was also intrigued as it felt so very good to have something inside my ass while my pussy was being fucked. Feeling full, and the subsequent orgasms were mind alteringly awesome.

I was lying on my bed sexting Raine, we were talking about my ass and the fact that he wanted to be in it. I told him I was playing with my pussy, I was dripping wet with excitement. Not actively trying to cum, just rubbing my pussy and pinching my nipples occasionally. Just feeling hot and horny. We were playing a simon says type game. He would tell me to do something and I would then do it and send him a photo as proof. He told me to pinch my erotik film izle nipples until they were hard and I sent him the proof, he then told me to shave my pussy and after some time in the bathroom I sent him a picture of my freshly shaved, puffy, pussy lips. He told me to stick my fingers as deep as I can into my pussy and I very happily obliged, and the photo followed. He told me to play with my vibrator and make it wet and shiny with my juices, but not cum. A very hard task, but one I accomplished and sent him the proof of the wet, sticky, shiny vibrator. He then told me to clean it with my tongue, licking my own wetness off the vibrator. I did this with pleasure. I was beyond horny by now, I had been entertaining myself for quite some time and was nowhere near being told to cum.

My next task was to stuff two fingers in my butt. Not a problem by myself as I had been playing with my ass, but he wanted proof. My ass was so wet from my pussy juices flowing out of me and down my crack, and also my occasional ass fingering over the last hour or so. It was hard not to rub and occasionally enter my super slick ass. I wanted to show him my fingers stuffed into me. I slid one finger into my my ass slowly. It was very hot and oh so tight, I didn’t think another finger would go in, but I was so horny and so wet the second finger slid in with surprising ease. I was the biggestt my ass had ever been stretched open and it felt amazing. I sent him a photo, that took a few shots to get just right along with an invitation to come to my house quickly. He replied ” I am on my way, while you wait you should have an orgasm, but just one.” I stuffed a finger in my ass and rubbed my clit in frenzy, I needed to come so badly. The orgasm was fantastic and took the edge off, but I knew more was to come.

I decided that my ass would survive the onslaught of a penis if it could survive my fingers and I should try everything, well at least once. And I really needed to be fucked.

I put on a loose fitting dress from the floor to meet him at the door. We were barely inside and the door shut when we started kissing and grabbing at each other, making our way towards my bedroom. The dress was back on the floor and I was bare-assed naked in a matter of moments after his arrival. We had to film izle be fairly quiet, didn’t want the whole house to know I was getting my hole filled. I took off his shirt and undid his belt and pants, pushed it to the floor. I couldn’t wait to get at him.

We were on my bed and I rubbed my face all over the bulge in his undies before taking them off. He was hard and straining to get out of the fun-spoiling underwear. We, very quickly got rid of the last thing standing between myself and his cock and I took it in my mouth immediately, trying to swallow it all at the first go. I pulled the beautiful cock out of my mouth and sucked around the head, licking and sucking him into my mouth, then small kisses down the shaft to his sack, up again and sucking on the head. I slipped my fingers down to muy pussy and could feel myself gushing even more. I sucked hard, then just lapped at the head of Raine’s penis till he started to moan a little and his beautiful cock was leaking slippery pre-cum all over my tongue. I lapped it up, wanting more. Did I mention I love sucking cock? Well, I do. I love how hot it is and how hard the cock feels in my mouth and the soft skin, so slippery when covered in saliva or pussy juice.

We had to change position, so I could still suck on him, but also give him access to my dripping before, but now running-down-my-legs-wet pussy. He slid a finger into me and commented that he had never felt me that wet before, grinning and saying we should play the ‘simon-says’ game more often. Whole hearted agreement. I was happy as can be, I had a beautiful penis in my mouth and two fingers rubbing my clit, then my g-spot, my anus and sometimes finger fucking me hard or slowly penetrating my ass. Heaven.

He stopped abruptly. “I need to fuck you now” was like music to my ears. He slid into me, that glorious first slide into your hungry-to-be-fucked pussy is magical. Just layed on top of me for a moment. He knew how I loved that initial fitting of pussy to cock, then started thrusting into me with long, slow thrusts. Taking his sweet time and slowly driving me crazy with the need to be fucked hard and fast. I tried to speed up, humped up against him, but he held me down, smiled and told me to be patient. He had a plan.

I was beside myself with need when seks filmi izle he told me to turn over, and I presented my ass to him. It was slippery from my earlier exploits, and his, but not slippery enough. He came prepared and fished some lube from his pants and inserted the tube into my pussy and squirted some into me, as if I wasn’t wet enough. He then slid his cock into me again and fucked me from behind with his fingers dancing over my clit, it was beautiful. Cock in my pussy, he then squirted some of the ice cold lube right onto my anus and rubbed my ass for a moment before thrusting into me again. I barely noticed as he slid a finger into my ass mid-thrust, and another followed soon after. I was fast approaching orgasm again, but I was not going to have one yet.

He pulled out of me and pressed his cock to my ass rubbing it over my anus a few times, he was slippery from the mixture of lube and pussy juice. I was very nervous, but so horny and excited. “Just push back when I push into you, it will hurt, but not for long” and with those words he started applying pressure to my very wet hole. I could feel my muscles resisting and then pushed back into him, it hurt badly until the head of that beautiful cock slid past the first muscles into me and then he stopped. I got used to the stretched feeling and pushed back into him a little more, it hurt each time, but less than the first pop. Slowly we worked his cock up into my ass.

When his pelvis touched my body, and every single centimetre of penis was embedded in my ass I asked him to just stop for a moment so I can get used to the feeling of having my ass full and stretched open. It felt amazing, but also dirty.

I moved forward a little to test if it will hurt, the pain was almost completely gone and I pulled off Raine’s cock a little more, stopped and he then thrust into me. It was brilliant. Slowly at first, but then speeding up. My ass felt amazing being filled over and over again. He stopped thrusting into me and asked where I kept the vibrator from the afternoon’s pictures. I grabbed it from under my pillow, without having him pull out of my ass. He immediately shoved the vibrator into my pussy and I found yet another sensation I adored. His cock was up my ass, vibrator in my pussy and I came. I came and came and came. The orgasm blew through my mind and left me feeling slightly weak, but I didn’t want him to stop before he came inside of me.

I fucked back against him to make him come inside of me. That’s it. I was addicted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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