Summer Vacation Ch. 2

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Ever since I was a little girl, we’ve been spending our summers at the beach. Mom and Dad would rent a beach house, and we’d stay an entire month. Something happened in July with Dad that changed my perspective of what summer at the beach would mean from now on.

My dad is 43. He’s 6’2″, about 220 pounds. Strong and muscular. He’s a virile man. He’s not someone to be trifled with. He’s very successful, and not used to hearing “No” from anyone. He always gets his way.

This summer, after we’d been at the beach for 2 weeks, my mom and brother were leaving early. Mom had to get back to work, and my brother was starting football practice. Dad and I were going to stay for two more weeks.

The day they left was like all the ones we’d already had. We’d spent the day at the beach, and then Mom and Sam drove off. They thought they could be back home by midnight if they drove straight through.

Dad and I were looking forward to two more weeks of relaxing. I was trying to wind down from the stresses of being 19, and Dad was always stressed from work.

Dad and I decided to walk down to the beach before we ate supper. I ran back into the beach house, and put on a new bikini I’d been waiting to wear. It was small, sure, but I have the body for it. My mom is so rigid and puritanical, I knew she wouldn’t approve. But my dad has always been more giving and loving, and I knew he’d let me wear it. I wanted an all over tan, and the string bikini I had on would allow me to get one. Starting tomorrow. But, I had the idea to show Dad before we went down to the sand in the morning, just in case. I pulled my t-shirt over my strings, and met Dad for the walk. We were only a short distance away from the water’s edge and it wasn’t really dark yet. It looked like a storm was coming in. “Drat. I want to sunbathe tomorrow,” I looked up at my Dad and said.

He smiled down at me, and I told him I had a new suit for a better tan and I wanted to show it to him to make sure it was OK. He said, “OK, Darcy, let’s see.” I pulled the t-shirt off, and he got a weird look on his face. He was staring at my breasts and my vagina. I wasn’t sure what to do so I stood there.

“You’ve gotten to be such a beautiful woman, Darcy,” Daddy complimented me. It made me feel good that he noticed.

“Do you like my suit?” I asked him. I even twirled around so he could see the front and back.

I guess there really wasn’t much to the suit. I have really big boobs, and the material was acting like a harness instead of a bra. My boobies were shifting around every time I moved. But so what? My dad wouldn’t care. I looked down, and thought, “Uh oh.” I forgot to shave the hair around my pussy. It was sticking out all over. But I didn’t need to be embarrassed in front of my dad. I’d shave tonight, and then it would be fine in the morning.

“Mom’s such a prude, I couldn’t wear this while she was here. You’re more easy-going; I didn’t think you’d mind.” I smiled at him and he put his arm around me and gave me a hug. I put my t-shirt back on and we walked back to the house. Dad put his arm around me, and pulled me close to him. My boobs were pressed against his chest. His arm drifted down my back and he actually pulled me closer to him by grabbing my butt. It wasn’t a grope exactly. More like a firm hand, pulling me in.

I sat in the kitchen talking to Dad while he fixed supper. I had taken a shower and was only wearing the same t-shirt. We weren’t going out or anything, and I was only in front of my Dad. I didn’t think it was a big deal. Dad kept looking at me while we were talking. I thought I saw him looking at my pussy a lot. It must have been showing. I’m real hairy. It’s thick and black. I know I’ve got more because I’ve seen other girls in the gym, and my boyfriends have either been real turned on by it, or repelled. So if my t-shirt didn’t cover me, there was a lot to see. I should’ve put some undies on, but I was too comfortable basking in his attention, to leave. I thought I might break the spell. I know he stared at my boobs, too. I’ll admit they’re a distraction when I don’t have a bra on. They’re big and jiggly. I like having them played with – it’s just so dreamy when they get massaged or stimulating to me when they get banged back and forth into each other. This was the first time Dad paid attention to me as a woman. It was so novel, and I liked the attention. I started to wonder what it would be like if my Dad got turned on. But then I realized, “No way. He might look like a stud, but I’m his daughter.”

We ate dinner at the table and Dad seemed to keep staring into my eyes. He barely ate anything. I caught him looking at my jugs, too, and so I gave them a shake to get his reaction. It was kind of funny, really. My boobies were swaying and his eyes just followed them. Left, right, left. He was watching my titties and he dropped his fork. I had my legs open – I wasn’t thinking, I guess – and I still hadn’t put my undies on. When Daddy leaned over to bahis firmaları pick his fork up, I didn’t move. I didn’t want to draw attention to my nakedness down there. But my legs were open, and I think he saw anyway, because he just kept looking at me so strangely.

Thunder and lightning started a storm while we were still eating. Without any warning, except for that one big lightning bolt, all the electricity went off. Dad couldn’t remember where the candles were, so we both went looking for them. He kept bumping into me. Almost like it was on purpose. I started giggling at the idea of that. My Dad trying to cop a feel. No way. But a couple of times I felt his hands running over my butt. There was no way he was looking for candles when he did that.

We went into the living room. We had a few candles lit, but the house was really dark. There were shadows in the room where we sat, and I guess we could see each other OK. Dad sat on one couch, and I sat across from him on another. I was doing all the talking. I’m really demonstrative. When I talk, I use my hands and move around with my story. Dad just listened and watched me. I swear he was so intense. I guess my boobs were jiggling and my pussy was exposed. Maybe that’s why he seemed to be boring holes into me with his eyes.

I didn’t have any idea how late it was, and Daddy wasn’t doing any talking. I thought I’d just go to bed. I stood up and yawned and stretched, and walked across the room to give Daddy a kiss good night. It was dark, so I walked kind of slow, because I really couldn’t see all that well. When I got close to Daddy I stopped in front of him and bent down to give him a peck. I put a hand on each of his knees so I wouldn’t lose my balance. I bent down and puckered up for a quick peck. I said, “Good night, Daddy,”

But just when leaned in to give him a kiss, there was a loud thunderbolt that startled me. I lost my balance and my hands slid forward along Daddy’s legs. And my hand ended up on his dick. It was an accident, and just when I was about to apologize, he started to have an orgasm in his swimming trunks. “UHNNN. FUCK. UHNNN. FUCK.” Daddy was really getting off.

All I could think to say was, “Oh, my.” For lots of reasons. I was stunned that Daddy would cum like that. Did I cause that, I wondered? And then his dick was so big. I couldn’t get my hand all the way around it. And then, too, Daddy took his hand and put it over mine and started to slide my hand up and down on his cock. I guess, “Oh, my” summed it all up. He really made a mess in his trunks, too. I still wasn’t sure what was going on. Surely Daddy wasn’t attracted to me that way. There was no way. But I was a woman. And Mom was gone. Was he going to use me to satisfy himself? That thought sent a tingle rushing through me. I actually got goose bumps. But it horrified me some, too.

Daddy got up from the couch and told me he was going to take a shower, and I should get ready for bed. He didn’t say anything about the orgasm, so I sure wasn’t going to bring it up.

I walked back to my bedroom. “Damn.” I’d left the windows open and my bed was soaked from the storm. Not only was it dark and cold, but it was too wet for me to stay in there. I went into the bedroom my brother usually used, but I couldn’t find any sheets or blankets. In the dark, I didn’t have a clue where that nimrod put anything. And so, I went into Mom and Dad’s room. I was going to tell Dad about the wet bed, and since he’s usually so gallant, I figured he’d sleep on the couch. I peeled off my t-shirt, pulled the sheet over me and was ready to go to sleep. I barely heard the shower stop, and then, drowsily, I looked up and saw Dad standing by the bed.

Even in the darkness of the room, there was still enough light to see that he was naked. Not only naked, but excited. He had a penis like a donkey. I wondered how my mom ever got used to that lance of his just clubbing her. What happened next occurred so fast, I never even got the chance to ask him to sleep on the couch. It never dawned on me that he would get into the same bed I was in.

He yanked the sheet away, and laid down next to me. With one strong arm, he pulled me to him. “Darcy,” he was right in front of my face, “you’re driving me crazy.”

I thought, “Maybe I shouldn’t let this happen.” It was just too weird. But when I moved to get away, I was trapped and my titties just rubbed against his chest. He seemed to like that so instead I tried to crawl over and away from him. My leg was across his groin and I started to climb over him. But he grabbed my wrists and held them over my head. He was humping that big horse cock against my leg.

“Don’t, Daddy. What are you doing? C’mon, let me go.” I was still struggling, but he was so strong. I was squirming and wriggling trying to break free. That seemed to excite him even more. I knew I could never break free, and I was actually starting to get excited. It was weird, really. It was so wrong to think about sex kaçak iddaa with him, but he was so handsome, and I could tell he really needed me. I wanted to touch him and pull him into me. But part of me still knew that I shouldn’t be allowing him to do this to me and so I tried to break free. But he was so strong, and big, and I could sense that his dick was so powerful. And he smelled so manly after his shower. And I did love him, you know. All those thoughts and feelings were just washing over me. I was so conflicted. What was he doing to me?

Then with his other hand he reached over and grabbed my boob. He was breathing hard and really getting into it. I started rubbing my leg against his hip, and I could feel that big shaft rubbing against my leg. I couldn’t help it. It was so tempting, and so bad! He was massaging my titties, and they’re so sensitive anyway, and he was doing such a good job of it, and then I wondered again how my mother handled that big dick, and then I just suddenly was wondering how I would handle it. All those thoughts went through my mind in a second. Then Daddy loosened his hold on my wrists.

I could’ve jumped off. Instead, I reached down to touch his cock. I wanted to feel it. It was so hot and smooth. It was like an angry man, I thought. I guess I sucked my breath in and said something like, “Oh, my god.” My hand wouldn’t go all the way around it. Daddy leaned forward, and started to kiss me gently. Our mouths were closed, but he was insistent. He pushed my lips open with his tongue and I decided to kiss him back. I guess I shouldn’t have. I knew he was excited, but it was turning me on, too. I was starting to think this was wrong. It was incest after all.

“Daddy, we shouldn’t be doing this.” I broke the kiss to tell him. I started to plead with him but he had his hands all over my breasts. He was tweaking my nipples and playing with my jugs. It felt so wonderful; I didn’t really want him to stop. Since he was making me feel so good, I didn’t stop him when he took my hand and put it on his dick again, encouraging me to pump it. My hand was moving up and down on that big rod, and then Daddy put his hand onto my pussy. His finger went straight to my clitoris like it was magnetized. I started moaning when that happened. “OH, OH, OH, OH…”

He quit just long enough to stick a long thick finger inside me. I know I was pretty excited, because I was very wet. His finger went in and out, and I started to move my hips with it. Then I had the thought of what his dick might feel like instead of his finger. A wave of shame washed over me. I wasn’t too far gone to stop this.

But Daddy must have sensed my hesitation and he pulled me over on top of him. He started pushing my head down his chest. I was kissing him and when I got down to his pubes, I looked up at him. It was an unspoken question.

“Suck it, Darcy. I want that pretty mouth around my dick.” He was so forceful and commanding. I was losing my resistance. I guess I wanted this to happen, too. He was so handsome. And then again the big thing was that I had him so turned on that I just couldn’t leave him like that.

I kissed the head of his dick, softly and gently. I wasn’t sure I could get my mouth around it.

I looked up at him and whispered, “Your dick is so big, Daddy. I maybe can’t get it in my mouth.”

But Daddy encouraged me. “Lick it, Darcy. Get it all wet, honey. That’s a good girl.”

So, I licked the shaft. I went up one side and down the other. I was slobbering and drooling on it.

I’d done this before and guys were always pleased. I gave his dick a bath in my spit. And while I sucked, I wrapped both hands around his dick and pumped him. I was going to jack him off, I thought.

Daddy must have liked it. He was pushing his hips up to meet my pumping hands. I heard him say, “Yeah, suck that dick, girl. Suck it.”

I felt him pull my legs across the bed to his face. I lined my bottom up and pushed my cunt into his mouth then, and his tongue flicked out and tickled my pussy. He opened the lips of my pussy with his fingers and licked and sucked until I started getting dizzy. Even as I pushed my cunt into his mouth and humped his tongue, I kept thinking, “Daddy’s treating me like I’m a woman.”

“Uhnnn. Uhnnn. Uhnnn.” I started moaning and groaning from deep inside my throat but I didn’t want to quit licking his dick. But I couldn’t help it. When I felt myself starting to cum, I grabbed that donkey dick with both hands, pushed myself up and ground my pussy into his mouth. It was wave after wave after that.

I tensed up and screamed. “AAAAHHHHHH….”

I was on fire. I was screaming, out of my mind. I pumped and pushed my muff into his mouth and he kept sucking and tonguing my cunt.

Just as it was ending, I remembered what I was holding on to. I’d been holding onto to his pecker like it was a saddle horn, helping me to stay on him while I rode his face. I wanted to give Daddy the same pleasure he’d kaçak bahis just given me. I still had his dick in both of my hands and I just let myself fall over. My mouth enveloped the head of his cock and I was sucking him like he was in a vacuum. I was jacking him off, too, and he was pumping his hips, trying to fuck my hands and my mouth. My head was going up and down, up and down. And my hands were going down and up, down and up. It was like a machine, but I knew Daddy was loving it. He came just as fast as I had. “Darcy, I’m coming,” he yelled.

I kept sucking and he shot jets of hot sperm into me. I started gagging and choking, but I was swallowing as fast as I could. All I could master was, “Mmmmpphhh, mmmpphhhh.” What dribbled out of my mouth ran down his dick and I just pumped my hands over it. I wanted every bit of his juice. I milked his dick until it quit throbbing in my mouth.

Part of me was hoping Daddy wouldn’t try to fuck me. We’d gone way past what was appropriate, and even though some of the girls I knew thought their own fathers were hunks, and had fantasized about doing them, I didn’t know anyone who had actually done it. I was already so far advanced from them, I couldn’t believe it. And what was so strange about it, was that my Dad really was a hunk and so far I wasn’t too guilty about what we’d done. It was like we’d masturbated each other. With more help than normal, sure. But we hadn’t fucked, or anything. As much as I didn’t want this to go any further, I was still wondering how that dick would feel inside of me, pumping, pumping, pumping. I knew that I could take it, but still I was afraid it would split me apart. But idea of the sensations of pleasure he could give me with all his experience just caused me to shiver, “Oh god.”

Daddy pulled me to him. I rested my head on his shoulder, and gave him little kisses. He was so muscular. His big hands stroked my butt and I pushed my body into his. I felt so content.

Then I knew we weren’t going to fuck. Daddy told me, “Let’s sleep, Darcy. We’ll talk tomorrow morning.” I guess I was a little disappointed, but relieved at the same time. We both fell asleep like that, with me in his arms.

I woke up to find the lights in the bedroom were on, and Daddy was standing beside the bed, stroking his dick. The covers had been pulled away from me, and he was beating off looking at me. Remembering how warm he’d made me feel, I smiled up at him. I grabbed my boobs and pushed them together. It was like pushing two mountains together, and I could tell he liked it.

Then Daddy told me what was on his mind. “I’m going to fuck that little pussy, Darcy, and you can either enjoy it from the start or fight me, and start enjoying it after I start fucking you.” He was so forceful and aggressive I knew I didn’t really have a choice.

I opened my legs for him to see me. I was so horny, that fast. Just looking up and having his dick filling my vision. I made a decision. I wanted to feel it inside of me. I might never have another chance, but it was really all up to Daddy. I held out my arms to him and invited him to take me.

“Come, Daddy. Come to me.”

It was all up to him. He climbed onto the bed and got between my open legs. I bent my knees. He was on my knees, aiming himself at my open pussy.

I begged him to enter me. “Fuck me, Daddy. Complete it. Fuck me.” God, I wanted that dick inside of me.

Then with his hand on his dick, he teased me by stroking himself up and down and up and down my wet opening. I tried to climb onto his cock, but he kept himself just outside of me.

I pleaded with him not to tease me. “Push that big dick in, Daddy. Don’t tease me anymore. Fuck me.”

He put just the head of the monster inside of me and I could feel myself stretch. I groaned from the pain and pleasure, “UUUUHHHHHNNNNN.”

“More.” It was all I could say. My head was spinning at the feeling and at what we were doing. Could we stop? Did I want him to? He was so persuasive.

He teased me and I knew he wanted me to beg, “Does this feel good to Darcy?” Where did he get his will-power? How could he hold back?

“OH MY GOOOODDDDDDD,” I screamed out as he shoved half of what he had inside of me. I was going wild. My hips were off the bed, bucking, trying to slide my whole body onto his pole. “Fuck me. Please get that dick all the way inside of me, Daddy.”

I think he had teased me enough. When I yelled that, he just shoved the rest of that horse dick into my sopping pussy. My head went from side to side. I was out of my mind, thrashing around on the bed. I was trying to fuck him back as he pounded that piston into me. I was drilling me, and there was nothing gentle about it. There was nothing resembling a father and a daughter. Just two people trying to fuck each other to an intensity they’d previously not know. I heard myself screaming and whimpering, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck” with every powerful thrust.

Somewhere in my mind, I heard Daddy, “Fuck me, Darcy. Fuck my dick, girl.” My tits were shaking and heaving all over my chest and I left Daddy paw my jiggling titties. He was manhandling them. Mauling and squeezing them and it felt so good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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