Summer with Grandma

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After my first year of college I decided to spend the summer at my grandma’s house. She live closer to my college town then any other family and my parents were on holiday in Europe anyways. My grandmother lived in a very small town so I didn’t see any sense in driving down. My car would just end up sitting in the garage the whole time.

So after my last final I took the first flight to my grandma’s and then took a taxi to her house. When I arrived I noticed that my grandma didn’t have a car either. I remember hearing my parents say that most people in the town just use bikes to get around.

My grandmother and I had a blast for the first several weeks of summer. She loved having the extra company around. It had been a while since grandpa passed and my grandmother always loved when we came to visit. She taught me a few of her famous recipes. I helped her with a her gardening and fixing the odd fence or window. I also figured out that my grandma and I both have a dirty sense of humor.

Now that it was August our time was coming to a close and it felt like we had done just about everything the little town had to offer. The only thing we had left to do was attend the annual baseball game played by locals.

I was actually excited to go this year and was half way out the door when I heard a voice from behind me.

“Where are you off too honey?” My grandmother had just walked in the room and was headed my way.

“I’m going to the baseball game, you wanna come with?” I saw her eyes light up as I finished my invitation. She simply smiled and nodded her head several times.

“I’d love to, I’ll make us some snacks the prices for concessions at the game are outrageous.” She said as she ran back to the kitchen.

After a few minutes my grandma returned with a giant picnic basket full of sandwiches, chips and drinks. I opened the door for her as we made our way outside. As we reached the car port I stopped in my tracks.

“Nana, That basket is to big you’ll tire yourself out carrying it the whole way. Let me carry it for you.” She looked back at me with a sweet smile.

“Oh sweet heart were going to take the bikes it’s faster.” She finished talking and then moved to a medium size shed at the other end of the complex. She set the basket down and unlocked the door. Inside were two heavily customized bikes that my grandma and grandpa had use to travel around town.

As we pulled the bikes out and got ready to head out my grandmother kicked her bike in disappointment.

“I forgot the chain on my bike is broken.” She said in a defeated tone. She looked up at me and pointed to my bike.

“We can just take your grandfather’s bike. There is plenty of room for both of us and I can just hold the basket on the back.” As she started to head towards me I looked down at the bike I was now on.

My grandmother was right about the room aspect of bahis firmaları the bike. My grandfather had installed a huge seat in place of the standard one. I had my doubts but, as my grandmother climbed on I figured it was worth a shot.

My grandmother wrapped one arm around my waist and used the other to steady the large basket on the back of the bike. A few seconds later we were off and pedaling down the bike path.

After only a few miles on the semi-bumpy path I could feel something poking me in the back. It took me a while to figure out what it was as we rode down the path. Once I figured out what it was I was in disbelief. It felt like my grandmothers tits were poking me in the back.

Several questions were racing through my mind. Why was my grandmother not wearing a bra? Why was my grandmother getting hard nipples on the bike ride to the baseball game? I tried to justify it in my head as bumpy roads and that it was hot outside.

Only a few more minutes passed before my grandma poked me in the side.

“Honey I don’t think this is going to work. Maybe I can ride on the front of the seat and balance the basket on the handle bars.” She said.

A wave of panic washed over me as she suggested the seat switch. I was just now realizing that my grandma’s tits rubbing on my back had made me semi hard. I tried coming up with logical sounding reasons why that wouldn’t work but, she wasn’t having any of it. My grandmother ultimately won the argument and we stopped to switch our seating up.

My grandmother seemed pleased with the new arrangement as she smiled back at me. I tried to create as much space between my crotch and my grandma as possible.

After a few more miles on the bumpy trail my grandma’s ass had moved all the way back on the seat. With the next big bump we hit her ass bumped into my shorts covered cock.

“I think there is a piece of the seat hitting me Richard would you see what it is?” She didn’t look back at me just continued to hold the basket in place. I tried to play it off like it wasn’t a big deal.

“I don’t know what it was nana let me reposition the seat that could help.” I grabbed grandma by the hips and pushed her up the seat a bit while pushing myself back a bit.

After a few more minutes we were in the same position again with her ass hitting my now rock hard cock. Grandma rubbed up against it one more time as if in disbelief. There was nothing to hide behind now I had to come clean.

“I’m so sorry grandma it’s the bumpy roads I can’t help it.” As I said this she shot me a playful look.

“Don’t worry about it honey it’s only natural, it’s really not a big deal.” She emphasised the word big. I know she was just trying to lighten the mood with our shared sense of dirty humor but, it also seemed kind of like flirting.

As we continued over a particularly bumpy section of bike trail grandma kaçak iddaa continued to bump into me. A couple of times it seemed like she was almost rubbing her ass in my cock on purpose.

I had never though of my grandmother as a sexual creature but, all this friction was changing my mind in a hurry. Not to mention that from what I could tell my grandmother had a great ass for her age. Every time it rubbed up against me I could feel how firm it was.

“Richard I just remebered that there is an entry fee for the game. I didn’t bring any money do you have your wallet with you?” My grandmother asked one more time while at the same time grinding my cock one more time. I was having a hard time forming words with all the action my dick was getting. Also, a large portion of my brain activity was trying to picture what my nana looked like naked.

“Ah, Yes I have it in my back pocket. But, I don’t remember how much money I had in it.” My nana shot me another playful smile over her shoulder.

“It’s alright honey I’ll check for you.” With out giving me any time to react my grandmother reached around with her free hand and grasped my right butt cheek. She was certainly taking her time looking for the wallet. She moved her hand all around my ass also squeezing it a few times for fun.

“I found it Richard but, I can’t get to the claps on it while were riding. Why don’t we stop and see if we even have enough money to get in the game.” With that I pulled slightly off the trail by a pair of park tables.

Once I was off the bike my my grandmother continued to try and grab my wallet out. She was struggling with a button on my back pocket. That button had been broken for a while I just got use to opening it with my thumb nail.

“Nana I can Open…” She cut me off while continuing to fondel my ass a bit.

“I almost got it honey why don’t we take these shorts off so we can apply more pressure to the button.” Again, my nana gave me no warning as she undid the front button on my jean shorts and lowered them down. Except instead of just grabbing my shorts she grabbed my boxers too and lowered them all the way down my legs.

“Oops, sorry grabbed to much material. Let me have these shorts i’m so close.” With that she retreated to the near by park table with my shorts and briefs. I turned around to see what she was up to. As my grandma was sitting at the table messing with the button she was staring right at my cock.

“I think were already at the ball game honey.” My grandmother made another joke while looking at my balls. She wasn’t even pretending to mess with the button anymore she was just leering at my privates.

“Richard there is no way we can get back on the bike with that monster.” This whole situation was insane but, I had never been so horny in all my life. Having my grandmother talk dirty to me was not helping. At this point any part of my brain that kaçak bahis was fighting against my dark thoughts was losing. I feigned surprise as I responded.

“You want me to jerk off now? Here in this park?” I said while looking right at nana. She had a wicked look on her face as see leaned in a little closer.

“As I said were not going anywhere while your in this condition. So get busy stroking that cock so we can get to the game.” Hearing her say the word cock sent me over the edge. I immediately grabbed my cock and began stroking it slowly up and down. After only a few moments of this My grandma decided to up the ante.

“We need to speed this up someone could walk by and see us.” With that she pulled her blouse up and over her head. My suspicions were confirmed as my nana’s bra less tits bounced into view. She was also wearing a pair of black panties which hugged her tight ass.

“Does this help babe?” She shot me another evil grin as she span around giving me a great view of all her curves. I quickened my pace as I stared at my grandmother’s amazing body. There was a little sagging here and there and some wrinkles but, overall she was in great shape. My grandmother laughed as I increased my speed.

“I love being helpful for my hot little boy.” She said as she turned around to show me her ass again. She hooked her thumbs into her panties and slowly removed them. Then she shook her head and slowly approached me.

“Still not fast enough babe, we have a game to catch.” The game was the furthest thing from my mind as I watch my grandma lower her self in front of my hard cock. She removed my hand and replace it with her own. Her hand guided my cock head to her waiting lips.

She kissed my dick a few times before taking more of the shaft into her mouth. After a while she was pumping in and out like a pro. Showing no signs of slowing down I was getting really quick to blowing my load.

“I’m so close grandma, there is just one more thing I wanna do here.” As I said this I pushed my grandma down on the park table and slid my dick along the crack of her pussy.

“Oh you’re a dirty grandson teasing nana like that.” She bucked her hips in sync with my cock and before long I shifted and pushed my cock into her wet pussy.

“Fuck that feels good Richard I didn’t think you had the balls.” I laughed briefly at her joke before I pushed further into her. My grandmother’s hot body was on full display as I felt a pressure start to build in my balls.

“Mmmm, Fuck I’m cumming grandma.” I said this as my free hand massaged one of her tits. She leaned her head back as a moan escaped her lips. As she bent her head back towards me she locked eyes with me.

“Don’t you dare pull out I want my grandson’s cum inside me.” That was it, her dirty words sent me over the edge. I shot load of load straight up her pussy. At almost the same time my grandmother came all over my cock screaming in pleasure as she did.

After we collected ourselves we re-dressed and rode back to the house. Choosing to ignore the baseball game, we had a new summer activity to catch up on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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